• Tim Knight from...
    02/07/2016 - 10:01
    The bottom line is that Apple lost its founder, its leader, its passion, and its way. Get used to a double-digit stock. It's got much lower to go.

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Tick By Tick Research Email - Is Idiosyncracy the New Norm?

Is idiosyncracy the substitute for a fledgling Sovereign Bond Market?  Including our recommendations for 2012

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The Sovereign Ponzi - Tick By Tick Research Email

The Sovereign Ponzi

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12 Economic Facts of Christmas - Tick By Tick Research Email

12 Scary Economic Facts to fill your Festive Boots

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The Collateral Crisis - Tick By Tick Research Email

Even a CDO was more collateralised than fiat currency....

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Bullish about America ....we aren't convinced.

A short letter written to our readers about how we are skeptical of any US bullishness

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Jobs Jobs Jobs

An analysis of the job market in the UK and USA including suggestions for future growth.

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Gordon Browns Gold Trade

Proof that Gordon Brown (former UK Chancellor and Prime Minister) is the worst gold trader of all time

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Germanys Battle with Morality

A short piece that explains the moral dillemma the Germany faces with regards to the Eurozone.  

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