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How Congress Helps the TBTF Banks Steal Your Money with Impunity

The only alternative for people who will not live as slaves to the big banks may be to seek the peaceful overthrow of the government of the United States.  Shall we start the revolution now?  


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Can the Credit Union Industry Survive -- Its Regulator?

The real question is whether the credit union industry can survive the continued operational chaos inside its supposed regulator. 


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Chautauqua Notes | Ethical Challenges of Finally Fixing the Financial Crisis: Fair Deals vs. New Deals

From the perspective of ethics, the fiscal profligacy of the US government and related behavior in the private sector is the cause of the financial crisis


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American Liberalism: The Infantile Disorder

If the political tsunami underway in Maine is any indicator, the November 2012 election will be fascinating and unpredictable


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JP Morgan, Bruno Iksil and the FDIC TAG Program

TAG ought to be allowed to expire at the end of 2012, but people like Barney Frank and Tim Johnson will be working to preserve this corporate subsidy for their clients among the large banks regardless of the deleterious effect on the US economy.  


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Is Jamie Dimon Really Master of the Universe?

Do the good citizens of the Wall Street establishment broadly defined understand the risks taken by the House of Morgan?


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Citigroup Earnings, NIM and the FDIC TAG Program

So when you see Citi’s Q2 2012 earnings, remember that about ¼ of the number will come from non-interest bearing deposits covered by FDIC's TAG program.


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Anna Schwartz obituary as published by AIER

Anna was best known as co-author with Milton Friedman of A Monetary

History of the United States, 1867-1960 (1963). She also was the staff

director of the United States Gold Commission, 1981-1982. 


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Why James Giddens Needs Receivership Powers in MF Global Bankruptcy + CNBC Hit on JPM

Giddens ought to approach the bankruptcy judge and suggest that they both apply to Judge Rakoff for the appointment of a receiver in the MF Global bankruptcy. 


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Hans-Joachim (Achim) Dübel: Spanish Covered Bonds

Over-collateralization rates for Spanish covered bonds goes into the stratosphere -- 200-300% -- a grim indication of loss given default.


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