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    05/05/2015 - 20:46
    As is almost always the case, the price of gold was leaned on at the standard PLAN A time in London when The Gold Cartel traders reported for work, but their nudge was thwarted pretty quickly. Gold...

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Fire Threatens Plutonium and Uranium Release at Los Alamos National Laboratory

More nuclear mishaps?

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Fear of Terror Makes People Stupid

Much of our debt is due to the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya and elsewhere.

And yet the top American military and intelligence officials say that debt is the MAIN THREAT to our national security.


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Nuclear Reactor Design Chosen - Not Because It Was Safe - But Because It Worked On Navy Submarines

An accident waiting to happen ...

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Common Ground On Climate

"What may be the science story of the century is breaking this evening" ... and it provides a window of opportunity for sanity in the climate change debate ... including getting away from the next financial scam ...

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Global Nuclear Update

United States, Egypt and Japan ...

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Everything We're Doing Now Was Planned BEFORE 9/11

We've been told that 9/11 changed everything.

Is it true?

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Nebraska Nuclear Reactor Flooded

But so far, no evidence of a crisis ...

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America Is Being Raped ... Just Like Greece and Other Countries

Will you own your own body? Or will that be privatized, too?

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Pentagon Papers Whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg Says that the Government Has ORDERED the Media Not to Cover 9/11

The official release of the Pentagon Papers is big news this week. Ellsberg's support for Wikileaks and Bradley Manning is big news. But Ellsberg's other passion is receiving the "don't touch it" treatment ...

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Al Qaeda Flying Planes Into the World Trade Center and Pentagon Was Foreseeable

But no one was demoted, let alone fired. In fact, many of those who dropped the ball were PROMOTED, just like the knuckleheads who caused the economic crisis were PROMOTED to top posts.

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Further Proof of Ongoing Nuclear Chain Reactions at Fukushima: Metallic Taste In the Mouth?

How many residents of Japan, Hawaii and the West Coast have tasted this?

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Production Numbers All Argue for Investment in Precious Metals

Do Zero Hedgers agree?

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