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The catapults Juncker is loading
The plan to save Greece is exploding
If the core takes a hit
He'll start launching shit
To keep the EU from imploding

The Limerick King



Greeks are awaiting the news
Confirming their new cement shoes
Their torture proceeds
The Ponzi it feeds
The Troika will tighten the screws!

The Limerick King




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So glad I did not have any coffee near me for that one. absolutely hilarious.

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Man love your shit!

Pones for all the pix WB

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so damn funny


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the whole implosion of the euro reflects POORLY on germany.


german efficiency and punctuality is on the line here, folks. imagine the GALL the germans feel to see THEIR worthless bumwad burning up when the fed reserve note continues to roll on.


germans HATE this.


great pics william. do you have a day job?

williambanzai7's picture

This thing you call day...what does it look like?

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Check this out WB, MSM's got a brand new bag!


Drone journalism takes off

By Mark Corcoran from Foreign Correspondent

Updated February 21, 2012 20:10:07

ABC News roadtests an aerial video drone for reporting Video: ABC News roadtests an aerial video drone for reporting (ABC News)

Map: Sydney 2000

"Drones play an increasing and controversial role in modern warfare. From Afghanistan and Pakistan to Iran and Yemen, they have become a ubiquitous symbol of Washington's war on terrorism. Critics point to the mounting drone-induced death toll as evidence that machines, no matter how sophisticated, cannot discriminate between combatants and innocent bystanders. Now drones are starting to fly into a more peaceful, yet equally controversial role in the media. Rapid technological advances in low-cost aerial platforms herald the age of drone journalism. But it will not be all smooth flying: this new media tool can expect to be buffeted by the issues of safety, ethics and legality. ..."


"Flying paparazzi?  Imagine a camera drone slowly climbing to a 30th-floor hotel window. Now visualise the face of the targeted celebrity, caught in an indiscrete moment: the million-dollar money shot.  For the paparazzi, fines or confiscation of a drone may be a very small price to pay.  The possibilities seem endless, as do the legal and ethical issues. ..."


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BlAH, BLAH, BLAH. anyone who reads Scifi has expected the loss of privacy.

It's what follows that will be truly interesting.

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The "million-dollar money shot"?

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(Reuters) - Financial market traders and keen gamblers take note. Scientists have found that a chemical in the region of the brain involved in sensory and reward systems is crucial to whether people simply brush off the pain of financial losses.

The experiment showed that a neurotransmitter, or chemical messenger, called norepinephrine, or noradrenaline, is central to the response to losing money.

Those with low levels of norepinephrine transporters had higher levels of the chemical in a crucial part of their brain - leading them to be less aroused by and less sensitive to the pain of losing money, the researchers found.

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the key question is : does it transmit down to the nether regions of Man's crown jewels territory; to shrug Atlas of coital strain and refurbish hormone count to charge down --lay lady lay-- lane. Blue pills are no true blue solutions as self solution is true natural  resolution.

Now that is a truly universal question that goes beyond trader neurochemistry. These researchers keep barking up the wrong tree! You can see they are all paid shills of the WS mob who only think about money-honey; not like us lot who think about honey-honey.

falak pema's picture

lol, Merkel as the new euro bimbo...I think Sarko wanted Carla in that role!

WB7, I love the "man in the iron mask" theme. Awesome reminder of Absolutist regime and Euro technocracy play to comatise Athens today, Portugal tomorrow etc. etc. etc.

If you mix hilarity and profundity like you do, you'll make those Troika dames; Merkell, Lagarde and Carla, have their real first public orgasms. Keep up the fire power of the satirical world to undress Oligarchical sartorial elegance. Hogwash of hubris and populist eloquence, now full blast in electionista-hyperinflationorista in Sarko-Obammy lands. In Greece they also call it "touristica"...A term for merdistica. We are knee deep in it. 

So play on poet.


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(Reuters) - A top executive of Japan's scandal-ridden Olympus Corp has been found dead in a park outside New Delhi, an apparent suicide, The Times of India said on Tuesday, quoting police.

Tsutomu Omori, 49, who was head of Olympus's medical equipment business in India, was found hanging from a boundary wall by a gardener in the park, which was part of an apartment complex in Gurgaon, just outside the capital, the daily said.

"Police have recovered two suicide notes written in Japanese. While one of them was meant for Omori's family, the other note only said "I am sorry for bothering you" in Japanese," the newspaper added.

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Amazing talent you got. Keep up the good work. Thank you for sharing.

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Well you pulled it off Banzai ... all that remains is the Dead Parrot (of the global economy} and the silly walks/talks of a myriad economists ... some whom  have garnered Nobel(sic) prizes as the world goes to hell.

I take some comfort from this, as my world goes haywire:

Btw I turned 65 about four years ago.

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We need this comic relief William.  As the Euro clowns keep insisting that Greece's situation is nothing more than "a flesh wound".

williambanzai7's picture

There will be flesh wounds all right.

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If you are going Old School Dante, you forgot this gem of an image from Gustave Dore:

The Avaricious and Prodigal rolling bags of money up hill.


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Excellent WB7 - as always.....bloody brilliant!

hivekiller's picture

You forgot the part about all those child molestors/child snuffers in Brussels.

iamtheeggman whooooooooooooo's picture

lovin the new WB7s. You are hot hot hot. The pixels be burnin'!


Here is some fun floats for Carnival featuring Merkozy and more from Spiegel

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William, listen to your Mother and eat your brussell sprouts or you get no dessert

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Does any European daily, or weekly, ever re-print your stuff? My God, it must make them foam at the mouth.

williambanzai7's picture

I have had writers ask for permission to use then the editors knock them down. What does that tell you. And they do copy me. Either that or they see what I see one year after I see it.

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What is sad is that these people really think they have total control over everyone of our lives! They think in global terms, as if we are pawns in their global Grand Chess Board... too bad that we dare be domestic soverign individuals!
with our motto: Trample the dEAD! HuRtlE the weAK!  

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William we need Christine LaGarde with a Mullet! We need this! And a short sleeved starched shirt, khaki, with kind of 'Lightning Bolts" for sleeve patches. Die Fuhrer uf der Euro! Please, William.

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The new world order of the Suicide Vamprie Squid of the Great Wal Mart of China, quote:''Everything depends on mining'' ...and slaves.


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Hey William,  nice graphics, as usual, but, regarding the first haircut listed,  one would simply tell the barber "gimme a deetroit and leave on the fenders"  

the double e in deetroit was intentional and the accent would be on the first syllable. 

A woman that used to cut my hair back in the day related this story to me from her days at barber college when the students would practice on anyone that would walk in for a cheap haircut.  She didn't have a clue what he meant and he walked her through it... and that is the rest of the story.

 God bless brother, keep up the good work    

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banzi muslims think pigs have a circle of hell too

AbruptlyKawaii's picture

dogs, too, but dog's got personlity, personality goes a long way.

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Once again WB7...just priceless, sophisticated snark! Thank You sir for brightening up our day and clarifying what morons our leaders are..I humbly bow in the general direction of you and your sidekick, The Limerick King.

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I love the 9 levels of hell, 2 thumbs up.

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Violence Rocks Maldives


Maldives president resigns after police mutiny

2012-02-07 09:21:00 GMT


The world seems to have forgotten this little paradise...oops, I mean ex-paradise:

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Ha, Ha, Ha. That's perfect.

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Bankster: Bring out yer dead. 
IMF: Here's one. 
Bankster: That'll be ninepence. 

Greece: I'm not dead. 
Bankster: What? 
IMF: Nothing. There's your ninepence. 
Greece: I'm not dead. 
Bankster: 'Ere, he says he's not dead. 
IMF: Yes he is. 
Greece: I'm not. 
Bankster: He isn't. 
IMF: Well, he will be soon, he's very ill. 
Greece: I'm getting better. 
IMF: No you're not, you'll be stone dead in a moment.