American Hypocrisy: I AM NOT MOVING – Short Film – Occupy Wall Street #OWS

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It's quite a relief that the entire city of New York is spic 'n span. It's common knowledge they work hard to keep it pristine and anyone who would impede that effort get's a good beating and hauled off in a prison van. There is only one single place left to clean and that is Zuccotti Park.

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Jeez, what propoganda...makes me sick...yes I'm pissed about bailing out the banking system, corporations in bed with the government and writing legislation to squash the little guy, the system being rigged...but I will NOT stand with these guys..

Follow the money behind this...who can put out a production video like this with a legal disclaimer at the end (not your average pissed off unemployed college grad); who can put out a full color OWS newspaper, the black dudes story was fact checked (he gave his name and a reported called his mom to check his story out..BS confirmed). I live in PDX and hear the inhaler line all the time, anyone yelling about their rights is a professional protester. 

Its so friggin obvious these guys are looking to provoke the police and get the responses they got for these types of videos.. yes, will police over-react occassionally, of course..but c'mon..

Where were the kids protesting in the 60's...colleges and government offices..hmm, where are all those people that were protesting in the 60s. In government, think tanks (CAP, Tides Foundation, etc.) or teaching in the colleges, "teaching" this generation of non-critical thinkers what to think and where to protest.  Also, what are the only institutions to not fall during "revolution" - a common theme among the OWS set...universities...wonder why?

I'm not telling anyone what to do or think, but I've done my research, know history, and I must say, this will likely settle down but will come back bigger, stronger, and with a refined message that most people can get behind. But please ask yourself, what is their solution.....collapse the system and replace with more class warfare and envy, increased size of government with more government control (which leads to more corruption and less freedom) or do we re-educate ourselves and each other about the actual intent of our constitution, capitalism as tool that requires ethical people to be in it, taking individual responsibility and liberty, and pick each other up by choice (not by force).

We're really getting down to two choices folks.  Do the hard thing and get back to living honorably, failing if required, holding people accountable, and getting off the government's fill in the ain't gonna be pretty, but I'm choosing liberty...because if you're familiar with progressivism, they believe in socialism/communism, just not in the violent quick overthrow of the government.  They'd rather do it slowly..well. they've been laying the groundwork, erasing history, and destroying the constitution for 100 years now...their time has come....and they aren't going to let the financial collapse go to waste...

Please ask questions, lots of questions and use some common sense..

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Yeah, most Americans hated the unrest the protesters in the late 60s caused...even tho now all evidencenpoints to fact police created all the violence and mess of the Chicago convention "riots". At the time most hard working Americans saw the protestors as unruly, unbalanced spoiled children, college students, crazed violent Black Panthers etc. In truth the police committed more violence than the BPP which was strategically non violent but legally carried guns and cameras to observe police and stop their brutality in the black community.

These unruly drugged college kids and militant black kids protested what?....while the rest of America reviled them. They protested the Vietnam war, they protested the waste of money and horrible destruction of lives, or personalities of the men sent there, they protested the draft.

Who was right that time? The protestors or the general American population that just wanted them to shut up and behave? We may have not liked the messengers, but their message was right.

How many ruined lives would have been saved if we had done been skeptical then? Would we have been worse or better if the rest of us had put aside our work a day lives and demanded our govt stop doing something that was not beneficial in anyway to our country, rather then selfishly focusing only ourselves? What if we had stood up, screamed and shouted like the kids did rather than letting our politicians and defense contractors, (which even a past exemplary military man like Ike could see were going to be a big, big problem in US politics) have their way with our state, our tax dollars, and dupe us into a needless war that was so harmful to us and the people we bombed, sprayed, shot.

History tells us not to reject the protestors, most of the time, while throughly maligned and hated by regular folks for the conflict they provoke, they are on the right side of history, from the abolitionists, to the woman suffragists, the civil rights movement, the anti vietnam war people, to the anti Iraq war people.

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oops, forgot to hit the "reply" button.  nevermind

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I think their demands are simple and obvious even if unspoken.

They want a fair shot at just an average life.

It's really not a lot to ask.

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Then they have to learn to live within their means and not demand "accessible credit for all" regardless of ability to pay. It really is that simple. That means no more 600 dollar iphones for every man woman and child, no 30k per semester education, and no mcmansion on the hill, and no million dollar healthcare to live three more months at the end. 

Demanding student loans to be forgiven is ridiculous and shows blatant misunderstanding about the causes of our economic mess. Just as there is moral hazard in not prosecuting the fraud and bailing out the extremely risky allocations of capital by the banksters, there is also hazard in allowing pepole to walk away from debt. They signed on the line, and should be held to the same standards they demand of the banker/crack dealer who financed their 150k sociology degree. 

Allow them to discharge the debts in bankruptcy and nullify any debt where fraud was involved. This way all parties who made poor decisions can learn from them. Until the masses learn to say "less" instead of "more" when it comes to so-called "free" (subsidized/financed) things, the results will be the same. The same, that is, until the market violently puts a stop to it all and all that liquidity we all love evaporates.

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Thanks Mr. Dimon Douche-Muffin 111.

Then they have to learn to live within their means and not demand "accessible credit for all" regardless of ability to pay. It really is that simple. That means no more 600 dollar iPhones for every man woman and child, no 30k per semester education, and no mcmansion on the hill, and no million dollar healthcare to live three more months at the end.

The real problem is few can afford healthcare, iPhones, higher education and a McMansion. The people that live in McMansions though would agree with you. THOSE people just don't know their place. Isn't that right Douche-Muffin?

They should accept their lot in life that 20% unemployment rates among high school grads or go to more affordable two year colleges that hangs them with 14-17% debt with no jobs. Difference between the two year and the four year is the principle is half but the APR is 3x so it all equals out at the end for the bankers. Douche-muffin Banker Apologizers like you; just what this country fucking needs right now.

Just in case your bubble isolation has kept you from noticing the changes in the past five years Douche-Muffin Junior; people just want a shot at financial security. We don't want the same rigid caste system that exists in India that you admire so much. The Untouchables. The unclean. No education for you motherfuckers. Learn to love poverty. The American Dream is right where your dick is ain't it?

Find some more shiny shit to throw up asshole.

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I didn't see anyone at OWS asking for iphones or mansions.

Regarding education: why would you stick up for universities who monopolize and gouge because they can? i.e. Because they know the government will subsidize loans. There is a middle ground here. People need to live within their means, but education should not make the average student bankrupt etc. And don't get me started on the banks...

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Damn nice short film.

More hippie art, I suppose. But when the businessmen don't pull their moral weight in a corrupt society, and instead throw their weight against all that is moral, somebody has to step up.

May art prevail.

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So will there be a Walmart-like bleach fight tomorrow? Hope so.

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These losers are moral? LOL...they celebrate Jobs and say they want to abolish capitalism. Bwahahaha! Who is producing the OWS newspaper? LOL!

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is not the bigger picture the hypocracy of the usa pointing fingers whilst providing doctors and dentist work aplenty

very scary times

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Think I saw a shot from the last G8 in Toronto in the video. Now that was an egregious use of police powers  - still no resolution except a few court victories for a few individuals. 

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The OWSers currently hold the high ground over Bloomy and the violent thugs of the NYPD.  Don't give any of that moral ground or an inch of Liberty Park if you can at all help it.

"I AM NOT MOVING" - say it, feel it, sing it, drum it, do it, be it, feel your power.  That is the same energy that drove the civil rights and anti war protests of the '60s.  The OWSers cause is just as important, just as big as those times.  Economic justice is for everyone, all of the time.  Don't be afraid to seize the day!

4 days until Black Monday II

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Are you people crazy? This movement is orchestarated by the Soros crowd. The original protestors are sheeple!. Good grief! Educate yourselves...or you are complicit.

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"Good Grief!"

If you believe that soros crapple then you deserve to have the football pulled away at the last second.

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If we are not supposed to believe the soros crapple maybe someone can explain why adbusters is promoting OWS?

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There are plenty of organizations and politicians trying to pander to populist sentiment by saying they support OWS. Do not be fooled, I doubt a single one of them is genuine, it only serves to attain their ends. Time will tell. In the meantime I would say OWS should remain free of political affiliations that is part of what is making this movement strong, hopefully they will support neither party, neither partie's ideology.

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They absolutely reject both arms of the single party system.

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Bloomberg on CNN denied and linkage  to the OWS and as I remember didn't even know anything about Adbusters. Bloomberg confirmed the story as told by Soros.            Milestones

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Some people are idiots. #Justsayin

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Sheep must be led. They will have any shephard who is willing to lead them. Will you lead?

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They are a bunch of spoiled morons! Go home kids...before you regret it!

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They are moronic because their teachers' teachers have been morons. If they don't find a worthy teacher, then they will have little of home to return to. They have been led into false reality by the SILVER screen, and must return to the reality that necessitates production; yet, they cannot DO anything - they can merely talk, or chant, or shout and throw bricks. So, yeah! GO HOME Kids, and read a book that says something you can actually prove for yourself whether or not it is true. Or keep being lambs led unto some sort of slaughter...

EDIT: Butchers do indeed profit: what do you like to eat?

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I saw on the net, because TV is total shit for morons, that there will be a occupy colleges in soldarity.

Loads of these idiots kids have the teachers and professors in soldarity. The same unionized and well paid teachers with pensions who sold these dumb kids that women/nlack/indian/gay/transgendered studies, journalism degrees, and other "soft" degrees.  The kids and profs voted for hussein.  No one will hire because they know his is an islamo marxist and the kids are angry about it.  They have $80,000 in debt for some worthless degree or in journalism

They are doubly f'ed because they cannot dischraged those school loans in bankruptcy.  They should go hang their former lib professors.

OWS had a sign that a protestor said "$200,000 in debt with a law degree in NYC - there are 10,000 unemployed lawyers in NY."

Sounds like a good start to me.  Who said we ever needed 1 lawyer for every 4 men, women and children in NY?

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don't be silly, leave, go home, have a bath feed the cat, and COME BACK NEXT WEEK

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What an absolute joke. None of this was checked for facts. That guy on his knees talking about the bank taking his parents' house lied. His parents have phds and earn 6 figure incomes. Their 1/2 million dollar home has only $70,000 owed on it and it is not being foreclosed on. Complete lie. News organizations have already gotten the facts from his parents.

Apparently someone took all these video clips off YouTube without fact checking them. Reality matters little to these OWS people. They just want some entertaining video.

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Hrmn, it looks like the spoiled brats are throwing the Party. Raise the Roof, bitchez!


Funny how them academic dipshits that made everyone dumb by their pontificatory obfuscations are listened to by the masses. Hmm... let's just leave this as a gloss.

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These kids are making it out to be Woodstock 2. Woodstock 1 sucked enough. Maybe one or two good bands played at Woodstock like The Who.

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your post was not checked for facts either.

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Then get off the couch and check it.

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Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.



Stand your ground OWS.

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Nearly every person who has participated in OWS is more genuine than President Puke.

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I bet nearly every person at OWS voted for President Puke.  A few even said they were disallusioned because he was not left enough. 

Soros paid little mindless ground troops.  BTW - I hate the Fed and Wall Street.  If these kids were serious they would be up in Greenwich storming the hedge funds. and going after the real elites.  My guess is they would be shot down in CT.

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Define: OTPOR. Or you march for nothing.

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Having been heavily involved with OccupyBoston, I can tell you that the COINTELPRO counter-insurgency is very active, or at the very least, a certain number of people have made sure that things are set up to fail and frustrate.  Easy for you to say the protesters need to define what they stand for when a cabal of double-faced pukes is doing everything possible to impede that!


Imagine: not only do you need 75% of the vote for any 'demand' to be ratified, you can also block anything with just 10% of the vote.  So here's what they did last Saturday night when a simply worded end-the-wars/bring-our-troops-home proposal/demand was presented at the General Assembly: first, some people kept a pedantic debate going for 3 freakin' hours, which meant that by the end 70-80% of the crowd had left, at which point a dozen people were able to 'block' the measure based on a ridiculous procedural argument...

=> in general, the demands are pretty clear, but 'they' won't let them surface for fear that such clearly worded demands would focus people's minds on what the real issues are, rather than the BS we get from our MSM and politicians.


Just like how the Tea Party was wrecked, marginalized and ultimately neutered, the OWS movement is being covertly crippled from the inside.  'They' are doing everything possible to make it a fringe movement, but people are fed up and are waking up nonetheless, and the economic collapse has barely begun...  Will TPTB be able to architect WW3 or will we revolt?  I sure hope it is the later...


Personally, I think that rather than camping, we should focus on growing weekly protests (and spending the week recruiting more ppl for the following week).  In any case, y'all should check out the massive protests going down this Saturday:

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First you start out saying that it's Cointelpro, then you say we should get more involved.

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LOL I guess that's true.  I feel torn about OccupyBoston, which in fact I've distanced myself from after getting burned by the BS.  I believe we need to revolt, but that anytime we organize anything 'they' will join and try to mess it up.  That being said, I wouldn't have given up so quickly if I didn't have another 'revolutionary' idea/project where I think I have a better chance of making a difference, and nonetheless I still support what they are trying to do, in general.


Part of what I'm trying to convey is that whatever ineptitude you see from them should be given a bit of forgiveness: there is some heavy-duty counter-insurgency at work, and most people are basically unaware of it...

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I think it is a good thing that they can't get a list together.  People don't know what they want but they're damn sure they do NOT want what we have.

This group is self organizing and it's amazing to watch.

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If the list that they put together is left or right-wing, then it is a fail and will divide the movement, but there are plenty of things that are desirable to most everyone, and which people would benefit from seeing clearly listed.  For example:

  • End the Fed, end fractional-reserve banking
  • End the wars, bring our troops home, close our hundreds of military bases (end the brutal American empire)
  • Ban the military use of depleted uranium
  • End NAFTA and free trade, stop competing on wages with slave-labor in China and elsewhere
  • Repeal the Patriot Act and close the Department of Homeland Security
  • Secret societies have secret agendas and secret allegiances.  Ban members of secret societies from holding elected or appointed office and from being in the judiciary, police, army and secret service
  • Stop the culture of secrecy in government: make all records immediately public, except in rare cases (eg: an on-going investigation).  Free Bradley Manning.
  • Reinstate Glass-Steagall
  • End fraud as a business-model, make a concerted effort to legally pursue and incarcerate the perpetrators of the housing bubble and related derivatives
  • ...
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You seem to be an OW(l)S who is actively involved.

My humble advice:

Not everyone can agree. Break-up the hierarchy into smaller pyramids with their own capstones; then let the figureheads agree to the appropriate way forward - they are more intelligent and thus more willing to come to concrete compromises.


Best of Luck to You in Whatever You Do Best!

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The unfortunate thing is that (IMO) 'they' have inflitrated the working groups as well as the other parts, and most people just go along with the flow, especially when they hear multiple voices speak in concert about something.  What was maybe most frustrating to me was how the movement tried to be so inclusive of minority voices that it tended to espouse an extreme-fringe message that will turn off the typical mainstream American...  Honestly, I think it's going to be difficult for the movement to be more than fringe, unless the larger numbers are somehow able to drown out the counter-insurgents and the random, self-centered freaks.


In fact, just from looking at the websites and activity, it seems like the larger NYC OWS is doing better than the OccupyBoston, perhaps for that simple reason of size.  Then again, size without structure is unmanageable, and the NYC group has not been all that much better at specifying its demands...  In the end, the NYC protests have been helped quite a bit by the broad-daylight abuses of the NYPD, more than anything else!

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Go home and get your resume in order...if you have anything to actually write. Sad.

Christophe2's picture

What's making you sad?  That I've taken a break from work to fight this monstrosity we call the American Dream?


Unlike most out there, I have the skills and the credentials (as a senior software architect, CTO, etc.) needed to get an excellent job anytime I like it, without even depending on connections to get me in the door.  However, now that I know how sick our country is, I'm fighting the cancer at our throats.  I will fight this to the death, and pathetic defenders of the system like yourself would be best off hiding in the shadows, since you clearly lack the guts for anything more than that.

It must really suck to be sycophantic, co-dependent scum like yourself.  You are clearly pitiful, and yet you think your jibes could affect me?