ZH Vs. All Comers

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Readers of the blogs know that ZH is in the middle of another brouhaha with the rest of the press.  This time from Reuters, NY Post, Naked Capitalism and Across the curve.

I made the following comment on NC. I stick with it.

"Eight months ago I started writing financial blogs. I am happy to say that some have appeared on NC and some at ZH.

I put my own name on this from the start. Big mistake. I wish I knew what I know now. The stuff that comes to me off the grid is scary. (I don't care what the comments are). I have written about some personal stuff and that has come to haunt me too. I have problems as a result of some of the stuff I wrote re: Swiss banks.

I thought that I had a fairly good level of contact with the significant (and not so significant) writers in the straight press. Since I started contributing to ZH they don't return my emails.

So I have paid a price for being out there. If I had to do it over again, I would be Anon."

Across the Curve does a fantastic job of reporting the bond market story. But that is all it does. Just the numbers. AC does not pose questions. It does not question policy.

Naked Capitalism does. Every day NC bangs away on the critical issues. They pose tough questions and challenge policy choices in every country. But Yves Smith is just a made up name. So I am not clear why the have taken the position they have.

ZH goes deeper than any other media outlet.  Does anyone believe that Chuck Schumer or Mary Schapiro would be talking about HFT if it were not for ZH? Not a chance.

The flap about the FED/POMO and the dealers is misplaced. The Fed is buying 1.5 Trillion of paper from the dealers. They will do that in less than 9 months. This is the biggest transaction in recorded history. The dealers are getting rich off this business. There is no doubt about that is there? Does anyone think they are taking losses doing the Fed buy backs? Don’t be silly. ZH did not call this a conspiracy. But if one watches the timing of these POMO buys it is very hard to avoid the conclusion that the Fed and the dealers are on the same page. This might not be a conspiracy, but the relationship of the PDs to the Open Market Desk should make everyone nervous.

If GS is in the sights of ZH’s gun it is because GS is too powerful and needs to be brought down a few notches. They have no competition. LEH, BST are gone. Merrill is nothing compared to what they once were. Citi has been gutted and Morgan Stanley has admitted it is “no longer taking risks”. So GS is running the risk world of finance. And the only significant voice out there that is raising a stink on a regular basis is ZH. We owe them for that.

We will all be worse off if ZH changes what it has been doing.  This flap convinces me that they are correct. Stay behind the curtain, but make one hell of a racket. Please.

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Hate to break this to you, but if you post things with Zero Accountability. They have Zero Credibility. When you put your name on something. You put your name on the line too.

It's why this place is a bigger joke than CNBC!

but it's funny to see the 2 girls fight!

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I think it is not needed to call for a movement to "save ZH". Where is the threat? From the blood sucking financial institutions? From the abominable CNBCs? Huh!. When millions have lost there homes and jobs, Bernanke raises a toast and calls for more speculation. The world is out of recession folks,so buy stocks wih whatever little left so that your last drops of blood will be licked. What a joke?

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Today, across the curve is not returning the compliment to Paul. Me thinks they doth protest too much. Keep up the good work - and keep ZH anon as Marla posts.

Anonymous's picture

the pin is mighter than the sword!

thats why jour"anal"ists don't have to reveal their sources.give up your sources, and the sword will silence them.

don't give in & keep on report'n!

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Truth does not possess one single face or persona. ZH is a team effort; a faceless, nameless coalition who better maintains its objectivity via anonymity.

The powers that be are simply looking for a "head" to cut-off. ZH is too savvy to oblige.

"A rabid dog knows not whom it bites."

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You have three sources at work here 1) the financial elite; 2) the financial media run by the financial elite; and 3) the US government reliant on each to manipulate the sheeple. 

None of the above likes to be questioned, and all three rely on the euphoria of a bull market to survive because a bull market leads joe six-pack not to look behind the curtain and see how badly they are getting ripped off.

Keep up the good work.

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of course you all realize that the NSA has categorized and indexed every visitor to this site and is in process of identifying and tracking those suspected having treasonous behaviour potential.

geez, once they identify you all they have to do is go to another database and listen to every cellphone conversation you've had over the past year. and that's just for starters.

not a list to be on.


Anonymous's picture

Anonymity is a desincarneted exercise when conveying thoughts.It does not carry any recommendation by ways of name, professional references,educational background.
It makes even Diogenus a pompous character, the risk of the anonymous is not be read when he wishes so, an other bottle to the sea.
I dare to think that states and government heads are now acting in despair, I dare to think they need anonymous consciences to rectify or confirm their their processes and means.
Anonymous will not ask for any gratification,social recogniton as it is not a mean of living.

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Anon 45058: Yes, Yves Smith was a speaker for Milken. But you have to trust me on this one. That is not her real name.

That is the point, no? Whoever she is, she does a very good job at getting to the issues. So the name thing is irrelevant. I wasn't objecting to that. I was commenting that maybe NC should not be throwing stones on this issue....




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[The dealers are getting rich off this business.]

Just one vastly under-reported aspect of this sordid story. Citizens/taxpayers are ripped off when the Treasury sells debt via the Fed rather than just creating the money itself as the Constitution allows, mandates really -- it gives sole authority for such matters to the federal government, not to something called the Federal Reserve, which despite popular opinion is not an agency of the government. And then primary dealers like GS are allowed to enrich themselves by being involved in these transactions. The biggest ongoing ripoff in history.

Miles Kendig's picture

Bruce, I will follow suit.  I hope you stay strong and continue to contribute.  Your voice is one that I have enjoyed and amplified.  All The Best

One of the joys of the institution of truly free markets is the capacity to be commercial while having something to say. The two should not be mutually exclusive as long as the intent and actions are indeed clearly enunciated. Some folks have bought into the notion that failure to measure up to what they perceive as knowledgeable, morally or ethically pure or devoid of all humanity denotes failure. The only failure would be to perpetuate the lie that what matters is the window dressing. Window dressing that is only maintained at the whim of those that media 2.0 is attempting to address through their efforts.

Like it or not Zero Hedge provides a needed outlet and forum for the exchange of ideas unconstrained by the norms currently imposed by the current power structure. Indeed, it is their willingness to use their considerable knowledge base of contributors and associates to challenge those that are uncomfortable by the free exchange of ideas that makes ZH compelling.

I say if those that are made uncomfortable by your words are those who exercise unconstrained, or nearly unconstrained power then it is incumbent to those who speak those words and those that hear those words to facilitate their amplification throughout their target audience and indeed throughout society or there will be no such thing as a free and responsible institution of self government.

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Seems to me that ZH so far was just an overture, a howdy-do, please be seated, the show is about to start. No smoking in the auditorium. Ladies will please remove their hats.

The big shit will happen next, probably in three acts.

Act One, get your man up a tree.
Act Two, throw stones at him.
Act Three, run like hell.

pigpen's picture

Bruce, you are to be commended. Keep up the honest

intelligent commentary regardless of the friends you lose.

We need higher standards and principles and this site is doing what

the MSM, our regulators and our politicians and leaders are NOT doing.

Calling out the abject blatant manipulation and favortism and cronyism.

I got rid of my cable TV this year - 8 months clean.

Mind has never been freer - time to read and love our country but

question our leaders and govt.


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Looks like the Fed's apologist and former POMO operator John Jansen has finally figured out that the only way he can get more than 10 readers a day is to constantly bash zero hedge. Not like anyone here cares or even knows who he is. For some amusing perspectives on what the Fed would love reality to be, feel free to check out acrossthecurve.com but never more than once or your head will explode.

Amazing how the entire blogosphere which for years has been languishing as an epitome of the failure of Web 2.0 is up in arms when one blog shows everyone else how new media should truly be run.

Alas worthless carriers of information such as John Jansen, by their ongoing pathetic attacks on ZH, have firmly represented themselves as part of the failed model. Good riddance John, please step out of the way for the ZH juggernaut.

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Miles Kendig's picture


Stand and say it ZH associate(s).


CD's picture

In case anyone is interested in some of the specifics of other blogs' comments:


This is quickly becoming a matter of time, the snowball is rolling, gathering ever more beautiful and unique snowflakes as well as random bits of decaying organic matter.

I just hope ZH has fallback plans for exponentially increasing traffic in the foreseeable future when a) critical mass is reached in terms of legitimate public interest and b) the DDoS attacks begin

As always, it is truly inspiring and heartwarming to find a community like this one, I hope fellow readers continue to think about ways to provide material as well as moral/emotional support to the ZH team. My only current (and somewhat lame) idea is that those who can, install alexa.com and/or compete.com toolbars in a browser they install dedicated to the purpose of reading ZH. Similar vein: post links to a relevant/appropriate ZH piece in every single MSM article you read which allows comments. The bigger portal the better.

Anonymous's picture

"But Yves Smith is just a made up name."

That's a good way to lose your credibility. I hope you're not brought down by this kind of juvenile disrespect and that you'll learn that being bad little boys is inconsistent with your goals because I really like what you do.

Ducky's picture

Here's my two cents. There are competing business models here. Old media is getting their butts kicked evey day by people that can create more informed content than they can.

Their model is pretty faces on tv with journalism backgrounds. That can't match content of those with specific business experience that write on the internet. It can't match somone with a PhD in Econ that writes on the internet.

This is why they struggle. In mililtary speak: Don't let them define the battlespace. Keep doing what you do.

Don't let them divide their enemy (the blogosphere). NC and Felix Salmon are allowed to think that you guys should tell people which Tyler is talking. However, you don't have to do what they want. Respectfully decline if you don't want to do so.

NC's Leo was pretty nice to you guys in his comments. Criticism in the blogoshphere needn't be taken as an attack. Take the high road just like you did on anonymity.

Remember the business model that is threatened by you. Don't let them create false enemies for you. They are the dinosaur. They are the ones allowed to only invest in GE stock and the S&P 500 index. Their daddy GE was bailed out by TARP. Their numbers are declining.

Keep your eyes on the prize and dominate your battlespace with the tactics that have worked. Have alternative tactics. You will win.

They are the dinosaur. They are not nimble enough to win. When 1-2% GDP growth becomes the norm and the market struggles to gain 5% in a year no one will care enough to watch them.

They are destined to lose this battlespace to you. Do they have Marla spinning music? No!

You have well rounded content. Victory requires focus. You have it. Never allow it to be taken.

Congratulations on victory

Rusty_Shackleford's picture

If all you're goin' on is my confession, forget it,... I'm simply not credible.

Anonymous's picture

The MSM is in a downward spiral. Keep up the good and honest work...We got your back...

Anonymous's picture

The motivation of other blogs like AC, NC, Reuters etc ought to remind readers that beyond the forced feeding of the "official press" like CNBC, we have also to keep ourselves constantly alert to secondary level of propaganda which hijects the debate away from the real issues that affects us. AC for example is an ex-Fed chap who is constantly fed inputs from his ex-colleagues and needed those inputs to continue his blog. He is not unlike the politicians who are beholden to the money-men's contribution to the political campaigns.

Joe Sixpack's picture

Joe Sixpack wants Zero Hedge.


I want my, I want my, I want my Zero Hedge.


(We are in Dire Straits after all).

Anonymous's picture

there you go again. all you had to do was leave out the 'Yves is a made up name' and you would be taken seriously.


MountainHawk's picture

ZH.....is one of the last bastaions of 'H O P E'

Anonymous's picture

In the left column which says "Donate to Zero Hedge". I'm donating, too. The TDs have to eat.....

agrotera's picture

Dear Bruce,

You are a hero, but, it doesn't take away from the integrity of your work to get yourself a moniker, and keep your work private from now on.

Some say that the owners of the privately held Federal Reserve own half of the Dow, and a majority interest in the largest hedge funds...so imagine the power and with all that power, well, i don't guess i need to say anything else.  And all the while, with this power, does anyone need to figure who runs all politicians and policy?

What a joke to talk about the Fed's independence!  THAT IS SO BACKWARD--HOW ABOUT, A PRESIDENT, OR A MAJORITY HOUSE OR SENATE THAT ISN'T PAID FOR BY THE FED AND ALL OF IT'S AGENTS!!!!! Until then and always,

Just take care, since we live in Gotham City!

Chippewa Partners's picture


Does ZH accept cash to help your cause and if so, where do I mail it?  




Tyler Durden's picture

Chief Executive Officer's Suite, 85 Broad Street, NY, NY 10004

Anonymous's picture

In the left margin it says where to donate; afterall, the TDs have to eat. I'm donating, too.

Anonymous's picture

The irony of all of this is that the great Yves Smith is a Goldman alumnus.


deadhead's picture


I've read approx. 90% of the pieces published at ZH and yours is one of the highlights on several levels.  I'm sad to hear of your plight in regards to using your real identity and offer two words that I hope you will view as a silver lining: Carl Bernstein.

Please continue on full speed ahead with your mission. I wish you the very best.

Anonymous's picture

What do you get if you cross a rabbit with "Pinocchio" ????

-A side shot of Erin Burnett when she's interviewing someone. This girl is all nose, no breast and her sense of humor is like a kick in the balls.
Her favorite "jocke" is about "the Hains bottom..." and about "pup.." these can only mean one thing: She is begging for anal sex!!!

yy's picture

Just adding my voice to all the above, if I had to choose one blog to visit it will be ZH, so thank you and keep the good work, there is hell lot of things to uncover out there.

One recommendation for anonymous comments, can you guys choose a picture of some sort to at least visually stand out!


straightershooter's picture

The verdict: Fail (bailout), fail (stimulus) and fail (quantitative easing, aka printing). Now a joke:


The president of South Korea scheduled to meet the president of Obama. Knowing that the president of south Korea does not speak english, the staff had prepared to have the Korea president spoken two sentences in his greetings with Obama:


The first was " how are you?" . Anticipating that Obama shall say "I am fine, and You?" then the president of south Korea will then say, Me, too.

All is well prepared and rehearsed.

Coming the day the president of South Korea met Obama. Nervous as hell, the president of south Korea said to president of Obama: Who are you?

Stunned by the question, Obama calmly explained that he is the husband of Michell.

"Me,too" Replied by the president of south Korea.


Back to the topic: Fail, Fail and Fail.

tom a taxpayer's picture

The attempt to discredit Tyler Durden and Zero Hedge show that David has struck and frightened Goliath. 

It shows that Tyler Durden and Zero Hedge have found the Achilles heel of Goldman Sachs and other mismanagers of the universe.

It shows that the white collars at 85 Broad Street, 399 Park Avenue, and Maiden Lane are beginning to sweat.  


It shows that the Wall Street crime bosses fear leaks that could lead to a criminal prosecution of the inner sanctum.


It takes only one prosecutor to investigate just one crime, and follow the money and the connected crimes, and bring down the overlapping criminal enterprises using Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (RICO) prosecutions. This is a target rich environment, and the criminal activities (fraud, Ponzi schemes, extortion, looting of treasury, cover-ups, etc.) are continuing today. So the investigation and prosecution can begin anywhere and follow the trail, with Countrywide, the mortgage industry and the appraisers or Freddie and Fannie or Citi and the big banksters or with Goldman Sachs and other Wall Street investment banks and brokerages or the rating agencies or AIG or with the federal co-conspirators at U.S. Treasury, SEC, OTS, and the Federal Reserve or with Hank "the mole" Paulson, Ben "the bag man" Bernanke, Tim "the patsy" Geithner, or the members of Congress who took money to facilitate the criminal enterprises. 

Anonymous's picture

To be honest, the fear ZH and the other bloggers create is not fear of prosecution on the part of the privileged and pampered bailout recipients. Prosecution will not happen in ten thousand years to anyone in any major bank or IB. Embarrassment, perhaps, but not prosecution.

The real fear is that eventually the masses will rise up and take back what the pampered do not deserve. The fear is that the price the pampered might have to pay will be far more severe than anything a governmental justice system---if it actually did its job---could inflict.

They are coming after ZH et al because they are well aware that their collective heads might end up on a stick, paraded through the streets by a wild mob.

"They" are in survival mode. But so are "we".

nicholsong's picture

Bruce, as someone who has found real value in your posts, I read your post over at NC with some frustration about the squares not returning your emails. But as your non-attorney, I advise you not to worry.  The people who value your perspective are not going away, and your words will spread through other methods--especially since more and more people turning away from the National Syndicate Of Talking Heads in droves.

As to your point about ZH remaining obfuscated while shaking the trees, I totally agree with you, and I hope they continue to do so. As was said a while back, this system is currently supported in so many artificial ways as to constitute a forest of crutches, and shaking enough of these trees might bring a lot of contrivances down to earth.

Ich bin ein whatever's picture

I just read the post that Mike linked to at nakedcapitalism.

If you are going to be an anonymous blogger, and you are setting yourself up to be that "product", for lack of a better word, then that's what you should be.

If the person that the New York Post outed as one of the Tyler Durden's is in actuality one of the Tyler Durden's, then he outed himself.  I'm remaining a little skeptical for now, because I could tell the editor of Vanity Fair tomorrow that I contribute to Zero Hedge as one of the many Tyler Durden's on staff.  That doesn't make it so.  (That's way too many TD's in one sentence, but the point had to be made)

The "byline" for this blog is, " On a long enough timeline, the survival rate for anyone drops to zero."

If the person who outed himself is actually one of the contributers here, perhaps the byline should now read, "On a long enough timeline, the ability of a typical human to keep his mouth shut, especially if it enhances his street cred, drops to zero."

The ability of humans to take themselves way too seriously has led to the demise of many great rock bands.  Don't let it lead to the demise of Zero Hedge.

If you're going to remain anonymous, remain anonymous.  Get your contributors together, take a vote, do what you have to do.  But be decisive and everybody do it together, because one rat will sink you all.  I've seen it happen too many times to be optimistic.

I've grown to love you guys, and this site.  I don't post a lot, but I read here religiously every day.  I would hate to see everything brought down because someone has "unrealized ambitions" that haven't been brought up to the whole.

SWRichmond's picture

"The ability of humans to take themselves way too seriously has led to the demise of many great rock bands.  Don't let it lead to the demise of Zero Hedge."

Amen, sister.

Anonymous's picture

I agree!

polizeros's picture

You are doing amazing work, and have helped to force these issues into mainstream media and the Halls of Congress. Keep it up.

It was blogs like Calculated Risk that were early and right about the then-coming subprime collapse. Now you, Naked Capitalism, and others are early and right about Goldman, HFT, etc.

As a leftie blogger, I find it illuminating that most of you appear to be libertarian politically (I could be wrong) while the left, especially the hard left, is completely asleep about all of this. (You'd think this would be a perfect issue for them too, this real life crisis of capitalism, but apparently that would interfere with the more important factional infighting)

One thought. Some of what you blog is arcane and hard for outsiders to understand, maybe a few "HFT for Dummies" etc. posts would be helpful to get the word out even more.




Anonymous's picture

Anonymous is the only way to go. Posting by name is needed if you are in the media, writing supportive stories, and need to maintain access to people you are covering.

If they know who you are, saying ANYTHING negative will result in permanent loss of access or the target dropping the bomb on you. Lawsuits, personal attacks, get you fired, professionally discredited, and so forth.

Facing the GS machine as a single individual, especially with the truth telling that's going at ZH would be ugly. Although, with their resources, they must know already.

Keep it up. CNBC talking heads are wrong and a co-opted part of the overall machine.

Anonymous's picture

You guys are gooooooooooooood.... Keep up the work.

Hephasteus's picture

There's dozens of sites that run stories of Goldman Sachs chicanery all over the web. You're not looking at the big picture.

Nictrades's picture

I'm a fan Bruce. 

Anonymous's picture

what site is NC

Anonymous's picture

what site is NC.

Anonymous's picture

Someone should ask what the motivations of Kaja Whitehouse over the the Post and Howard Kapiloff over the Hedge Fund Alert were in order to leak this (mis)information? While their source is likely secret, it would be quite interesting to find out it came from Goldman... It just takes two sources to "confirm" a story: how difficult is it for the Goldman PR machine to "leak" comparable hatchet jobs about anyone or everyone to such c-grade reporters as Howard and Kaja who relish in providing yellow page fodder and have no deeper financial or economic understanding than stock market up = good.

How did Ms. Whitehouse know Daniel's address and phone number? This was a directed ad hominem attack that sought to discredit Zero Hedge by the oldest way known to the media: attack the person behind the idea. Well, they fucking failed. Kudos to all at ZH for responding to this properly and not falling for the media's bait.

As for me, here is what I will do: Kaja, I will no longer read your gratuitous, boring, repetitive and ungrammatical columns, and no longer contribute to the Post's click thru ad revenue (let alone buy your hard printed pamphlet) - I am done with you. As for my HFA alert subscription - I am canceling it at first opportunity: my subscription coverage team can thank Mr. Kapiloff. Also, being a hedge fund manager who comes to Zero Hedge daily for the best insider insight, I will recommend my peers at other money managers to do the same.

Oh, and I will donate all the money saved from canceling my HFA subscription to Zero Hedge. I am fucking done with this BS system.