Your Life According To The Government

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Must watch


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epic lulz

actually kinda depressing

bipressing lulz, then

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Nailed it.(both you and the vid, that is...)

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+1 i had to watch it twice. Half way through my mind went to a place that was so far away i could see russia. gotta love those innate defense mechanisms...

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since when does america need 'UN approval' to go to war

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of course, he was against the test, before he was for the test.

- Ned

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Since we signed the UN Treaty, shortly after WWII.

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It doesn't. That was just the excuse to get around Congress having to declare war.

Ya see, if we have these treaty obligations that Congress has already approved... and it our treaty partner says he needs us... then the big Jeffe can just say GO.

Another Constitutional safeguard bypassed! Hooray for our superior politicians!!

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Yes, I also was suprised by him saying that. War is bad, unless it has congressional or UN approval, then you can board your airplane, fly to a distance country and go on a killing spree with weapons you paid for with stolen money. You just need a bunch of guys to rubber stamp it and you are good to go. But otherwise, still a good video. High pace though.

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Since we have pussies for leadership.

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The results of global cooling are coming in;

"Houston - The cold weather experienced across much of the US in early February made its way deep into Mexico and early reports estimate 80-100 percent crop losses which are having an immediate impact on prices at US grocery stores with more volatility to come.

Wholesale food suppliers have already sent notices to supermarket retailers describing the produce losses in Mexico and the impact shoppers can expect. Sysco sent out a release(pdf) this week stating the early February freeze reached as far south as Los Mochis and south of Culiacan, both located in the state of Sinaloa, along the Gulf of California. The freezing temperatures were the worst the region has seen since 1957."

According to Sysco’s notice sent out this week:
“The early reports are still coming in but most are showing losses of crops in the range of 80 to 100%. Even shade house product was hit by the extremely cold temps. It will take 7-10 days to have a clearer picture frome growers and field supervisors, but these growing regions haven’t had cold like this in over half a century.”

“Supplies of tomatoes, peppers, cucumbers and other vegetables from Mexico will be severely limited until at least March following an early February freeze.”

Jerry Wagner, sales and marketing director for Farmer’s Best, based in Nogales, AZ, said: “The end of February and the first half of March, there will be even worse shortages of product” than during the first part of February, The Packer reports.
Wagner called it “a miracle” if 20 percent of the cucumber crop survives. Yellow, green and grey squash took the biggest hit. “Some plants will come back but the vast majority is lost,” Wagner added.

Sysco called the Mexico freeze an “unprecedented disaster” and noted the volatility of the matter in its release:
“With the series of weather disasters that has occurred in both of these major growing areas we will experience immediate volatile prices, expected limited availability, and mediocre quality at best.”

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that has nothing to do with the threads?


if you THINK you know what the fuck is going on with climate, go to climate progress or real climate and go to town......they, for some reason, think that the planet is warming....crazy, huh?......and the people there can play tag with globalcooling.warming/shitting/whatthefuckever.........


is its cooling, yer screwed


if it warming yer screwed


if they carbon tax yer ass, dont pay it.


leave me the alone with your long posts about poo-poo

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"The results of global cooling are coming in"

Are these 8 words all it took to set you off? I'll go for 7 next time.

The rest is accurate info from a news story that will lead to higher food prices, not my fault. 

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yo!  crevicareless:









AND DIE YOUNG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

YouTube - Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth

w/ video fr. Smotherz Broz (if U like stephen stillz):  YouTube - Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth -Smother Bros show  (oh---and neil young, too, playing harmonics)

M's ok, in my book, tf,  fight club, OK, friend?  peace.

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Better version:


Buffalo Springfield - For What It's Worth (something's happening here) dedicated to Aaron Russo

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Thanks for the support STP, appreciate it.

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Actually, global warming = lots o food. Global cooling = real disaster, if it proceeds as it has in the past...

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"Global Warming" often, in geological terms,

has a nice little micro ice age directly in front of it.

Especially when its normal 26,000 yr cycle is augmented by a

retarded, masochistic, self indulgent, suicidal, "Global Parasite" humans.


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Sadly it was pretty damn accurate.  BTW - the cartoon character at 3:23 stealing my Social Security looks like William Banzai 7. 

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the social security bandit, bitchez†

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don't listen to him Bill, you are much cuter even if not shaven!

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Let me throw this thought and life example your way...I use Google Earth Pro increasingly as a basis for shared communication to accelerate conceptual project design and too bridge across professional boundaries. Fewer egos more product faster learning cycles and more fun - no boredom. We share our Knowledge spatially because it empowers better mutual decisions. We talk the same language. Know why? it makes me money by helping others make money. It's as if the physical and social sciences have found a common vocabulary. And imagine. plant earth. Occam's razor or what :)

 In 2005 Marcus Hutter mathematically proved that shorter computable theories have more weight when calculating the expected value of an action across all computable theories which perfectly describe previous observations.

A theory of the post industrial world order and it's manifestation in the market as we knew it.

We are now fully entering the post-industrial cybernic age and are at the threshold of our next evolutionary step. if we make it. My theory is that Google, Microsoft, Intel and similar sectors are owned by government, just as the Chinese government owns all its multi-national corporations. For strategic management purposes. In the US we moved to what the tea & "pot" people call statism or facism.

We simply do not have a paradigm from which to understand what is happening to economies in highly modernized hyper-cyberconnected countries. From my vantage point, the US is becoming a knowledge creating factory that is empowering people all over the world to transcend the limitations of their physicality. So, when the physiological distance between peoples' physical reality and their cyber reality becomes to great ie., the dissonance becomes unsupportable; they act! Empowered people may not do much, but empowered, hungry people with a growing digisense (a sixth sense we are evolving) topple governments. A Egyptian Google executive in Egyt was one of - "the people" looked to for leadership in the recent Egyptian turmoil.

So here you go. We human beings are transcending borders and our limitations. Where that will lead nobody knows. As I've said before, as the pen and the written word enabled us to transcend our communication and knowledge boundaries The pen enabled an evolutionary step. Imagine if you will what nano-technology combined with our ability to create new living organisms through DNA programming. And that is just the beginning. We are in the process of another evolutionary step wherein we are loosing our survival reference points. That is where I see future value creation. We program and grow our furniture and walls are living light emitting photo algae that also purify the air. Crazy? Like trying to convince a Neolithic man his ancestors will walk on the moon.

Evolve or die bitches.



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agree (with the parts I can understand anyway)

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Why would you want to give Google all that information????

You realize, I hope, that YOU are the product Google sells to the people who actually pay them.

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You make it sound like you have no choice in the matter of change. Self-defeatist technocratic attitude. You have all the choices. Now decide. Every dollar spent is a vote for the economy you want. Nobody is forcing you to spend your money.

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I figure we are all going to reap the latter option.  A good read...   The Last Gasp. Fiction, but fun.

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I am all for the intangible social aspect from Internet cyberspace hive mind sharing of information and the free exchange of ideas it provides.

When it comes to putting into practice real world reality on the street dealing with thousands of different personalities, the animal instincts take over and cannot be tamed. Virtually everyone looks out for their own wallet.  Human behavior has not changed in 7,000 years and is not in danger of changing any time soon.

This is why we impose mortal conditions of restraint on ourselves acceptable to most of us. The Internet cannot do that. 

The best social order we have devised thus far is called the US Constitution.

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Must disagree, Mikey. IMO, Articles of Confederation are far superior to constitution.  I need as little goobermint as posible.  You like goobermint, move to N. Korea.

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I too like as little 'goobermint' as possible, for the middle class.

For big business (including, no wait, especially banks), I like a lot of 'regulation'.

In fact, I think there should be a regulatory formula that favours the poorest and penalizes the wealthiest.

IE Reverse the status quo (in America, anyway) 

It's callled a 'mixed economy', or 'indicative planning' and has been very successful where GS the IMF and all their cronies haven't been able to ef it up. (though not for a lack of effort, to be sure)

Bring on the junks and strawmen all you duped right wing loonies!!!


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Why do you hate History?

Power corrupts. If your savior is government, you will be a slave.

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Who said anything about a 'savior'?

Just trying to be realistic, pragmatic.

Realistic hypothetical:

Zero regulation means big business puts melamine in your milk and 10,000 babies die before everyone catches on and boycotts the company, if they can actually discover which producer it was.

Pragmatic hypothetical:

Zero regulation means that the handful of thugs you rail against today gain absolute control of your media, your food supply... shit, look around you, it's happening.

Zero regulation will essentially mean the exact same thing as absolute regulation.

While that may seem like a Zen koan... hell, maybe it should be.

Look, when I was fifteen I liked the idea of Anarchy too, and when I turned seventeen I realized that it was essentially the same ideology as pure communism (not Stalinism; for all you Americans hopelessly frozen in 1955), but when I turned twenty I had an epiphany:

Not all people are created equal, some are absolute and total assholes, and they like it that way. Whether it is by genetics or environment, it doesn't really matter (education may be able to remedy these handicaps-but that is another thread), so civil oversight of large populations in just plain necessary. And that involves some 'goobermint', some 'bureaucracy', some wasted capital (human sweat and tears). Less is better, of course, but to hope for zero is silly.

Better, IMO, to think of it as a limit function, as the variable representing 'goobermint' approaches zero, your happiness approaches infinity. Bro, I got news for ya, infinity might make up the universe, but your consiousness has a limited timeline.

You're delusional if you think the world, with this magnitude of population, will function smoothly in any other way.

But if you want to just tear it all down and 'let the chips fall where they may', I'm on board with that too. But trust me, some sort of organisation




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How's the most regulated society in the entire history of mankind working out for you?

Life is simple. If a business screws the public, hang its executives. All of them.

Simple and not dictatorial.

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Timmay cheated on his world bank 1099s. He is the "decider" for all tax recipets.

GoinFawr's picture

Whoops, I truncated myself up there.

To which society would you be referring RF? America? If so, I think you might want to take another shot at reading my post.

And I am doing fine, thanks for asking (!) But then again I have been extremely lucky, IMHO. "Some are born to sweet delight, some are born to endless night." and all that cal.

If a business kills a million people, but nobody can find them because they own all the media, and there is no civil oversight or institution to provide recourse, do they get away with it? Yes.

Life can be simple on an individual scale, but large numbers complicate everything.

FWIW: A dictatorship is one of the simplest forms of gov't, and I think you are going the route of confusing what I am talking about with Stalinism, which is the direction you have likely been conditioned to head since birth if anybody mentions certain words.

Honestly, unless you have 40 billion (at current exhange rates) in bullion  on hand, what I am talking about would benefit you and yours greatly.

Try reading it again.

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The march of history REQUIRES govt. to become fascist.


From time to time the Tree of Liberty...

Lather, rinse, repeat. Human nature is not changeable.

I'm not arguing with your high-minded ideology. I'm just saying it is doomed to failure as governments always grow and take away liberties. Reality bats last.

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There is an "app" and/or sociology degree for that. All my hopes that Putin does not make good on his promise to kill the love child of John Edwards, trial lawyer, senator and candidate for vice president of the USA.

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'High minded'? Hardly. Just observing existing political systems that have been in place, and functioning nicely, for quite some time.  If 'reality bats last' it's hitting home runs today in a variety of nations. Not too hard to find successful examples of what I am talking about, either, if you are willing to take a look outside of your own screen door. And not one of them seem to be sliding down the slippery path to autocracy you've laid out for them.

On the other hand, in the home of the 'brave',  or land of the 'free'...

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The US is failing. Our shield over Europe will fail.

Expect changes.

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Erm, I don't share your belief that 'America has been protecting the world', rather the opposite, IMO. More like America the imperialist nation dominated by a bloated Industrial Military Complex stirring up hornet's nests worldwide with the intent of keeping their contracts alive and moving by killing anything that is alive and moving. The poorer and less capable of fighting back the better, too.


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Your prayers will be answered.

Good luck.

GoinFawr's picture

Well, I don't pray, but I can dance!



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An atheist who believes in gov't is still just a theist.

GoinFawr's picture

No, I believe in being realistic. And reality is that you can't have civilisation billions of people strong without some degree of organisation, cooperation and regulation with civil oversight.

Your 'turn of phrase' is meaningless.

TD: "...oh I get it alright. It's very clever. How's that working out for you; being clever?"

Ans. "great...'

TD: "Well keep it up then..."


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Excellent post! 

Fuck ideologues!

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simplistic, linear and Marxist. Marxism was born out the age of plenty brought on with the industrial revolution when the critical issue was how to divide the spoils of plenty. Marxism and capitalism are poor frameworks from which to address scarcity while maintaining global social harmony. We have to move beyond the political rhetoric born out of post feudal industrialism and look to creating a framework that works better for us now. Old reference points old solutions.

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Due to the way the replies in this thread are unfolding, I'm not sure if this was a response to my advocating the standing success of 'mixed economies'

If it was: Read it again, you're missing everything.

Hint: a little from column 'A', and a little from column 'B'

Simplistic? Linear? Not likely. Perhaps easy to explain, but it in practice it takes skill to balance.

Upon reflection, I probably shouldn't have used the politically charged words of 'favours' and 'penalizes'.

Let's replace them with 'encourages' (the poorest) and 'closely monitors (the wealthiest) to maintain a net benefit to society'

IE it's simpler to raise yourself out of poverty through hard work than it is to maintain an extremely indolent lifestyle at the expense of other's labour.