Buffett's Move Marks the Beginning of the End

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For what it's worth, I don't think they would ever nationalize BoA or any other TBTP.  This would be admitting something too horrible to the world.

No..what they would do is promise JPM that they would provide a few trillion interest-free so that they could "acquire" BoA, then quietly let them unload their toxic shit onto the taxpayer through Freddie/Fannie or some other goddamn method.  Of course the prefereed shareholders would ALWAYS be made whole, with Buffet now the first one in line.

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Just when you think Buffet's credibilty couldn't get lower.

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Buffett branding is just a first line of defense in the rescue plan.


Goldman Sachs Case Study

9/15/2008   | GS=$131 | Lehman Bros files for Ch. 11

9/16/2008 | GS=$129 | AIG bailed out

9/23/2008 | GS=$121 | Buffett buys $5B of GS @ $115/share (under market)

10/3/2008 | GS=$124 | TARP made into law 

10/28/2008  | GS=$91 | US Treasury buys $10B of GS @ $122.9/share (over market)

11/21/2008 | GS=$47.41 | low

11/24/2008 | GS=$65 | QE 1 begins; Fed buys MBS


For Banksters of America, we can expect same order of bailouts about a month apart with BAC falling 20-30% each interval:

8/25/2011 Buffett (private deal)

9/23/2011 US Treasury (federal)

10/28/2011 QE 3 (international overlord)

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Graham's stuff is always quick and straight to the point.  I like it.

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Who cares? Maybe ZH gets paid by Phoenix. So what? It's really annoying to keep reading comments about  Phoenix's stock advertisement about the newsletter. I ignore the newsletter pitch. I really get annoyed at the constant waste from people commenting and complaining about it.

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Fuck the newsletter, he's a vacuous idiot; he has nothing to say.

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Fuck, it has been the beginning of end since 2006.

Buffy is just being pumper buffy.

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angry are those who are in the eye of the cyclone. 

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Fuck that. I have an angry woman breathing down my neck. Her name is Irene. Life and family won out on this one. Try again Biochezzzzzzz

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between this post,a dn the last one ,with the constant fear tactics, I announce you looser of the week. always the same mantra on your posts, and this headline is just as stupid

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Hi, Tyler; can't you lose this hoser? He's BAD for the tone and value of the whole blog. He's a nitwit.

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I don't understand this...

Why does Phoenix Capital get so much play and page time?  It's about hyperbole, fear and buy/subscribe to my newsletter if you want to survive.  He needs a picture of Arnold with leather jacket and sun glasses, hand out stretched somewhere in the post saying "Come Vit Me If You Want to Live".

Tyler, comon man!  These posts just diminish the credibility of ZH... If PC is a sponser that's one thing, but, really these are just spam.

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Why does Phoenix Capital get so much play and page time?

Obviously you haven't watched the movie very closely.  Why did Norton get so much face time with Brad Pitt? 

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Content is king, mate. Go out and make some of your own...all done with the whining.

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I'm sooo AFRAID! I read the article! MOMMY!?

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You don't think Buffett is a shill for the government?  Really?

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What's one TBTF (BAC) to another (BRK.A) when the Fed is their friend. Only the zeros move.

The fox gets the cream, the chickens get non-fat scratch.