Your Daily RDA Of Jim O'Neill Permabullishness

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Male version of AJC is not exactly image enhancing. More like a big JOAJK.

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c.       Will the Euro be significantly higher or lower against the Dollar , by this time next year. 2 people, yes, only 2, said Yes!

Jimbo the neil

Is jimbo an idiot or a super evil idiot ?

I said YES !

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(at least the part trading between 6pm and 3am, not the Fed manipulated portion since)

A   And this is precisely why we are not permitted to audit the open market desk since the Federal Reserve actually believes they have the authority to buy whatever they see fit. I could not understand why anyone would want to partcipate in a market where 70% of the bids are derived from the big 4 and the Federal Reserve trading desk. They truly believe that they can keep the markets up until the recovery appears in 8 years. In the meantime they are obliterating any confidence in the markets. Nobody wants to play in a rigged market.

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Dont be so proud , and egotistical. You are just an insect. The PPT is T-rex. Your only deicisions must have to do with whether the t-rex droppings are nourishing or not. If nourishing, buy some. If not, avoid being buried by the droppings.

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Hiding rather effectively behind volcanic ash and smoke from Greek Molotov cocktails has been China's bear market, down 5% today and 25% since its recent recovery peak.  Pegging one's currency to the dollar looks great when the dollar is in its freefall stage, but when it's the euro and cable's turn at the whipping post, suddenly an export-led recovery is postponed. 

Can't quite see end user demand coming from anywhere, either.  US and China are losing their export competitiveness with strengthening currencies, and American consumers, with a re-falling saving's rate, ongoing high unemployment, and diminshing credit lines, are no longer in a position to be the world's buyer of last resort.

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thanks for the China market mention...guess they only matter when we are talking commodities. Their market seems to be a leading indicator these days...

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What Jimbo fails to grasp is that the EMU will exist only as long as it is in Germany's interest that it exist.  The German people have already told their leaders what they think.  2020?  Yeah, right.

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Life expectancy in Russia: "Specifically he suggested it is no longer 59, as I had been assuming, but he thought 65."

No, dear Mr O'Neill, it's probably 56, not 65.  You probably got him  confused.  You know, a government bureaucrat trying to impress foreigners by speaking their language.

Unless, of course, Russia learned from our own BLS birth/death model, and now decided to utilize it literally regarding the life expectancy.


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Looks like O'Neill is trying to take the shabby mantle from Kudlow and Cramer.  Was watching the Asian markets last night, 10 yr rates, EUR/$, US futures - not pretty.  Woke up this morning...and suddenly it was all better.  Beware.

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"I don’t see anything to be that bearish about on the UK."

Smells like O'Neill's Baghdad Bob moment.

"the life expectancy of males in Russia was starting to rise somewhat.."

Of course, an average Russian male will appreciate extra 4 years of misery.

This, plus a lame emulation of the US "Cash for Trash" program resulting in "a very strong recovery in Russian car sales", will certainly be the pillars of The New Russian Economic Wonder.

"India, if it improves its infrastructure and productivity"

I heard they were talking the same thing when Indira was still alive..

I can't believe I'm actually commenting on this stuff.