Dear Fellow American...

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Dear Fellow American,

I am writing this letter to you not as a liberal, not as a conservative; not as a lefty, not as a righty; not as a Democrat, not as a Republican, not as a Tea Party populist; not as a Christian, not as a Buddist, not as a Moslem, not as an atheist; not as a socialist, a communist and certainly not as a bailout capitalist.

I am writing to you as just another ordinary American.

I'm your next door neighbor, I'm the guy standing next to you at the check out counter, I sit next to you on the bus, I sit next to you at worship, I'm in the next lane over on the freeway, we see each other at work,  I'm right behind you at the cinema and three rows over at the ball game, our kids go to school together. We stare blankly at each other each and every day, but we rarely if ever exchange a word.

Today, I have something important I would like to say to you.

In these twilit days of August, as we watch the so called "power elite" luxuriating in their billionaire beach hideaways, at their billionaire birthday parties, political golf outings, fund raisers and PhD cowboy retreats, I keep asking myself one simple question.

I'm pretty sure you are asking yourself the same question as well. That question is written all over the worried faces of millions of struggling Americans trying to live a modest life within their modest means.

It is written on the faces of the unemployed struggling to pay their bills. It is written on the faces of young adults despondent over their prospect of living under the shadow of runaway debts.  It is written on the faces of children living in homeless shelters, it is written on the faces of struggling entrepreneurs who can't get a loan, it is written on the faces of all of those frustrated working and out of work people who once had a simple American dream.

Everywhere I look, I see the same question.

Unfortunately,  I don't see any answers.

All I see is self serving corruption, greed, stupidity, short sightedness and outright thievery by the parasites and leeches that would have us look upon them as our grand leaders and  paragons of commerce.

They ask and take, they take and complain, then they give precious little or nothing in return.

They blather endless platitudes about what's good for them, then pay feeble lip service to what is good for the rest of us.  Their idea of a free market is that of justice and prosperity to the highest bidder.

They are good at one thing and one thing only, preserving their own status quo by exploiting you, me and the rest of us. 

They are callous human strip miners and care absolutely nothing about anything but their own fat cat bank accounts, fat cat sports cars, fat cat jets, fat cat hideaways, fat cat trophy wives, fat cat mistresses, fat cat country clubs and gold plated suntans.

The question I want to ask you is this: Why?

Why is it taking so long for you, me and the rest of us to look each other in the eye and finally say what needs to be said?

Those selfish crooked liars and thieves on Wall Street in collaboration with their hired guns and bought politicians in Washington DC have taken over the town. They are down in the Silver Dollar saloon whoring themselves at a big old drunken Wall Street party while the rest of us are quietly cowering in the miserable shadows of Everywhere USA.

Why are we waiting to speak out, to act, to do what is necessary to protect our families, our children, our grand children and our country, yes OUR country, from those Capital Hill bandits, corporate horse thieves and fast buck bankster snake oil artists?

It is time to take back the neighborhood we call USA. It is time to haul the thieves and swindlers responsible for the mother of all economic clusterfucks  before the court of public justice.

Let them call us populists.  Whatever.  I'll gladly wear that badge if that is what it takes to set things right. 

I know you are busy so I won't take more of your time. All I ask is you consider what I have said and how it relates to you, your friends family and  loved ones.

If you agree with what I am saying, but wondering what to do, perhaps one way to start is to take this letter, pass it along to the next person and ask them to do the same.

The sooner we all stand up and openly say enough is finally enough, the better we will all be. 

Yours sincerely,




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dizzyfingers's picture

dear WilliamBanzai7

i feel pretty much the same, but keep wondering why nothing happens.

the French "got it" finally. when will we?

lindaamick's picture

Don't worry.  The youth will rise up when the student loan bubble bursts and all these smart youngsters are debt slaves with the best opportunities being lowlevel,  mind-numbing jobs.

williambanzai7's picture

Yes, that loan bubble, is mind boggling and is a ticking bomb.

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Right on.



dust to dust's picture

 This country is not a union. It is fractured has been always will be.  Its coming apart. There is a disconnect between DC and the rest of the land. States rights man. Liberal CA fuck off. Balance your budget.   

rsnoble's picture

Thanks ZH. Once again you convinced me to get shitfaced this evening.

zippy_uk's picture

Peak Oil is actually an opportunity to make our societies Local (i.e. not Global) again.

LOCAL production

LOCAL accountability

LOCAL democracy

LOCAL amentities

LOCAL investment in the LOCAL population

LOCAL usually means SUSTAINABLE. Put LOCAL and SUSTAINABLE together and it usually means GREEN


GLOBALISATION has taken away democracy and screwed the world economy. It provokes wars also. The only justification for GLOBALISATION has been development which is unsustainable.

Want to rebuild the economy ? Swap GLOBAL for LOCAL. LOCAL is a non-political word also, so it should not matter to left or right.

YES, there is a price to pay in living standards - but its greener, sustainable and everyone gets to keep their job. TECHNOLOGY will take care of living standards anyway in due time.

AchtungAffen's picture

This whole mood, both in America and Britain today; this realization that all the political proposals on the spectrum lead to the same thing. It all reminds me of the Argentinian crisis of the early 2000's, and the motto of "que se vayan todos" (throw them all). It was the feeling that only a complete restructuring of the political system would do, no "familiar" faces and names popping up again. Then, it ended with a president escaping on a chopper before its term's end, cornered by daily protests which ended up violent. Yeah, there were lootings too.

But I must warn you. In the end, even after the government "overthrow" or collapse, even after the turmoil that saw 5 presidents in a year; even after all that, "no se fueron todos" (they weren't all thrown). In fact you can't throw em all for realz without a complete government collapse... or a military takeover (wh¡ch had happened before in Argentina during political turmoil times). In the end, the game-changer was the realization by the political system as a whole that they had to start following the people's will if they wanted to advance their careers and fortunes.

In the end though, that can only happen when society knows what it wants; when there's a clear consensus for a "people's will" to be recognized. Crises can form such a consensus. But they can also polarize even more.

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"That question is written all over the worried faces of millions of struggling Americans trying to live a modest life within their modest means." Haha good joke!

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Well put, sir.  Some of the fat cat cars have been "spontaneously" combusting in Germany.  Good stuff.

the grateful unemployed's picture

i understand that in Germany no car over seven years old is allowed on the highway? its sort of a fascist version of cash for clunkers. (disclosure: i drive a twenty year old car, but its paid for)

williambanzai7's picture

Yes, sounds like creative problem solving.

RemiG2010's picture

... or just a distraction from ongoing German (European) strugles... never the less, it has little importance value if I may say so...

williambanzai7's picture

Sure doesn't help the body shop business since the cars are a total loss.

RemiG2010's picture

Ops.. sorry for the typo in the last post.

By the way. In the first picture, you've forgoten to add the PENTAGON! It's not only WA.DC and Wall Street that sucks the blood from the healthy body.

Last post. Wishing you all nice sunny weekend.

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

So true. And when oil supplies really get tight, wait till the Pentagon starts appropriating what it considers to be its share.

RemiG2010's picture

Dear fellow Americans. You have failed miserably. Signed J.F.K 1961 - I  L O V E this video. Especialy the porn and big tits part! Best of the best of the web!


RemiG2010's picture

B U T! “An error doesn’t become a mistake until you refuse to correct it” So, everything is in your hands now.

zippy_uk's picture

What do politicians need to do ?

- Win elections.

What is the problem with that ?

- Needs lots of cash to do it

Who has pots of money with a stake in the legal frame work ?

- Bankers

So the solution IS:

Take the money out of politics. No poster campains, no spin doctors, no deficit spending politcal organisations, no soft loans, no donations, battle bus or campain jet, no marketing and branding agents. And no salaries in political parties.

Just a few TV debates provided by the TV stations as part of their license. Free communication on email, internet and Facebook. You want to get somewhere ? Walk, take public transport or organise your local reps to convey message locally - its greener anyway.

Really, what is the need for all this money in politics ? If you message is that SHIT you can't win using these means, you have no claim on power.

Of couse, this means a "hair cut" for the politicans (and possibly more competition). Servers them right.

When the politicians knock on your door looking for your vote, you now know what to demand, don't you ?

tip e. canoe's picture

great comment, but you forgot one huge chunk of the pie (though you alluded to it several times):


this is the equivalent of rating agencies rating their own customers.    of course, that would decimate these industries as currently structured, because they're all assuming that nut's going to be there every election cycle, at a premium price of course.

this is why i will never give any candidate a dime even if i choose to pimp for them.  anyone doing so is just enabling a dysfunctional, broken system (money bomb cough, cough)

williambanzai7's picture

Gee, how will all those corporations that don't have to pay any taxes exercise their First Amendment rights?

Dr. Engali's picture


It's a great letter and I thank you. I will share it with others. I have a lot of friends who think the same way but it always comes back to "what can we do"? It's always a very frustrating conversation. Most of them just want to preserve what they have and hope they don't loose everything. I'm afraid that is exactly what it's going to take for any real change. Before people get fed up and say that's enough I'm not going to take it anymore. Unfortunately the theives will have everything in place and we will be in a complete police state.
I firmly believe we can make it through this to a better place but it's not going to be pretty getting there.

williambanzai7's picture

I hear this question constantly, what can we do. The answer is first things first. Educate others and spread the meme.

My parents had a buffet dinner and invited a group of friends over to watch Inside Job. How's that for just one creative idea. From what I hear, it was a slam dunk. ;-)

Imminent Crucible's picture

William, all I can say is Wow. You encapsulated the feelings of the common people in a few paragraphs, perfectly.

I think the huge barge of public opinion is already swinging around, slowly, almost imperceptibly, in our direction. They are realizing it was not recklessness, not stupidity, not just bad decisions that wrecked the economy and the markets; it was massive, wholesale fraud. This will take a while to sink in. But we won't have to wait until the majority are convinced. It never takes a majority. Once about 10% are persuaded and passionate, the masses will adopt their viewpoint and fall into ranks behind them. Most people are truly sheeplike in their behavior.

"They care about nothing but their fat cat lifestyles. The question I want to ask you is this: Why?"

That's easy; it's because we haven't burned their Ferraris yet. While they're locked inside.

economicminor's picture

Vote for "None of the Above" instead of the one chosen for you to vote for.

williambanzai7's picture

Yes, none of the above is  another thing.

JR's picture

Ahhh, J.P. Morgan.  And who was J.P.?  The Morgans always were affiliated with the House of Rothschild, going back to 1835, as head representatives of the Rothschild interests in the United States. Their interlocking and cooperative banking system’s main objective was, according to John Elson in Lightning over the Treasury Building, “the exploitation of the people.”

“Never before, according to Louis McFadden on July 30, 1930, “had there been such a powerful centralized control over finance, industrial production, credit and wages as is at this time vested in the Morgan group. The Morgan control of the Federal Reserve System is exercised through control of the management of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York (Base of Control of Economic Conditions)."

One of the high water marks of the successful Rothschild-Peabody-Morgan business venture was the Panic of 1857.  With the collapse, 900 American companies failed. One not only survived, but prospered from the crash.

The reason is revealed by Matthew Josephson in The Robber Barons:

“For such qualities of conservatism and purity, George Peabody and Company, the old tree out of which the House of Morgan grew, was famous.  In the panic of 1857, when depreciated securities had been thrown on the market by distressed investors in America, Peabody and the elder Morgan, being in possession of cash, had purchased such bonds as possessed real value freely, and then resold them at a large advance when sanity was restored (page 60).

And what was their source of ready cash?  In Corsair’s Life of J.P. Morgan we learn that the Bank of England, anonymous with the name of Baron Nathan Mayer Rothschild, lent George Peabody and Company five million pounds during the panic of 1857.

Deja vu?

Interesting, isn't it, that when J. Pierpont died his fortune was not excessively large.  At the time of his death, he only held 19% of his own net worth, an estate worth $68.3 million (Wikipedia).  Hmmmm.

williambanzai7's picture

It is very clear that the same pile of shit has been sloshing around in the head for over 100 years. Anyone who takes the time to do a little reading will reach this conclusion first and foremost.

RockyRacoon's picture

I'm gonna stick this way down here at the bottom lest I be chastized for highjacking the comments....


Cowing the Population            

By Doug Hornig                      

The noose around Washington, D.C.'s neck continues to tighten, with no clear way to remove it. Behind the scenes, there is undoubtedly a rising sense of panic. That's bad. The last thing you want is panicky people operating the far-reaching power levers of the state.

But if push does come to shove, history teaches us, the government will not hesitate to clamp down on its subjects by whatever means necessary to preserve itself. And the best way to mute resistance is to prepare citizens ahead of time for escalating levels of police control. An enhanced law enforcement presence must be accepted as the new normal. But rest assured, it's "for our own good."

That disclaimer has been used to hoodwink decent folk forever. But the truth is, what's really up is the application of the time-tested political axiom that the more fearful people are, the easier they are to control. We've seen this principle at work for years. Politicians continually pass more intrusive laws; and police take increasing liberties with our rights, content that the courts will back them up... which they have done, as spineless judges hand them larger and larger cartes blanche to act however they please. The first ten amendments to the Constitution have been largely gutted. The things the Founders cared most passionately about have been tossed into the dustbin.

We're told: that our homes are no longer safe from no-knock entries, and warrants be damned (precisely the abuse that most riled the revolutionary colonists); that we should rat out our neighbors at the first sign that something is "amiss," just as in any communist state you care to mention; and that it should be regarded as okay that warrants of all kinds are commonly served by gangs of helmeted thugs, covered with body armor and toting a dizzying array of lethal weapons.

Readers of a certain age will remember when the police were called peace officers, as their job was primarily to maintain the peace. Who's heard that quaint term lately? No, now they are law enforcement officers, and they are at war with a widening swath of the citizenry. And the targets of overwhelming force are not just murderers and rapists and armed robbers. SWAT teams are routinely dispatched to deal with bickering spouses, zoned-out pot smokers, parking ticket violators, and those delinquent in loan payments.

Make no mistake about it: Authorities around the country have gotten the message from Washington that a complaisant populace is required. And they're dutifully applying the heat. It may seem odd that they're going after ever less-violent people, but it makes perfect sense. It's in the government's interest to suggest that all of us are potential suspects.

Take, for instance, the case of Rawesome Foods in California, a private buying club dedicated to bringing the most wholesome, natural food products to its members. Does that sound like a criminal conspiracy? It did to local and federal officials, who staged a joint SWAT-style raid on the club last week. Without a warrant, officers entered the storefront, seized cash, destroyed inventory, and jailed the club's founder.

But if those in power are really serious about creating a docile population, there is absolutely no better way to go about it than criminalizing children. Yes, children.

No, I'm not talking about SWAT raids here. But in a way, this is even more insidious, because the effort is directed at teaching kids at an early age that Big Brother is always watching and that you'd better be sure you obey the letter of every law (as if anyone could possibly know what they all are) or you're in for trouble with the Man.

This has been - and I swear I am not making this up - the summer of the lemonade-stand bust. Yep, children's lemonade stands have been closed down in states all over the country, including California, Oregon, and Texas - and even, astonishingly, in such bedrock, sensible-values American heartland states as Wisconsin and Iowa.

The latest of these important police actions came in small-town Georgia, where the local cops advised the kids in question that they had to cease and desist from selling their lemonade until they forked over $50 a day for a business license. Watch this news report only if you have a strong stomach and your outrage button is not easily pushed.

That video is instructive in oh so many wonderful ways.

First, take a good look at the head cop as she explains their actions. "The law is the law" is about as close as you can get to "I was only following orders." Squint your eyes a little. She'd look perfect decked out in SS lightning bolts, wouldn't she?

Next, consider the little girl who says, "... but we had to listen to the cops." She's learned her lesson.

Then there's mom. We're sure that if she were one of our readers that stand would've been up and running the next day, and every day until the police were forced to take those kids to court over this. But not here. This mom is backing away from the issue, saying, "I'm trying to teach my kids good, and I don't think it'll teach 'em good if I keep on an' on with this." Right, the lesson wasn't only for the children.

Finally, in addition to instilling fear of authority in our most impressionable citizens, there's an added kicker to this incident. What better way to kill the entrepreneurial spirit in its cradle and set us up for the day when we all work for the state?

Question: What's the point when we finally announce that we're not going to take it any more? If that point isn't when they go after our kids, then there isn't one.


williambanzai7's picture

I don't think the police would get away with that in Scarsdale. That's why they send the kids to summer camp in the Berkshires. In old Eastern Europe, this kind of police action would signal an request for a bribe.

web bot's picture

Great post William.

History shows that the only way things change is with a system reset. There are too many vested interests, from me sitting in the safety of my home on a Friday evening to the billionaires whoring not 50 miles from where I live. When the system resets, then you have a change of the guard to be replaced by others.

We'll neve achieve perfection - it's a function of human nature.


williambanzai7's picture

I don't believe in a utopian dream state. We can't eliminate our flaws. But there has to be a basic threshold of right and wrong.

That threshold has to be determined by the populace not the whores and Johns currently running the national brothel.

Honestly, I don't know where the threshold is now. It fell in the sewer so to speak.

the grateful unemployed's picture

i dream about a rational utopian state, where all systems of understanding are universally available, and people put their minds together to arrive at solutions to problems, much like cloud computing, but the clouds are human minds. there is no paradox in this world, no black is white, or up is down. everything is what is, and human knowledge is amplied through conscious thought, in ways that all can see and understand, and regard the consequences.

ivana's picture

Even I am not American and writing this from the other side of globe, we all feel very similar and will go trough same consequences of this biggest mega historic robbery.

Thinking about waking up, admitting truth etc .... problem is that powerz are tightening controls more and more as we speak and will attack on free speach and thinking to "protect" average Joe from us.

Instead of elections and all other legal but naive ways of protesting which serve as joke material for powerz - I propose systematic and periodical boycot of certain corporations ... before final bank run.

Stay well williambanzai and don't give up.

It's about our children and their children etc etc not us anymore

williambanzai7's picture

Thank you, this is not just an American struggle. It is a struggle with "globalism"', a concept that has been hijacked for massive exploitation.

It is impossible to boycott everything, but it is a possible to stay away from the worst offenders.

In the US this means the big banks and the Koch Brothers,

gangland's picture

eloquent and powerful. you inspire me. Stay up! saving this post to read over and over. printing 500 copies, Large print, removing your name for liability reasons, will post all over my building, the telephone boxes, light poles, traffic poles. will post 6-8 at a time on walls guerrilla style. I'll pass them out too, look them in the eyes and talk to people about it. there is a church next to my place, i have never set foot in. but i know i will be able to give a talk there if i ask the pastor. if i have to i will give it in my limited spanish, or spanglish if i have to.

Freedom Manifesto.

YHC-FTSE's picture

I spent some time re-reading your efforts, and as laudable as your sentiments are, I fear it is too little too late even if by some miracle the vast majority of your continent share the same feelings - which they do not. 


I have tried in vain to summon up some sympathy and compassion for your fellow Americans who find themselves in the present predicament, but every time I do, the faces of babies, children, women, and men your fellow Americans have exploited, raped, poisoned, bombed, knived, and shot around the world during my lifetime surface along with the spurious reasons spoken by a million American lips why they all had to die, each time it happened. I think about the millions of people bombed in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia, the 300,000 stillborn babies deformed beyond recognition by Agent Orange, the hundreds of thousands raped by US troops around the world, the legacy of another generation of children deformed and dying from depleted uranium in Iraq, and wars upon wars fought directly or by proxy by those who govern the USA. In my lifetime alone, the picture is staggering.


If America's Downfall or more aptly, Der Untergang, means I don't have to hear another Rand-worshipping, paranoid, materialistic, murderous, thieving, delusional, lying fat-American-fuck expound jingoistically on his "Greatest Nation in the World", then I can only wish it will happen tomorrow. If Der Untergang means justice for the downtrodden by removing American support for despots on their land, the removal of military garrisons of the pretend-Roman-empire on every corner of the globe, and a chance for individuals and nations to finally control their own destinies, then I say bring it on, no matter what the cost to me. 


If Der Untergang means the end of the pernicious Ponzi cycle based on debt slavery as saleable asset, and creating wealth out of bullshit with fancy sounding words like, "fractional reserve", "deposit insurance" and a million acronyms, then I say, yes please. If it sends the whole industry of leeches who make nothing tangible, create nothing useful, and merely suck all the youthful, useful talent into the abyss of a money making gambling machine, and sends them all into oblivion, the human race would be much better off.


I am sure there are those whose hearts are in the right place. The real life versions of Grizzly Adams, The Waltons, or even Earl Hickey in America who despair as much as everyone else in the world at what America has become: A haven for zionists and other fundamentalists who base their lives on causing as much misery to others as they can, and spreading their Malthusian philosophy all the while as an excuse to get rich on the misfortune of others. If you are that person in despair, then you have my sympathies. Otherwise, it is time for Americans to reap what they have sown so widely with their greed. None of you gave a shit when NGOs pleaded that the USD dilution as a reserve currency will cause widespread starvation in the 3rd world because millions will be priced out of staple foods. Virtually none of you gave a shit when you were told about gross abuses and exploitation practiced by US corporations. It's only now when it affects YOU that I hear the whining. Remember: in a democracy, you have none to blame but yourselves. The World will be a much better place without the kind of people America breeds and nurtures. 

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

I'll say it again. Very good.

Josey Montana's picture

While I see things somewhat differently from you, I certainly concede your basic point. My forefathers invented "America" at Plymouth Rock in 1620 and let me tell you: it wasn't to bomb the world into oblivion; it wasn't to pillage, rape and plunder; and it sure as hell wasn't to establish Behemoth in dominion over the world.

Somewhere along the way, and it's an exponential curve so it's hard to pinpoint the exact time, "America" became a totem for greed and the idea of America as a just place simply was shoved aside, paid occasional lip service, but replaced by "America, where the streets dey are a-paved with gold!" and "The Business of America is Business". At the same time, the piety of my New England ancestry was high jacked by equally noxious Bolshevism and the two-card Monty was in play: Evil Communist or Evil Capitalist. Take your pick -- it's a free country, ain't it?

Some years ago I thought the Ruskies of the defunct USSR missed the chance to do us a great favor as they collapsed. I thought we would have benefitted had they nuked New York, DC and LA on their way into history's dustbin.

But as you point out, even though many "Americans" are coming to understand, their main complaint is that the party has ended and it's time to clean the mess and suffer the hangover.

Most of those so-called "Americans" never wanted, never understood, and never contemplated the beautiful, righteous dream that was my family's when they built this place with their bare hands, memories of man's depravity to man fresh in their minds.

Oh well. There is an upside to it all. Parasites die with their host and not all of us are diseased. We Western Men may be at the end of our run -- not a given and I do not concede the game! -- we certainly, of necessity, return to minding our own business which was nothing more and nothing less than the original idea.

bid the soldiers shoot's picture

I agree (except for the nuke part)

Hulk's picture

Many of us tried to right these things and were crushed. Our biggest success story was Daniel Ellsberg. He got lucky...

smore's picture

It really pains me to have to say this, because I agreed with William's sentiments wholeheartedly, but from larger perspective, YHC-FTSE, you have the better points.

Most Americans, and I mean 99.999% at least, have had no problem with the "thieves and swindlers responsible for the mother of all economic clusterfucks" because it has been America that has been fucking over the rest of the world for so long.  No one has listened to what the few lone voices on the fringes of the American mind like Noam Chomsky have been pointing out for decades.  The USSR may have been an evil empire, but the difference in evil between it and the US empire is moot.  

Before the current crisis, who even cared about the huge gulag prison system operating in the USA? The victims of the drug wars and police and legal corruption?  I heard so many average americans laugh and joke about  things like prison rape that I have long suspected there has been something sick in the american psyche for many generations now.

How many assholes have I heard sniggering about "sand niggers", and turning other countries into glass with nukes?

The issue of the "good war" in WW2 is a joke, William.  Poke around behind the official history and you will find some very ugly facts.  WW2 made America into the richest and most powerful country in the 50's, and it has been totally corrupted by that power.

I hope that America can be saved.  But I don't have much hope.  And I know that if it were to be utterly destroyed, millions if not billions around the world would rejoice. 


YHC-FTSE's picture

It is a country of such contrasts. I have read Noam for as long as I can remember, and thought for a long time that the rest of America must all be as compassionate and wise as him. Funny huh?

After all these years of visiting the 'States, it still shocks me when I hear such casual disregard for the lives of anyone outside their country.

If you think I find any pleasure pointing out the negative aspects of anyone's homeland, then you would be completely wrong. It really saddens me that decent people like you must share the same language and land with those who constantly undermine the best aspects of being human. 

gangland's picture



most days i would agree with you. not today, im too inspired by bill.

also, it seems to me what you describe is not unique to americans per se, but the human condition.

I guarantee you, if you could somehow instantly switch the populations of africa and america or mena and us, and observed, you would see no sociological difference in the outcome.

Also, most people in here wake up everyday on fire about the death and destruction the us government, hand in hand with every other government causes on a daily basis.

so while I get where you are coming from, I get your rage, just look at my handle and avatar, mine is on simmer most days, I think a tweak in perspective would be helpful.

Last thing, you talk about some miracle.  I am not looking for miracles. I would suggest you stop looking for them too.

Let's look instead for building critical mass. socioeconomic physics. the one undeniable truth and law of the universe, entropy.

Everything moves down the concentration gradient.

and things are very much concentrated and out of balance now.

All we need is critical mass and we can initiate this by taking ACTION.

reading, getting informed and sharing information is taking action, but it by itself does not stimulate critical mass.

To get to critical mass we need to organize.

I was wittness over the past few days only, amazed, at how today's tarsands/pipeline sit-in in washdc came togetherr so fast and organically reached a critical mass, mostly on twitter.

(btw naomi klein just twitted that they are arresting people, but they wont be able to arrest everyone there because it is a MASS ACTION)

that was no miracle. it was informed people sharing their passion and organizing to take mass action about tar sands and a pipeline.

let that inspire you.  I wont junk you.

in addition there is operation fulleton on today, monday operation BART 2 , sept 15 wall street mass sit in, sept 17 in los angeles.


YHC-FTSE's picture

I wish you all the best and lots of luck. 

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perhaps you have read Robinson Jeffers, the poet who wrote about FDR as "the cripple", in one of his narrative poems, for which he had to travel from his Pacific Grove home, to New York, to haggle over this point because his publisher would not print the book, over this one line.

Looking back at that time, circa 1940, America had pretty much accepted the depression as being permanent, and there were rising political factions who were creating social and labor unrest, problems for the oligarchy, as it existed. WWII saved the power elites ass, as they were able to put an end to the labor movement in America. In Germany they put a tattoo on your arm and put you to work, much as they do in China right now. Prescott Bush did business with them. I know some people who still sport those antique tattoos by the way

the labor movement was never the same after the war, and the post war boom in America covered the underlying inequities in the system, at least up until the present. now they are talking about war with China, right on schedule isn't it?

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Once again, I think you're probably right.