Goldman's Lucas Van Praag Responds To Matt Taibbi's Allegations

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To those who are the Thieves at Government Sachs,

As the wheels come off it will be interesting to see how long it takes to hear, "I was only following orders."

That the orders probably came from officials in the administration via tacet approval will be when the canary in the cage morphs into a "dead parrot" to sound the alarm that the air has gone toxic. "Bear Sterns, Lehman, and Government Sachs." It has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

To the market manipulators and thieves at Goldman Sachs who made over $100 million dollars a day on 34 of 58 trading days in the first quarter, just remember, when the guy at your desk receives a subpoena, no one has your back, other than to stuff a knife in it.

Do you guys have any idea how much an hour criminal defense attorneys in Manhattan get? Try starting at $500 an hour. And there is no timeline because once the right government agency sinks their teeth into the guilty you might just walk. But your lawyer will be the one with your boat and your plane, and life at the club just won't be much the same anymore.

While you might not see it, the Scarlet "T" for "Thief" will appear all over you as it is those fellow members who will hold you in contempt for your crimes as it's their money you stole. I've seen it happen. It's tough to get a tee time as a single when that indictment comes down. You really find out who your friends are. And here's a hint....they aren't the people in your firm anymore.

Might I suggest you visit "The Spy Store" in Manhattan and purchase some Bug Sweepers.

Sleep tight,

P.S. The gods invented hubris for a reason. In layman's terms, "some people got too big for their toga."

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Sell any mutual fund that has GS as a holding. Let the fund company know why you sold.