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U.S. Defense Secretary: We Might Bomb Iran Even If a Peace Agreement Is Signed

Why Is the U.S. Smack Dab In the Middle of a Religious War ... Backing the Most Violent Muslim Terrorists?

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Muslims, Jews, Scientologists, African-Americans, Inmates & Neo-Nazis Carry Out False Flags

The Scientology Documentary "Going Clear" Has Gone Viral ... Here's An Interesting, Related Story

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What’s REALLY Going On In Yemen

What the Heck Is This War About?

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Propagandists Use Automated Software to Spread Disinformation

That @ssh&le Who Spews Garbage and Doesn't Listen to Your Reasonable Comments ... May Be a Bot

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Police Frame Innocent People

Documented Corruption In Law Enforcement

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Architects of Iraq War ADMIT It Was Illegal

"Old News"? Not When They've Repeated the Same Playbook in Libya, Ukraine, Syria, and ...

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The 9/11 Commissioners Were Conspiracy Theorists

Must Have Been Wearing Tinfoil Hats ... And Living In Their Mom's Basement

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