Top Democratic Political Strategist: Obama Will Lose Unless He Prosecutes Wall Street Fraud and Fires His Crony Ca

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The Economy Will Not Recover Until Fraud Is Prosecuted

Top economists and financial experts agree that our economy will never recover unless Wall Street fraud is prosecuted. See this and this.

But the government has more or less made it official policy not to prosecute fraud, and instead to do everything necessary to cover up for Wall Street.

Leading Democratic Strategist: Obama Will Lose Unless He Prosecutes Fraud and Fires His Horrible Advisers

Tuesday, leading Democratic strategist James Carville – who served as Bill Clinton’s lead strategistsaid that Obama will lose the election unless he fires his horrible and cabinet members and prosecutes fraud:

Carville’s advice: “Fire. Indict. Fight.”


Obama must fire someone – “No – fire a lot of people” — because the current team is just not working, Carville wrote.


“This may be news to you but this is not going well,” he wrote. “For precedent, see Russian Army 64th division at Stalingrad. There were enough deaths at Stalingrad to make the entire tea party collectively orgasm.”


Following the precedent of Bill Clinton, who fired many people in 1994, Ronald Reagan, who fired most of his campaign staff in 1980, and George W. Bush, who showed Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld the door, would give Americans a sense that Obama is actually trying to do something to fix the economy, Carville added.


“It’s not going to work with the same team, the same strategy, and the same excuses,” he wrote.


His next piece of advice is to indict people and hold them responsible for the country’s current economic state. If Attorney General Eric Holder can’t offer good explanations as to the state of these investigations, “fire him too.”


“Demand answers to why no one has been indicted,” he wrote. “Mr. President, people are livid. Tell people that you, too, are angry and sickened by the irresponsible actions on Wall Street that caused so much suffering. Do not accept excuses. Demand action now.”

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SqueekyFromm's picture

This was something that came out about a year ago at Naked Capitalism in a Internet Article by J K Galbraith. Carville has a point, but it is probably too late for Obama.

Squeeky Fromm, Girl reporter

ping's picture

Obama has only one chance, and Carville didn't spot it.

Next presidential address to the nation, he has to calmly stand up in front of the camera, unzip his pants, and start banging 9 inch nails into his bell-end. 'Hope!' he'll yell, as a rusty one goes through the foreskin. 'Making - Michell - GAH! - Proud - of -Americaaaa - again! Nyaaargh!' (That one went right through the glans.) Just before he passes out, he hammers home one last nail, scraping metallically against the other 29 in his newly-magnetic prepuce: 'Pass this bu-NNGHHH!'.

It almost makes up for his total douchbaggery. But it if doesn't revive his poll numbers all the way, he has to come back next week and have Michelle sandpaper his balls as well. With a broken f**king solar panel. (It'll be awesome, because we won't be able to tell if Michelle Obama is disgusted and grimacing, or just putting on her regular expression.)


OutLookingIn's picture

Tooo little. Way tooo late. Hope is gone. Change now is window dressing. What an ultimate disapointment.

Dingleberry's picture

It's not like the hairy-scrotum-swallowing, Glen Rice-banging Repubs will go after Wall Street if they were in the Caucasian House. That's why Obama won. The blacks, hispanics, and other "disenfranchised" will support him NO MATTER WHAT. How's that for some deep fucking political discourse???? Sleep tight Jamie, Lloyd, et al.  No need to worry. And please, keep doing God's work.

gmj's picture

If Obama made a speech and spilled the beans on Wall Street criminality, would any of the MSM outlets carry it?

Not that I think he would ever do it.  He has surrounded himself with Wall Street insiders.  He relies on Wall Street to flesh out his campaign war chest. 

It needs to be asked how much Wall Street behavior was actually legal, even though it was ruinous.  Remember, bank regulations were pretty much disemboweled by 2007.  Maybe the real thrust should be to get bank regulations back on the books.  Hopefully written by someone more trustworthy than Frank and Dodd.

Prisoners_dilemna's picture

"If Obama made a speech and spilled the beans on Wall Street criminality, would any of the MSM outlets carry it?"

Talk about cognitive dissonance. I think my heads going to explode pondering that question.

Absalon's picture

gmj - A lot of the truly stupid things Wall Street did were probably legal - although I think it should be a crime to falsely claim to be competent when you are not.  However, there were some things that pretty clearly were not legal and Obama only needs to send a few dozen of the bastards to jail (and I mean a real jail like the ones poor people get sent to for robbing convenience stores) to make most of the country cheer.

Whalley World's picture

Perhaps William K. Black should answer that question for you.

rocker's picture

Personaly, I think they surrounded him. This is what wall street does. They own all presidents. And I mean OWN.

rocker's picture

If Bambi just puts two of them in Jail he gets my vote. I say two because it has to be from two different firms.

Like GS, JPM, WFC, BAC, LEH, Bear Steans, and my two favorites AIG and Shitty Bank, (C).

I can not understand why nobody has gone to Jail yet. This is the largest financial mess ever and they are all walking.


Miles Kendig's picture

George, what James Carville needs to do is talk to Mary about all this.  She would tell him that the Obama administration was designed to be one term with seconds being an added bonus.  Obama will NEVER do anything more than the minimum window dressing necessary to maintain some semblance of narrative.  When all that's left is supporting the big lie with the highest quality dissimulation that can be garnered the last thing anyone should expect is abandonment of the lie with a return to strengthening the institutions of civil society. That's the LAST THING those that underpin the Obama administration will allow.

James should know all this.  After all, he worked for the last great dissimulator.  Bush 43 couldn't bull shit worth a shit.  That's why he had arguably the best pure political operator of our nations history in the person of Dick Cheney and his collection of top notch staff [Mary among them] to make sure that administration worked like it was supposed to [like 'em or hate 'em they are the standard everyone else aspires to].  My advice to James holds, talk to Mary mf'er and stop pretending.

Rick64's picture

Exactly. Just look at the people in his cabinet and you know he is full of shit. Look at what they do not what they say.

topcallingtroll's picture

Obama is a nice guy but business hating micromanaging over regulating socialist types are not what we need.

Obama has tried to help mend racial bridges, however racial tension and animosity worsening will be his legacy. Look at all the racial division on daily kos of all places.

Whalley World's picture

How can you possibly state that O is a good guy?   What provides you with the insight into his true charactor?

Everybodys All American's picture

It's good advice but it is also way too late to make a difference. Done, fini, ova.

FortyTwoIsTheAnswer's picture

If Obama were to follow Carville's advice, how long do you think it would take before Obama had has "JFK moment"?

Savyindallas's picture

Wouldn't take long. Once you're in the Family, you're in for life. Obama will not turn on his masters. Never. Why should he  -most of the American people are sheeple -complete idiots. We're worse than sheep. At least sheep have the sense to know when there are wolves roaming among the flock. We don't. Too many American sheeple will be devoured by the wolves we figure out what is going on. Then it may be too late.  I feel total disgust and revulsion  for my fellow Americans. I would like to rise up and slay the wolves, but too many Americans are steeped in total ignorance. We will pay the price.  

NotApplicable's picture

You'll notice he said indict, not convict. All Carville is saying is that without some good show trials, the Obummer show won't go on. (in other words, it's time once again to "look for some ass to kick" while not actually kicking it)

Meanwhile, I bet Carville's hitching his horse back on the Hillary wagon.

williambanzai7's picture

He needs to fire himself.

falak pema's picture

He could do a LBJ on the eve of his second election mandate...after all,  his non performance over the financial crisis is as nationally disastrous as LBJ's handling and escalation of Vietnam. In fact much more so...

George Washington's picture

The Donald should do it on national tv ...

anynonmous's picture

So O gets fired and replaced by O2

Carville is right, he understands that American's believe in redemption

proof  Dog killer Michael Vick and the cheering hoards of NFL neanderthals  wearing their Vick sponsored Nikes.  Think of Marv Albert from top sports announcer in America to his panty wearing sodomy trial only to make a come back and even interview President Obama.

Will O follow Carville's advice, no because he doesn't have the cajones - so a year from now we wake up with Perry or Mitt.

aka_ces's picture

now didn't Carville work for the Pres. who signed away Glass-Steagall ?

NotApplicable's picture

Every time I hear Marv's trademark "Yes!" I get a queasy feeling in my stomach.

And these Vick Nike's I'm wearing right now... well they squeak when I walk (they were given to me).

anynonmous's picture

He was with NIKE and they canned him when the serial fido killing thing happened.  But NIKE as most know is a good corporate citizen, slave factories notwithstanding and they determined that Vick would enhance their image and so re-signed him  a few months ago, which  makes sense given their consumer base.

JB's picture

1) "hordes"
2) Reebok has the NFL contract, not Nike.
Just sayin'...

anynonmous's picture

NIKE signed Vick

NIKE gets NFL in 2012




(thanks for the word usage check, I stand corrected --- you should try and get a life)

Clorox Cowboy's picture

Even the President can't fire his own boss (Wall St).

Savyindallas's picture

True  -he may get some patsies - ala martha Stewart. Roger Clemons, Ken Lay -but he won't get the real culprits. They own him.  I admire Carville for a lot of things, but if he does ot know this, he's not near as smart as I thought he was.

falak pema's picture

But he can help him implode post haste! Like Gorby did with Sov Union.

i-dog's picture

Gobachev was appointed specifically to dismantle the Soviet Union and make the "face of communism" more acceptable to the West. Wake up!