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    03/01/2015 - 23:51
    Clearly if Western governments were ‘merely’ drowning in debt-to-GDP ratios of roughly 100%, then theycould still argue that attempting to manage these debt-loads was legitimate rather than...

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Power User Guide for the iPhone, Droid or Other Smart Phone ... and the Computer

Become a power user on your smart phone, computer or any web-surfing device ...

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Are Nuclear Chain Reactions Still Occurring at Fukushima?

Probably ...

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Well, There's Your Problem Right There ... Insider Trading Rules Don’t Apply To Congress

I've repeatedly pointed out that Wall Street executives are incentivized to lie, cheat and steal. So - of course - they will continue to lie, cheat and steal. Politicians are EXACTLY the same ...

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Ron Paul: One-Third of Fed Bailout Loans - and Essentially 100% of NY Fed Loans - Went to Foreign Banks

But "the little people are too small to help" ...

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Yastrow: “We Are on the Verge of a Great, Great Depression”

Other than that, everything is great!

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Why Gold Is Still a Good Long-Term Investment

The shiny metal still looks good ... in the long-run

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Investment Idea: Pre-Fukushima Sake and Shochu

Grains are probably going up, leading to higher liquor prices ... and wealthy people who have a taste for sake or shochu would probably pay top dollar for "clean", pre-Fukushima beverages ...

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World Health Organization Says Cellphones Cause Cancer ... Oh, And They're Killing Off the Bees As Well

If you feel like - oh, man, EVERYTHING turns out to cause cancer - I can relate. But - unlike all the shenanigans which the powers-that-be are pulling - this is something we're doing to ourselves ...

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