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    04/23/2014 - 05:14
    Bloomberg Television’s “On The Move Asia” had a fascinating interview with Albert Cheng, the World Gold Council’s Managing Director, Far East. He discussed China’s gold market and what’s driving the...

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The Ultimate Threat In The Euro Bailout and Austerity Racket: War

“The demons aren’t gone; they’re only sleeping"


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'Regulatory Capture' Emasculated The Regulators Of Megabanks

What wasn’t said at the Senate hearings: too-big-to-jail is just part of the problem


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The Eurozone Rift: It Would Be Wrong “To Give In To Panic”

Warning from the German Bankers Association: central-bank save-the-euro policies cause bubbles, capital misallocation, currency wars, and another financial crisis.


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The Great Backpedal: The World Has NOT Come To An End

But the fake deadlines, the even more fake serial fiscal crises, it all came to an end with a whimper


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Dark Rumblings Of A Coup D’État In Spain

“The country is more important than democracy”


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Broke Public Pension Funds And Exotic Boondoggles

Comes with an “Attendance Justification Tool Kit”


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The Utter Fragility Of The Eurozone: Even Democracy Is A Threat

From “I’m appalled that two clowns have won” in Italy to fear


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Budget Hawks ... Until Something Gets Cut In Their Districts

Army Chief of Staff: “The conundrum we have is that we don’t need the tanks”


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‘They Tell The French People Illusions and Lies.’

A microcosm of what's wrong with the French economy (while the chopping block is being moved to the center)


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