DeaR LuCaS (van PRaaG)

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LUCAS VAN PRAAG (A Goldman Prig Doin' God's Work)

The Wall Street Madame of Vampire Squid Fantasy: Lucas van Praag...shortly to be replaced by Timmy G-String's former Press Secretary.

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It will take MONTHS of pornography therapy to rid my mind of that image.

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William: The Opus Dei tatoo is interesting but I couldn't find a www connection.  Is it satire, or is he an OD? Thanks.  I recently read 'In God's Name' which investigates the death of Luciano Albino, aka John Paul I. It indirectly and powerfully discredits JP II and the current rotweiler. The church of the Nazarene is just another member of the Central Banking Cartel, global drug cartel, money laundering cartel, arms merchants. etc.  

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Satire on the Gods Work angle. When they did their annual report in 2010', I marked it up and posted it as Opus Dei Goldman Sachs. It's on my blog. Rather funny if I do say so ;-)

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Yes, it is funny.  I would be surprised if Goldman Sucks doesn't have operatives in the Vatican Bank.   An interesting dynamic, to me, in piecing together the global ponzi sheme is the increased level of sophistication that has occurred in the last 30 years, and is beyond the basic banking fraud playbook that had dominated the vatican bank's operations.  They are players, but perhaps like the NFL, not one of the top teams right now.  But that opinion might change if they manage to blow up the dome of the rock.

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I don't know too much about the Vatican bank other than what I saw in the Godfather ;-)

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you'll get a kick out of the following (the Vatican/mafia helped finance the Godfather):

Here's a strange little bedtime story about one of my favorite films, and how life imitiates art imitates life.


As it happens, The Godfather was produced by Paramount Pictures. Paramount at this time was owned by Gulf + Western. The CEO of Gulf + Western was a man by the name ofCharles Bludhorn. Reports are Bludhorn enjoyed trading fraudulent stocks with one Michele Sindona, head banker of the Roman Curia, and the brains behind the Vatican Bank. Moreover, Sindona was a member of p2, and a member of the Mafia. In 1972, the same year that The Godfather was being filmed, Bludhorn was slapped by the FEC for his trades with Sindona.

As it happens, part of the land where the film was being shot was owned by an Italian company named Immobiliare (meaning "biggest landlord") which had previously been owned by the Vatican, but sold by Sindona. Reportedly, Sindona kept an interest in Immobiliare, and when Paramount was filming The Godfather, some of this rent to Immobiliare went directly to Sindona.

And so, a film about the Mafia funneled money to the Mafia. Years later, in The Godfather Part III, Coppola would make a nod to this, by incorporating the Vatican banking scandal, Immobiliare, and the death (assassination?) of John Paul I into the script.


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Van Praag = Fall Guy wtith a Golden Parachute.

I imagine his severance pay is a bit better than most of the current unemployed...


And before it gets away, your Callista with her helmet off is the most freaky, scary graphic you have come up with yet. Just Stop It, Wild Bill...eeks!



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Let's not forget cousin James

Van Praagh was born in Bayside, New York and is the youngest of four children. Raised Roman Catholic he attended seminary at the age of 14; however, he has described himself as experiencing spiritual phenomena from a young age that eventually drew him away from conventional religious practice and into Spiritualism.[citation needed]

He graduated from San Francisco State University, majoring in Broadcasting and Communications, and subsequently moved to Los Angeles. It was there that he first discovered a direct interest in metaphysics and began working as a medium following a prediction by another medium who suggested it was his destiny.[citation needed]

Van Praagh built his early career performing private readings for clients by communicating with the spirits of their dearly departed, and quickly graduated to wider audiences through the sale and distribution of a series of audiotapes, books, and eventually the television appearances that gave him wide national exposure.[citation needed]

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I didn't realize he is from Bayside. That is funny. That is not England ;-)

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That Bald Callista was an interesting visually exercise ;-)

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