You Can't Make This Up: Europe Plans Fresh Round Of "Secret" Stress Tests To "Restore Confidence"

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You really can't make this up: the WSJ reports: "As market sentiment toward the euro zone sharply deteriorates, European
officials are planning a new round of bank "stress tests" that they say
will be more rigorous than the widely discredited exams conducted
earlier this year
." Thank you for confirming the prior stress test, the one which found that not one Irish bank was impaired, was a bunch of bullshit. Of course, this being Europe, it will require another forceful intervention by the uber-propaganda czar Geithner to get European countries in line: "But the tests are already subject to bickering between countries. While
some European leaders are pushing for next year's tests to be broader
and more transparent than last summer's exercise, the agency that will
oversee the tests says it might opt not to publicly disclose the results
at all.
" And all will be proclaimed to be fine. No further comment needed.