The Zero Hedge Logo Tee

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The Zero Hedge Logo Tees are in!  These are the limited run, high quality, silk screened shirts you've been waiting for.  Get them while they last over at -273.

Limited run. Pre-shrunk heavyweight short sleeve T Shirt 5.6 oz. 100% cotton with TearAway™ label. Shoulder-to-shoulder tape and seamless collarette. Double needle neck, sleeve and bottom hem. Left chest, back and inner prints. Label has been removed to prevent itching.

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wall st pro 

social comentary

new video over utube

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Ordered some for my wife and I..Black. They're tits-up! Can't wait to have them!

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shirts be tite. will wait till they pop up on ebay tho. gotta get me my discounts. either that or wait till dollar and euro are @ parody. HA!

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i predict that they sell well in europe, not so well in US/Can and not at all in California. they should have Mao shirts for us californians.

Anonymous's picture

Have to pay attention to "new homes" versus "existing homes". The report about the current inventory was in regards to new homes... builders finally slowed down in putting up new McMansions.

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All right zero hedgers.

It would seem you all need to get in shape badly
since the 2xl tees are both sold out.

Next up in the zero hedge shop; the zero hedge
home trainer. Exercise while you blog !

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Was reading this in a library... ran off to the mens' room, took off my shirt to doublecheck the size, came back and ordered immediately. E-commerce + impulse purchase = mutual satisfaction. :-)

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And one morning a week later - I was lying in bed, thinking on many things, when the doorbell rang. It turned out to be two Jehovah's Witnesses, come to deliver me from the End Times. But another delivery had beaten them to my doorstep - for there at their feet (sealed inside a "bubble mailer" envelope, aptly enough) lay my new Zero Hedge t-shirt.

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        they're like financials.......just hold your nose and buy........

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I hope Zero Hedge has a shirt sale every week.  I haven't laughed this hard since "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World."  Jonathan Winters and Ethel Merman, eat your hearts out.

Anonymous's picture

more shameless off-shoring by the masked cohort

Anonymous's picture

At those prices you don't plan on selling too many.

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ZH isn't 501(C)3 country.. ya know

jeff montanye's picture

how about all they had and now with the endless bitching for more?

Anonymous's picture

2XL's are already sold out! What about us big boys???

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I suppose buying a ZeroHedge T-shirt is a Zero Hedge investment; I like T-shirts; they look good on babies, teenagers, and old men... except my beer belly (though not acquired through beer, but glotony) would make me look pregnant.


It's spelled "GLUTTONY" genius

Anonymous's picture

Received mine today...Must say the quality sucks! Sorry.

Anonymous's picture

I will trade a Vampire Squid t-shirt for Zero Hedge t-shirt :))

Anonymous's picture

How bout a vampire squid t-shirt?

Or GS at the center of the galaxy t-shirt?

Or showing Bernanke, Geithner, Blankfien, and Obama doing a whack-down on the US taxpayer a la Rodney King.

And the taxpayer could be saying, "Can't we all just pay more taxes".

Anonymous's picture

I am a bit worried some right wing extremist would mistake me for a hedge fund manager with a nice target on my back. So as with Target Co. t-shirts, I'll have to take a pass.

Anonymous's picture

"I am a bit worried some right wing extremist ..."

Yeah, that's the real threat, isn't it? Not the left-wing, douchebag-commies you voted for who are imploding the economy before your eyes.

DaylightWastingTime's picture

zero hedge

better living through anonymity

Gimp's picture

I am no ob-gyn but the logo reminds me a little of a diaphragm!

TumblingDice's picture

I see that all of the mediums are sold out. :/

Is there going to be another order for all of us that missed the first run?

Anonymous's picture

marla -- need to make long sleeve versions of these...

delacroix's picture

need to make a 2010 version


I will put together a web store where people can purchase zero hedge branded merchandise in the US, shipped from the US, with lots of styles and reasonable pricing. I will even give Marla and Tyler a cut of the action. You know how to get ahold of me.... bs you deleted that email address.

Anonymous's picture

I am so glad they dumbed down the math question. I am a functional illiterate regarding math, or as Rahm...well never mind.

The Zero Hedge fund logo is wonderful. I speak as someone with twenty plus years in branding and design for network tv, cable, etc., as well as work for the Fortune 500 in design.

The logo rocks. The website rocks. It reminds me of that design mag a few years back, what was the name of it? Very skateboard, surferish...very, young.

That's what's good about this site. It's very young.

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Marla - need more T-sitrst please.

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LOVE the logo.  Marla, can you please get that silk-screened onto white canvas money bags?  I'll take 2 dozen in Large as a new cushy home for my junk silver.  Gotta treat it right, you know!

dengzhi's picture

no more shirts?

jeff montanye's picture

no offense but how hard can it be to get black t shirts with the zero hedge logo on it?  i try to buy one every couple of weeks or so but no go.  what gives?

Steve Dallas's picture

For real...  If they're not restocked soon, I'ma tell the hipsters at the American Apparel store that ZH is actually some indie band that nobody's ever heard of and have them flood the market.

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DrStrangelove's picture

I would buy 2 if it didn't say "GOT HEDGE?"


that is fuc**** stupid. 



but I love the shirts...

-273's picture

Shirts are now back in stock, (New American Apparel versions) without the 'got hedge' tagline.

Mitchman's picture

Tyler!  At 35 euros for the f*&^%$ing thing I'm going to wait for parity!  Why can't we get them in the US?

-273's picture

Well they are 25 euro, but the money will come out of your account in dollars. Over half of the orders ship to outside of the US.


velobabe's picture

yeah i am so stupid

was this a set up?

well shoot, i think

what's happen

velobabe's picture

you men are funny

velobabe's picture

junked on a stale T-shirt thread.

pitiful kathy

Muir's picture

Got my zero t-shirt

They are not European size.

My medium is US medium.

So I guess it's all good because I wanted to diet anyways.

Like the logo.

Muir's picture

Actually my medium was like a small.

EUR/JPY thing?