Zimbabwe To Trade Diamonds For Gold As It Prepares To Launch Gold-Backed Currency

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Gold and silver breaking north!

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What will my 10 trillion dollar Zimbabwe bank notes convert to in troy oz?  I would take $10,000,000,000,000 to one oz of gold all day long.

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Holy shit! Hold onto ya butts.

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The fascination with Gold.

Touch it, smell it, kiss it, save it.




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So either "Al Queda" is discovered operating out of Zimbabwe or another "organic" people-power, Twitter revolution begins there.

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Gold backed currencies have already been classified as "weapons of mass destruction" by the FED.  Look for military action by NATO, IMF, World Bank, JP Morgan Foreclosure squads and anyone else the FED can get to attack the hostile rouge central bank.

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Exactly.  If not by force then some other kind of bullshit media fiction followed by sanctions and tariff package.

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Nah uh uh, you didn't say the magic word.

Nah uh uh, you didn't say the magic word.

Nah uh uh, you didn't say the magic word.

Nah uh uh, you didn't say the magic word.

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Zimbrazoo breaking south!

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is this why gold is popping

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some crazy goldbugs at Goldman getting ready for the rapture...


btw, never count out Gideon Gono...zimbabwe is turning out to be the rehersal case...

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seems like gold shorts are panicky.  it would not take much

my guess is that the side of the boat with dollar longs/short PMs is getting crowded

eur looks sick

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got to pay the piper at some point ...no more free rides...it couldnt happened to a nicer group of people!

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No, it's Laissez Faire Friday...manipulation efforts often wane whilst planning yachting events for the weekend.  Don't worry though, once they see that it has spiked, they will attempt a smack-down reigning-in Au below the psychological 1500 before the close.


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Gono is the scumbag who looted the country for years.

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Hey, I don't live in Zimbabwe but the leaders of my country do the same thing!

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Gono is our president and he's only been looting the country for 2.5 years.

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Great idea. Even when Mugabe is in charge. Accepted with a kiss on the mouth!

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I expect that if Zimbabwe actually makes such a move, NATO will need to invade for "humanitarian" reasons.

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How long do they have until the invasion happens?

This would be too much, after Sadam and Qaddafi.

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The trend line for invasions if sloping sharply downward. If you extrapolate from the early Afgahanistan/Iraq days through Libya on to Zimbabwe what do you get? Maybe a half dozen drunkards in a broken-down hummer armed with shotguns. I'm bearish on invasions, I think there's another plan to take down this threat. Bribery? Hotel maids?

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So then Zimbabwe is next to be bombed for 'humanitarian reasons'? Libya was last to be quietly moving to a gold backed currency.

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We are bombing Libya FOR THEIR OWN GOOD, you racist bastard.

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Zimbabwe is the former Brit colony known as Rhodesia.

Let them be the open oppressor again.

Hypocrisy needs sunshine these days.

Euros = hypocrites. Shout it to the world.

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time for another no fly zone, eh oBLAHma?

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China play in Africa via Zimbabwe as stalking horse of the gold backed monetary standard. There you are, it is now showing its strategic face...

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here is their reply to the west for ignoring their candidate for the imf job...

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Have they thrown that towel in?

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I wonder if the US$ will be pegged to the new Zimbabwe$. <sarc of course>

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This will indeed be an interesting development to follow.

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"Clone of Osama Bin Laden recently discovered to be hiding in a compound in Harare, coincidentally adjacent to the residence of President Mugabe."

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OT, just out: Lots of transitoryness for Germany - food prices up 10%. As you know: If we do inflation over here, we do it Autobahn style.

Google says:
The Germans have to adjust to rising costs for food: dairies, slaughterhouses, roasters and other food producers raised their prices in April so sharply than it has been almost three years.

They rose by an average of 7.2 percent the previous month, the Federal Statistics Office said on Friday. "A stronger increase was most recently in August 2008, whereeight percent, " it said. The prices for butter and fruit and vegetable juices shot up bymore than a third up. Coffee cost 17.8 percent more meat (except poultry) 10.6percent more.

One reason for the steep upward trend in higher prices for agricultural commodities on world markets. Arabica coffee rose in price from the beginning to the end of Aprilby nearly a quarter, while corn cost almost 15 percent more.




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The usual people have been exploiting them and other Africans for diamonds. Diamond while having value, even in industry, is a highly variable asset, hard to find buyers and subjective values. Gold much better store of wealth.

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Off your game. No where to go but down after 250+ junks.

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Your mentor, HarryWanger, was a better troll than you Hamy.

The trick lies in being less obviously transparent, and at least occasionally mixing in some truth with the half-truths and dissembling.

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you mean like mixing diamond, gold and some fiat currency...

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Another Cash for Gold shop opened up here in Pasadena, CA.  Just exactly who are they buying all that metal?

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'How far goldbugs have fallen'...I guess $20 below all time high is a great tragedy?

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Hmmm, trade for diamonds (which are plentiful and only valuable thanks to DeBeers cornering the market?)  No thanks.

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Don't forget that due to the world-wide mining boom (namely in precious metals), mining companies use diamond tipped drills to crush the ore. No other material has been useful for this purpose. And you have no idea what the replacement rates of these diamond tipped drills are because they only have a finite life. Kinda poetic if you ask me.