Death By a Thousand Cuts

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Ok, plot the s and p 500 weekly and we are just about where it should stop.  11:16 am 12.23.11 not sure why it isn't a good time to throw some short money in, and tighten the stops.

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George Soros and the Koch Brothers are manufactured boogeymen. What I mean by 'manufactured' is that they are played up by the MSM to divide the country into two different 'teams'.

Anything either boogeyman is seen to 'support' is quickly discounted by the opposing side.

This is very convenient for the people that are currently running our country into the ground, as they can easily, use these 'boogeymen' every time they want to demonize anything or anyone, like the Occupy movement or Tea Party, for example.

However, the interests of both of these guys are very much aligned, as should have been quite evident to all, when the Koch Brothers got the courtesy call to move their 10 positions, 2 weeks before MF Global declared bankruptcy.

Another shining example of this, is how Soros and the Koch brothers are both heavily invested in Veritas Capital which is the second biggest recipient of the DOD budget which includes Homeland Security.

The media is complicit in helping to perpetuate this Kabuki Theatre. For example, CNN, MSNBC, Glenn Beck and FOX are always in attendance at the Koch Brothers 'strategy' meetings, along with top executives from B of A, Wells Fargo, Goldman, JP Morgan, Exxon, Pfiser, Carlyle Group, Veritas, ext. After Citizens United was passed, Supreme Court Justice Thomas was at one of these 'strategy' meetings, as a paid speaker.

The faster that people realize that the Right vs. Left reality show on the infomercial media is only impersonating a Democracy, the better.

Only then, will have a chance at a real Democracy, where the interests of the majority of the American people that are not in attendance at these closed and secret meetings and not financially invested in the Military Industrial Complex, Big Banking, Big Oil, or Big Pharma, are represented by their elected government.






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George Soros and the Koch Brothers are manufactured boogeymen. What I mean by 'manufactured' is that they are played up by the MSM to divide the country into two different 'teams'.


No. Nothing manufactured. Division into two 'different' teams.

US citizens strive for conformity and uniformity.

A conform and uniform environment does not exclude opposition.

The environment on the other hand selects what kind of opposition can exist.

As US citizens have been extremelly successful into installing conformity and uniformity, the favoured type of opposition is what was known as rivalry in old times when the world was much more diverse, much more singular and when other types of opposition were allowed to be.

Rivals are divided. They want, wish, expect the same though. But they are divided.

Duelists want the same: they might want to have sex with the same person, they want to kill the other duelist. You can swap one for another but in all case, the outcome show the division: it is not the same if duelist A got killed while duelist B outlives.

US citizenism has installed uniformity and conformity. The result is that opposition is now formally reduced to rivalry.

Unsurprisingly, US citizens want to hide that fact (US citizens love to propagate themselves as agents of diversity and singularity) and never call political candidates for what they are: rivals. But prefer the more generic term: the opposition which might lead to think that both sides do not want the same, do not wish for the same etc (diversity, singularity)

Soros and the rest of the high profile bankers are what they are: rivals.

Political candidates are what they are: rivals.

They are divided but they long for the same.

NOthing manufactured, only US citizenism at work.

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Indeed, if Mr Soros is a great patron saint of the left like we are led to believe why did he help bring down Communism in Europe. 

The right and left are like a persons hands, both belong and are controlled by the same body. They are not independent entities.

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The totalitarian left wants sky high prices and taxes, it is the largest impediment to upward mobility.

The totalitaian right does not.

Soros is obviously not the patron saint of the central planning big government neo marxist imbeciles, he just gives them a blank check.


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Wells Fargo talked my Son into a credit card when he went to deposit a paycheck.

He's in high school and working a part-time $8.25 an hour job and they gave him a $1,000 credit limit; likely at 29% interest.

Have things changed?  No.

I told him to cut it up and never use it.

The banks are happy to hand out debt, because if it can't be paid, the taxpayer will pay it via the Treasury and FED.

What a racket!

They've got us coming and going.

God Bless Thomas Jefferson; wisdom is a precious commodity.

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You need to educate your children. If enough peopel cut the cards up, in a little while, WFC will institute a account maintenance hcrage; basically, charging him for not using the card. Have hom buy a couple of things on the card, pay them off immediately and cancel the card.

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Good article. I sold several  holdings in my folder yesterday on the bounce. Cashing out so i can have some morepowder for when the SHTF....which it will and then I'll back up the truck and BTFD.

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So is this article saying that I should save FRNs under my matters, or should I save silver under my mattress? 

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Re. Jefferson quote..

I agree with the sentiment and Jefferson probably would too, but it is a slight exageration of something he actually wrote.

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Cash & Tea.  

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Mr Rogers says. "Can you spell C A S I N O?"

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Very good article Ilene, what is your background, it's extremely detailed, and you don't pull any punches.

We should have more writers like yourself that write with a hand on their inflation ladden hearts, which will continue if these thiefs continue to run our governments. Our forefathers were so wise, they did not know we would use their same principles 200 plus years later.

Thank you again for the proper illustration of corrupt banksters at work....



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Hi Wolfgang, the post below's correct. I don't write most articles I post. This one's by Phil Davis (background here: I edit and write some of Stock World Weekly - free trial here.  (My background is largely unrelated to financial markets etc.)  

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  The article is by Phil's Stock World , Ilene just posted it.

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Here's one from a few days ago:

No Virginia, There is No Santa Claus Rally

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Gold is bravely holding $1,600, which is up $200 for the year but they forgot to manipulate Silver, which is down 5% from $31.50 or Platinum, which is rarer than gold but down 22% from $1,800 to $1,400.  It’s very historically rare for gold to be higher than platinum (and makes no logical sense) so 22% is the idiot factor in gold, at least.


Platinum and Silver-like Copper have a heavy weighting of Industrial usage-

Gold is a currency and has basically zero Industrial demand-so comparing them together is flawed-

Silver can and will at some point decouple from the Industrial label and turn Monetary like its big brother-

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What is the best way to hold platinum? Is there an ETF? or some physical you recommend/ Coin? Bar?

Any suggestions?

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Palau are u in oz?
If so perhaps check the selection at

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Anything but ETF's. It's only paper!

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What is the best way to hold platinum? Is there an ETF? or some physical you recommend/ Coin? Bar?


I don't hold any physical Platinum so i have no comment on which is the best form to own it in-

I've held this Platinum company on and off for the last 6 years-I'm out now and will wait until i see an upside breakout or a further correction lower in a broad sell off-

They reflect the PT price as well as anything I've seen-

The huge gap down in price was a forward stock split-


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Just ask those that rode the Rhodium bull down.

Or one can see the dramatic reduction in ebay auctions for gold -- it's all "collector or reflector" gold.

T-T-T-Toppy Top Top

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Just ask those that rode the Rhodium bull down.

Or one can see the dramatic reduction in ebay auctions for gold -- it's all "collector or reflector" gold.


Of course gold gets whacked along with commodities most times and imo-those dumping are the inflationists-everytime that deflation presents itself-

They/inflationists buy for the wrong reason-so naturally they sell for the wrong reason-

Gold is "money" and money is the ticket for deflation/credit risk-not inflation-

If deflation is bad for gold-then you have to say we were in deflation from 1980-2001-

From 2001 until 2008 was not inflation-it was "abnormal inflation" ie:Hyper-inflation of the credit money supply and now we are facing credit default risk ie: deflation and once the weak hands are flushed-gold will continue to act like money-

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"Banking was conceived in iniquity, and born in sin. Bankers own the earth. Take it away from them, but leave them the power to create money, and with the flick of a pen, they will create enough money to buy it back again. Take this great power away from them, and all great fortunes like mine will disappear. And, they ought to disappear, for then this would be a better and happier world to live in. But if you want to continue to be the slaves of the bankers, and pay the cost of your own slavery, then let bankers continue to create money, and control credit."

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It is a quote, just not Abraham Lincoln

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josiah stamp, chairman of the bank of england in the 30s and at the time 3rd richist man in england, i belive

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I believe the quote is from Josiah Stamp.

Here is another gem from ol' Josiah ( (Stamp recounting a story from Harold Cox who quotes an anonymous English judge)

"The government are very keen on amassing statistics. They collect them, add them, raise them to the nth power, take the cube root and prepare wonderful diagrams. But you must never forget that every one of these figures comes in the first instance from the chowky dar (village watchman in India), who just puts down what he damn pleases."
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“The trouble with quotes on the internet is that it’s difficult to determine whether or not they are genuine” 
- Abraham Lincoln

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"The NE and European (Roth) bankers wanted me to start a war to steal the south's wealth."

Abe Lincoln

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"But I thought everything I found on the internet ( a series of tubes) was TRUE..."

- Abraham Lincoln


(It's still a great quote)

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"The end of democracy and defeat of the American Revolution will occur when government falls into the hands of the lending institutions and moneyed incorporations."

- Thomas Jefferson

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"I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies. If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around [the banks] will deprive the people of all property until their children wake-up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered. The issuing power should be taken from the banks and restored to the people, to whom it properly belongs."

Thomas Jefferson

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chinese the silk trade it kills you by its slken touch. Soft n gentle. Yin and Yang. Now we know the future is chinese!

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This is good, somehow we have to balance the donations by the Koch brothers and others...who brought us Herman Fucking Cain. Check out the causes the Koch's support and ask yourself whether they are good for this nation. Not. So maybe George S can balance things out a little.

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George is a self proclaimed socialist at best. The history of the world speaks quite poorly of his kind. Put that in your bong and smoke it.

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Actually, he's a pretty savvy trader as well.

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DSK would, while shagging 12 yr old hookers.