D.C. is Like a Separate Country ... One Which Couldn't Care Less About The American People

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D.C. Has A Different Economy From The Rest of America

Jason Linkins reports that D.C. is the only place where people think the economy is just dandy, since that's where the politicos, lobbyists, and people looking for big handouts live:

A less remarked-upon bit of polling from Gallup is this bit here, in which they set out to gauge the nation's "economic confidence." What they found was remarkably consistent -- state by state, there are more people lacking in confidence than there are people who feel the economy has turned around.


So once again, the real story is, "Terrible Economy Presents Problems For Ordinary Americans." But if you don't see those stories, there's a reason why, and it has everything to do with the one outlier in Gallup's findings. If you want a hint as to where that outlier is, consider this: every single one of this poll's respondents said they were currently employed. In every state, Gallup spoke to people who are at least fortunate enough to have a job ("87,634 employed adults, aged 18 and older, conducted from January-June 2011").


So with that in mind, what part of America do you imagine has the highest concentration of employed people who don't have personal relationships with people who are unemployed?


Yes, it seems that the one and only place in America where anyone has any confidence in the economy also happens to be Washington, D.C., home to political elites, the media that covers them, the people who win the relevant contracts and the people who feather their nests lobbying for the laws that impact the other United (in their lack of economic confidence) States Of America.


Here's Catherine Rampell, from The New York Times' Economix blog:

The biggest gap between the District of Columbia and the rest of the country is created by the second question used to create the Economic Confidence Index, on whether the economy is getting better or worse.

In every state, a majority of residents think the economy is getting worse. In the nation’s capital, however, a full 60 percent of people think the economy is getting better.

D.C. Residents Haven't Done Anything to Help the American People

The folks in D.C. have done nothing to fix America's economic problems. See this and this. They have paid lip service to fighting unemployment, but their policies have only made it worse. They have thrown trillions at the giant banks - many of them overseas - but said no to helping Main street. Their policies have led to greater inequality than we've had since years before the Great Depression - higher than in Egypt, Tunisia, or Yemen or third world banana republics. And they have helped Wall Street cover up its massive, economy-killing fraud.

They Have, However, Been Helping Themselves

Indeed, D.C. politicians make big money by selling out the American people. While they are good at acting like they care about the little guy, they actually couldn't care less about the average American, and have no problem picking his pocket at the first opportunity.

And see this must-read list; and this one.

Like A Separate Country ... Which Doesn't Care About Americans

D.C. is like a separate country ... one which really doesn't care about the American people.

No wonder:

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DaveInC.S.A's picture

DC is a different country and almost half of us have completely different values systems than the rest. I've been saying for years now the the finger pointing between the Dems and Repubs would be unbearable if something happened to the dollar or we experienced a real economic collapse.

Voting for the person with the D or R after their name seems to make little difference.

I've basically gone from being a Republican to Libertarian to now a closet Southern Nationalist since I live in the South. I guess if I lived in Vermont I would be a Free Stater. We are to divided to fix this thing. Time to acknowledge that we lost the Republic long ago and we now have irreconcilable differences.

Time for the Great Divorce. Peaceably.

proLiberty's picture

When you are close to the well, it is easy to sip from the bucket as it passes by.


plocequ1's picture

What the fuck ya golng to do? i cant be loved by everbody. Im loved by my family and friends. Thats all that matters. When i go to Port Jefferson and see all the beautiful lovely people enjoying the north shore of Long Island and loving all that is good, Im sure they are thinking the same thing. What the fuck ya going to do? 

tony bonn's picture

marie antionette is alive and well in the souls of washington's elite....for a real look at how the plutocrats - citizens of the world - think of americans watch the aron russo video on youtube where he speaks about the utter contempt in which the rockefeller-rothschild brats of evil hold the american people...

lolmao500's picture

A cookie to whoever nukes Washington DC.

hardcleareye's picture

Now you have done it... the black choppers and scary men with guns will soon be visiting your house.

gangland's picture

someone get me a nuke vest

kalum's picture

When the aliens from the universe  obliterate the sucking hole , the rest of the country will rise up and REJOICE

CH1's picture

Let anyone who can, escape DC.

And may I be next!

??'s picture

How many jets does it take to get the first family from DC to Martha's Vineyard?


one for Michelle and the kids

one for President O

AKA his and her jets



Coyote57's picture

Talk to the Secret Service.

The Presidential body guard determines who and when the jets carry. 

As for the $32 book, at least our current President knows how to read.

Bush 43 partied on his ranch as Katrina wasted New Orleans.

Exactly what would you have the President be doing? Congress is on vacation is it not?

Many on this forum have too much time on their hands.





Bubba Schwartz's picture


Yes, it's all about Bush.  Sorry, that's not flying anymore.

The SS can advise, but POTUS must approve.

Coyote57's picture


We Obamabots are not very bright. 


I am anxious for you to explain to us how the election of Michel Bachmann, Rick Parry or Mitt Romney will return our country and economy to the land of milk and honey.


Dick Fitz's picture

Congress is exempt from Insider Trading laws, and have made $300MILLION in the last few years! We need a constitutional amendment forcing all of their assets into blind trusts. #CongressTradingAmendment on twitter- pass it along!

anony's picture

You're half right. 

But if you think that CONgress only made $300 million in the last few years, you need to revisit your calculation, or whatever source told you that.

You likely wouldn't live long enough to count- in 100 dollar bills-- how much CONgress (and those they passed on this inside information to) have confiscated from the economy (if you work at producing something, that is you).


hardcleareye's picture

They ran it on ZH a month or so ago, yes this does blow.

chunga's picture

It's fallen off the "radar" since then. Nobody cares.

Fred Hayek's picture

I couldn't agree more with this piece, GW.  You will know that any future budget deal is an utter fraud if you don't see "FOR SALE" signs sprouting up in front of houses within 25 miles of DC like dandelions on untended lawns.

These superfluous bastards live high on the hog like an utterly undeserving aristocracy while the common man just scrapes by.  God, but I'd like to see Ron Paul or Gary Johnson win the presidency in 2012.  We'd hear the sound of 4 million sphincters puckering as all those fat bastards realized the game was up.  If only . . . ! 


Dick Fitz's picture

GaryJ is cool with me (compared to 99% of the rest of the pols) but he isn't very economically literate- his press club speech and press conference today was a letdown. Doesn't know ABCT, doesn't get the "prohibition of ALL drugs causes problems" idea, believes man is causing global warming, strays off message too much- he needs some serious 1on1 time with the good Dr No!

penisouraus erecti's picture

I've always said that the politicians should have to live under the same laws as everyone else, which they don't currently do. They have their own health care and retirement plans, stuff the guys talks about on the video, and all the perks and bennies.

When did this come about, that they could pass laws for the rest of us like SS, Medicare, Obamacare which they don't have to live under.

Want better government, eliminate this ability for politicians to exempt themselves from the laws.

Want more frugal government? Was it Buffet that said if the deficit was more than 3% of GDP in a given year, all current member of congress and the administration would become immediately ineligible for re-election?

It's turned in to a fucking joke somewhere over these 230+ years.




Hook Line and Sphincter's picture

D.C. cares about THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not the United States of America.

Hook Line and Spincter, Inc.

JB's picture

D.C. cares about THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, not the United States of America.


DC acts like a separate country because they ARE. They sold us out LONG ago. The Act of 1871, passed by the 42nd CONgress, incorporated Washington D.C... Those motherfuckers have duped us all. DC is a PRIVATE CORPORATION, and all 50 states are run by private corporations as well, thanks to the advice of the IMF at a national governors meeting in the mid-70s (unless they incorporated as weel, they ran the risk of the people rising up and killing them for treason.)

The thing is, under 'THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA', DC doesn't actually have ANY authority outside the 12 square miles of which it is comprised. It would have authority under 'the Constitution for the united states of America' but they tossed that out 140 years ago.

The capitalization is the key.

b_thunder's picture

Effing DoD contractors - robbing the country for 10 years @ $500billion per year!  This is what causing the deficit in the first place.

Airplanes that cost 2X "estimate" (F-35),  Helicopters that don't fly (Osprey), ships that cost $2B and sit in dry dock for reepairs more time than on the high seas.

And how can we forget DoD and CIA contractors in Iraq/Afghanistan?  And all sorts of IT, linguistics, intelligence and engineering "contractors" who receive $200k-400k/year for their "Services"?   It's a norm in the contracting bysiness that the employee gets between 25 and 33% of the total "deal" - all those jobs cost US Taxpayers over $1million, 3/4th of which ends up in the pockets of men and women who own/run those contracting companies.  And, BTW,  most of them live in and around DC.


zorba THE GREEK's picture

I got a couple hundred feet of top quality anchor rope left from when I had a boat.

I would be willing to donate it to a good cause.

gangland's picture

Foggy Bottom Scientists Discover Slimy Venomous Shrew-Brained Mammal:

Homo Politicus Psychopathicus

The generally dimwitted but portly hominins can be found mainly along the maryland, virginia and DC corridor and seem to be closely related to its sub-species cousin found in lower manhattan,

Homo Capitalis Psychopathicus, researchers said.

disabledvet's picture

But do they care about eating? I mean the last time i was there they were celebrating Wegmans from upstate ny for not soaring there prices as all the other supermarkets did. And you are welcome of course!

zebra's picture

when u open a bottle of 500 dollar champagn on a daily basis for dinner (and someone else is paying for it), your level of condifence will be high, too.

IQ 145's picture

We have met the enemy, and he is us." Pogo, a cartoon strip Possum.

Mongrel's picture

How about a little secession? It would indeed be cool to leave DC with no States over which to exert its sorry rule.

Check this out: www.dixienet.org

Urban Roman's picture

What if I live in the South but don't want any part of Dixienet?

Are your "Christians" going to come burn my house down?

Mongrel's picture

In a word, no. You can be whatever you wish. I could not care less what or whom you chose to worship.

Dick Fitz's picture

I haven't checked the link yet, but secession in ANY form is okay with me. If Utah wants to become a theocracy (which they are anyway, but that's beside the point) or Cali wants to become full-on socialist (ditto) as long as ALL states were allowed to remain or exit the union, then several of them would quickly become as close to "libertarian paradise" as you're gonna find on earth for now. Once that happens, then county by county secession becomes viable, and soon the US would be comprised of thousands of independent areas with varying amounts of freedom, but generally improved prosperity.

New_Meat's picture

GW--This is the non-partisan clear-eyed view of wtf is going on that I thought you were about.  Glad to see this examination (whether I agree or dis-agree) (wow, I can dis-agree without dis-respecting, I need to think about that).

But, you know well...

Seemz therez much fodder here, "I'll be back".

Off to grill "the other other white meat" ;-)

- Ned


Stuck on Zero's picture

The Department of Homeland Security is building mammoth new complexes at the equivalent rate of one new Pentagon every year, according to the NYT.  The national bird in Washington DC is the big hammerhead crane over new government building sites.  George Bush doubled the cost of government in his first six months in office.  Like all social countries the wealth tends to concentrate near the leadership.

Moe Howard's picture

Facts, please. Bush did not double the cost of government in his first six months in office. That is a lie. I am not a Bush supporter, btw. There is enough evil to go around without making crap up.

hardcleareye's picture

Moe your right,  "the first six months" was a "lie", but just so we all understand the evil and don't get accused of making shit up... by the way I call these boys the "credit card conservatives"

During his eight years in office, President Bush oversaw a large increase in government spending. In fact, President Bush increased government spending more than any of the six presidents preceding him, including LBJ.  In his last term in office, President Bush increased discretionary outlays by an estimated 48.6 percent.

During his eight years in office, President Bush spent almost twice as much as his predecessor, President Clinton.  Adjusted for inflation, in eight years, President Clinton increased the federal budget by 11 percent. In eight years, President Bush increased it by a whopping 104 percent. 

One reason offered for these large budget increases is that entitlement programs are growing rapidly. Although Social Security and Medicare spending growth outpaced most other programs in the mid-1990s, spending growth in discretionary programs has accelerated in the last 15 years, especially during Bush’s two terms. Between FY2002 and FY2009, discretionary spending rose 96 percent.

Some argue that federal spending during the Bush years was so high because security needs drove up the budget. It is true that defense spending increased dramatically since the late-1990s, particularly since 9/11 and the beginning of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, nondefense spending increased too.  Some also argue that much of the increase in nondefense spending stemmed from increases in homeland security spending. Whether this is true, the overall rapid rise of discretionary spending indicates that, here too, the administration and Congress made no trade-offs in the budget. If the administration and Congress wanted more security spending and wanted to be fiscally responsible, they should have found savings elsewhere in the budget.

President Bush added thousands of new federal subsidy programs during his eight years in office. In 2008, there were 1,816 subsidy programs in the federal budget that spread hundreds of billions of dollars annually to special interest groups such as state governments, businesses, nonprofit groups, and individuals. The number of subsidy programs has grown by 30 percent since 2000 and by 54 percent since 1990.

Rick64's picture

 In July 1789 Congress passed a tax law mostly written by Hamilton. Part two was needed to get his fourth part passed. James Callender, a reporter for the Philadelphia Gazette charged; “The funding law was passed through Congress by the influence of a majority, who purchased certificates from the army at under value and who voted for the law, with the single view of enriching them selves. "


  It seems these things were happening from the very beginning of our time as a nation. Nothing has changed, our politicians were corrupt from the very beginning. The congress that passed this was our first congress and George Washington was in agreement with it.

JW n FL's picture

Georgie.. the Washington DC Lobby Whores are just mis-understood.. give'um a Break mannnnnn! they have to eat too!!


as always Georigie!! spot on! and Thank You Sir!


My Best to You and Yours George, JW

PulauHantu29's picture

will Balloon Boy return?...who was thrown off the island?.....will Delay return to dancing?...

Federal Preserve? What's that?

Hey, important things are important!

Rainman's picture

Nearly forty years ago an old man told me the only way to fix D.C. was to shut it down, turn all those buildings into museums and such and move the whole bunch of elected rascals and lifer bureaucrats to DesMoine, IOWA...Supreme Court and all. Get them out of their lavish digs. That will mark the first defeat for their arrogance and that of their successors.

That needs to be done.

Apologies to the citizens of DesMoine.

sodbuster's picture

We don't want them sons-a-bitches out here. We have a lot of pigs out here, now, and the pig shit don't smell half as bad as the stink that comes out of D.C.!!

maynardGkeynes's picture

Because the top marginal rate in DC starts at 40K, the big buck people have all moved to Fairfax, Alexandria, and Arlington Va. DC is more than  50% black/hispanic, with a small contingent of wealthy people who hate to commute on the Beltway so much that they are willimg to pay the  confiscatory tax rates.

Shell Game's picture
D.C. is Like a Separate Country ... One Which Couldn't Care Less About The American People


A-freaking-men, GW.  Hang those traitors high..

Dick Fitz's picture

+1 for treason!

Hanging is too good- public flogging and then drawn & quartered would really get the point across!

redcorona's picture

DC IS alot like a separate country, a country called Zimbabwe.  And they absolutely do not care at all about Americans - but Americans should not feel special.  They dont even care about their own children. 


max2205's picture

GW 99% of those making big bucks do not live in DC. VA and MD yes