A Compendium Of Unforeseen (NOT!) Risk In Today's MSM Headlines on Europe, China & Banks - Meaty Reading For The Holidays

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If I were crazy enough to jump back into the stock market(s), I would subscribe to your service(s).  Alas, I misplaced my crazy pills! :>D

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you are hitting hard intellectually an physically – no question about that.
But you do not keep yourself protected. For a work-out it does not matter, for a fight in or with the street it does. I leave the martial arts part to somebody else; this is a financial blog.
After the MFG bankruptcy there is a real possibility that the money will be stolen out of a brokerage account. In theory stock brokerage accounts are insured and Futures brokerage accounts are segregated.
In practice we will see.

Any way, your post is full of insight and entertaining as well.

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The great Zulu - Mandingo Squid Hunter.

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You ever come thru Arkansas I can take you on a bear hunting trip next fall in bow season or a turkey hunt this spring. Or a wild boar hunt anytime. Wild Arkansas pig raised on acorns, grubs, and snakes is the best tasting ribs I have ever had. Better than pata negra and other spanish free range pig.

Not a lot of great parties though.
If you want to just photograph the bear or try to pet it thats cool too. We would enjoy watching that.

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Happy Thanksgiving.


Oh, hey...is it time to jump on GRPN now?  youch!