After Warning Of Italy Woes Nearly Two Years Ago, No One Should Be Surprised As It Implodes Bringing The EU With It

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You the man REggie!!!

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G-Damn Reggie, how the hell are we supposed to feel good when you keep bringing this reality shit up?


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Brillo Reggio  ;)

I was reading Martin Armstrong last night and he was going through all the worlds previous, historical, banking failures. 

One point he made very strongly was banking collapses are almost never national events but international (even going back 2 Centuries). One nations banks fail and it usually leads to another countries banks taking it right between the legs

His other point is nobody (politicians, economists, other gob-shites) understands capital flows internationally. They judge policies and actions by local events without understanding Banking and stock market collapses usually are a result of international capital taking flight for the safety exits other countries (as Switzerland has found out to its huge cost being crammed with foreign capital parked for safety)

PS. where precisely is your puts/calls advise? Any chance you could email your retail and Pro customers because i've no idea where to find it! 

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Is this why the Eye Talians are driving up to Switzerland and buying bars of Gold?

Don't the Roamns know, "You can't eat gold."

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Incredibly cogent argumentation as always but I would be grateful if you would summarize the investment implications of all this for mere mortals like me in 2 sentences.

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You have this site confused with CNBC.

Nobody can perfectly predict what will happen when this shitstorm finally solidifies, especially since politicians today are such lunatics that it's impossible to predict what stunt they'll pull next.  The best you can do is stick with time-tested strategies in that tangible stuff holds value, and pieces of paper don't.

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Be afraid.  Be very afraid.

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How about, short banks and CRE for starters?