2012 - Things that will happen

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Bruce you should run  the article from last year together with this post, you got it 90% right on which is excellent! http://www.zerohedge.com/article/2011-whats-coming

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Bruce, you should run the one from last year together with this post. You got it 90% right which is excellent: http://www.zerohedge.com/article/2011-whats-coming  



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If the world don't end in 2012, we're still in big trouble.

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I took some heat with all my far out predictions. We shall see. Two days after posting this two things have already happened that are on my list.

Iran is making a mess of the Straights of Hormuz and this from Robert Reich this morning re Hillary Clinton and Obama:


Trust me, I really, really can see into the future.....



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another article where some guy says stuff

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i suspect that they will try to kick the can down the road further and cause the biggest economic crisis in history.




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SILVER to $55. OIL to $145.



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Iowa GOP Moving Vote-Count to Secret Location


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"China GDP @ 4%" would mean a global "D".  May be Why Jim R is looking a little worn.  The great china growth story he talks about comes to an end.  Mandarin lessons a waste.


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-The San Francisco Giants will win the World Series. The Yanks will be the loser.


far out... if the world's gonna end that's a good way for it to go out  :)

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The scientists at CERN will confirm the observation  of particles exceeding the speed of light. 

No way. This FTL neutino bullshit will get corrected in 2012. If neutrinos really travelled faster than light, then we would be able to detect the neutrinos emitted from supernovas before the light got here. That doesn't happen, so we know there must be a mistake in the CERN measurement.

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Good call but how exactly do you identify the source of the neutrinos in the first place?

Aren't neutrino's basically everywhere and travelling in all directions?

I know with light it has a frequency and using that we can easily observe where it came from, but a neutrino is a neutrino.

I do 100% agree with you, faster than light isn't possible. If it was we would have been wiped out by Aliens 1000's of years ago.

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bruce 3 you got wrong for sure: 1. giants will have worst hitting outfield in mlb and never make the ws 2.ron likes being congressman & won't give it up for a 3rd party run 3. ben qe's before the election to keep from having go back to jersey 1 sure right no one convicted for mf global  

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I'll bet you $10,000 that Ron Paul beats out Mitt Romney for the GOP nomination. 

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Can I handle all the bets? Paul will be third party spoiler running with the teabaggers, the wing nut militias and the palinista crowd. August will see lots of armed threats, sabar rattling and general right wing beligerence, as they realize that they are looking foolish and losing.The average American doesn't give a shit anymore, he wants his "home from college since 2010" kids out of the house and finally working and he wants a new job as well,screw taxes and debt.

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$10,000 isn't enough. I want a 3x ETF that says you are wrong. Election will be Obama vs. Romney. But there is no way in hell Ron Paul will run as a Green. If Ron Paul followers are good at one thing, it's wishful thinking.

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I was ridiculing billionaire Mitt Romney's debate performance. It wasn't a serious bet...But Ron Paul will will the GOP nomination. No one is going to be inspired to go to the polls for Mitt or Newt.

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stop it...this line of thinking will give you insomnia....

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P.S. Obama will "win." If they open that NADEX exchange next year, go long on Obama. It's the only sure thing in the past 100 years. Bank money and electoral votes are the only things that matter. Not regular voters.

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I think that Ron Paul will start to shine and then Trump will come in to give the win back to Obama by splitting the vote when he runs third party.  Can't fight the Bildeberg! or the Bernank!

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How the Iowa GOP Plans a Rigged Election - Watch the Vote 2012 !!

This is big time criminal fraud my friends, and your responsible action now in these primary states could save the American democratic system.

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Super Bowl 9ers over Pats by 2.

Bruce: Vegas welcomes every penny you can scrounge to bet Denver makes the SB.  Do not, I repeat, do not hold your breath!    

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"Keynesian economic thinking will be further discredited in 2012. "

AGUY believes just the opposite. A European bank run will force the ECB to take action and print in the Trillions to stablize the economy. The US will do at least one new QE program in 2012. US needs a another QE just for the expected $1.2 Trillion Budget Deficit. European Bank Run/Panic and a slow down in the Asia/Pacific region. Gold will rise back up to at least $1900 USD. The Euro will take a tumble, perhaps back to Parity with the Dollar, EU economic issues take a turn for the worse.

RP will not make a Third Party Run. RP will will get the majority of the Popular votes, but at the Republican National Conference, he will not be nominated. Romney or Newt gets Nominated instead. Because of the weak Republican candidate, Obama will win by a close election, which recounts in several states. Hillary will NOT be Obama's VP.

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Yeah, Bummer wouldn't pick Hilary to be Veep unless he planned to step down, or unless he's so coked up that he thinks he's bulletproof (literally). His chances of finishing out that term will go to zero either way.

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BK must be having a good laugh. He is looking into the crystal ball and playing with us all. 

Good try anyways. It'll piss off all those who don't like his sports picks. Its always on the unessential that passions are strongest. I've often remarked when lightning strikes a house the greatest conversation piece amongst the neighbours is what happened to the doghouse on the lawn. Not to the house.

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ahh activate the GMTFOOH drive

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Nailed-on gaurantee for 2012 (and 20-whatevers for decades to come): folks'll fuck around as much as they fuck up, but will not be doing near as much actual fucking as they claim.

In other words, go long porn and short common sense. Same as it ever was.


Predicting the Oscars? Really Bruce?

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who the fuck is this faggot for predicting 2012 the aliens will strike on jan1 for all we know

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Thanks for all your posts this year Bruce - they're always worth reading



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Another big flu scare will cause the majority of the worlds population to get 'immunized' and be loaded up with various nanobots to help move along the planned complete dumbing down and 'sheepalization' of the masses. These bots will have capabilities (among others) to act on various centers of the brain to stimulate seratonin releases on cues sent over the various media and also to stimulate centers that cause fear and panic. They will also have the capability to track various activities of the subjects to allow the 'handlers' to trigger the different centers of the brain that cause the subjects to selfdestruct through various mechanisms like 'accidents. The scare will be so compelling that in some nations the immunisation will be mandatory for national security reasons. 

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I put up my predictions yesterday, and a lot of the same as Bruces, but I think Romney will win and I think an attack on Iran is likely:


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2012 will witness the death of defense in the NFL.

Green Bay & Patriots Superbowl

61-56 Final

Pats will win on a BS penalty against Charles Woodson for hitting a (allegedly) defense receiver on the last play.

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Defense has been dead in the NFL for years,which is why you see quarterbacks like Drew Brees throwing for 5,000 yards and competing 70 percent of his passes.

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NFL is solely an entertainment industry masquerading as a sport.  Toward satisfying the plebe's insatiable apetite for TD's, and to increase safety, the NFL continually change the rules to weaken the defense's ability to do its job,

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I think Nader has an idea to nationalize the NFL, which might be a good idea

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All professional sports are nothing but the 21st century "opiate of the masses" --- fuck religion, that is SO 19th century! (Except in the troglodytic bible belt.)

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Hey Bruce!  I enjoy your posts.  I found your 2012 predictions to be a little... timid but I guess the status quo has shown it still has tricks and can pull it off another year.

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The OP does not understand oil and thus can safely be ignored.

With $155 Brent for any significant period of time, there will be no civilization and thus no predictions can mean anything.

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Interesting predictions. You'll score about 50-50, I guess.

My biggest argument with you is about Japan. There are lots of reasonsfor the yen to trend stronger, and none of them have to do with foreigners parking money in Yen bonds (~5% of JGBs are foreign-owned and even that low number is falling). The Japanese government needs to fund its ever-growing deficit and with savings rates declining the only way it can do that is to pressure various Japanese institutions that have been investing in carry trades (fund in Japan, invest abroad) to bring that money home. This is a huge factor putting upward pressure on the Yen and will only get stronger before it finally, and probably rather suddenly, breaks. Another factor is that Japan is likely to face a growing current account deficit in 2012, forcing it to sell FX reserves, which drives up the Yen.

And I see Gingrich beating Romney and Obama. Loathsome character but a skilled campaigner with two lightweight targets.



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Hey Bruce,

Aren't you going to repeat your 2011 prediction that Boeing will fail to deliver a single 787 Dreamliner in 2012?

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"The summer of 2012 will bring the largest polar ice melt in history."

Except in the south. 

(You'll be able to bet on this on Intrade.)

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When the North Pole ice cap melts the imbalance with the South Pole will cause the earth to flip over in its orbit, thereby rendering most of these predictions obsolete.

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No mention of EMP, solar flares or revolution.  You're more optimistic than myself.

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great job putting together the list...but some of the stuff just does not make any sense..like french yields at 7% but italian yields at 5-8% while spanish yields spike to 10%...what??I guess you were being sarcastic..and euro only down to 1.15 and that is the end of the year while french yields are at a whopping %7??haha..and sports or politics predictions dont come close either..

by the way Bruce, sorry but do you have a problem with math??for drahmas; 800 to the euro, I guess you are being sarcastic again!!maybe after years of high inflation bud..

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Lloyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon will swallow buckets of oxytocin and then mend their ways. They will go to GA meetings and make full confessions on Fox News. They will bestow their considerable fortunes on projects for the betterment of the human species.

They will become Buddhists and wander the streets in robes with begging bowls and William Banzai 7 will be speechless for the first time in his life.