• Gold Money
    05/03/2016 - 11:35
    Crude oil time-spreads have completely dislocated from inventories. Historically, such dislocations have proved to be short lived. We expect that either spot prices will sell-off again or the back...

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Share Buybacks Turn Toxic

Something broke in the gears of financial engineering!

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Global Corporate Debt is Coming Unglued

Default Rate Highest since 2009, US Distress Ratio Soars.

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Freight Shipments Plummet as Inventory Glut Bites

The goods-based economy swoons.

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M&A Spikes to Craziest Frenzy Ever, even as Bottom Falls out of Riskiest End

CEOs, Wall Street are furiously making hay while the storm moves in.

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US Freight - Trucking, Rail, all of it - Goes to Heck

"This will most likely drive a drawdown much like the one we saw in 2009 and 2010."

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And Now Trucking is Suddenly Slowing Down

This comes at the totally wrong time.

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