Zuckerman: "Why the Jobs Situation Is Worse Than It Looks"

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For a long time I've called it The Downsizing of America

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Well, the population and the government are still growing.  It's more like the downsizing of the middle class and upward economic mobility.

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First of all gov jobs are shrinking. 

All part of the planned obsolescence of most of the US middle class

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and while they wither on the vine, 19K a year buys all the cheap, plastic ephemera they could possibly need in their toothless, disease infested squalor.


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Its a mistake to think that the Obama is exercising leadership to ameliorate unemployment.

Au contraire, his mission is to manage America's downward trajectory, not work to resolve it or solve it.

All of these talking heads on TV are missing the point: the guy doesn't give a damn. 

Maya Angelou: "When a person shows you who they are, believe them the first time."


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The only thing most politicians care about is getting re-elected. These people are a sick joke on the rest of us.

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Your empathy is touching. You should be a banker.

Is that you Dick Cheney?

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In 2006, Dick Cheney gave $6.9M of his $8.8M in income to charity.

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Yeah but his net worth is around a 100 million dollars, so he ain't exactly divesting himself of all worldly goods. How many of those charities did he have an interest in?

Dick Cheney has been called by many who know him, as being one of the coldest most self centered individuals they have ever known. I don't know Dick Cheney and would like to keep it that way.

He is an equal opportunity psychopath willing to destroy anything between him and his goal, even if it is only that last cookie on the silver tray next to the fireplace in the study.

The only people who defend him are relatives or employees, so which are you, Scooter?

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Brilliant call, my Canadian amigo.  Sorry about your hockey team, dude.

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I don't know him either, and I neither defend nor persecute him.  I was just pointing out a fact to provide some texture to your inference that he is not empathetic.

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He is only mostly a psychopath. Happy now?

I hope the charities he supported had to do with supporting veterans of  the US invasion of Iraq.

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You mean his Halliburton goodies?

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Tell us all you know about Halliburton other than what you were told by the MSM about contracts in the Middle East.


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Nice try at being clever.  FAIL. 

We're supposed to be anonymous here, right?

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DICK CHENEY AND HALLIBURTON: In this week's New Yorker, Jane Mayer details Dick Cheney's controversial history with Halliburton, beginning with Cheney's privatization initiatives in the early 90s when he was Defense Secretary which led to a huge Halliburton outsourcing contract for the military. Cheney then became CEO of Halliburton after leaving the government, using his connections to expand their public contracts and earning $44 million for himself in the process. The article also details how Halliburton did business with Iraq, Iran and Libya during Cheney's tenure through foreign subsidiaries, contradicting Cheney statements on the subject. Mayer also explains how Cheney's policies have set up Halliburton as one of the few companies that can handle many of the military's outsourcing needs, leading to it's huge role in today's military operations. Finally, Mayer describes the current feeding frenzy for Iraq contracts, and how Bush/Cheney cronies are angling to cash in.

Since there are no criminals in the empire, he must be accused only of showing poor judgement in allowing himself to be portrayed in a negative light.

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Maybe you missed this part, MP...

Tell us all you know about Halliburton other than what you were told by the MSM about contracts in the Middle East.

Bad enough that you couldn't come up with something, but making my point via direct quote of an MSM rag makes my day!  Well, I'm off to buy some gold...happy hunting (w/Dick of course)!

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He favors brown socks. Likes to eat cheerios in his underwear, literally, not a bowl, in his underwear. Favorite color brown, no blue, no brown, oh dear.

Was tasked by G.W. Bush to head his committee to choose a vice presidental candidate, chose himself. Drinks excessively, has a bad heart and a brain to match, is in the final stage of cardiac failure and must soon decide on a transplant or death.

Likes to wear women's clothing and hang around in bars, I heard that from a lumberjack who said he was 'okay', so that may be open to conjecture.

Enjoys pointless faceless exchanges with internet trolls.

Has a pair of girl scouts in leg irons in his basement.

Okay I'm really scraping the barrel here, but the only other thing I know is he enjoys picking his nose while driving and likes the little woman to address him as Dr. Cuddles when he is feeling frisky.

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He said Halliburton, not Dick Cheney. Whatever information you get from our liberal media is not good enough to be considered facts. Oh and they never moved their headquarters to Dubai (all the information I need to know).

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In 2006, Cheney was our Vice-President.  Do you mean to tell me that while he was serving as our nation's VP he was on Halliburton's payroll to the tune of $8.8 million? 

I don't think your comment about how Cheney gave away millions in 2006 shows anything other than how completely corrupt our country has become.  The fact that you are touting it as if its a good thing makes it all the worse.    

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Wasn't touting it as good or bad.  Simply presenting a fact.  BTW, the $8.8M came from Halliburton stock options and royalties from his wife's books (the income is combined).

Your comment is proof positive that you (and others) read into things that aren't there.

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Unfortunately the country can't afford to keep as many Federal employees on its payroll as when the country was "prosperous." There needs to be a downsizing in the public sector. Of course that will add to the unemployment rate, but it needs to be done. Most of us on this website believe the dollar is heading towards collapse. Not reducing government spending will only accelerate the process.

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I call this the dismal economy. Everyone in my family minus retirees has been laid off, downsized, part timed or taken pay reductions, often more than once. Not one, including me is making what we made a few years ago. I have not had one friend over 50 years old get reemployed at more than half their old wages...if employed at all. (BTW, none of us work in banking or Wall Street or government.)

Meanwhile, Washington chatters on, the central planners dream and plan and even the Republicans apart from Ron Paul do not really propose to change a single thing. They just propose to do all the same things cheaper than the Democrats.

Our current economy is the direct result of the leviathan state. The statist-collectivist-socialist planners have won and this is what winning actually looks like. We are not any smarter or better than Europeans and others who practice the same things. We are just adopting their ideas later and more slowly but with the same results.

The other aspect as I watch oil and all commodities plummet is that we live in a political economy. Nothing depends on business anymore. Everything depends on what the central planners do. They dump oil on the market and every commoditiy plummets. They create money and monetize t-bills, interest rates stay artificially low and money is improperly priced. Change a tariff, a tax break, a subsidy, a regulation, an EPA standard...these are the stupid things that drive economies, now. Making good products, good management, invention, good business models...those are distant seconds compared to what the government does.

Does anyone else realized what drooling idiots we have as central planners and leaders by and large? This is the economy you get, a political economy with powerful central governments. Everyone enjoy and plan your future accordingly.

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I have yet to see any sign that suggests we are in anything but a nosedive in the global economy. Germany seems to be busy, but is lashed to the euro and surrounded by PIIGS. US is in retreat. Little work here (already worse than 2008), gas prices outrageous. 

Of course it is a depression. Masked by economic repression. Cloaked by academic regression. And clouded by clever expressions.

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Zuckerman is another a*s s**ker who voted for Hussein in 2008. 

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Hilarious seeing all these people getting junked by scumbag Obama voters who post here.  Scum like Zuckerman Bilderberger who voted for the Kenyan.

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They junk you for falling into the "blues" vs. "greens" hype...

Oh wait, its repubs vs demos.

Got mixed up there, thought we were talking about Constantinople.

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Even more hiliarious when someone like Freddie forgets he is not posting on a Fox News site and reveals how far his head is up his ass.  Go back to your seat and shut your mouth unless you have something intelligent to say.

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You are a bigger fool for thinking ANY media is different. Fox is with the elites like the rest. All hollywood, all tv, all newspapers.  Go wipe your chin because it has hope & change all over it.  Those hope & change STDs must hurt.

I love the Dem scum who voted the islamo in and now say they are all the same.  F off.

Bush sucked and is another one worlder but he was heaven compared to this.

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you are an extreme douche.


that being said, the potus is not the head of the current world hierarchy, and if you honestly think mccain would have been better, than please explain, what would he have done differently.

seriously, I want to know what mccain would have done? he's a republican, the party of tarp, dont blame me, i voted for kodos.


or we could just not act like retarded children arguing about whose daddy has the biggest cock or what the fuck ever it is you're trying to do.

your faith in the omnipotence of the president (reference to heaven whhhaaa?) is why i think you are unfixable, no real debate can occur.


good day.

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Yes, such a strange reversal of sentiment over the course of 2 years. 

Mortimer is just feeling a little verklempft since Goldman's Real Estate Opportunities Fund convinced him to pay $2.9B - the loftiest price ever paid for an American office building - mere months before the world cracked in half. 

The largest tenet in the building is General Motors with over 100,000 sq.ft of leased space. When Obama orchestrated the GM bankruptcy, it allowed GM to void its lease contract in the GM building. So now, not only did the building loose ~30%-40% of its value in 18 months, a 100,000sqft tenant is threatening to leave in the middle of the worst slowdown in real estate history. Rumor has it, he offered GM 6 months of free rent to stay.

Mortimer is just redirecting his own incompetence and folly at Obama.    


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I didn't know this about Mort & his GM lease loss.

Thank you for that news that one would think the Lame Ass Stream Media would have bothered to report.

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Yup, old Morty is an American Media Corporation scumbag from waaaay back, including all those planted stories in his now non-mainstream US News & World Report claptrap (many especially liked his "tough guy Cheney piece -- just kidding!).

Morty, a longtime member of the lobbyist group for the international ultra-rich, the Bretton Woods Committee (brettonwoods.org), always gets it wrong, even when he's really trying!

America lost 15 million jobs in the meltdown -- officially 11 million offshored, but they don't count the smaller numbers -- so it really works out to 15 mil, plus there's that 22 million jobs forecast back in 1999, and they were created after all, just created overseas by American-based multinationals and corporations, not in America!

That works out to 37 million lost jobs, a much larger number -- which correlates to hugh jumps in poverty, homelessness, increases in food stamps, etc.

And that's not EVEN counting the de-multiplier effect....

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Cokzuckerman is just another triber in the clan whose shenanigans have bled a once-great nation totally dry.

The nations that haven't made the devil's bargain with the "financiers" have never needed gigantic armies or to experience orgies of booms and busts

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funny, I always thought that the Pentagon just did the bidding of the banker clans.  so, in fact, they do use vast armies.  they just don't pay for it.

trav7777's picture

? not reading for comprehension?  There are quite a few nations that did not welcome the chosen and their financial ponzis.  They have never needed to engage empire tactics or run ponzis

Libertarians for Prosperity's picture


Hell hath no fury like a pickle-nose'd, potato pancake eater who makes a bad financial move.

Picklemer Buttercakeman is not an innovator. Picklemer is not a creator. Picklemer hasn't furthered society. All he's done is collected rent and flipped buildings for ever higher prices, based on the bubble economics crafted by his fellow clansmen. He's just another parasite sitting behind a $10,000 desk collecting real estate usury. 



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They love their little islamic who's records are totally sealed.  A lot of their stooges post here as well. All hussein boot lickers.

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this is bad news for the public employee leeches , who are they going to get to pay for their lifetime benefits

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"who are they going to get to pay for their lifetime benefits" ?

Don't you see the classic Ponzi mentality in that situation?  If you have X number of government retirees depleting a fund that is filled from taxpayers pockets, then you need 2X current taxpayers.  If the public sector won't provide them, then the governmanet can.  Voila', problem solved (in theory)....

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Now for a quick edit to disguise an errant double-post...


I just wanted to say that not ALL government employees are leeches.  Some of them do perform necessary tasks that benefit the rest of us.  I was a government "leech" for six years (all active duty).

MachoMan's picture

Necessary in the sense that it is demanded or necessary in the sense that it must be performed by a public actor?  Big distinction...

Iam_Silverman's picture

Well, would a privately owned defense force or tax collecting agency be more to your liking?  How about if they're both one and the same (or at least under the same corporate umbrella)?

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That day is coming, and a lot sooner than most people think.