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Iraqi pawn to check the Chinese king?

Was the invasion of Iraq intended to create a new pawn on the global chessboard, one that could be used to place the Chinese king in check? The Iraqi oil reserves were meant to be a means to an end, not an end in themselves.

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What do you do?

!---This is an attempt to harness the ZH brain trust, an invitation to discuss---!

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Far-fetched scenario: a stronger, post-apocalypse Russia?

Inflation or deflation, the Chinese will lose most of the value of their USD-denominated holdings, and the USD will lose the confidence of the rest of the world. What then?

A scenario, probably far-fetched, that points to a stronger Russia over the next half century.

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High Frequency Trading and Systemic Instability

HFT creates systemic instability and makes market manipulation much easier.

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New look inefficient?

Does anyone else find the new look (compared to blogger) inefficient when it comes to accessing information?

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