CNBC: British Riots - And Unrest Worldwide - Caused By "Economic Uncertainty"

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By Washington’s Blog

Riots Worldwide From Economic Uncertainty

While most mainstream news outlets are blaming the British riots on random thuggery, they are really an outgrowth of bad economic conditions and governments' poor response to the financial crisis.

As I've noted for years, raging inequality and policies which help the big boys at the expense of the "little people" are causing unrest - not just in Egypt - but worldwide.


As CNBC reports today:

Great Britain and other parts of the world are experiencing unrest at a time of global economic uncertainty and stock market volatility.


Police in London say the violence began during a vigil for a man, Mark Duggan, who’d been killed by police. However, those on the streets say what's happening goes beyond one man's death.

In late June, half the public schools in Britain where closed by a massive protest over public pensions cuts, including three major teachers' unions, customs and immigration officers, and air traffic controllers. Some 750,000 people took part in the protest.

London's press has reported that discontent has been simmering among Britain's urban poor for years, in neighborhoods like Tottenham, where the riots started.

But as one man told NBC News about an economic protest two months ago, "There was not a word in the press about our protests. Last night (Saturday) a bit of rioting and looting and now look around you."


Cameron's conservative government is under fire for spending cuts to social programs in order to help reduce the country's debt. Among those hit the hardest are large numbers of minority youths who have been at the forefront of the unrest.

And watch this BBC interview:



Haaretz notes:

Approximatley 300,000 people gathered Saturday night in Tel Aviv, 20,000 participated in Jerusalem, 3,000 in Kiryat Shmona, 5,000 in Modi’in,1,000 in Hod Hasharon and 1,000 in Eilat.



In Tel Aviv, people marched from Habima Square, near the tent city on Rothschild Boulevard, to the Kirya defense compund on Kaplan Street.


Tel Aviv protest August 6, 2011 (Tal Cohen)


Protesters in Tel Aviv, Saturday, August 6, 2011. Photo by: Tal Cohen


Protesters chanted "The people demand social justice" and "An entire generation demands a future."


A number of signs that were hung on Kaplan Street read "Resign, Egypt is here."


Haaretz also reports:

Knesset Speaker Reuven Rivlin said Sunday that he believes that the current Knesset may not complete its tenure due to the ongoing social protests in Israel.


Rivlin said that he believes elections will be earlier than the expected date in November of 2013.

CNBC fills in details on the reasons for the protests:

Some 250,000 people took to the streets of Tel Aviv, Israel, on Saturday over the rising cost of living. Demonstrations actually began last month when a few people set up tents in an expensive part of Tel Aviv to protest rising property prices.

The protests have moved to other cities in Israel, where some 50,000 people rallied.

The demonstrations have turned into a major challenge for the government of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Polls released last week show his approval ratings have dropped while support for the protesters is high.


Here are some of the demands from protestors, according to Reuters:

* Increase personal tax brackets for top earners

* Enshrine the right to housing in the law; introduce rent controls; boost mortgage relief

* Stop further privatization of things such as health facilities

* Provide free education for all from the age of three months

* Raise the minimum wage to 50 percent of the average wage

Spain, Greece and Portugal

CNBC then discusses protests in Spain, Greece and Portugal, noting:

All three ... have experienced protests and rioting in reaction to government austerity programs and bad economic conditions.

Philippines, China and Syria

CNBC then turns to 3 other nations:

The Philippines

Thousand of workers took to the streets throughout the country in May of this year to march for higher pay. They demanded better wages in light of rising inflation, including higher oil prices.

They called on the government of President Benigno Aquino III to do more to help protect jobs.

In reaction, the government held job fairs as hundreds of workers have been laid off as the economy slumps. Workers say that effort has fallen far short of what they want.


Nearly 1,000 cab drivers in eastern China blocked traffic and protested on Aug. 1 over rising fuel costs. It was the latest sign of discontent about the country's surging inflation.

Inflation is hitting China hard, with food prices recently increasing 12 percent. Many Chinese officials are reported concerned that inflation, along with rising property prices, could lead to even more unrest.

This past June, thousands of workers battled for three days with police in the capital city of the southern Chinese province of Guangdong. They were protesting declining living standards.

The recent protests can be traced back to February of this year, in what was an attempt to copy the Arab Spring uprising. That's when calls through Chinese social networks were sent out for an uprising in several local cities.



In another legacy from the Arab Spring, protests and riots in Syria against the rule of President Bashar al-Assad have been going on for five months.

Reports say at least 1,600 people have been killed by government forces.

The demonstrations are a combination of calls for economic as well as political changes. Assad's government has promised a package of reforms including higher wages, letting political parties exist, easing restrictions on the media, and a new anti-corruption drive. But so far, none of the measures has been set in place.

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AnAnonymous's picture

The US world order is really one of big lies. They keep showing their double standards anytime.

What such a different treatment depending on whom is involved so funny.

Compared with the free press treatment of French surburbs burning or China's multiple riots.

As for China, for which the blame is commonly laid on their form of government and their political ideology, this is what the Chinese are going to win.

Today, when they riot, they are victims to an odious government. Today, when and if they adopt US citizenism, they will grow into rag tag, underdogs, filth and all the labels commonly used. Over night. Because the adoption of US citizenism wont stop the riots of course.

americanspirit's picture

A safe and effective way to stop paying taxes is to learn to barter. Exchange services for services and goods for goods. No record, no taxes. If enough people begin bartaring for a significant portion of what they need, the beast can be starved.  By the way, California tax receipts down 10% last month - I am sure that there's some component of bartering in there, but no way to document it. Think globally - act locally. Go out and trade for something you need today. Just try it - it's fun. Then do it again tomorrow. Gradually make it a habit. Thye tax beast can be brought down without anyone going to prison for not paying taxes.

Escapeclaws's picture

Strictly speaking, income from barter is taxable and if the IRS catches you, it's no different from not reporting regular cash income. Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Just sayin'.

Bob's picture

It ain't just folks on the streets.  Check out Dylan Ratigan's Howard Beale rant from yesterday:

It's the video, not the written piece . . .

EDIT: Ooops, Geo, looks like you've already gotten this out!  Thanks.

slackrabbit's picture

Funny really.

Do financial economic damage and the government bails you out.

Do physical damage and suddenly the government get all up set?

Both are forms of robbery and vandalism, but you can’t have law and order without consequences for offenders 

Most of the kids simply shout back - get to me after the bankers - truly - out of the mouths of babes


GFORCE's picture

The riots caused by economic uncertainty. Garbage. Utter garbage.

The demographic involved have no clue of the economic situation and the majority were teenagers.

You'll have to dig a bit deeper George. Lazy article.

Smiddywesson's picture

Nope, George is right.  You are just fastening on a few words and ignoring the argument.

What they feel they can't articulate, but it is there like a splinter in their minds.  They thirst for freedom, hope, truth, retribution, and violence.  It has everything to do with economic uncertainty because the economic uncertainty was caused by their lack of freedom, loss of hope, and society of lies. 

Most of society has ignored economics and finance their whole lives, but they are waking up from the Matrix to find themselves in chains.

Bob's picture

You nailed it: Everything they might say when questioned is regarded, by some insanely biased set of definitions, as inherently illegitimate.

The interviewers invariably come at them with loaded questions that remind me very much of the old "So when did you stop beating your wife, Mr. Jones?" 

Ironic that the ZH crowd that is so reliable in calling for meltdown and riots here find themselves compelled to condemn it when they see it actually happening . . . because it's the "wrong" people doing it. 

Get a good look at the future, folks.  If the capitalist oligarchs and their precious sycophants don't loosen the reins on their global extraction machine, they're gonna be looking at some REAL socialist revolution. 

All the tools should get behind reform while there's still a chance of actually talking about it and thinking it through.

AnAnonymous's picture

How is it ironic?

 It is now well known that US citizens are duplicitous and do not oppose the system but fear to fall prey to the system. It is very different.


Bob's picture

I stand justly corrected.

Arch Duke Ferdinand's picture


*****Moodys Warns Student Loans May Be the Next Financial Bubble.

10/20 million American Students Should Starve the US Government from its Taxes.
Can 10/20 million American students be jailed?.....

*****Eight Reasons Young Americans Don't Fight Back: How the US Crushed Youth Resistance

10/20 million American Students Should Starve the US Government from its Taxes.
Can 10/20 million American students be jailed?.....

*****OT: The Creek Short video

...makes one think outside the box.....

g speed's picture

only legit govt anymore is the family or your block--anything bigger is becoming obsolete

Reptil's picture

cause (financial crisis) and effect (destruction of wealth in society) is seperated in time. many have a hard time putting the two together.

smore's picture

Look Brits, this is how your country has been destroyed. You have had a class divide like no other country since the Norman Invasion.  The upper classes have contempt for the lower classes, and they have hatred and resentment in return. The middle classes have been thoroughly infected by the mental parasite of socialism.

What happened was that the upper class types who ran the colonies came home and decided it would be a very good idea to let some of the wogs and nigs they were used to ordering around there to move to Britain, so they could order them around at home, and incidentally rub it in the faces of the lower classes that they were no better than the wogs and nigs.

The terminally soft-headed middle class bleeding heart liberals, eager to atone for the arrogance of the upper classes in running the empire, welcomed them with open arms.

By the 60's the lower classes were beginning to complain.  Enoch Powell attempted to point out the problem, and was shouted down as being a racist.  From then on, the immigrant have poured in.  In recent polls, 70 to 90% of Britons say there are too many immigrants.  But Britain is not a democracy.  It is still run by the upper class, and will be until you have a Revolution of the French kind.  Anyway, it's too late.  If you walk around London, it is clear that the actual British are a minority.  Nothing remains but a hurtling descent into chaos.

AnAnonymous's picture

You have had a class divide like no other country since the Norman Invasion. 

Sure. If the Norman invasion did something, that is ending the Apartheid system set on Celtic people by the Anglo-Saxons.

For more sensationalism, better to refer to that period of times, the anglo-saxon invasion of Great Britain and the apartheid forced on Celtic people.

Azannoth's picture

This is happening the same way all across western Europe, in the german city I live in every 20th person is a negro(in phuking germany! can you believe that)

I am not a native german, but I was shocked how many of them loiter the streets here, not even in Ireland I could count 1 in 100 to be a negro but here it's like a slow moving flood

Die Weiße Rose's picture

since your'e not a native German,

shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of Germany !

we don't need rascist biggot Arseholes like you

loitering useless in the streets and polluting my country.

Fuck off back to that hole you crawled out from, you fascist Azannoth !

Azannoth's picture

I will not ask you (nor any other German) for permission to stay here, same way as the millions of negers loitering the streets here

Germany as your forefathers knew it is forever dead, so make peace with it

You are as powerless to kick me out, as the jews and negers, 'your' country no longer belongs to you it hase become a whorehouse(like the rest of Europe and much of the Western world)

where anybody can walk right in and without asking or being impeded take a dump in the middle of the street, so suck on it I bet you will learn to like it

Are you kidding's picture

And to think...they're a dead end evolutionarily...if we had "found" them earlier, they'd have met the same fate as the Neanderthal.  Since we found them after "civilizing", we instead used them as slaves.  So we've in fact kept a dying species...OK, a SUBspecies...alive.  And now look at them...breeding like rabbits on OUR dime!  Let them revolt...then let's cut them off and see how long they survive.  May the "great culling" begin.

Azannoth's picture

Actually Humanity as a whole IMO is a dead-end species, so I would not bother (for now) .. 

BTW why do people only ever seem to make sense when they are being sarcastic,

is it that old truth is the new sarcasm, and old sarcasm is the new truth ?

Bob's picture

It would seem that they should be home watching AI like good, decent white sheeple are. 

Pay Day Today's picture

There's a Rothschilds Boulevard in Tel Aviv???

Quintus's picture

It was principally the direct intervention by Baron Rothschild that persuaded the British Government to create the state of 'Israel' in the first place.  If you visit the Rothschild's manor house at Waddeston in the UK, there is a display there celebrating this achievement.

Seems only fair therefore to have a street named after him.

sudzee's picture

Old sayings: if you can't beat them join them, monkey see, monkey do. Corporate owned gov's worldwide have been raping, pillaging, lying and killing costituants for the last 40 years. Time for the masses to wake up to the oppression of the few who seek to maintain power using every option tey have thru a corrupt justice system. This is a worldwide war against big gov't. Power to the people, death to the oppressors.

Die Weiße Rose's picture

 Revolution is here !

How many of you have worked all your life, paid taxes, saved for your retirement and as you nearing about 60

you find that the Pension Fund you thought was safe, has been in coersion with Vulture Hedgefunds and has

lend out your shares of your blue-chip retirement investments to be shorted during the Global financial markets,

or be sold off because your retirement fund went bust and so you lost all your Life-savings and your hope of retirement at 60 is over, since you  have been robbed blind by the People you trusted, your own Government who were in bed with Mobsters and Confidence tricksters. You have been done over like a Dinner and you sit there, gutted and drained like a Christmas Turkey!

You remember the 60's when you were a Kid, went out on the street and told those fuckers that you wont take their shit any longer. Now you are old and weak, worn out and used abused,chewed up and spat out from this so-called society...

Its not the way you planned your retirement or your Life. Your wife has left you, your Kids treat you like a fool and all you got left is bills and more bills to pay that inflate in cost as if you better of dead.

Now there's a new Generation, going out on the streets and you know they wont put up with this shit

all these lies , crimes by the Establishment and corrupt Governments any longer ...the Revolution is here !



AnAnonymous's picture

It is agreed until that story of oppression.

Actually, these guys are typically US citizens minded. In a US citizens society, there is no discontinuity between the elite and the base. Only an order of magnitude.

Both loot and they loot what they can loot.

williambanzai7's picture

There is nothing new about income disparity, police brutality, looting and the perception of social injustice. It is amusing that greater attribution is not given to the technologies which expedite the execution of all of this violent unrest. There so no longer any need for bulky umbrella organizations to provide logistical and communication support.

The more violent agitators or activists are able to operate much more efficiently thanks to social media. The digitally rowsed street mob suddenly behave much like diagnosed in Gustave LeBon's treatise on the behavior of crowds. No banners waving yesterday, just crude obscenities directed at the entrenched powers that be, who should be very frightened by this,

Very interesting to watch.

Bob's picture

You might find this interesting to watch as well, Banzai:


EDIT: Ooops, I see that you're way ahead of me, Banzai!

New World Chaos's picture

Sounds like everything is going according to plan.

Excellent Prison Planet article explains it all:
Britain is the NWO's guinea pig, and as such, they need to test the final takeover.  Here's how it goes:
1) Take away everyone's guns during relatively peaceful times.
2) Use political correctness to justify flooding the country with third world people.
3) Use political correctness to justify giving them (and the local yobbos) huge breeding subsidies.
4) Use fear of crime and terrorism to justify putting everyone under surveillance.
5) Remove all restraints from the cops; they become unaccountable and abuse people for years.
6) Divert the hooligans' welfare to the banksters.
7) Cops shoot an innocent person and beat the crap out of a 16-year-old girl protesting the shooting.
9) Entitled hooligans seize the excuse to steal anything they can.
10) Cops ignore rampaging hooligans, arrest shopkeepers trying to defend their livelihood.
11) Race war distracts the little people while elites escape with the real loot.
12) The middle class feels sqeezed from above and below.  They beg for their own enslavement.
13) Martial law. 
14) The machinery of the state turns against honest people, because they cannot be trusted. 
15) People rat out their brothers for scraps of worthless paper money or a can of soylent green.

Classic problem-reaction-solution.  If you think the problem is bad, wait till you see the solution. 
Coming soon to America.  Just one problem- they forgot about the guns.  This will be interesting.

AnAnonymous's picture

Along all their history, human beings have moved along with resources.

It was a folly to think that moving resources outside a country would not force people to move along to follow the resources.

This story of PCness is another mask put up by the US world order.

The solution was simple though: stop importing resources from an exterior. But hey, US citizens are duplicitous, so yes, they want the resources to move into the resources but they do not want to cope with the consequences.

Usual drill.

This issue will come at an end as soon as all those places are dried from their resources. At that moment, US citizens will be able to enjoy their favourite past time: ethnical cleansing. All US citizens have to do is to bide their time, keep consuming like there is no tomorrow and they soon shall be able to exterminate people as they want to.

Sathington Willougby's picture

I see you have done your homework.  

The plantation is devolving into serfdom.  

American ingenuity hasn't been completely squashed just yet.  We have guns and we have a template.  We have a history and the 3% hasn't been bred out of the population.

Discretion and timing will be important since the pigmen have force multipliers.

Willzyx's picture

Its funny more people have been arrested for looting a few stores, than those who have looted the entire financial system.  I'd like to see David Cameron treat the rioters and the banksters the same.  Better yet, I want the US Patriot Act to apply to financial terrorists.  Waterboards for Wall Street!!

Kobe Beef's picture

the banks are predatory. the mobs of looters are likewise predatory. they are positively enabled by corrupt politicians & deluded academics guiding massive amounts of national treasure into these respective mobs' gaping maws. Quite Extemely Disgusting, literally.

Escapeclaws's picture

Now coming to a European country near you!


My fellow Americans, I'd like to introduce you to our new guest. America, this is Structural Adjustment--he's been busy creating miracles in third world countries for the last couple of decades, and now he has graciously offered to help us in our moment of distress. Please give him a hearty welcome!

Thank you Escapeclaws, I am humbled by your warm welcome, which only encourages me to equal or exceed the results I was able to obtain in other countries. I am most proud of what I was able to accomplish in Argentina and would like to give you a preview of what I hope to accomplish here.

Be assured, Structural Adjustment, that the American Congress and the President himself are very enthusiastic about your plans for America. As an aside, President Obama told me that, when he was a candidate for the high office he now holds, he took Carlos Menem as his model! And now--saving the best for last--the film:

[Escapeclaws note--this film was posted by someone else a couple days ago but I forgot who. In any case, it is riveting and well worth watching.]

Quintus's picture


Unrest Worldwide - Caused By "Economic Uncertainty"

I respectfully disagree.  The rioting and looting, in the UK at least, are being perpetrated by a class of people who probably have more certainty regarding their future government-provided income than the average private sector working stiff.

The policies of our socialist 'Left' and equally socialist 'Right' parties over the past 4 decades have spawned and maintained an entire underclass that subsists on state handounts and to whom the concept of 'Work' is totally alien.  

I suspect many of these looters do not know so much as a single person in their family or neighbourhood that is gainfully employed in the private sector.  If there were 10,000,000 open job vacancies in the country these individuals would not fill them.  In many cases because they are illiterate and innumerate and lack the basic ability to be in a place of work on time every day.

What we see here is the inevitable denouement of policies that encourage unemployable layabouts to reproduce ad infinitum safe in the knowledge that more kids = more benefits and a larger taxpayer provided house.

So, now that we have created this problem, how do we deal with it?  I suggest that the problem cannot be dealt with.  This mass of non-contributing socially useless wastrels cannot be reformed, deported or otherwise eliminated.  We have made our bed, and now must sleep in it.  

Thank you socialism.  Thank you so very much.


Pay Day Today's picture

Total lies.

A well structured social democracy would have education, health and community systems which don't leave people "illiterate and innumerate and lack the basic ability to be in a place of work on time every day."

Your unsustainable fantasy about "If there were 10,000,000 open job vacancies in the country these individuals would not fill them" is a testiment to how corporates and Right Wing governments find it more convenient to offshore work than give it to their own citizens. Marxian theory makes it clear that wealthy capitalists benefit from having many desperate workers and not enough jobs to go around. And that is the world that they have created.

"Thank you socialism.  Thank you so very much."

Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the wealthy powerful cronies who together run the modern western powers and have sunk everyone into this mess are not socialists. They are KLEPTOCRATS

Get your facts right.

Socialists understand that the economy is there to serve society, not the other way around. And that when society begins to fall apart - as it has been gradually doing in the US since the mid 1980's -  your economy is just one generation behind from following.

Something you have got spot on - you reap what you sow and the harvest is ready now.

Quintus's picture

If you're throwing Marxist theory at me then I have no choice other than to declare victory and halt the discussion.

There is no room in any sane discussion for Marxism.


the tower's picture

you're all wrong...

some people will never hurt a fellow human being purposefully, some will

why do so many at this point in the UK?

the ones that have no problem hurting other people just for some material gain use modern network tech to conspire and execute

choas theory in motion, made possible by technology

same thing that allowed sociopaths to assemble in the political/financial arena and create havoc on the planet

there are just good and bad people, and some in between, the bad ones are just more agressive, and have no consideration for others, so they use each other to work their way to the top


cows are nice, but we eat them, so what should we do with bad people

snowball777's picture

Yeah, you're probably safer with your head in the sand anyway.

Reptil's picture

bingo, you got it.

blaming a functioning social democracy for financial irresponsibillity is a diversion.

Slumdog Millionaire's picture

It's all to rise for in Zimbabwe but its simply excusable in Britain, if done by The Not So White Skinned People!!! Just remind the host what a bitch karma is!!! It comes back to haunt you and haunt you real bad!!!

Slumdog Millionaire's picture

It's all to rise for in Zimbabwe but its simply excusable in Britain, if done by The Not So White Skinned People!!!

Bob's picture

That seems to sum it up fairly well.  Hard times ahead, me thinks.  Because the Western poor are quickly reaching the point where they just. don't. give. a. fuck.

Azannoth's picture

"Among those hit the hardest are large numbers of minority youths who have been at the forefront of the" - reap what you sow, bitchez

Moe Howard's picture

The Israelis don't understand how the US Taxpayer sends $10,000 for each man woman and child in Israel, and they don't get enough of it.

They want a bigger piece of the loot from the USA.


snowball777's picture

Is that why half of fucking congress is going on a field trip there over the break with Repugs led by 'Boy Wonder' Cantor and Dumbs by 'Sterno' Hoyer?

Hey TeaParty....all your freshmen are going too...are you paying attention, morons?

Samsonov's picture

That's a pittance compared to the value of the loan guarantees the US provides Israel.  Every bond issued by the state of Israel is backed by the US government, which is just another way of giving them money.  The cumulative value of all the loan guarantees is not easy to calculate, but it is estimated at a half million dollars per capita.  And now they're protesting.

Azannoth's picture

And that is only from the USA, add 'holocaust' reparations from Germany and a few other places, it's hard to believe Israelis have to work at all