Filings Disclose Goldman Sachs' AIG Collateral Demands Were Reason For AIG Implosion

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The thing that strikes me after digging into the details of the amounts discussed heres is that Goldman controlled the valuations on the Soc Gen portfolio , as well as its own, with AIG.

As a result Goldman had (and excercised) control over the collateral calls of $11.4 ( both 5.9 GS + 5.5 SG) of the 18.5 (which is 63% of the total), not just the 5.9 (a mere 33% of the total )cited in the article.

Goldman could have brought down AIG at any moment, the coice was theirs to decide which was the moment of maximum advatage.

Taibbi should consider this angle in his next round with Goldman.