You Have Just Entered The Onion Zone: Irish Finance Ministry To Sell "Ireland Is Not Greece" T-Shirts

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Just when you thought you had seen it all...

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Uh-huh...and "Lehman was not Bear"

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...and Michael Flatley is from Chicago.


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How about "debt is debt, you mofos"

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"America is Greece" - theres the one I'm looking for.

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Actually....I believe G-Pap is going to wear a "Greece is not America" shirt to the bailout/austerity vote.

T.E.I.N. everyone!

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let's see

...not iceland because they gave the FU to the EU...godblessem.

..the greeks said...ahem...FU to the EU as well.

they're not either, because the irish went back to work like good little debt slaves..

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I'm StychoKiller and you're NOT!

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life is not exponential?

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Spain gonna be 10x worse for Euro-US banks

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I have to disagree.. I say Spain will be a Million Times Worse and with all the cross monies.. it will drag everyone down.. longest monarchy my ass.

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You are both wrong. Debt is now measured in the Trillions........

Because calculators have run out of room to calculate into the trillions of anything use this handy site to help you calculate trillions of anything.

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There is a Game there that Banksters play.

Spain has a lot of Gold reserves, historic coins etc.. I am sure they will push Spain to the corner and will try to steal their gold.

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'N in honor of History, let's let Central America have the first shot at it.


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America is not Ireland,Greece, Portugal, or Spain...but we have a lot in common.

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Debt is debt no matter what country or language.

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but who will buy them and and what price?? lol

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can i borrow some money from the fed/ecb to buy a shirt?? i hear that is 'stimulative'....

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Fuckin A +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++

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Ireland Is Not Greece but Trichet is a Turkey. lulz

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I'm gonna have some shirts made that say:" I lived through the global economic recovery and all I got is this lousy t-shirt"

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Nah - if you wore that they'd see some worth in it and find a way to seize it to bailout some bank somewhere ;-)  And say it was a 'transitory ausetirity confidence measure' or some other made up senstence for thievery ;-)

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Edit: "and all I have left"

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Some more t-shirt ideas:

"TBTF banks got trillion$ and all I got is this lousy t-shirt."

"I am raising my debt ceiling"

"We are in a transitory soft patch of green shoots"

"My green shoots need some Miracle Grow"

"Got Gold?"

"The Leprechauns stole the Pot of Gold"


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many lolz my friend, thanks :), the gold gold one should have a picture of mister T. 'I pity  the fool that don't own gold'. 

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I am surprised some gold dealer hasn't signed Mr. T up to hawk some bullion.  Even an online outfit could get some attention with the "I Pity the Fool..." tag line.

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Kiss Me I'm NOT Greek.

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A turd is a turd is a turd.

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"Ireland is not sober"..would sell better

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"The drinking will continue until the recovery is complete"

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Purchasing alcoholic beverages improves the economy, as long as you stay drunk.

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Now that is the kind of creative thinking that will serve to get the world out of this mess.  Promote this Noonan fellow.

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Business GENIUS.

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That's an anagram of 'Ginbsuessniue' know...

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Jokes are quite good this morning...I guess we get to be ON FIRE as we go over the cliff. 


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"Just when you thought you had seen it all.."

Every single day the central planners teach me to take that sentence out of my vocabulary.

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