America’s Future: Russia and China Use Copyright Laws to Crush Government Criticism

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Leading American Internet businessmen warn that the draconian anti-piracy bill copyright on the verge of being passed by Congress would let the US government use censorship techniques "similar to those used by China, Malaysia and Iran."

If you want to know what the United States would look like after these bills are passed, just look at what's been happening in Russia.  The Russian government has been crushing dissent under the pretext of enforcing copyright law.

As the New York Times noted last year:

Across Russia, the security services have carried out dozens of similar raids against outspoken advocacy groups or opposition newspapers in recent years. Security officials say the inquiries reflect their concern about software piracy, which is rampant in Russia. Yet they rarely if ever carry out raids against advocacy groups or news organizations that back the government.




[A] review of these cases indicates that the security services often seize computers whether or not they contain illegal software. The police immediately filed reports saying they had discovered such programs, before even examining the computers in detail. The police claims have in numerous instances been successfully discredited by defendants when the cases go before judges.




The plainclothes officers who descended upon the Baikal Wave headquarters said they were from the division that investigated commercial crime. But the environmentalists said they noticed at least one officer from the antiextremism department, which tracks opposition activists and had often conducted surveillance on the group.




Baikal Wave’s leaders said they had known that the authorities used such raids to pressure advocacy groups, so they had made certain that all their software was legal.


But they quickly realized how difficult it would be to defend themselves.


They said they told the officers that they were mistaken, pulling out receipts and original Microsoft packaging to prove that the software was not pirated. The police did not appear to take that into consideration. A supervising officer issued a report on the spot saying that illegal software had been uncovered.


Before the raid, the environmentalists said their computers were affixed with Microsoft’s “Certificate of Authenticity” stickers that attested to the software’s legality. But as the computers were being hauled away, they noticed something odd: the stickers were gone.


In all, 12 computers were confiscated. The group’s Web site was disabled, its finances left in disarray, its plans disclosed to the authorities.


The police also obtained personnel information from the computers. In the following weeks, officers tracked down some of the group’s supporters and interrogated them.


“The police had one goal, which was to prevent us from working,” said Galina Kulebyakina, a co-chairwoman of Baikal Wave. “They removed our computers because we actively took a position against the paper factory and forcefully voiced it.”


“They can do pretty much what they want, with impunity,” she said.




Mr. Kurt-Adzhiyev said he now realized that the authorities were not so much interested in convictions as in harassing opponents. Even if the inquiries are abandoned, they are debilitating when they require months to defend.

Since the American copyright bills (SOPA and PIPA) target online activities, the same thing happening to Russian critics' computers could happen to the websites of any Americans who criticize the government, the too big to fail banks, or any of the other powers-that-be.

Indeed, the American copyright bill is modeled after the Chinese system.  As I noted Monday:

Given that Joe Lieberman said that America needs an internet kill switch like China, that the U.S. economy has turned socialist (at least for friends of those with control of the money spigot), and that the U.S. government used communist Chinese torture techniques specifically designed to produce false confessions in order to sell the Iraq war, I guess that the bill’s Chinese-style censorship is not entirely surprising.

Of course, it might seem over-the-top to worry about copyright laws being used to stifle government criticism in America ... if it weren't for the fact that:

  • Some folks have alleged that copyright infringers are terrorists. See this, this, this and this
  • In modern America, questioning war, protesting anything, asking questions about pollution or about Wall Street shenanigans, supporting Ron Paul, being a libertarian, holding gold, stocking up on more than 7 days of food, or liking the Founding Fathers may get you labeled as a suspected terrorist

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I got the Bull by The Horns - HELP's picture

The problem is we all whine from our computer desks, grow fat, drink coffee, scotch etc, eat snacks. Sure we lost money and arte livid, so rant and rave, maybe write to our politicians, even vote, but it is futile.

We need to be meeting in Halls, like they did in the 30's, real networking, international conferences.


If they pull the net, where to then. All our intellectual connections lost forever.

I propose a yearly rotating international assembly where sub groups discuss, and a final meeting to summarise to the group. e.g. New York. Rome, Paris, London, Tokyo, Beijing etc.


Zero Hedge needs to organise this before it is too late.

WileyCayote's picture

stuff like this is happening all over the world in every banana republic though...all the sheeple like lambs to the slaughterhouse:

Wakanda's picture

It may sound stupid to most here on ZH, but I have chosen to speak my mind and not give a shit if I upset TPTB.  That's living in freedom, demonstrating what type of world I want and the type of people I want to hang with.  If this inspires anyone to stand in their power, good for them and good for me.

I refuse to cower in fear and live in regret of not speaking out against tyranny.

KickIce's picture

We're most certainly in a large pile of doo doo.  As a nation we need to reaquant ourselves with the ten commandments, the two great commandments and trust in God to guide us through this mess.

Wakanda's picture

Suggestion:  Don't give up your inner wisdom to be guided by an external "God".

KickIce's picture

Thanks but I'm very comfortable in my beliefs and what it will take to withstand the coming storm.

Money 4 Nothing's picture

Frontal attack on 1A IMHO. The day you stop talking is the day they win.

Bringin It's picture

I agree about the need to continue to speak out, but the 1st threat from the pigmen is to your assets, life time of hard work and all that.  But yeah, if you don't have anything to lose, fire away.

SmittyinLA's picture

The state already uses media cartels (fill in the entity) and copyright law to control and mold the media.

Many "news" articles from many news organizations come with a caveat that if you run the article you can't allow public commentary, in effect delivering pure propaganda with criticism contracturally prohibited.

This is a big problem when half of your news comes from sources that don't allow dissent.

Bringin It's picture

It's worse than you imply.  The MSM is captured.  It does not operate in your interest.  It operates to enslave your mind.  Google Tavistock Institute, located in of all places ... The City of London.  When you don't know you're being conned, you are the unarmed opponent in a battle of wits.

youLilQuantFuker's picture

George, let's play spot the FED douche someday soon ok? It'll be fun for everyone.

stant's picture

change we can believe in a banna republic to fachist

buyingsterling's picture

I urge you to read the post avove this one by  MarketWatchTerrorist. If you don't want to mess with the tech part, read the 1st 1/4 and the last 1/4 of it.

If you have read the post and it didn't chill you to the bone, you're asleep. Clearly this fellow knows something about the reach of the state. Combine that knowledge with the new laws, and caution seems prudent. I expect to see either a marked reduction or a massive increase in the number of people calling for armed revolt on forums of all kinds (an increase not wholly in earnest, necessarily, but as a form of widespread civil disobedience - it's already illegal). You can get the important part (and also better capture reality) by saying this: If order breaks down and the government tries to disarm law-abiding citizens, rendering them defenseless, the government will have declared war upon the people.

MarketWatchTerrorist's picture

My name is _______ ______, and if you're reading this, you ARE the resistance.


Skip to the bottom if you don't want to read ALL THIS SHIT.


This impromptu post is intended to describe the problem we face in the American police state along with a crash course in anonymization techniques and their effectiveness at evading the police state on the internet.  What you should understand is that after 9/11, the government began surveilling the entire internet and building profiles on ALL internet users.  You cannot "fly beneath the radar", you have a profile and your data is in a database.  The FBI has admitted this much publically.




What is clear is that the U.S. is now a full blown police state in which citizens can be "disappeared" at will by the government without any discernible cause and without legal recourse to either the victim or their family.  In such a state to speak out against the state is akin to suicidal ignorance at worst, and "revolutionary" at best.  Either way, you are a terrorist for speaking out against the state and the state will use its overwhelming martial superiority to destroy you if it chooses.  Anyone freely exercising their supposed "rights" in this nation is asking for extermination by the American police state.  You must understand that you have no rights in this nation any longer.  The bill of rights is a thing of the past.  The paper may exist, the law may technically still be on the books, but in a nation that can "disappear" anyone at any time it is clear that such notions as "rights" are absurd.


Technical Stuff:


The "internet", as you probably understand it, consists of websites reached over TCP connections using DNS queries to find the IP addresses of domains (i.e. a DNS query turns into ""  The TCP protocol relies on estabslished sessions to transfer data.  The sessions occur over what can be described as "sockets" (source IP, destination IP, source Port, destination Port).  Generally, your IP address is uniquely assigned to you.  Blocks of IP address space are leased to various organizations to prevent them from overlapping which would obviously create a situation where specific IP addresses were in use by more than one system on the "internet" at one time.  Therefore, the IP address you are assigned right now is unique to you (probably your home router/modem).


As everyone knows by now, the IPv4 address space ran out not long ago.  The 32 bit address space was exhausted by the exponential growth of the internet and the various devices connected to it.  With that in mind, the notion of network address translation was created long before the IPv4 space ran out in order to allow multiple users/nodes behind a NAT aware device to use the same IP address.  What this means is that identifying the specific user behind a NAT IP can sometimes be difficult (but certainly not impossible).  I.E. traffic of interest may be from your system or someone else in your household, but it won't matter when the SWAT team kicks down your door, will it?  IPv6 has a 128 bit address space to solve this problem.  Using IPv6 NAT will be unnecessary, and one of the goals of the oligarchy is to assign a few IPv6 addresses to individuals on a permanent lease which will be tied to an "internet license."  The "internet license" will be mandatory to legally connect to the internet in most Western nations and will use the same PKI infrastructure as is used by the "Common Access Cards" used by government and military personnel currently.  This will create near perfect attribution of IP addresses to real world identities, which is a major goal of the oligarchy.


The vast majority of users handle their internet business over their home ISP connection using unencrypted connections.  This makes it trivial to intercept their communications and identify individual users.  The most automated correlation between traffic and user is made using the identity that the ISP account is registered to.  However, correlating email accounts/facebook accounts/etc. to real world identities is also done when households contain more than 1 internet user.  All of this is automatic.  Most likely you are one of these ignorant sheep browsing zerohedge and infowars and whatever else from your home connection, oblivious to the reality of the situation.  You think they have to target you for you to be intercepted, you think you have 4th amendment rights, you think you are a "small fry, not worth their effort."  No, theses systems intercept everything and surveil everyone, datamining all unencrypted telecommunications to build user profiles on every single internet user.


Proxies at their most basic level are simply redirects.  No encryption is required for basic proxying.  A basic HTTP proxy simply relays your HTTP POSTS and GETS through a 3rd party connection.  This will hide your IP address from the target website, but will not provide any protection to the contents of your HTTP session which, as mentioned, are being intercepted along the route anyway.  A basic VPN connection will use SSL to encrypt the contents of your traffic between you and the destination "proxy."  This is much better, assuming your encryption cannot be broken (which it can).  SSL is not secure against nation state attackers that can compromise the certificate authority that issued your SSL certificates.  However, it is a decent solution to evade the automated systems, assuming you are using foreign issued certificates and your VPN connection terminates in a foreign country not subject to the USA PATRIOT ACT and which has a history of telling the FBI (and other agents of the American police state) to fuck off.  Of course most VPN connections require payment, and anonymous payment methods are getting harder and harder to come by (prepaid credit cards are basically banned as of next year).  TOR encrypts your connection and routes it through 3 nodes before it is decrypted and exits the TOR network.  TOR is one of the best means of maintaining anonymity on the internet today.


However, imagine the following scenario where observation of nearly the entire internet were possible.  Assuming the workings of TOR were properly analyzed (which they have been), one could use times stamps and packet size to trace information exiting the TOR network back to its originating host via traffic analysis/correlation.  But this requires a human analyst to do the work.  So if you're checking the weather through TOR you'll probably ok.  If you're plotting terrorist attacks through TOR you're probably not ok.


Not to mention, what's to stop the government from setting up 1,000 TOR exit nodes and 3,000 TOR relays with full packet capture enabled on all of them?  Nothing.  And if your traffic traverses nothing but government owned relays and exit nodes, you're fucked.


I2P and freenet are weaker than good VPN connections.


Using encrypted tunneling from a wireless connection you do not own creates another layer of protection between you and the police state.  Long distance wireless hacking is well beyond the scope of this post.  If you know how to use a yagi antenna and crack wireless encryption, then using encrypted tunnels of your neighbors connection might work out for you.  Any wireless connection works, so long as you avoid cameras and don't fall into a predictable pattern.


All that said, being a dissident on the internet in the American police state has grown far too dangerous.  Taking things to the Dark Net is no solution when the risk of detection involves being "disappeared" from the face of the Earth and sent to be tortured in Poland.  So taking what I know, and what I've said, and everything else I know conclusion is to get off the net and lay low in another country.


If you continue to post anti-government sentiments on the internet you are suicidal.


Short Version:


Proxies are worthless.

VPN connections are worthwhile only if they terminate in countries like Switerzland (where zerohedge is hosted).

TOR is your best bet to evade the American police state (unless they have reason to target you specifically).  Recommend EFF maintained TAILS Live CD

Get the fuck off the internet if you don't want to be victimized by the American police state.  They have unlimited funds to throw at MIT grads to find you, no matter how careful you are.


This will be my final post.  If you're reading this, you ARE the resistance.  I hope to meet some of my fellow refugees from the American police state in some foreign land in the near future.

CompassionateFascist's picture

To summarize: when ZOG enforcers "kick down the door",

1) hit the floor. They'll be shooting high.

2) They'll also be wearing kevlar, etc. so, if you are not already dead, go for a head/face shot on the first ZOGestapo agent you can target. If you're lucky, he'll fall backwards into his buddies. Then maybe you can nail more than one. Don't plan on "living", like MWT here, who thinks he can run away from ZOG. Plan on being killed, but extacting a price for the transaction. That'll get the ball rolling.   

MarketWatchTerrorist's picture

Kevlar does nothing to stop high velocity rounds such as those fired from rifles. Even .223 rips through ALL levels of kevlar like it isn't there at close range.  Ceramic plates that cover the upper torso do stop most rifle rounds.  Entry teams in the U.S. generally aren't using the ceramic plates in their vests but they do have a point man with a ballistic shield and those are pretty much impenetrable by anything short of a .50 caliber round.


So you're standing there in your boxers staring down a ballistic shield with 4 automatic rifles behind it firing at you holding your $300 Mossberg shotgun.  My money's on the SWAT team. 


Your best bet is to see them coming, slip out the back, and flank them.  They generally do not secure the rear because 99.9% of their victims have 0 warning until the door is kicked down.  They rely on speed and frontal assaults on unaware victims.  If you have the ability, have a barrier (locked gate) at the entrance to your property with some video surveillance and alarms (they like to hit you when you're asleep).


But all this is nonsensical fantasy.  I'd rather be in a nation where the police don't even carry pistols than this brutal police state you call America and war gaming a frontal assault by the American police state.

HungrySeagull's picture

First off, I cannot even consider thinking about fighting a Swat team. They will fill the house I am in and essentially zip tie those that live and bag those that dont have a heart beat. It does not take very long.


The life style I lead does not require a swat team to come through. Now if the Government pleases to make a law making it illegal to even discuss this and they come anyway, I wont be here or anywhere ever again and that will be the end of us all.


We have a Military that is hardened to breaking into Houses in Iraq and expecting a totally hard core enemy behind the sofa, under the rug and around the closet or umbrella/coat rack. Never mind up the stairs.

Then I started to consider the home I grew up in. Built in the 1920's and had coal bunker converted to oil down below and a special foyer for the front door designed to reduce loss of heat in winter and cold in summer. (Or trap bad guys long enough behind very solid wood doors of the time)

That would be a very defensible home except one flaw. They can mousehole from the one next door and storm you.


Witgh that said.


There ARE people who pay to have underground homes built to support the ordinary house above or convert or build a home to withstand 7.62 mm rounds but look totally ordinary.


My Generator room has Hardie board and it is real solid. But extremely heavy. I will have to reinforce that part of the foundation in the near future.


I have not tested hardie board against fire arm or slug penetration, but have heard that they can withstand fire for a while and hurricane winds (What about debris? Availible reports online require you pay 50 dollars to download and learn)


and so on.


Harden all you want. The State will always have resources greater than the individual. The last time I think anyone considered using serious power to take a very bad misbehaving citizen out was when a town was being destroyed by a Bulldozer that was armored for a purpose. I think someone was about ready to call in a Apache with a clutch of hellfire missiles to stop it.


I have been tracked at Colorado in the foot hills during morning fog east and south of Limon by 4 Apaches at 50 feet and some distance away with thier engines pointed away from me. I never heard them until they appeared to pass across me in front with 4 turrets examining me and my 18 wheeler.


I learned something that day.

MarketWatchTerrorist's picture

Right. Or just blow up your house with an aerial death drone.


That's my point.  War gaming a frontal assault on your shitty house by the American police state is laughable.  The only solution is to execute your exit strategy NOW, not 2 years from now.  The window is closing.  Some say it is closed, but I disagree.  I think you've got another 16 months to get out before the exit taxes and visa requirements are implemented.  But the window is closing quickly...get out if you can, while you can.

Vlad Tepid's picture

The stay and fight crowd awes me MWT.  I respect them but, I too will very shortly be relocating to a place with a disarmed (and generally helpful) constablulary.  I'm halfway there as it is, but the central Pacific isn't far enough away for me.

youLilQuantFuker's picture

One of the largest exit router networks is located in the heart of the CME. (that's CIA country)

youLilQuantFuker's picture

Does this mean I won't be able to download Dexter from Fuck me!

rsnoble's picture

Is any of this really a surprise? They can't get away with shit without the rest of the world knowing about it in nanoseconds. It's only logical that they would put an end to it. In a sense they're already fucked because the cats out of the bag.

max2205's picture

Glad ZH was wise enough to move servers to Aruba where they don't give a crap what's on your web site.

Smokey1's picture

More idiotic paranoid shit from the Hate-America far left.

Move to Iran or North Korea you fucking communist.


9/11 was an Inside job, the government spies on the citizens, we attacked Iraq to steal their oil, Sasquatch is loose, the moon landing was faked, Loch Ness is lurking, Elvis lives, Bigfoot is after you, eat your neighbor, etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

DaveyJones's picture

criticism is hate, war is peace, dollars are money's picture

America was conceived as a land of liberty and opportunity. Those who demand that those with differing opinions move to distant locales do not display the character that made America great.

prains's picture

Agree Crock but with one proviso, it appears,that what made America so great was really not so great after all>>>>>greed,fraud,corruption,graft,cronyism,sweat shops,water boarding,banksters,dick cheney,Judeo-Gucci christians......okay more than one proviso's picture

Go out and meet your neighbors. People like them have made and continue to make America great. Not one of them is an unblemished lamb but they're good folks none the less.

IAmNotMark's picture


Tha's how I feel when I encounter a troll like Smokey.  A pathetic, sad excuse of a little boy, giggling mindlessly in his basement, hoping to have some attention thrown his way. 

It's okay Smokey...when you grow up a bit, you won't be as cluelessly ignorant as you are now.  Maybe if you leave your basement, you'll have a better view of reality.

stiler's picture

Amerika won't be around for long-- it will all be One-- Ommmmm.

ditchner's picture

Why don't they just call these laws the "Let's get rid of zerohedge once and for all acts" ?

TSA gropee's picture

Whilst I'd like to think hackers could work their way around this thing if implemented, the fact that TPTB have successfully "Goebbelized" the MSM into a propaganda machine, it would not be much of stretch to think that they could successfully "filter" internet content. To that point we've already witnessed such filtering by some service providers. Our only hope is that the inventer of the internet, Al climate change Gore will come to its rescue... Sarc/off

buyingsterling's picture

The internet was designed to survive a nuclear war, and the only offensive power it has is in the rapid spreading of information, and then only as a catalyst to people acting. It's now the central information hub for the entire planet, with millions of lives revolving around it. 

Is there a single piece of information, of threat, which if transmitted to enough people, would pose a real danger to civilization? FUCK NO. So the only thing they have to fall back on is preventing flash mobs. Obviously that would never warrant shutting down the entire internet, so talking about 'internet kill switches' is not even a bit about safety, or national security. If the internet ever goes down for an extended period, you'll know we are in the deep grass.

catch edge ghost's picture

BREAKING: President Mistakes Copy Of George Orwell's '1984' For How-To Manual.


Shizzmoney's picture

I mean, something's coming.  They know it.  They know once shit hits the fan, they need any reason to control the masses.

And once the masses lose their shit, they can't.  And that scares them.

Plus, this thing isn't gonna shut down shit.  Once the hackers/forums (via VPNs) figure out the kinks, we'll be back to square 1 in less than a year. 


MrBinkeyWhat's picture

Yes Comrades, it is patrioticTM to help your misguided neighbors to find the TruthTM about our wonderful Democracy!!!TM. So turn them in so they can be re-educated at our spanking new FEMA Vacation CampsTM.

Everyone will be better off. Share and Enjoy!


JustObserving's picture

If you can think for yourself then you are a potential terrorist.  Keep that fluoride in the water coming.  It kills your IQ but then you are a better citizen of the US of A.  We are no.1.. ..... USA.....USA......USA

A little more fluoride???

"About 28% of the children in the low-fluoride area scored as bright, normal or higher intelligence compared to only 8% in the "high" fluoride area of Wamaio."


carguym14's picture

Distilled water or rain water.Or pure grain alcohol.


Fresh pure water to replenish our precious bodily fluids........

marcusfenix's picture

it's sad and not to mention a little frighting watching Washington sink further and further into this control freak, delusional paranoia. like schizo's with recurring delusions of grandeur and persecution and no medication to help manage the symptoms, they just keep looking for new ways to battle all these imaginary shadows lurking around every corner. the more they sink, the deeper in they go, the more they feel an irrational urge to "control" everything in their environment, the tighter they squeeze the more pops up that is obviously outside their control and the cycle continues in it's deteriorating, downward spiral.

unfortunately, they also wield tremendous power and influence in every aspect of life in America so it's disconcerting to watch this happen, to realize just how far out of touch with reality these people are and what it means for the rest of us.     

once ingrained and entrenched this view and it's resulting behavior can be incredibly difficult to correct and the attempt can lead to further violence and destructive behavior, so I think it's safe to say there are some very unpleasant times ahead for those of us in the US...

Bringin It's picture

The hook up with Zionism made this all very clear and predictable.  They're not engaged for your benefit Sonny.  Follow the money.  Joe Leiberman wants a law passed that makes it essentially a race crime to mention that the world is run by a cabal of bankers.

Sophist Economicus's picture

Ok. This is not businessmen .vs Government. This is Entertainment Industry (aka. Card carrying liberals) having their bought and paid for government hacks protect their business model

How do I know? I worked in the industry and dealt with this issue

Ever wonder why a life saving drug that cost billions to bring to market has less intellectual property protection that a George Gershwin tune? No? You should. The only going Georgie is right about is that we will look more like Russia and China -- that's because Amerikan communists are working to pass this bill

BigJim's picture

IP law is indeed a strange beast. Patents last, what, 25 years? So you work on some highly technical problem, spend millions on R&D, and after 25 years... end of rights.

Rattle off a Da Vinci Code, however, and your publisher has copyright for 70 years after your death. What a fucking joke.

I think the libertarian ideas on IP are probably best, on balance. ie, there's no such thing. If we look at technological and artistic advances before their introduction it's not at all clear they have brought any benefit to society.

tony bonn's picture

the reason why the chinese and american systems are so similar is that they are both controlled by the rockefeller-mic-yale-cia plutocrats who are driving at warp speed to crush dissent to their tyrannies....

the plutocrats moved america's industrial might to china in order to subdue amerika and strengthen the communist hand - one reason bush i so vociferously supported china after tianamen square....

the russian thugs are also controlled by the same cabal....

PulauHantu29's picture

Oakland police or Russia?

JustObserving's picture

We have the largest prison population in the world by far.  And your safety is not guaranteed in prison with an estimated 250,000 rapes in prison every year.

Welcome to the home of the brave and land of the free.  

dcb's picture

we are a sham demoocracy