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There have been a cluster of earthquakes near Fukushima. Just yesterday, there was another 6.0 earthquake.

There have been a cluster of meltdowns at Fukushima. For example, Asahi reports today:


A second meltdown likely occurred in the No. 3 reactor at the Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant, a scenario that could hinder the current strategy to end the crisis, a scientist said.


In that meltdown, 10 days after the March 11 Great East Japan Earthquake, the fuel may have leaked to the surrounding containment vessel, according to a report by Fumiya Tanabe, a former senior researcher at what was then the government-affiliated Japan Atomic Energy Research Institute.




Under Tokyo Electric Power Co.'s road map to deal with its crippled nuclear plant, reducing temperatures at the bottom of the core pressure vessel is one objective for bringing the accident under control. But if the fuel burned through the pressure vessel surrounding the No. 3 reactor and dropped into the containment vessel, that plan would be affected.




Around 11 a.m. on March 14, the reactor building was hit by a large hydrogen explosion that was likely caused by a core meltdown, which led to fuel falling to the bottom of the pressure vessel.




Tanabe also estimates that the second meltdown led to the release of large amounts of radioactive materials, and that much of the fuel fell through the pressure vessel to the surrounding containment vessel.




Kunihisa Soda, a former commissioner at the Nuclear Safety Commission of Japan who is a specialist on severe accidents at nuclear plants, said the possibility of a second meltdown could not be ruled out.

Nuclear expert Arnie Gundersen notes that there are currently lethal radiation levels at Fukushima, that even higher measurements are to still come, and that the nuclear core has leaked out and is on floor like a pancake working its way down.

NHK notes that scientists have found radiation levels in Japan higher than any found in the contaminated zone in Chernobyl called Red Forest:

And nuclear regulators only thought about worst case scenarios involving a single nuclear plant. They totally ignored the fact that power loss to complexes of nuclear reactors - like the cluster of 6 reactors at Fukushima - could lead to multiple simultaneous meltdowns.

And then there's a cluster of cover ups.

As the New York Times reports:


“From the 12th to the 15th we were in a location with one of the highest levels of radiation,” said Tamotsu Baba, the mayor of Namie, which is about five miles from the nuclear plant. He and thousands from Namie now live in temporary housing in another town, Nihonmatsu. “We are extremely worried about internal exposure to radiation.”


The withholding of information, he said, was akin to “murder.”


In interviews and public statements, some current and former government officials have admitted that Japanese authorities engaged in a pattern of withholding damaging information and denying facts of the nuclear disaster — in order, some of them said, to limit the size of costly and disruptive evacuations in land-scarce Japan and to avoid public questioning of the politically powerful nuclear industry. As the nuclear plant continues to release radiation, some of which has slipped into the nation’s food supply, public anger is growing at what many here see as an official campaign to play down the scope of the accident and the potential health risks.


Seiki Soramoto, a lawmaker and former nuclear engineer to whom Prime Minister Naoto Kan turned for advice during the crisis, blamed the government for withholding forecasts from the computer system, known as the System for Prediction of Environmental Emergency Dose Information, or Speedi.


“In the end, it was the prime minister’s office that hid the Speedi data,” he said. “Because they didn’t have the knowledge to know what the data meant, and thus they did not know what to say to the public, they thought only of their own safety, and decided it was easier just not to announce it.”




Meltdowns at three of Fukushima Daiichi’s six reactors went officially unacknowledged for months. In one of the most damning admissions, nuclear regulators said in early June that inspectors had found tellurium 132, which experts call telltale evidence of reactor meltdowns, a day after the tsunami — but did not tell the public for nearly three months. For months after the disaster, the government flip-flopped on the level of radiation permissible on school grounds, causing continuing confusion and anguish about the safety of schoolchildren here in Fukushima.




The timing of many admissions ... suggested to critics that Japan’s nuclear establishment was coming clean only because it could no longer hide the scope of the accident.

The mayor of Namie also said the government's justifications for withholding information are nonsensical.

And in related news:

It's a clusterfukushima.

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@ George Washington: Try this guy out, he follows this shit:

Look at his recent ones from end July to now.

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I just post this without hope of intelligent response:

a friend who organized a vast local fundraiser after the tsunami and then went to teach video editing and such to children in the most tsunami affected areas to help them learn methods to cope, as I just was to know, came down with radiation sickness.

Now, she was never close to where it was supposed to be unsafe.

She barely scraped by on needing blood transfusions, but consulting with my MD friends, they say in given circumstance, it's not terrible reasonable to assume that she will live to be over a hundred years as her mother and grandmother did.

My MD friends also say, under no circumstance to ingest dairy from west of the Rockies, or any other aggregators.

That's all I like to share with the 5 per cent of zerohedge commenters who have a brain.

However, I live for the principle of dialectic discourse. So, bring it on....

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seriously JamesBond?  your easy-to-find news is that local officials said all is good in Minamisoma???  believing any pronouncement of an official in Japan about the radiation being "low" is naive at best.   of course, you could just check out their published data for yourself but, OOPS, it may already be deleted:

Nuclear commission erases children's exposure data

"The results included information that showed a 4-year-old infant in Iwaki City was exposed to 35 millisieverts of radiation. This amount is not considered a health threat." !?!!

anyone comparing low-dose external radiation (relatively harmless) and internal radiation (much more harmful) equivalently is either a malicious liar or a utterly uninformed.  Keep up the good work GW!!!

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 gw, how do we preach to the "un-choir"?


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 Are they all going to dye?

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Alpha emitting radiation alters DNA configuration.  Altering DNA configuration creates the likelihood of cellular disruption and cancer cell development.  Despite what the shills and main stream media publish, no amount of long half life Alpha emitting hot particles are “safe,” none!  The fewer hot particles involved, the less the probability of direct hit cellular disruption but if even one controlling cell’s DNA chain is altered, the probability of cancerous development approaches 100%.  Disagree with this postulate at your own peril.

With the above in place, far too many will succumb to this horrific catastrophe in both the acute and chronic distribution cycle.  All is such an encompassing word that it is inappropriate, at least to date!  I am genuinely sorry to paint such a grim picture.

BTW, roaches are genetically insensitive to alpha emitting isotopes.  Care to project the future appearance of Earth’s inhabitants moving forward.    

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GW idiot continues his "FUKUSHIMA IS ARMAGEDDON"-crap. Luckily he is not the one making energy production decisions or we will be all shivering around the camp fire, except GW cannot even start that.

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I recommend actually watching at least the first 15 minutes of the video prominently featured in Geore Washington's post.  The gist of it is that much of the contamination around Fukushima is much worse than occurred around Chenobyl.  The video profiles the heroic work of scientists from Hiroshima and Nagasaki universities determined to get solid evidence of the actual levels of contamination within the first week after the tsunami of March 11, 2011.  The film is chilling to watch as these scientists don increasingly bulky protections from the nearly lethal radiation as they draw closer and closer to Fukushima.  Japan is in very deep trouble indeed.  

Maybe it's time to give thorium-based nuclear power another look (Liquid Florium Thorium Reactors)  I know Japan is looking into smaller, uranium-based plants, but thorium might just be ready for commercial usage at long last.  Thorium and its' byproducts cannot be weaponized, that's why the US nuclear gurus decided against it during the coldest days of the Cold War.  Sadly for Japan, they adopted the US-style plants that are great for creating plutonium warheads and can end up contaminating so much of such a small country.

Keep it up, George Washington.  I've been through a disaster and the resulting government cover-up with media complicity first-hand.  We need people who aren't afraid of the truth.

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I felt obligated to watch all this video after Shinzo Kimura was asked what motivated his interest in the flow of radiation from Fukushima.  He answered by showing a picture of his three year old son.  This 1hr 28min video is about scientists, not TEPCO or government officals, collecting radiation contamination samples and interviewing people affected by the disaster at Fukushima.  Data collected by these scientists proves radiation from Fukushima is worse and more dangerous than most people believe.

George Washington, keep posting info about Fukushima.  In a short time it will be recognized as the worst man-made radiation disaster.

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checkmark "tim73"= nitwit

JW n FL's picture

Tim.. if you are not smart enough to live in a warm climate..

where the girls wear bikini's 11 months out of the year..

that does not make George and idiot!

YOUR actions make YOU WHO YOU ARE! not George.

Now go vote Republican again so that we can get rid of the top heavy peter principle lobby whores sooner than later!

thanks for playing!

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Lebanon is pretty warm, eh?

JW n FL's picture

Palm  Beach is warm, yes.

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"on floor like a pancake working its way down"

Out of it's containment vessel, there is nothing that can stop it. 

The early rice examinations showed levels of cesium well below dangerous levels. However, to me this is largely because all the tests were conducted on crops South of Tokyo!  It's clear that the testing is to be conducted in concentric circles until the level approaches unacceptable levels at which point testing will stop and the entire crop will be deemed safe and the rest will be destroyed without testing. 

Wernerempire's picture

The only way to respond is to "cool" "it" by hosing it down - for lack of alternative first with seawater (corrosive), for awhile now with fresh water.
There is no way to contain or "filter" the residue at this point.
There is no containment for the vapour either.

The 'runoff' will runoff into the Pacific foodchain.

There will be no government inspections of salmon/thuna runs re: isotopes.
Canada is just about to lay off a slew of environmental employees - by definition the remainder will shut up and be malleable.

There is no way of telling the world that in reality Japan's economy  is pretty toast either - not not the way things are right now, anyway.

And then, you'd also have to actually measure and say: pacific seafood is not safe, agricultural produce, meat, dairy, is not safe......  In what world would we be allowed to hear that truth quite yet?


If you have a pregnant spouse, move to Maine or Argentina now  -  I would.

JW n FL's picture

but think of all the hard data the consumers will not have to suffer then!

it really is a win, win for all involved!

dont ya think?


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Amidst a financial and economic crisis, Congress has reached its summer recess and many representatives are going to Israel.

Altogether, 81 Congressmen and women have announced their one-week trips, paid for by the American Israel Education Fund, a non-profit affiliate of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee.

AIPAC Sends 81 Members of the US Congress on Vacation!

1/5th of Congress! is going to Israel the Largest single recipient of US AID!!

For many years the American media said that “Israel receives $1.8 billion in military aid” or that “Israel receives $1.2 billion in economic aid.” Both statements were true, but since they were never combined to give us the complete total of annual U.S. aid to Israel, they also were lies—true lies.

Recently Americans have begun to read and hear that “Israel receives $3 billion in annual U.S. foreign aid.” That's true. But it's still a lie. The problem is that in fiscal 1997 alone, Israel received from a variety of other U.S. federal budgets at least $525.8 million above and beyond its $3 billion from the foreign aid budget, and yet another $2 billion in federal loan guarantees. So the complete total of U.S. grants and loan guarantees to Israel for fiscal 1997 was $5,525,800,000.



 Which brings US to this!

 How Come Israel does NOT! or has NOT EVER ALLOWED the IEA to inspect Dimona?

 Iran has! I

raq did!


 Becuase Washington DC is in the HIP Pocket of Israel!



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Do you mix your Hummous and Ful Mudammas together like I do?

Ah Sunday mornings in Nablus......

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Tyler we need a block user function.

Slap That Taco's picture

Let him speak. The Palestinians have a legit gripe. However, I think their leaders are equally to blame for lack of progress.

JW n FL's picture

Tyler is a Capitalist!

How about you JOOOOOO's! throw Tyler some Lobby Monies!

and *POOF* you will have blacked out yet another source or real information from the Sheepish Consumers!

All it takes is 6 or 7 figures and Tyler will not allow the truth to be posted about the JOOOO's here!

1-800-JOO-LOBY call now and mention this ad and you can recieve a FREE! ZeroHedge Tee Shirt!


for a tight fisted group you  guys and gals LOVE to spend Money in Washigton DC!

OOPS! Never Mind! thats becuase the United States gives Israel back 10 times more than the Lobby Costs! My Bad!!

JuicedGamma's picture

Thank you for making my point for me.

Slap That Taco's picture

He's just a little frantic-way too much sugar in that Palestinian tea, but that's how they like it.

Mongrel's picture

Bad theology makes for bad politics. Modern Israel is still held up as having a special relationship with God (chosen people and whatnot). This is clearly unbiblical; however, thanks to men like John Hagee (a Christian Zionist--talk about an oxymoron) many evangelical Christians believe in Jewish exceptionalism. But please pay attention to what Christ himself and His Disciples had to say about the unrepentent Jews. It ain't good . . . and it still applies today.

JW n FL's picture,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=580575142019ba61&biw=1536&bih=798

Israel Steals Nuclear Material from the United States!

Israel Selling U.S. Secret Weapons
Technology to U.S. Adversaries

Report in the March 15, 1992, New York Times revealed the pattern of illegal sales by Israel of U.S. weapon technology. The article revealed that Israel did this by either installing the U.S. components in an Israeli weapon system or disassembling the weapon to discover how it worked and then constructing their own, selling the secret technology to foreign countries, some being hostile to the U.S. interests.


Israel received Patriot missiles worth hundreds of millions of dollars from the United States, and instead of keeping the technology secret, sold the missiles with Patriot technology to other countries, including China, in clear violation of U.S. law. A State Department report5accused Israel of engaging, for nearly ten years, in a systematic pattern of reselling cutting-edge U.S. military technology to Third World countries.

5. New York Times, April 4, 1992.



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I thought Fukushima had 'gone away'. Damn, you mean it HASN'T?


Barnaby's picture

To think we're only 1, 2 generations tops from Total Recall style mutants. Imagine a dude all pickled on Corexit bangs a newly planted Korean hooker. Roll the dice, roll the dice.

americanspirit's picture

The Japanese rice harvest is only weeks away. I have a very bad feeling about this. If the harvest fails, as I think it will, then the price of rice around the world will go ballistic.

HungrySeagull's picture

The recently Opened Tokyo Rice Market Exchange was shut down last week due to a radioactive harvest making the crop essentially no good.

LookingWithAmazement's picture

Fukushima troubles are over.

Asymptotic Asylum's picture

No worries, Honda is sending in ASIMO the robot.

Skip ahead to 0:50.  Looks like they have the same failure plan as TEPCO.

Pez's picture

Honda's building cars with a new cooling system where the entire car acts as a RADIATOR!

JuicedGamma's picture

I'll translate...


And now Asimo will climb some steps.  See how he bounds up them.

Uh Uh ohno, shit he's stumbled and looks like he's fallen.

I think he's hurt, no he might be dead.

Quick somebody cover the gruesome scene.

Aaaaahhh Asimo is dead

RIP Asimo.

Poor Japan just can't get out of it's own way.  Remember how cocky they were back in the late '80s, taking over the world. Not.


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You sound like a racist to me. Don't sound sorry for those people dying of radiation at all.  Guess it doesn't affect the Jews, so who gives a damn anyway, huh?

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"Listen, Tonto, I have a plan.  I'll tell you as we ride."

Let's face it ... we really cannot do anything about Fu(ck)ushima, nor the Fed, nor anything else much; but in our midst there is juyitrade3

OK he/she/it is but a tadpole (if that) in the BIG POND, but it just might be worth destroying him/her/it as a cathartic exercize.

No matter what your ideological leanings (mine tending to be liberal/tolerant); maybe all of us could get some relief from getting shot of juyitrade3

Then we could go back to the normal of the banter of Zero Hedge comments.

Blankman's picture

What are you a communist?  Dont you believe in freedom of speech or the freedom to waste ~100 lines of space on the tread?  


Just kidding  - I am for anyones comments (hatefilled and loving - I try to read all and get an idea of the persons thought process) on the thread however when you fill up that much space trying to get people to buy horseshit items... off with his head.


By the way I have some nice watches for sale... cheap.  Just had them shipped over from Japan.  Damned newest technology.  The whole watch glows in the dark not just the minute hands.

bugs_'s picture

Speedi!!! LOL


spanish inquisition's picture

So what is the potential damage when the pancake works its way through the floor and into the water line?

disabledvet's picture

No one knows. If we can only talk about it here what does that tell you?

Setarcos's picture

No one ever expects the Spanish Inquisition, nor riots on the streets.

Eugend66's picture

Thanks for keeping this topic alive. Fine work.