williambanzai7's picture

Yes, these two feckless Hollywood tools will have to take their Hollywood horseshit back to the barn and wait for another opportune time, preferably a frightening crisis, to sneak SOPA and PIPA under our door.

Meanwhile this whole episode has accomplished several things: (a) there are plenty of young previously apolitical but now angry internet denizens, (b) it has raised public awareness of the kind of trampling of civil liberties that the douche weasels on Capital Hill are all to happy to implement for the right price and (c) it has raised public awareness of the serious imperfections embedded in our intellectual property laws, which are apparently primarily designed to entrench entertainment and media royalty, perpetuate business models outdated by advances in technology and stifle progressive interent culture. I'm not talking about pirating movies.

Max Keiser is calling it a Hollywood copyright cancer that spreads to the internet. Others are now calling for a box office and music boycott. Not a bad idea.    







Meanwhile, we are subjected to more evidence of the kinds of law enforcement activites Eric In-action Jackson's Mortgage Fraud Task Force is pursuing. Today it was announced that the former President of the Sonoma Chapter of the Hells Angels has been convicted of falsifying mortgage applications to obtain properties for marijuana farms. Isn't this exciting? Do you feel safe now? 

What about the real mortgage fraud gang? WTF is being done about them?



Does shutting down Mega-Upload, an obvious bone thrown at Hollywood, make you feel even better?

It better not!



That's right folks, it is perfectly alright to run websites designed to steal people's homes and nest eggs; provided they are free of copyright.

Anyone want to wager on whether or not those MegaUpload guys will get away using the Dick Fuld/Jon Corzine ("I didn't know nuttin") defense?


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Joseph Jones's picture

Is not Chris Dodd just about the biggest piece of dung to come down the pike? 

williambanzai7's picture

Almost, Gingrich runs circles around him.

williambanzai7's picture

Wow, lots to mull over in this thread. Tnx everyone!

??'s picture

who let the dogs out"?

Man gets 35 to life for $5,500 theft from dog-walking clients in San Mateo three-strikes case

Bunga Bunga's picture

America must be a very safe country. On Monday I will wire another $700,000 cash to my American brokerage account. Can't go wrong.

lakecity55's picture

Great job! But it looks like Helicopter Ben is not on the lineup photo.

SOPA will be back, like a zombie. 400 years ago, people were executed for  printing the Bible in English. The internet can destroy the Matrix.

Remember a couple of weeks ago when the Gestapo and Butch Napolitano said they would be "monitoring" internet sites?

What that means is they will collect the IPs of individuals who visit those sites. They will then create a profile of everyone who visits certain sites which is a "predictor" of "anti-revolutionary (sarcasm)" activity. 

Since the Census GPS-painted everyone's doors and people have "smart" phones and "On-Star" they have now created the perfect Police State. That doesn't include the stuff you don't know about. When ObaMao decides he is ready to be proclaimed Party Chairman and Chancellor, everyone on the profiled list will be "arrested" or "liquidated" thanks to NDAA.

At this point, your only choice is to stay armed in defense-mode and kill more of them than they kill of you. After The Chancellor and the Reichstag start running out of Gestapo, they will then begin running from you, if you managed to kill them and escape. If you die on your feet, the survivors will take out these Rats who have destroyed the Republic.

Remember, Hitler was Absolute Ruler of Germany, but he died in a shitty, stale bunker underneath the Reich Chancellery from his own gun. Stalin was poisoned by his own people. Benito was hung from a lamppost.

You are the Resistance, and the Bad Guys will lose in the end. Liberty and Freedom are Truth, and Truth does not die.

Keep up the good work, Banzai. Humor destroys the power of the Neo-Fascist Zionist Zombies.

Molon Labe.

williambanzai7's picture

I wanted to keep it simple. The fact is basic criminals are destroying the economy and nothing is being done except cheap publicity stunts. Just think about how silly it sounds, FBI leads Hells Angels Mortgage Bust. It sounds like some ridiculous cartoon scenario I would dream up.

Then they expect us to believe that file sharing is the great commercial Satan that must be destroyed.

Gully Foyle's picture

3 banks went down today. One in Fla, One in Ga and one in Pa. Fla and Ga have been frequent failure locations, Pa is new.


Norma Lacy's picture

williambanzai7  gully foyle said it so sweetly.   thank you for honing you mind and sharing its contents

navy62802's picture

Glad it was defeated. But not complacent. We must remain ever-vigilant.

nmewn's picture

"We must remain ever-vigilant."

Its the price of freedom...eternal...generational...vigilance.

Miss Expectations's picture

The World Wide Web has a spider in the middle of it.  William, can you put a face on that spider?

williambanzai7's picture

That is a thought I will want to spend a little time developing. I think it can be done in a very interesting way.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Everyone knows that the Internet is a series of tubes. DUH! That's how Al Gore Designed it....


williambanzai7's picture

I actually remember when Gore was talking about it. To be fair, the man was promoting it along with Gingrich way before any other politician had any clue what it was.

The Heart's picture






The Calling

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

Part 6:

Part 7:

Part 8:


Original source:


Who controls the nuk industry?




YHC-FTSE's picture

I can't think of a clearer case study of corruption in government and law enforcement working for big corporate interests. 

It makes little difference that SOPA has been shelved. As we can all see, the intentions and schemes of SOPA is being enacted on MegaUpload, as well as a handful of others like them (Remember tvlinks?). I think this is all a big monopoly turf war to kill off rivals to the giant Google/Youtube Corp. who are the biggest providers of links (And hosted space) to copyrighted material, yet you will never see the FBI raiding their offices and putting their CEO in handcuffs. 

You watch. Any innovative website that reaches the popular portal stage (Bookmarked as the homepage of the browser) either gets bought out or destroyed, and as for torrents, downloading anything is like playing russian roulette with the film/music industries. 

The WWW became what it is today because of innovators, enthusiasts, and nerdy insomniacs who wanted to SHARE stuff with each other, and that is the founding principle of the information age: That information should be SHARED. We are all doing it right now. No artist or creator who has copyrighted material should expect to have total rights to it in perpetuity, and not only that, they have options to release their material for a fair price directly to us, without middlemen in the industry taking a cut to pauperise the fans. The solution might be to ban big corporations from the internet entirely, and when they come begging with cap in hand, we can dictate the terms of their admittance. That's what governments which truly represent the people's interests should be doing - banning big corporations, and encouraging small innovators - instead of obeying their every whim. 

williambanzai7's picture

I agree with everything you say with one minor adjustment, the stuff they wanted to share was porn ;-)

williambanzai7's picture

There will be a new and improved work around. MegaUpload was actually a surprisingly simple model. I'm amazed that model has held out as long as it has.

If sucking the entertainment industry dry is such a big threat to America, one of our presumed enemies would set up a giant pirating operation designed to do it. Has that happened?

Remember when Hollywood said it was under terrorist threat after the WTC? They are so full of their own self importance. Most of the world really couldn't care a rats ass about them and their tantrums.

lakecity55's picture

Yep. Someone is showing his disgust w/Hollyweird. Body parts are being found around the famous "Hollywood" sign. Maybe someone got cheated on the matinee price.


Rynak's picture

It may not be a popular argument, and may not justify the actions against megaupload, but.... umm, sorry..... who in the year 2012 is stupid enough, to run a website with client-upload rights, IN THE LAND OF THE DMCA?

Yeah, you could argue that just "running away" in the big picture doesn't solve the issue.... but from an individual business POV.... who is stupid enough to base that kind of servers and corp base, in the USA, out of all countries?

disabledvet's picture

i'm not sure anyone really understands the internet. "it's nuclear bomb proof." in other words "you can't turn it off." just ask Mubarrak. Everyone is now terrified of..."it"...obviously all our wilding here probably doesn't make these folks feel any safer...but the problem is companies like Google, Yahoo, Amazon, etc...are so much more valuable and critical to our economy than Time Warner, Viacom, Comcast, etc...and yet the media will do anything to destroy the internet culture and the people in it. All of us have given up for the most part in trying to use main stream media to get anything remotely resembling truth...let alone basic reporting. I still read newspapers...they are invaluable. Just yesterday in the WSJ it was reported that the Captain of the stricken ship that sank off Italy contacted his employer's HQ...but not the Italian Coast Guard for ANOTHER HOUR. We'll leave aside the fact that no evacuation order was ever given. What matters most is no less than the President of the United States pays a visit to Orlando this week to make sure the world understood "we stand with the campaign contributors first" and not obviously with the people of Italy let alone the safety of the industry cruise line industry. Should we be surprised that the only story worth reporting on now is Newt Gingrich? Or "the booming real estate market"? Or how the Zero Hedge people are destroying the world? They talk about a "ridiculist." We actually have one here. Simply put these folks i'm trying not to turn off are not serious people.

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Kimble has always been an asshole, don't forget that. A wiser man would have stayed out of the reach of US lackeys. 

smore's picture

Very VERY gradually, the world is beginning to understand that

"This is what Stallman has been warning us about all these years - and most of us, including myself, never really took him seriously. However, as the world changes, the importance of the ability to check what the code in your devices is doing - by someone else in case you lack the skills - becomes increasingly apparent. If we lose the ability to check what our own computers are doing, we're boned. "

I came in my pants a little when I heard Alex Jones was going to interview him!

Rynak's picture

Among people who remember my username on this website, i may have a reputation of an extroversion/collectivist/holism/leftwing poster .... but that is only because this site has an introversion/individualist/reductionism/rightwing bias, and i tend to play devils advocate against it.... while on other websites, i play the opposite role.

Normally, i should probably use this chance, to set this prejudice regarding my posts right... but then again, it's 4AM at where i'm living, and i'd rather go to sleep. So instead, i'll just give a few hints:

GNU, pure opensource, and especially stallman, is just another opposite extreme of a dichotomy. One who just like the closedsource advocates, teaches that there are only two possible sides in this dichotomy.

To hint at breaking the dichotomy, consider plugin-based architectures: You create a closed-source core framework of an application, but document the interface of this "core" publicly and easy to understand for everyone, and let them extend and modify it via plugins/extensions.... actually, you document it so well, that even people could come up with an alternative implementation of the core, that stays compatible with all plugins..... that purely closedsource or opensource?

Another example: Someone codes an application, but it's code is almost unreadable, and documentation absent.... yet he makes it available under the GPL..... is that "opensource" for PRACTICAL considerations? Or is it just as crypted to any outsider, as machinecode?

According to opensource as well as closedsource proponents, none of such grey and hybrid areas exist. They teach you a black/white worldview, in which the only question is which polarity to pick.

And: From a user-benefit POV..... most of the supposed benefits of opensource apps, do not come from an opensource core, but from the community being able to easily "mod the application" (plugin-system), as well as the community being able to continue developing an application, after the "vendor" stopped developing it (again does not need an opensource core, but instead primarily good documentation of the interface.... actually, opensource cores that lack good docs, tend to be outrightly rewritten from scratch, BECAUSE the (open) sourcecode is useless to anyone else except of the vendor!).

So, to those who think that application policy is a matter of opensource and closedsource.... i'm sorry, but it is mostly irrelevant.... the only thing that matters significantly, is the ability of 3rd parties to modify and if neccessary replace a "system"... and sourcecode alone by itself, plays only a small role in this... especially if the source is shit and badly documented... or the interface badly designed.

What GNU and Stallman is about.... has less to do with practical consequences.... and more to do with....ideology.

YHC-FTSE's picture

+1 You're perfectly right. It is about ideology, it always has been from the very start when people started to share their expertise gratis - something you will rarely find in the physical world. I've been following the EFF almost since their inception (When they used to give out cash for finding big primes), and their principles closely follow my own. As for opensource and hardware platforms, there's a very simple reason why I like transparency, much more than the ability to tinker with mods: Simply, all I want to know is exactly what my computers are doing. And so should everyone else.

YHC-FTSE's picture

You get a +1 just for your gif. :)

But yes, I adore open source, and unix-gnu projects. I believe that is where the next killer apps will emerge. No doubt they are being monitored closely by the big corps to steal their innovative source codes to be encrypted and copyrighted so those bastards can charge more bucks for their crap.

It's not as if we were not warned from the very start. Remember Phil Zimmerman and PGP warning us about the right to individual privacy from the prying eyes of the govt? Over the years, I've lost count of Germans, Swedes, Norwegians, and Chinese programmers who have written free anti-virus/trojan/malware s/w to protect and monitor my computers. To no avail, because as you correctly point out (Via Richard Stallman), we're using the very machines the big corps gave us in the first place, and they can monitor us with or without having our computers in their possession at will. Recent court cases on file documents, images, emails, and browsing certainly show that anything you do or write on your computer can be traced to you directly given enough impetus for the cyber intelligence guys to investigate. There is not one single authority who can guarantee that the computer hardware and software we use are free from monitoring. There used to be a lot of experts who spent their time looking out for the interests of other users, but they seem to be fewer these days. 

disabledvet's picture

i just fail to see how any government on the planet can view the snooping on the entirety of their citizenry with anything other than pure terror. I'm still a big fan of Oracle and the get the data of the PERSONAL device i think is the beginning of internet safety. In other words "the dumber the device the better" and leave the fancy pants stuff to the people who know what they're up against. Still...i agree with everything said here as well. It will be interesting to see how the insider trading investigations go on Wall Street however...

stant's picture

if the gov tries to build a race horse you end up with jackass with a snout that only fast at sucking up money. old ky saying

crzyhun's picture


BTW, I know ZH was all Fight Club in the way back...still feel the best movie for the times is the Dir cut of Brazil. TG was dead on in his perception of things to come! Oh and in terms of music, Jade Warriior loud is some of the fiercest sounds. Matches then and now.

Nobody For President's picture

Do nutsnfp come with that soup?


Another great job,.


Pathfinder76's picture

"it ought to be a criminal offense to introduce legislation that is against the Constitution" 

It IS, it's called TREASON!  But then the Treasonous ones are the one's with the guns and the money... It's up to the people to bring the ropes.  Every one that voted for that 'law' is guilty of treason! Breaking thier oath !

Rynak's picture

Look, this isn't about copyright. It also isn't about lost sales.... their entire set of premises, is a farce.

The first thing any noob needs to understand, is that things like SOPA, the DMCA and a bunch of other things, are NOT backed by business in general.... instead, there are only two lobbies investing lots of money into this: Hollywood and the major label music industry. There is no major other lobby backing those things.... but of course, they'd never tell you that it's just those two cartels that care about this, because you know, it would seem kinda megalomaniac to censor the entire internet just because two cartels cannot handle it.

Next, a little history about those two groups:

Around 2000: Napster arrives. Music industry goes like "oh noes, they'll steal all our stuff and no one will pay for music anymore. Also, this is like an entirely new market, and we are completely out of it????" SUE THEM!

"Erm, sir, it appears there are actually no laws that allow us to sue them. Technically, they're not breaking any laws - at least not in any way that we can prove."

"What? Send lotsa donations to our politicians, spam the MSM.... and spam those networks with all kinds of trash.... that way, hopefully no one will be able to find anything" "Erm, sir, you sure that is legal?" "STFU!"

Around 2002: "Sir, it appears our spam tactics have little effect. They're figured out ways to filter out most of the crap. Also, legislative changes are happening at a very slow pace, despite us drowining them in cash."

"What? Okay, those pesty customers of us want to play dirty, so we'll play dirty too. Spam their networks with trojans and malware, spam the MSM with fearmongering propaganda.... and just to make sure that people no longer can copy their bought CDs on a computer..... put trojan horses on the CDs, that automatically install when the CD is inserted into a computer, and opens a connection to our servers, that gives us arbitrary access to our customers HDDs" "Sir? What?!?" "DO IT!"


Around 2004: "Erm, Sir, our last 4 business years still show no declining sales!" "What? Impossible! They must have stoelen the numbers from us! Also, there still is this new global market in which we have absolutely no foothold, and they're getting all the popularity, while we have nothing! Whatever, just continue the flood of trojans, political contributions and MSM propaganda, but double the intensity.... obviously, we're just not hitting them hard enough."

Around 2006: "Sir, there's something weird here: Numbers of units SHIPPED have gone way down. But i don't see any reduction in sales - what's up with this?" "Oh, don't worry, it's our new distribution system. See, previously we stuffed the outlets full with discs, regardless of actual demand. Now 20 years later we noticed that this may be inefficient, so now we're only shipping the actual demand. Lower cost, and better profits, you see?" "Err, Sir, couldn't we use this as a propaganda tool? You see, those online bozos have for years ridiculed us, that our claims are fake, because sales aren't down. What if we say that we have lost profits and just give them the reduced units SHIPPED number?" "Good idea, but the problem is we every year are giving out the actual sales stats... won't they just call us liars?" "Nah, just stop giving out the numbers of units SOLD, but keep the number of units SHIPPED" "Gotcha!"

Around 2007: Music industry guys meet with apple. They think, that via them they can now finally get a foodhold in the online market. They are like totally enthusiastic and confident.... VERY confident...... They tell apple, that they really don't want to sell music anymore! Instead, they really want to establish a global rent-based system..... it's wonderful: Near zero distribution costs, for the.... distributors..... yet people pay as much as before.... for TIMEBOMBED products. And this wonderful new global online sucker empire, would then be enforced by magic encryption.... some companies which a few years ago didn't exist, approached them, and told them that copyprotection can like totally solve this.

Apple gives them the middle finger. "You want a pony with that? There's no way people will accept this. Nada." Music industry executives then back down a bit "Well, okay, no rent-based system.... but we WANT copyprotection..... else our hated customer-base will like totally rip us off, because now they're PAYING for what if they wanted to, they could get  for free illegally.

Apple, agrees, knowing that it won't work out anyways, yet apple gets paid in full and has a nice store for flooding the market with those iphones. 2 Years later, it turned out that it indeed didn't work out. Most online music stores drop copy-protection, because people for weird reasons prefer to buy from vendors, that do not sell timebombed goods.

Around 2011: "Oh fuckit, we still 10 years later have no foothold in this new market, all our attempts at punishing those evil enemy INNOVATORS, have failed, and even though we got the DMCA, people just move servers outside the USA, and laugh at us when we send DMCA notices to denmark. This sucks.... folks, we need to shoot even bigger..... the internet is the enemy of our little cartel and incompetence.... it must be overthrown! Let's call it "Stop Online Piracy Act".... and tell the hordes of unemployed and starving middle class suckers, that it's about fighting people who are their enemies..... haha, isn't that funny?"

Early 2012: "AAAAAAAAAARRRGHHHHH - IT AGAIN DIDN'T WORK! The world hates us, it must be destroyed!"

Aristophanes's picture

Hey WB:


Isn't that half-elephant, half-donkey thing called a "sycophant"?

williambanzai7's picture

Very good, but it's spelled Sickophant ;-)

The Heart's picture


Brother Bill,

Please take down the HA patch before they catch up to you. The HA are very particular about the illegal usage of the clubs logo and will hotly pursue those who use it without permission. You may be untouchable, but they are a world wide organization now.

Maybe you do have that permission and if so, sorry for the warning. If not, well, take this for what it is, a concerned brother's sound advice.


aerojet's picture

The Hells Angels--another group that needs their asses kicked!  What the fuck?  They're going to come beat you up/kill you for making a parody of their stupid logo?  Sounds like the whole MegaUpload thing all over again.  No cops in sight anywhere when the real crooks start doing their dirty deeds.


BTW--Parody is fair use.

williambanzai7's picture

If you go back and look at all of Holders purported break throughs on the financial fraud front, you will see that it is a big publicity stunt.

Now that douche weasel was a partner at Convington and Burling. The firm that issued the MERS legal opinion. Do you think he is going to go after the banks? Where do you think he is going to work after he leaves Justice?

So all he does is Chase Mexicano banditos, former Chips actors, Gibson Guitars, medical marijuana distributors and now Hells angels Alumnis for mortgage fraud. Are we supposed to be impressed by this horse shit?

williambanzai7's picture

There are HA colors all over the news today. And I am one of the few asking why pick on this guy and the "evil angels" when there are much bigger fish to fry.

You know why? Misdirection...

Wakanda's picture

So if Hell's Angels is the big mortgage fraud bust for inaction Jackson, then the Wall Street Banksters are sure that their collective guilty asses are covered, right?  Nothing else to see here, move along...

I guess the Angels didn't make enough Obama re-election campaign contributions.  Word on the street is that is how to keep Jackson off one's ass - donate early and often.

When President Ron Paul legalizes drugs, the Angels will lose a huge revenue stream as street prices plummet.  This is a warning shot to "get right with the big O" or else.

williambanzai7's picture

One can either laugh or cry.

Gully Foyle's picture


Tao Te Ching
Script/Verse 38:

To give without seeking reward,
To help without thinking it is virtuous -- therein lies great value.

To keep account of your actions,
To help with the hope of gaining merit -- therein lies no virtue.

The highest virtue is to act without a sense of self,
The highest kindness is to give without condition,
The highest justice is to see without preference.

When Tao is lost one must learn the rules of virtue,
When virtue is lost, the rules of kindness,
When kindness is lost, the rules of justice,
When justice is lost, the rules of conduct,
And when the high-blown rules of conduct are not followed, people are seized by the arm and it is forced on them.

The rules of conduct,
Are just an outer show of devotion and loyalty -- quite confusing to the heart.

And when men rely on these rules for guidance -- Oh, what ignorance abounds!.