• Marc To Market
    08/29/2015 - 10:18
    Dollar recovered from the exaggerated panic at the start of last week.  Outlook is still constructive.  Here is an overview of the technical condition of currencies, bonds, oil , and S&...

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Why Biden Would Be a TERRIBLE President

The More You Know Joe - the new Democratic Frontrunner - the Less You'll Like Him!

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Government Spying “Worse than Orwell”

"Current Surveillance is Far Beyond an Orwellian State"

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The Dow Just Made the Largest Roundtrip Rollercoaster EVER

It's Not Just Your Imagination ...

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Israeli Military Brass - And American Jews - Support Iran Deal

Everyone - Including the Iranian Public - Knows that the Mullahs of Iran are Total A$$H@les, But ...

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USA, Turkey and Israel Act As Air Force for ISIS

We've ALWAYS Been at War with Eastasia!

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Politicians from Both Sides of the Aisle: Corruption Has Destroyed America

There's Always Been Some Corruption ... But Now Things Have Just Gotten Silly

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NATO Member Busted Supporting ISIS … Now Declares War Against ISIS, But Instead Bombs Its Political Rival (the Main Force ...

... FIGHTING ISIS (Wall Street Journal and Time Magazine Confirm What Zero Hedge Has Been Saying)

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Congress Will Vote Today to Destroy States’ Rights to Protect Our Food Supply

Congress Votes Today to Override State Law and Block Americans’ Right to Know If Our Food Has Been Genetically Modified

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