If the “Occupy” Movement and Tea Party Join Together, We Can End the Malignant Partnership Between Big Government

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Mike Krieger writes today:


The reason the liberal mainstream corporate media demonized the Tea Party is because it threatens the status quo.


The reason the conservative corporate mainstream media demonizes Occupy Wall Street is because it threatens the status quo.


These are textbook divide and conquer strategies being used on the American people. Do not fall for it.


Yesterday I read a really interesting gallup poll that stated: “Not surprisingly, Americans who consider themselves supporters of the Occupy Wall Street movement (26% of all Americans) are more likely to blame Wall Street than the federal government for the nation’s economic problems. Supporters of the Tea Party movement (22% of Americans) are overwhelmingly likely to blame the government.” What is most compelling to me is that 26%+22% = 48% so basically almost a majority.


All we need to do is teach people that Washington D.C. and Wall Street are now the same corrupt entity. They are one gigantic rogue trader sucking the lifeblood out of America. If we can unite these forces, which I can say with certainty agree on the important issues, we can put an end to the status quo and free ourselves of this bondage.

Many others agree with Krieger. As Raw Story notes, free speech advocate Lawrence Lessig told the Occupy DC rally:


The tea party is also part of the 99 Percent.


“What is inspiring about this movement is its potential… to rally our country around an idea that we all believe fundamentally: this government is corrupt,” he said.




“[2008] is the first time in American history where we have seen a collapse followed by no fundamental re-regulation of the financial services sector, because they have the power to block change from either the Democrats and Republicans.”


“They hold this country hostage because of that power, because of that corruption,” he continued.


He went on to recall a time he went to a tea party conference, only to hear legitimately angry, homespun grassroots activists talk about this very problem in the same manner as the “Occupy” groups, who he said should put aside what they believe as far as gay rights or abortion or other social wedge issues.


You can build this movement to unite America around this idea that the time for crony capitalism must come to an end,” Lessig said. “There is no one on the left or the right who defends the system of crony capitalism, they just practice it.”

I have repeatedly noted that conservatives are wary of big government and liberals are wary of big corporations, but that all Americans hate the system of crony capitalism (also known as “socialism” or “fascism”) which we have today.

As I wrote Tuesday:

So who is really to blame … Wall Street or Washington?


The answer – which can only be seen if we take of our partisan blinders long enough to look around – is both.

It’s like covering up one eye in a 3-D movie … you lose most of the image.    Being a partisan Democrat or partisan Republican is using only one of your eyes, and missing the big picture in the process.

Slate’s David Wiegel took a stab at showing the overlap between the Occupy and Tea Party movements:

111012 venndiagram If the Occupy Movement and Tea Party Join Together, We Can End the Malignant Partnership Between Big Government and Big Corporations Which Is Destroying America

Similarly, Time’s Roya Wolverson writes:

I … came across this nice visual, a Venn diagram of the Tea Party and OWS’s overlapping interests, drawn up by the self-described “liberal-leaning libertarian” blogger James Sinclair:

 If the Occupy Movement and Tea Party Join Together, We Can End the Malignant Partnership Between Big Government and Big Corporations Which Is Destroying America


The idea here is that our livelihoods are threatened by more than just the outsized power of corporations (in the view of Occupy Wall St.) or government (in the Tea Party’s view). It’s both these forces working together to their exclusive benefit that has the whole of America (minus the 1%, or the .01%, or name your miniscule number) mouthing off at one big boss or another.




Pundits and politicians thrive in a polarized world. So, threatened and fueled by the very existence of the other side, many of them have claimed these movements as yet another tool to gripe at one another…. And yet, there are a few voices noting these movements’ common cause. Jim Harper at the right-leaning Cato Institute is an example:


There are plenty of reasons to reject the possibility of alliance between Tea Partyism and OWS, but not necessarily good ones….To the extent the substance of their grievance is, or can be turned to, corporations’ use of government power to win unjust power and profits for themselves, that’s a grievance I can sit in a drum circle for.



And even some Tea Party organizers have said things like, “it’s funny that the Occupy Wall Street guys are also against phoney capitalism and we agree about that.”

Remember, small businesses – not giant corporations – are the big job creators.  And small banks – not the big banks – are the ones extending loans to small businesses (see this and this).   And yet the government has been helping the big boys and killing small businesses.  No wonder both Occupy and Tea Party participants are furious at government policies that bail out the giants at the expense of small businesses and small banks.

And both are also furious that the little guy has to play by the rules, but the big fish can commit fraud and the government won’t prosecute them.

In both of these examples, it is the collusion of Big Government and Big Business which is the problem.  Sure, people could argue about which came first – government corruption or Wall Street corruption – but this is a worthless chicken-versus-egg debate.  The truth is that both are currently corrupt and so entangled as to be inseparable. Instead of engaging in a meaningless ideological debate about who started this corrupt condition, let’s agree to end it.

The Oath Keepers and a founding member of the Tea Party announced that they are supporting the current protests on Wall Street and against the Federal Reserve.

Another key founder of the Tea Party – Karl Denninger – also supports the protests, and points out that the demands of the Tea Party protesters were originally very similar to those of the Occupy protesters (before the mainstream Republican party co-opted the Tea Party) .

Numerous local tea party leaders, such as the leader for the Trenton area, also support the Occupy protests.

But the truth is that – even if more people currently support the Occupy protests than support the Tea Party – the Occupy protesters should listen to the wisdom from the real, non-coopted Tea Partiers, and not simply patronize them.

Because government is at least half the problem,  and Obama does not support the 99%.

Any Occupy protesters who believe that government will solve all of our problems needs to learn both sides of the story (and see this).

Note: While mainstream Democrats will attempt to vilify the Tea Party for its calls to slash the budget, and mainstream Republicans will attempt to demonize the Occupy protesters for their calls for spending, the truth is that we can all unite against corrupt policy which doesn’t work.

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butchtrucks's picture

NY police need to learn from their Australian counterparts how to clear these Occupy scum off the street.  No pussyfooting down there.   Check out these clips of the dirty filthy hippy slackers being cleaned off the streets of Sydney and Melbourne by local cops - including macing some libtard bitch right in the face!



When the hell are US police going to start clamping down in the same way on the pinko/punko socialist rabble who think they can camp out in our public places and challenge our way of life?

JB's picture

"And the whole world marveled at the Beast."

Pretty much sums it up...

rwe2late's picture

All elites, from ancient Egypt to the USA, have used government to maintain, enhance, and increase their power.

Were government the only source of elite power, limiting government would be the only remedy needed.

In the past, the rule of kings often relied heavily on religion and religious institutions.

In the modern era, elite rule often relies heavily on concentrated wealth and corporate institutions.

That concentrated wealth and control of corporate institutions is utilized to sponsor toady politicians, bribe government leaders, and control government institutions. In the past, Spain, England, France, the United States may all have had small and limited government. But they also had genocidal wars, imperial conquest, environmental pillage, slavery, sweatshops, child labor, and rule by a gilded class (as we do today).

Those who contend that the abuses and misdirection of government can be corralled while leaving the topmost concentration of wealth and all the current privileges of property intact… have an incomplete agenda for change.

Those who contend that the abuses of government will be automatically contained once plutocracy is curtailed also have an incomplete agenda.

Stalinism with one-party totalitarian government, Fascism with a corporate-government alliance, the Aztec religion-government, or the privatized/gilded versions of limited government with the East India Tea Company, Pinkerton thugs, Blackwater XE, wage arbitrage, sweatshop outsourcing, BP-TEPCO-Halliburton-Goldman Sachs, and privatized prisons for profit.

Surely, we must do better.

diesheepledie's picture

Just divide the country into two and be done with it. Should of left well enough alone in 1861.

InconvenientCounterParty's picture

why stop at two pieces? ...or maybe you didn't think it through that far?

In case you haven't noticed, we have plenty of decimators in this world. Building is a valuable skill requiring higher intelligence. Destroying does not require higher intelligence.

get off your knees and question why it's a evil to eat the apple.

diesheepledie's picture

Let's go whole hog then ... One World Government!

Zero Govt's picture

Yes let's go the whole hog ...No World Govt ....anywhere

the biggest social and economic mistake in history is a monopoly (monopolists?) institution called Govt

installing this man-made fabricated monopoly into society is the mistake ...all other mistakes (growth of corporate monopolies, Military Indust' complex, judicial and police monopolies etc) lead (breed) from 'Mistake Central HQ' ...Government

the Western world has been destroyed by monopolists.. specifically politicians and big corporates/elite families... it is those unproductive people (parasites) who have robbed and abused the private sector (productive people) and strangled our free markets through Govt intervention in our free markets... it is the destruction of free markets (strangling and siphoning off productive output) by the unproductive parasites of our societies that leads to stagnant and declining economic growth, expanding unemployment cues and increasing poverty (see all countries declines in history, Zimbabwe to Argentina, Germany and Austria, Europe and US across to Japan)

the fight has always been throughout history about productive people and freedom versus the unproductive parasites and scheming meddlers ..nobody taught you that? ..who do you think controls your State education and the media

Govt is the Cancer we are (all) fighting against.. the biggest robber of our freedom and wealth in history


Zero Govt's picture

Bingo GW ..think you and some more are just beginning to 'get it'

..but will the left and right combine to go the whole 9 yards, not do half-a-job of thinking (dreaming) smaller Govt (Tea Party policy) is the 'solution' nor more well meaning tamperers in Govt (Occupy policy) ??

The enemy of peoples freedom is a monopoly institution of societies power in society (Govt). The enemy of free markets is a monopoly of power institution in the economy (Govt). How can people and enterprises have freedom (to decide for themselves) when a monopoly institution is set up to hoard power and dispense it???

Bingo! It really is that plain in-your-face bloody simple.

Government is the enemy of our freedom and free markets. No scumbags has ever intervened in both our freedoms and our markets or done so much damage as Govt. This bunch of lying rotters promise "law and order" but as with everything Govt promises it is a lie and in fact the exact opposite of what it delivers. Govt is not law and order, it is pure anarchy. Anarchy by an ingratiated pandering few over the many to run riot with unbridled power and taxpayer funding (see Washington, Brussels, Wall Street, the Military-Industrial Complex/Cretins).

Govt is the dumbest fuk idea in history and has been the biggest social and economic mistake (lie), vandal and destroyer of our freedoms and our productivity (private sector wealth creation). 

But God help us we must not allow our future be decided by majority vote. The majority of society are not smart cookies at picking winners. The herd is a follower once groups prove successful. The herd takes few risks, they prefer to follow once others take the risks and prove their idea works.

Society is led by cutting edge individuals (never to be found amoung the political under-class) who find a group of early adopters and then the message spreads until more and more of the herd follows. That's how we change. The cunts of society have always used this process using grinning snakeoil salesman (Tony Blair, BS O'Bumma etc) to hook people with sugary promises. They will do it again

So enough fringe people (enough of a smart clued-up minority of society to make an impact) must refuse to be governed by a new corrupt edifice making false promises and trying to con and hed-fuk the herd into believing they will take them to the Promised Land and "Change You Can Believe In". Many of our herd will be conned and led by these sugar coated turds (parasites) but we must stand firm against any new monopoly institution being established

We must block any and all attempts at a new institution (a monopoly however it's window dressed) to tax (rob) us or make laws (oppress us) or even herd us with fabrications such as nationality. The world should be borderless, the free (of State borders) global village for all of us to roam freely 

Social and Economic Freedom does not come with caveats. It does not come with exclusions, moderators, exceptions or a single rule or law. Freedom is free, no clauses, agreement, ifs/buts or Constitutions required. It does not come by majority vote either

Freedom is Free... nothing else is required

TheAkashicRecord's picture

Martin J. Gruenberg published the following article on October 9th, 2011 for Harvard Law School.

For the past year, this office has been developing its own resolution plans in order to be ready to resolve a failing systemic financial company. These internal FDIC resolution plans — developed pursuant to the Orderly Liquidation Authority, provided under Title II of Dodd-Frank — apply many of the same powers that the FDIC has long used to manage failed-bank receiverships to a failing systemically important financial institution. If the FDIC is appointed as receiver of such an institution, it will be required to carry out an orderly liquidation in a manner that maximizes the value of the company’s assets and ensures that creditors and shareholders appropriately bear any losses. The goal is to close the institution without putting the financial system at risk.

You don’t have to be a genius to figure out what Mr. Gruenberg is referring to when he writes “a failing systemic financial company.”  I’ll give you a clue.  It’s a bank and it’s in and of America.  Mr. Gruenberg has been the acting head of the FDIC and was nominated by the White House to replace Sheila Bair.  So, if it’s been bothering you that Bank of America has been allowed, (essentially by Mr. Gruenberg) to hoist, or would it be to foist, upon the taxpayers of the USA $53 trillion dollars in ticking derivatives by shifting them from BAC’s Merrill Lynch division to the FDIC insured Bank of America, relax… this will be orderly. 


bill40's picture

GW seems to have a very shakey grasp of what socialism and facism are. Socialism is corporations held hostage by over mighty government. That is not the case in the US or UK.

Facism is what we have, government in thrall of corporations. hence OWS is right and TPM wrong. Knobbling government further just plays into the corporate hands.

Lebensphilosoph's picture

No, that's not fascism, because the corporations of fascism are not what you call corporations. This is called 'equivocation'. It's a mere trick of words. Hitler and Mussolini were 'in thrall' of corporations? Really? Or can we stop calling Hitler a fascist and name him for the authoritarian socialist we was?

getplaning's picture

Hitler was an authoritarian socialist? What fucking absurdity is this? How do these people think Germany went from a war torn, destitute nation to the leading European military power in a matter of decades after WWI? By shunning foreign investment and capital flows? By negotiating with the trade unions? The first thing they did was ban the trade unions and imprison their leaders. The only overt socialists in Germany during the 1930s belonged to the communist parties of that time – you know, the parties that Hitler united the German people against in fear and then beat into dissolution once he gained power. This revisionism that Hitler, Musslolini, and Franco were somehow socialists or leftists is purely political propaganda put forth by today’s fascists. And before you launch into another blatt of revisionism culled from “Liberal Fascism”, don’t waste your time. I grew up in Spain during the Franco years and watched as the country emerged from that dark age. I know what fascism is, and who calls the shots under that repression. Believe me, it isn’t labor unions or university professors.

The Knights Who Say Ni's picture

Wow, this is some horseshit GW. Getting two sides to put aside their differences and concentrate on their similarities is a very European concept. And we all know how well that is working out.

I think part of the problem is that whoever becomes the 'leader' of any party/political group will have achieved their prominence by a comination of all sorts of methods/skills (political agility, force, ingenuity, oratory, bribery, lies...etc) and once they reach the pinnacle of leadership they will be loathe to relinquish it. Abandoning principles, and therefore sharing (or climbing down if you prefer) is not in the nature of this kind of person even when it is obvious to an outsider that a coalition makes sense. This is particularly true of the US where dogma prevails and any chance of collaborative politics was washed away years ago by the population's and politicians' relentless and selfish pursuit of money. Over the years, greed has replaced all ethics in US society and therefore there is less than zero chance of your plan working.

Please go back to the drawing board and come up with another idea. 

Ag Star's picture

This guys been smokin' some crack if thinks the tea-baggers (old tired republicans w. a mix of KKK and bible thumpers) would ever be merged with OWS.  Better chance of Betty White marrying Justin Beiber.

i-dog's picture

"Getting two sides to put aside their differences"

LOL ... the vitriol at the top of this thread between the supporters of the two sides kisses that idea goodbye! I couldn't continue reading without barfing. Pathetic.

Silver Dreamer's picture

Divide and conquer rarely fails.

Zero Govt's picture

D&C will fail if a large enough minority group puts enough spanners in the works to prevent a parasite led majority of the population to get their way

the best means of protest is simply to not fund this or any new monopoly institution. Namely not paying the parasites, sorry Govts, tax demands

...the battleground will be the small business community who unlike the big fat corporates (who have the biggest mouths) rarely get a word in edgeways... when small business, the largest taxpaying and employing group in the country, stop paying taxes any new monopoly is dead in the water

ignore the big suckers, it's the small fry who will decide this battle 

diesheepledie's picture

"Civil unrest is President Barack Obama's crutch, his comfort zone, and his trump card. That's why he has encouraged the "Occupy Wall Street" protest and its progeny across the country, despite significant political dangers to him for doing so. Closer looks at Obama's career roots and at the protesters' behaviors help explain both why the protests are worrisome developments and why the president actually likes them.

First, it helps to understand just how radical most of these protesters are -- and just how obscene. Clearly, they are mostly socialist or communist in orientation. And reports are rampant about the lewdness, vileness, and illegality that has marked the Wall Street "occupation" zone, including plenteous drugs, public nudity and sex, and defecation on police cars. A lot of this isn't free speech; it's open law-breaking.

So why does Obama applaud it, when he repeatedly castigated Tea Party demonstrators who lawfully secured permits, usually behaved with remarkable decorum, and cleaned up after themselves?

The answer is easy: This is Obama's milieu. This is how he was trained. As Ryan Lizza explained in a definitive piece in the New Republic -- a liberal magazine, not a right-wing/anti-Obama hit factory -- Obama's intellectual roots and career choices made him a student of, and later actually an instructor in, the particular mass-movement methods taught by the late, radical, Saul Alinsky. The sort of unrest seen in the anti-Wall Street movement comes directly out of Alinsky's secular bible called Rules for Radicals."


YHC-FTSE's picture

One quick glance at the threads will tell you that the premise of the article ain't going to work. It's like an American version of the KKE -v- PAME unions -v- students/anarchists -v- police around Syntagma Sq., with verbal diarrhea and misinformation, instead of firebombs and riot sticks.

hyperbole2000's picture

Right vs Left, OWS vs Tea Party, Catholic ve Protestant, Sunni vs Shite. Any one who picks up a weapon in this dispute is a f$%$ing idiot. In the past Governments colluded with their national religious institution to faciltate tyranny by declaring "If you are against the state then you are against God; therefore, you are a heretic and must be punished". Today the mega banks have colluded with the government government and facilitate tryanny by declaring if you are againat the banks you are against economic stability and a ????? traitor against the government. Replace ????? with communist or facsist depending on which goverment is in power.

Boba Fiat's picture

The problem is the Tea Party believes in limited government and OWS believes in unlimited, nanny-state government.  Most protesters are asking for others to pay their bills or else advocating for outright Marxist central planning.  OWS is a diversion--controlled opposition, paid for by Soros and the like.  Let's keep our eye on the ball: liberty via limited government.

Ponzi Unit's picture

Do I smell a divisive troll?

mjk0259's picture

Koch brothers alone gave at least $120 million over the past 10 years to conservatives including TP.

OWS had total of $140,000 last I read.

I gave them $100, so did my brother. Soros not required.


midtowng's picture

Partisan Republicans have a problem with perspective and math.

To them Koch's $120 million is less than Soros' $140,000.

FrankDrakman's picture

Fellows (and fellatrices):

You will not change one damn thing in your country until you do this: campaign finance reform.

Given your slavish attachment to your First Amendment, this will doubtless require a constitutional amendment, but so long as politicians are dependent on money from others, and there are no effective limits on what anyone can donate, the rich and powerful - corporations, unions, individuals - will continue to buy and sell politicians as needed.

Here in Canada, a former prime minister (more to screw his successor than anything else, but the road to heaven is occasionally paved with bad intentions) outlawed contributions from corporations and unions. He replaced it with an annual federal subsidy of approx. $1.25 per vote received in the prior general election for any party receiving more than 5% of the popular vote. A subsequent government limited the amount indiduals can donate to $1,100 per year, to either a party or a candidate or some combination of the two.

We don't have PACs, or Super PACS, or any of the other fund raising mechanisms lampooned by Stephen Colbert. We have limits on 3rd party advertising during election campaigns. The net result is our federal government no longer whores itself out to the highest bidder.

The proof is in a recent naval contract - at $35 billion, one of the largest contracts ever let by a Canadian government - where every single party in Parliament, from the right to the left, agrees that the process was open, fair, and transparent. (The froggies are upset they were shut out, but we wanted ships that float. Anyone who has driven on Quebec roads knows what I mean.)

More than anything else, campaign finance reform is one thing that the OWS and Tea Party can agree on. TPTB will fight it tooth and nail, cloaking themselves in the nobility of the First Amendment, while in reality wiping their asses with it. It won't be easy, and the fight will be long and hard, but there is no hope for the US of A until this issue is put to bed. Until then, you will continue to have the best government money can buy.

Ponzi Unit's picture

You are ROCKIN', Frank! On target.

hyperbole2000's picture

Modify the Constitution by adding " Separation of Bank and State" to "Separation of Church and State" and defining that "Money is not Free Speech" to enforce it.

midtowng's picture

And add one more line: Corporations are not people.

snowball777's picture

Add this one and all the above fall out "naturally".


Ponzi Unit's picture

Lemme see, there's a term for when big government and big business combine...

oh yeah, fascism.

AldousHuxley's picture

apparently it is all legal.



When looking at the venn diagram, it comes down to one issue:     FED


Without Fed, no more bailouts, no more corrupt wall st, no more Bernanke, etc.

JOYFUL's picture

we're ALL Americans and we're ALL fighting the merger of BIG government and BIG business


no George, some of you are 'dual citizens,' with as much allegiance to America as a parasite has to it's host. Stop trying to herd everyone into the same Big Tent where they can all drink the same KoolAid in the new Jonestown millenial revival the cabbalist puppetmasters have prescribed for the USA...

man, you starting to sound like Krusty the Klown......hheyhhey Kids! Tired schtick that! Yo...Krusty...you need a cred transplant!

dolly madison's picture

I think it's good news that we've got 48% in the tea party and OWS together.  I think that is a good sign that we will eventually win this thing.   I really am optimistic about it.  So many people don't pay attention to politics.  This means that 48% are paying much attention.  That is a lot of people paying attention.  We just have to keep plugging at it.  I tend to post ideas on yahoo news comments.  I've been doing it for probably 6 months now trying to get people to notice what's really wrong.  The difference in other people's comments from 6 months ago until now is immense.  The word just needs to keep trickling out to people, and then things will change.

AldousHuxley's picture

All you need is 1% of the population to do some real damage.

There are 300 million Americans. Even a million in DC marching is huge.


Imagine 3 million marchers with Tea Party provided assault rifles + OWS digital media coverage surrounding the Fed.


BTW folks, Fed is talking about that QE shit again buying crappy MBS with tax payer dollars...

Federal Reserve officials are starting to build a case for a new program of buying mortgage-backed securities to boost the ailing economy - WSJ




kicking you out of your home wasn't enough, banksters needed to force your children's future tax dollars into buying over-inflated MBS, so that they can continue to make bonuses.

minus dog's picture

GW, if you really think these two groups can get along, then you're beyond help.

I know these people.  Both groups.  Too many of the OWS types are too invested in using the power of the state to tell other people what to do - this is in fact where a lot of the corporation hatred comes from; THEY want to be the ones telling the government how to run people's lives.  

They're every bit as nutty as the religious fundamentalists who insist on making others obey the proclamations of this or that imaginary friend in the sky.   You can't make peace with these people.

I have to listen to their bullshit every day, I know what I'm talking about.

Jedi Longsabre's picture

Hey minus dog, care to give one example of a religious group "who insist on making others obey the proclamations of this or that imaginary friend in the sky" I'm talking about some religious group with real power that isn't totally voluntary.

cranky-old-geezer's picture



Give it up GW you ignorant delusional twit. No way are big government and big banking going to release their grip on America, no fucking way.

And while you're cluttering up ZeroHedge with your stupid mindless delusional bullshit, let's consider something more relevant from Yahoo:

"Dragged from hiding in a drainage pipe, a wounded Moammar Gadhafi raised his hands and begged revolutionary fighters: "Don't kill me, my sons." Within an hour, he was dead, but not before jubilant Libyans had vented decades of hatred by pulling the eccentric dictator's hair and parading his bloodied body on the hood of a truck."

This might well be the beginning of the end for American bullyism in the ME, who know well how Gadhafi benefitted Libya and raised their standard of living immensely, far different from the Yahoo and MSM story paraded here in America. This is Iraq II now, and might be the final straw pushing the entire Arab world into outright intifada with America. Not saying it will, but it's very possible.

And junk away you stupid mindless delusional GW supporters, you should all be rounded up and shot in my opinion.

falak pema's picture

when I look at your avatar i get a feeling your favorite pastime is to use your pea shooter to aim at the virtual (deliciously false?) flag your avatar flaunts below her round mounds and between her thighs.

So give GW a break. You are better at pea shooting. And I'll applaud that!

More to the point I want to ask GW about drinking habits as per the theme of his article...

GW : Do tea and coffee (the 'you fukkoffee' variety) mix well?

dolly madison's picture

On the calling GW delusional I gave you a down arrow. 

On the knowlege of Libya and what is really going on there, I agree.  I am sad today.  I know that Gaddafi did make things better for his people and was smart about fighting our elite to keep them from oppressing the libyans, too smart for his own good, and now our elite won.  They squished the gold currency of Libya that Gaddafi was trying to spread the use of across Africa.  They immediately got rid of the participatory democracy that Libya used.  They immediately started a new central bank.  They bombed the infrastructure and will loan Libya money to fix it.  They have conquered Libya.

That is all the more why we need to join together to win.  Winning will not only make things better here.  It will make things better all over the world.

The Navigator's picture

Our problem is the "enemy" has far more resources than we do - our only alternative at this time is to join forces - thus, I agree with GW, the Tea Party has to join with OWS, ALL Americans have to join to bring down the corrupt system of big banks/Fed = Govt.

Winning CAN bring a new meaning to Liberty, as long as this movement isn't 'scooped'/swindled by the Communists as Russia was in the October Revolution in 1917.

bjennings's picture

Never in a million years would I join with the Tea Party.  I agree we need to join forces but Tea Party represents the 1% we are fighting against.  And I don't agree that OWS is wanting to give gov't the power to tell people what to do.  I buy into the chore theme of OWS -- end the corruption.

bjennings's picture

Never in a million years would I join with the Tea Party.  I agree we need to join forces but Tea Party represents the 1% we are fighting against.  And I don't agree that OWS is wanting to give gov't the power to tell people what to do.  I buy into the chore theme of OWS -- end the corruption.

The Navigator's picture

Brother, the TP is NOT the 1%, they truly are the 99% - I wish you could have been there in 09 during our marches, you would have seen the people that are the working core of America, not 1 of them were the 1% from Wall Street that stole bonuses paid out of TARP & CRAP.

Don't buy into the Left v Right (Lib V Cons) arguement - these are just scenes the TPTB want you to see and believe in - we have all been fucked over by their bullshit.

I don't agree with a lot of what the OWS kids are saying - but I'll forego that and join forces to become the largest force ever seen to end this most corrupt form of governement for the future of this country.

snowball777's picture

No, the TeaParty is not the 1%, though 1%ers like the Koch Bros etc have certainly tried (as 1%ers on the left will attempt to steer too).

They started out anti-corporate and anti-bailout. There's plenty of alignment if you can put aside differences and push on things like campaign finance reform, justice for the GFC felons, and ending bailouts (through derivative stealth or otherwise) of financial companies here and abroad.

If that could be accomplished then 3rd party candidates of several flavors can work out other esoterica like bringing the troops home. cutting the MIC, closing tax loopholes, etc ad nauseam

JPR's picture

As a former finance profession­al, I tell you YES, the system is predatory, rigged against the middle and working classes, and the time is now to collapse it.

Wide-scale DEBTORS’ REVOLT — DEFAULT-EN­-MASSE is the answer, or at least part of it.

The fact remains that the black hole of debt will destroy the working and middle classes. These “contracts­” are not inviolable things; they were made during a *different era*, a *different economy*, and the ability to pay them back has evaporated­. Therefore, cancel student and other types of predatory debt, or the revolt en-masse will occur, and soon.

The momentum grows. Join us. Walk away from your debt instruments and help speed up the desirable collapse of the predatory banking system. Rebuild from there, under fair rules – responsible capitalism that recognizes the need for a economically strong workforce and middle class.

DEBTORS’ REVOLT – DEFAULT EN MASSE. The critical mass is closer than you think.


...And to the folks who will immediatel­y answer with "pay what you owe. end of story!", let me just preempt by answering that the analysis is more structural and macro in scope than that. It's not just a matter of whose "fault" it is - regardless of that, it's become a macroscale systemic distortion that, if allowed to continue, will prevent any sort of mobility in the long term. We, as a nation, need to simply suck it up, recognize that these contracts were made in what is essentiall­y a different economic era, and recognize that they are incompatib­le with the new situation. It has to simply be zeroed. 

And yes, it will cause widespread systemic collapse, but this will be temporary, we will adjust and rebuild, and will have cleansed out the massive DISTORTIONS that currently plague the system.


DEBTORS' REVOLT -- DEFAULT EN MASSE. The momentum grows. Spread it.




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Uh, the Fed just lent out $16 trillion. The Smart Money says borrow now to buy assets (preferably at 0.5% interest), then later either 1) default, or 2) pay it back when a loaf of bread is $100,000 and they own the wheat-producing farm.

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Many may not have a choice but to default. It's been 3 years since the crash of 2008 and many small businesses are now at the end of their ropes. If the next 6 months continue at this low level of market/economic activity, DEFAULTS(s) (EN MASSE) may be the only choice.

For many, it's tomorrow, not 6 months from now - stay tuned.

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As long as Big Labor has a hand in Occupy Wall Street, it is good for nothing.  As long as Trumka, Stern & Co. have a seat at the table, the legitimacy of anything at THAT table is crap.  Especially OSW.