Dear Congress: Bernanke Just Lied to You

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don't worry Burnamke will be out of job by 2012 .The federal reserve was established in 1913 with a 99 year charter wich means that the fed will be dead in 2012 putting Burnamke out of a job . end the F E D in 2012 has always been the plan .

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Pretty sure the ink is already dry on the Fed's new 1000 year charter. Obama executive order.

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Bernanke is nothing more than a skilled technician in the employ of TPTB.  

The game, as we all know here on ZH, is to fix absolutely nothing while proping up the banks and stalling long enough to acquire the amounts of gold necessary to start a new monetary system that isn't based on the dollar and debt.  The game is to stall and print only enough to get through another day.

That being said, we can expect a few late stage ploys just before the end of the game.  One will be the announcement of a super duper program of printing several months out into the future which they have no intention of doing, but they just announce it to buy a few more months of time.  The other is to get rid of the Bernank.  Doing so would do absolutely nothing to fix things, but it would give them weeks and weeks of drama during which they could take attention away from what is going on in the markets.

Indicators that the end is at hand:

  • Super duper QE
  • Bernanke gets the boot
  • War
  • Widespread and violent civil unrest
  • Decoupling of physical and paper pm prices, or just a crash or ramp in pm prices
  • Any period up to, during, or immediately after a G20 meeting.  If gold prices rise immediately prior to such a meeting, you know the new gold standard is at hand.  You will likely see the ministers return to their constituate contries, brief up their political heads, and then an annoucement will be made.  Based on past decisions, I give that two weeks tops.  Any movement in PM prices near the dates of these meetings means you are out of time.

These are your canaries in the coal mine.  They tell you that you're out of time to buy gold, but that's when you panic buy everything else you need.  You will still be able to get all the food and goodies you need to live and barter with like imported pint bottles of booze.  Yes barter.  Even if they can cash it, nobody will know how to price a gold or silver coin, so barter will rule for at least a few weeks.  

Everyone has been conditioned to accept crisis, resulting in a situation where the event necessary to trigger a collapse has to be more significant or it will just be defined away like the Greek default and everyone will ignore it.  So the situation today is our population is divided into two groups, the people willing to accept that there may be losses from fleeing the system early and purchasing PMs, hoping to make a gain but knowing they are at least preserving their wealth, and the rest of the flock, so ignorant or greedy that they are willing to continue being herded, desperate to make a gain in a sick market and blind to their peril.  If you haven't cashed out, pay attention to the canaries in the coal mine, because nobody can anticipate the collapse (not even Bernanke unless it's the last of the above bullets) 


With all the brainpower here, how come we haven't assembled a list of indicators that the system is about to collapse or a new monetary system is about to be announced?  I would welcome such input.

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- bank runs; check (Greece)

- gold account confiscation; check (MF Global)

- bank liquidity crisis; check (Chase offering $125 for $10k savings deposit)

- bank nationalization; check

- oil and gas nationalization; ?

- physical gold confiscation; ramping up - TSA on highways

- repeal of 4th amendment; check

- repeal of 1st amendment; ramping up

- Federal Reserve bank monitoring social media; check

- World War; ramping up

Santa Claus is on his way.

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don't worry Burnamke will be out of job by 2012 .The federal reserve was established in 1913 with a 99 year charter wich means that the fed will be dead in 2012 putting Burnamke out of a job . end the F E D in 2012 has always been the plan .

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Well of course BerSkanke lied.
Thats what patalogical liars do.

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We're on the verge of a second American Revolution - but this one will be economically driven, not politically.  

Revolutions that arise from economic causes get vey messy, very fast.  Unemployed hungry people have nothing left to lose.  And even though most such revolutions fail, those responsible - or those perceived to be responsible for the woes suffered by all - often pay with their lives.    A replay of the French or Russian Revolutions will npt be good for anyone.

 Bernanke et al should be far more worried about the general population that's losing their unemployment - with no chance for a job - than the bankers and Wall Street types who somehow continue to collect millions while creating TRILLIONS more of worhtless derivatives.   How many more bets have been placed via CDS on sovreign debt?    AIG was nothing in comaprison to what's going on now......   

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I'm with the Honey Badger - I don't give a shit, what it is it is - let it all go to hell and if I have to hit the road with a pack on my back, well, it won't be the first time...

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I want the US collapse to happen as fast as possible.  All the talks about marshall law, fema camps etc-------the most people getting fucked all at once would completely overwhelm them and they'd never be able to control it.  That's why they're trying to let this thing down as slow as possible, but there's still a huge cliff below. 

Of course you know our fearless leaders.....they'll stop at nothing.  I say bravo because it's really apparent by looking around the net that the word is definitely out.  So what's in store?  Rally behind nuking Iran?  Any talk of going to war is completely fucking stupid if Russia and China get involved.  Even if we didn't take a direct hit our environment is gone forever.

I didn't use to be a big 2012 conpiracist but I can easily envision the end of mankind.  It's not enough to just survive, someone has to be in charge of it all and filthy rich and if they can't have it all then no one will have anything.  That's how fucking crazy they are.

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don't worry Burnamke will be out of job by 2012 .The federal reserve was established in 1913 with a 99 year charter wich means that the fed will be dead in 2012 putting Burnamke out of a job . end the F E D in 2012 has always been the plan .

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Strategic nukes won't be exchanged on anywhere near as great a level as you seem to think.  They will lob EMPs at each other.  Over 90% of the world's population lives on just 4% of the Earth's surface, shut off their electronics with EMPs and it's game over for most of the population.  The green lobby would love it.

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They will probably get their heads chopped before they can push the button.

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Your correct, they are trying to control the meltdown but it won't happen.  I also want it to happen instantly and fast, because it would show even the myopic that we where wrong.  The only way the system can get clean is to flush it all down the toilet and clean everything up and change the planets economic model including the US.  If we have another reserve currency that is based on a basket of resources then we would be controlled also in what we can do.

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That is exactly why you won't get a new reserve currency that is based on a basket of resources, because the people who run things would be limited in gaming the system.   The world runs on gold and silver and oil.  They are not stockpiling oil or silver in anticipation of the collapse and the new monetary system, but they are amassing huge amounts of gold in all the central banks.  They have plenty of experience in managing a gold based system, so that's what you are going to get.  You can forget about a basket of currencies, it's not going to happen.

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You should replace the word "stabilization" with the word "manipulation" in the "Emergency Economic Stabilization Fund.

Just like the USA "Exchange Stabilization Fund"

Is really "The Exchange Manipulation Fund"

These fucking Quacks have a nice pretty name for eveything corrupt.

Soon the will have "the Death for  Democracy Stabilization Fund.

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Wait TPTB print up some "money" to pay out the "money" that they "lost" by creating "money", and the only suckers that "lose" are the actual productive tax mules? DUH!!! No brainer! Take that up your ass sheeple.

Bitchez! //sarc?

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Bitchez! //sarc?

Not sarcasm.

You've stumbled upon "it". "It" being truth.

The Siren Call. The elitist seduction to do great things with limitless amounts of "money". Which is used for both war & welfare.

What they never explain (in their dreamy voices) is your enslavement to them. You are trapped. Transfixed. Paralyzed. To move away toward freedom breaks the spell. To stay can be comfortable but never really pleasing.

Just listen to their melody ;-)

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"Lots o'thieves" indeed, however there is always one "Big Daddy" thief that keeps the top spinning among thieve's.

Who is keeping the "clubs and pitchfork public" away from the banksters?



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Excellent (and very perceptive) analysis of what was said and, more importantly, what was not said.

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Fat lotta good it's all going to do.   Too many sharks in the water to matter at this point.

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the fed, in all it's iterations, must always, ultimately, go to the plebeian well (wallet); time 4 some poison?

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Bernank did all that for the benefit of the congress.

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I fail to see how an American Central Bank, that once had the world's largest Creditor Nation and Productive society to back it, will be able to keep the top spinning, with the world's largest Debtor nation and increasingly unproductive society as its backstop.

The Fed is one keystoke away from unravelling everyday.  Conjuring does not replace hard work. The magic of money relies on trust... long disappeared.

Too many riders, not enough horses.

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don't worry Burnamke will be out of job by 2012 .The federal reserve was established in 1913 with a 99 year charter wich means that the fed will be dead in 2012 putting Burnamke out of a job . end the F E D in 2012 has always been the plan .

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Money As Debt II-Promises Unleashed-Full Length Documentary

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It must have been his "state of mind."

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US Dollar: Mess continued: The Federal Reserve is a Private Bank

We need to have fun from time to time, this movie will make you the way the Hybrids are introduced there in a special way as well...In our quest for the investment trends and underlining economic and financial trends understanding of the US monetary system is the key. We hope that by now not a lot of people will be totally shocked to find out that Federal Reserve is as federal as Federal Express. Have a fun and if you would like to dig deeper you are welcome to the links below. You can always decide where is fiction and where is truth and what is good for your money.


Executive Order 11110 From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Executive Order 11110 was issued by U.S. President John F. Kennedy on June 4, 1963. This executive order delegated to the Secretary of the Treasury the president's authority to issue silver certificates under the Thomas Amendment of the Agricultural Adjustment Act.

Bansters-in-my- feces's picture

JFK's Executive Order 11110 ended up being the beginning of the END for him.

They took the copper from my penny

The Silver from my dime

The Nickel from my Nickel

Makes me sicker

All the time.

Anyone see a pattern here...?

Chords-G D C

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The Mafia is more tranparent and honest than the Fed.  

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[Leo Getz explaining money laundering]
 Okay, okay, okay, okay, this is the best part okay? You make a tax deduction on interest payments you don't even make! Am I an innovator? Am I a genius?


That'll about cover the Fly-Bys...




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Being practical, I fear that what will emerge from the populist anti-Fed sentiment might be worse than the present situation. –Economic Policy Journal

Being practical, then, what’s needed is to replace Bernanke with a better liar?

We’ve arrived at this juncture by continually accepting the tyranny on the mythical conclusion that it could always be worse. Everything our Founders feared of a central bank has come true – and we still wonder if we can live with it.

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The contents in official statements are always deceptive by omission. These statements that everything was open and complete are perjury. Of course, we know that changing the meaning of words to fit the current situation is standard procedure for a liar.

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bernanke is not the chairsatan of the fed for nought....he is like his father - the father of lies and murder....

it is that 2t usd feculent conglomeration of junk on the fed's balance sheet which will guarantee qe ad infitum ad nausum world without end....

fuck the fed and the chairsatan....

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Jim Willie expands on the DECEPTION IN REPORTING in his article Perpetual Q.E.:

“Move on to the grand deceptions in reporting by the dullard devoted financial press and the USGovt lackeys. They would make Orwell proud, even Goebbels. Consider the many transformations in definition. Insolvency, intervention, and decay are called instability, lack of confidence, and volatility. Fraud is called the misfortune of the crisis. Theft is called missing money. The amounts are greatly exaggerated on the low side. The Madoff Fund stole $150 billion, triple the officially stated amount. The systemic failure is called the global financial crisis. The crumbling monetary system is called the sovereign debt crisis. The omnipresent Goldman Sachs lieutenants, none elected, are called the banking commissioner technocrats. The dead banks are called the distressed banks. The bank welfare is called bank aid. An observer truly requires a game program, a playbill stage flyer, in order to read through the deception and correctly see the destruction. It is total. They even went so far as to claim gold investments aid the terrorists. Next we could see a major financial firm go bust and 100 thousand brokerage accounts will go missing.

“MFGlobal is just the start of the final grand theft chapter, whose deception is as great as its theft…”

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Bernanke is toast ...his governance is the most complete record of incompetent economic policy direction and the most corrupt and destructive money management that contributed greatly to Americas rotten bankrupt criminal regime

the toady is a crook

bring the rope

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they both lie, so they believe each other

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Half a truth is better than no politics. The system allows some to lie, and all of them to believe those lies

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One giant skunk works factory, having each and every criminal sniff each others bung hole and proclaiming it don't stink.  From the western bankstering cooks of the dead head feds to unrepresntation of CONgress & the SINate.  We the people are getting jiffy lubed are every turn by a crinally syndicated mob coast to roast.  Why wouldn't it all come falling down as the corrupted pile of shit it is.  No one need be surprised just prepared!!

Then we take everyone from mofo globalls to all the other dead head feds, who simply are losing we the people monies and the these simply lose their heads. 

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Keep it up.

Even if we continue down the path of financial feudalism with bribes to the poor to keep them quiet, there is a chance for individual liberty, personal responsibility, and meritocracy to return.

Probably after the next revolution.

Get ready some day to lock and load

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saying that to congress is like saying to a harem eunuch, "we expect you to treat some of the frustrated, bickering  slave women in your charge as a man, do your part, satisfy them. Wishful thinking...

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Bloomberg criticizing the mother cute.  Manufactured consent.


America was founded to escape the bonds on European bankers.  That did not last long.

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Exactly. Bloomberg is part of the food chain.

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Pay no attention to that man behind the screen.....

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Why on earth do you think CONgress gives a shit?!

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Exactly. A few hundred of them have been at one time or another a co-sponsor of one of Ron Paul's audit/end the Fed bills, but there have always been turncoats and traitors unwilling to risk everything to save the country from the Fed. We need the sheeple to wean themselves of frivolous matters and pay attention. Not likely to happen until things get worse, lots worse. Even then the liars in DC will probably not vote the right way.

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And then there's this--

A select few of them attempt to prohibit Congressional stock trading on non-public information and Tea Party darling Eric Cantor says "No."

Fuck these people.

Why Is Eric Cantor Blocking the Congressional Insider Trading Act?
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They would have to first know something of finance and the Federal Reserve in order to give a shit.

Even would be questionable if they would.

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Exactly.  They love smoke and mirrors, too.

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.....yes, especially when smoke and mirrors cover up their own irresponsibility, kickbacks and general malfeasance with the public's deficit financed treasury.

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What do you expect when you have unlimited use of other peoples money and no risk.