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If any of you have been wondering what our boy Alan Grayson has been up to, here it is. First of all he shaved that ridiculous looking beard off.


Hmmm, this explains why he had that beard in the first place...

Second, he has taken up the fine art of visual prose, as this visually stimulating and humorous letter demonstrates.

"Dear Friend,
I know why House Speaker John Boehner walked out of debt ceiling talks with President Obama on Friday.
It’s because Boehner can’t deliver.
It doesn’t matter what terms the President offers. It’s that simple. Boehner can’t deliver the votes.
The President might as well be negotiating with Tiger Woods; Tiger can’t deliver the votes, either. But at least Tiger has a better swing.
On Friday, the President said, “I think that one of the questions that the Republican Party is going to have to ask itself is, can they say yes to anything? Can they say yes to anything?”
The answer to your question, Mr. President, is no. The national Republican Party can’t even says yes to yes. And Boehner can’t do anything about that.
In May 1935, Pierre Laval, then the Foreign Minister of France, and also the once and future Prime Minister of France, met with Josef Stalin, the Soviet dictator. Laval, a Catholic, urged Stalin to stop persecuting Catholics in the Soviet Union. Stalin asked Laval why it mattered. Laval replied that continued persecution could provoke a quarrel between Stalin and the Pope.
Stalin replied, “The Pope? How many divisions does he have?”
I don’t think that anyone could confuse John Boehner with the Pope, but nevertheless, at this point, President Obama might ask the same question about Boehner. How many divisions does John Boehner have?
Fifty-nine House Republicans abandoned Boehner on the “compromise” appropriations bill. Even though Boehner depicted it to them as a Republican victory on par with, say, the Battle of Stalingrad.
And now, Fox News has reported that between 80 and 120 Republican members of the House will vote against any bill to increase the debt ceiling, no matter what else is in it. You can be sure that Fox News knows what Republicans in Washington are thinking – because Fox News tells them what to think.
So somewhere between a third and a half of all of the Republicans in the House of Representatives are going to vote against increasing the debt ceiling, no matter what Boehner puts in front of them. Boehner is a general with no troops. The coach has no players. The teacher has no students. The chief has no Indians. The bride has no bridesmaids.
That’s why Boehner is always crying.
It seems as though all those rounds of golf lately between Boehner and the President aren’t likely to accomplish much, except maybe lowering the President’s handicap.
According to Fox, Boehner can’t deliver enough Republican votes to increase the debt limit. So where does that leave us?
Congress has over 200 caucuses. The largest is the Congressional Progressive Caucus. I think that what Congress needs is a new caucus, Democrats and Republicans, who are willing to raise the debt ceiling without cutting Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid benefits.
I’d call it the Sane Caucus.
Alan Grayson"

h/t KA


It seems pretty clear what his re-election strategy is. Not a bad one if you are looking to corner the AARP vote in Florida.

Amidst the continuing carnival of debt, and putting aside the collective idiocy of Washington DC (Debt Ceiling), I found it somewhat disquieting to see just how much our government is trying to ape the short term priorities of Wall Street.

Look at them all kowtowing to the rating agencies. I mean who really gives a flying AIG what the rating agencies think. Why don't we just shut them all down instead of watching them pretend to have their hallelujah moment? Yes good old subprime Amerika is no longer a AAA credit. Do we really need those useless shit bags to tell us this?

Next, the idea that decisions have to be timed to the market. All weekend we heard about the financial mayhem that would follow if an agreement could not be announced before the Asian open.

Wow! What a climax.

This just goes to show how very very little little Chicken Geithner understands where and when the financial contagion will strike next. It also tells us that our debt addicted leaders are thinking spin and instant market gratification instead of long term planning for the future of the Republic.

That crazy Floridian Fraudclosurenaut Grayson seems to have it right again. Boehner can't deliver what the Democrats desperately need and the Democrats will commit public harakiri if they go along with putting the knife to SM&M without getting something tangible, instead of smoke and mirrors, in return.

Somewhere over the weekend, I read a comment about the Titanic analogy that was really spot on.

Unlike Washington DC, the crew of the Titanic did not have the benefit of months and months of advance warning and preparations for the approaching field of mega icebergs in which we now find ourselves smack in the middle.

















. S&P












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very, very good, as usual.

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I really love these pictures. Pretty cool...


get ex back

Burgess Shale's picture

Boehner has the upper hand now.

Zero Govt's picture

Brilliant Banzai  ;)

...but i hope you're not endorsing dumb Dem Grayson as some kinda saviour on a white charger... there has never been a good charlatan, sorry politician, in history and there never will

we need to bury this career path and the monopolistic rotten monolith it resides in, Govt ...easiest fastest way to bury the parasites: Stop Paying Your Taxes (ie. stop funding them)

williambanzai7's picture

Grayson has two things on his resume, early Congressional bloodhound on fraudclosure issue and creative writing.

"This does not compensate for being a lunatic", though the same can be said for for the rest of them.

Zero Govt's picture

Grayson was impressive in 2 Senate hearings i watched (highlights on YouTube). Short sharp questions that sliced up a couple of State crones which is probably why he was sent out into the cold (doesn't do to rock the boat in Govt, ingratiating, back-slapping and honour amongst thieves is the name of the game)

...i'm also impressed with most of what Nigel Farrange says in the UK until you see his parties policies are still the same Statist nonsense (minus the EU) as all the others... no Messiah is coming to save us, Obumma was the last Great White Hope... he like all others are charlatans... we have to save ourselves, not sure what's wrong with that as we're adults afterall and who the hell wants to be saved, led or herded like sheep anyway?


mt paul's picture

a group of baboons 

is called a congress....

Sambo's picture

Is Bernanke a Chinaman disguised as the (Fed) Chairman?


mcguire's picture

yes.. it is totally brilliant..


Trifecta Man's picture

Insanity is voting for the same old parties and expecting a different result.

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I subscribe to the guy from australia and his FFT economic newsletter at that guy has called many big events before they have happend, including the stock market crash in 2008 and the current financial collapse of the US. (currently happening) I found him from a friend last year, and he has some important work.

But he is saying that the debt ceiling is just working itself and its language into the system so they can plan their next move of attack. So far he is right. I hate their quirky little saying they have.

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I'm anti-war so I'm pulling for the default.  There is no way I'm getting what I want.  Nice framing blaming the dems not negotiating with the gop.  Simple truth is that the gop is not going to let the US default.  Too much at stake for their neo-cons.  But, I'm hopeful...

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They default, and the war comes home. The war comes from the streets of the Middle East to the streets of every major city and most towns.

Quixote's picture

Given the creepy picture on his banner, I think Grayson's campaign strategy must be to appeal to those who like psycho-torture cannibal horror films. That dude looks freaky.

blindman's picture

let us break it down. money, in the global system as it is,
is debt. when the private sector had its orgy with the scam
and then woke up it wisely handed the burden over to the
quickly going extinct national entities. the "sovereigns".
to sustain money creation to pay off the extant commitments, financial,
it was up to the sovereigns to either create debt/money or let the
system fail. the bought off politicos, paid off, went with reflation
of the prime suspects in the crime of the century, wrongly, and now
are in the unfortunate position of having to explain to their nearly
entirely ignorant populations that ......
"it's ok baby, you won't lose your job."
but, of course, the job will be lost. no flowers sent.
the key is to increase the ceiling. but why is there a ceiling
when we all can see the sky is the limit, so it is a matter of
vision and arbitrary exclusion and inclusion, where there is no
ceiling on the extent of derivatives
and there notional values, ahh, there the rub of global ruinous scam,
decanting of class ongoing. you are a mere debt slave mastered
by the derivative market makers. ( fucking scum ) mastered by scum.
hmmm. how's that gonna work? i mean for man and all?
how do we teach this to the children? and then wonder why
they refuse to learn?
go figure
Amy Winehouse - Monkey Man - Live HD

blindman's picture

there ain't no gettin' over this fuckery. . Amy Winehouse - Me & Mr. Jones - Live HD


Amy Winehouse - Monkey Man - Live HD

Quixote's picture

Her name is Pelosi. That's perfect for that picture. Outstanding.

williambanzai7's picture

Those old movies are a treasure trove of images.

jmc8888's picture

It doesn't matter what they cut, nothing about the structure changes.

Thus all their ideas are bullshit.

No Glass-Steagall, there isn't a change, and everything will still be on its way to collapse.

Enjoy (general audence) the sophistry that is the Cut, cap, and puke plan, and the Jack-Paul "Clear and present danger" Ryan plan.


Nothing from either side even changes the debate by 1/2 of 1 percent.  It's all about Glass-Steagall or you're just jerking off...hopefully into a strong wind, with an open mouth.

Glass-Steagall or you or bitching for nothing.  All plans besides Glass-Steagall #fail.


TrueStrengthTurnsTheCheek's picture

I think that this isnt even enough though. basically until we kill the idea of private central banking and the BIS then we are all slaves.

JuicedGamma's picture

I kinda prefer my politicians toothless like Boehner.

Quixote's picture

Glad you said that . . . I wrote my senator today and called Boehner a toothless lion . . . makes me feel better I that I'm not the only one who sees it that way.

jmc8888's picture

Better to suck wall street's cock.  That is after all, what the cut, crap, and puke plan is all about.  Getting his wall street suck on!

Millerette's picture

awesome as always!  Bela Pelosi is creepy good, and Hu Flung Dung is just simply brilliant.  Thanks WB!

disabledvet's picture

we gonna get to the finish line. no one said it was going to be pretty. but we're gonna MAKE it--we ARE!

Juan Wild's picture




Augustus's picture

Grayson is correct, for once.  Boehner has to deal with rational people who recognize that something must be done to reduce spending.  Grayson, on the other hand, has no capacity for ever recognizing that there could be an end to debt creation without bankruptcy forcing it upon him and the rest of the Dems.  Spend every last dime and drachma you dummies.  Spend it all.

williambanzai7's picture

I think he should try bald with handle bar mustache.

Quixote's picture

WB, I am loathe to suggest ideas to a master talent (and you are that), but your comment put an image in my head that I have to communicate: Alan Grayson as Mr. Dark in Bradbury's Something Wicked This Way Comes. For what it's worth.

UP4Liberty's picture

Beautiful Hitchcock slate revision...

Anytime a reference is made to Crazy Eddie, Monty Hall and Bela Pelosi on the same blogging scroll - I'd refer to that as a TRIPLE BANGER!

Way to go, WB7!

P.S.  BTW - if we are all corporate entities via the red number on the back of our SS# cards, should we American tax-paying citizens (denizens) consider a class action lawsuit to protect the $ we have contributed to the SS Fund? 

P.P.S.  Would we sue the United States of America, Inc.?  What corporate entity could we file suit against?  Where would the correct jusris-DICK-tion be to file suit?  DC?  New York?  Any takers?

williambanzai7's picture

I had to pull almost all the stops on those fuckers.

Wherever you initiate the case, they will plead moron non conveniens.

blindman's picture

court of public opinion and

so it goes.

MrSteve's picture

Start with your local Small Claims Court for the last two year's interest on your MMF.


The Fifth Amendment says no confiscation without just compensation, so go to your local Federal Gov't office and complain to the Civil Rights Dept. that your 5th Amendment rights have been violated by ZIRP. Note: the 5th Amendment language is pretty clear, but bring a dictionary if they don't understand it. Just keep repeating "just compensation".


File a complaint with the FDIC for the amount of interest your bank account has been dinged under ZIRP confiscation policy. Their refusal is your Small Claims Court case and your entre into asking your Congressman for "constituent assistance" with your FDIC claim. Keep jamming them and reporting it all to your local newspaper editior or blogger of your choice. Resistance is futile, until it triumphs, massively.

PulauHantu29's picture

Excellent...but I must consult with my Financial Advisor before I make ANY moves:

williambanzai7's picture

Remember I don't purport to give any financial advice, or political, or psychiatric ;-)

Cameli's picture

Come on you can't fool us.....that's really Retard & Stupor in the costumes...or err..maybe it could be Standard & Poor.

FlyPaper's picture

I get a kick out of the "cutting social security/medicare benefits" coming from the D party after Obama-care cut half a trillion out of Medicare already.  Mr. Grayson has a short memory.

Apparently the shellacking the President got has worn off.  He cut taxes 6 months ago now insists we raise taxes now.  

nah's picture


SheepDog-One's picture

'Cant deliver the votes'....well GOOD!

StychoKiller's picture

Something I posted to BEFORE the 2010 elections...

"Unfortunately for you and I sir/madam, leaving the Decepticrats in charge is
like giving a 13-year old your American Express card and ignoring what they're
doing with it.  Here's whats gonna happen:

The Republicons get a slim majority in the House and whittle the Senate down
close to parity.  ALL legislation proposed by Obamatron gets stuffed into a
toilet somewhere and Obamatron returns the favor by vetoing anything for the
next two years, good or bad, it won't matter, it will be vetoed.  So much for
having adults in GOVT.  The system spins merrily along until bad earnings
numbers start showing up in the large corporations that cater to the US market(s)
[no one can spend due to the ever-increasing unemployment numbers].  At that
point, the Republicons will cave in and try to co-opt the game plan of the
Decepticrats, namely, trying to "Stimulate" the Economy with MORE Govt spending! 
So, what was the point of electing the Republicons again?  The market(s)
continue exploring subterranean landscapes until the rest of the World goes
up in flames as well.  None of this will end well.  If, by some miracle, the
Decepticrats hold onto the House, THEY will continue to try to "stimulate" the
Economy with MORE Govt spending, and again, we end up burnt to a cinder.  Take
your "Progressive" social justice outrage somewhere else, elementary school
ideas of what's fair and just cannot face the real world of the jungle and
survive -- congratulations, your poorly thought out ideas of Socialism have/will
kill millions, if not billions -- thanks for playing, game over!"

Yen Cross's picture

  Absolute genius! WB-7

Bob's picture

Outstanding, Banzai!  One great image after another, all equally strong . . . and, yet, funny!  Thanks, I needed that. 

Wow, the series even established its own graphic vocabulary.  That was great. 

geno-econ's picture

Ever wonder why most of Obama's economic advisors left his adminitration earlier this year?  Look at the bright side-----could be worse if they stayed

StychoKiller's picture

OTOH, the Great Implosion™ might have occurred by now...