Banks Have Gone Bust For Over 2000 Years, Yet The Sun Has Risen Everyday Since

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Here is another interview given where I espouse my opinion and perspective on global banking and the sovereign debt crisis. Click here for the full audio.


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Reggie is just sitting pretty coz he doesnt keep his money with them.The problem is for the others to work it out.He seems smart enough to be trading his FRN's to the shiny stuff too.


The sun will go up everyday regardless of whether there is a communist fascist technological 1984 dictatorship hell bent on reducing the world population by 90% through bioweapons.Sure doesnt mean we should be smiling and skipping along,as if nothing happened.

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dude,but it sure doesnt mean you should keep your money with those damn bankers either!!! damn,you cant even open a brokerage account now,because theyll just "Steal Your Frikking Money" as we learned from the MF Global Jazz Festival

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I doubt the Rothkiddies are broke-but the Rockyfellers and Morgoons might be.

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Hm, will pepper spray (or Eric Holder) keep the frauds out of jail?

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You mean banks don't do god's work!!!! 

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since they were kicked off the Temple steps by Jesus Christ let's just say bangsters haven't been in Gods good books since ...looking at Lloyd Blankfeins insolvent sucking operation you can see why

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We should all be buying bank stocks hand over fist right now! Haha ... fucking Dick Bove.

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imagine if we have another financial crisis people may actually be able to enter the stock market at something equal to or less than fair value as determined by long term cyclical measure. Uhhhh, we can't be having that now can we. it would destroy the big boys ability to make money by selling us over valued assets on a long term basis

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Reggie, do you take the time to actually sleep?

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Crisis now and crisis down the road so ( sarcasm on ) do like everybody else today sell everything and buy $ and U.S. IOU's cause they give you safety and safety with income. (Sarc. off)

 I can hardly believe everybody is that totally deluded and stupid. Obviously the other explanation is that the banksters are getting desperate and are intervening in all the markets very massively with massive amounts of bits.

So then it follows that this will cause even more imbalances and more massive efforts will be needed to keep the spinning top to wind down and fall. (Incite the farmers to grow food for example.)

 Is this really it, i wonder? Is playtime over and actual armageddon is about to unfold?

 Somehow I'm still hoping TPTB will relent and not turn loose what could really really hurt and very possibly turn into Mad Max as the real experience for all of us. ( Including them as I'm sure they must know.)


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It's true that banks have gone broke, but many times they go to war instead of going away. It's that do or die moment of desperation. This time it is all the banks at the same time. So I'm seeing Mad Max coming on strong, even though the sun will keep coming up.