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RenTec Drops In Second Week Of June

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After being up 0.22% for the month of June last week, Jim Simons 60th world largest supercomputer lost 0.13% in the second week and is now up just 0.09% MTD, whereas, thanks to such obvious market manipulation that even German fund managers are making fun of us, the S&P is now, as Bob Pisani points every second when he is not discussing how a sideways market is victory for the bulls, at 2009 highs.

At this point it is more than obvious that at least half of Jim's 1,900 Terabytes are being used to run a porn server farm: this is the only thing that can explain the persistent underperformance and lack of eviction notices. At $20/month assuming he has a million subscribers, Jimbo is pulling a cool 20 gorillas with exactly 0 beta, month over month.


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