Democrats: Here’s How to Force President Obama to Debate Endless War, Assaults on Our Freedom and the Out-Of-Control Fed

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We voted for Obama because we wanted change.

You voted for Obama?

May the ghost of the real George Washington come back and strike you dead.

And if he doesn't do it, hopefully Homeland Security will, or some true American patriot.

Yes, you (and people like you) deserve death.

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Dear Paultards,

Your hipocrisy is underwhelming. Thank you for your brilliant critique of the current administration. Be assured, all of us who voted for Obama in'08 feel like complete fools. 

What you should do now is put all of your faith in the promise that one man, this geriatric from Texas, will bring the hope and change that will restore America to glory. Go ahead, put all of your eggs in one basket. Because no one learned in 2008 that one man, inspirational though he may be can bring change to the bloated corpse that is this nation's government. 

Fools, the whole thing needs to come down. None of it is redeemable, certainly not by one man. Even Ron Paul can be bought. He has a number, just like everyone. And these people can print money. 

Don't waste your vote. I'm not spending mine.

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Yeah sure  -so go ahead and vote for Rick perry  -you dumbfuck

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HA! Why vote for anybody?

Perhaps I was a bit harsh and for that I'm as mildly sorry as any Paultard who calls a libtard an idiot. 

But there seems to be a growing chorus on ZH for Ron Paul that is coupled with an increasing level of cognitive dissonance. On one hand, Tyler posts lots of charts and graphs about how we can invest safely. On the other hand, we get posts in which its entirely clear that:

1. The global financial system is being manipulated and gamed.

2. The entire system is a ponzi scheme whose meltdown time has come.

Then there's, two other themes: Buy Gold and Vote For Ron Paul.

No one gets the truth entirely right, but it must lie somewhere in the middle. If any of the posts on ZH are true in any sense, who you vote for in 2012 is completely meaningless vis-a-vis what will actually happen in the political and financial arenas.

Presidents are puppets. Congressional politics is puppet theater.  

You all talk about sheeple all the time. Wake up. 



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Here's a good interview with Martin Armstrong:

Good Luck and God Bless!

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Has Obama yet signed the NDAA? A quick glance at the link above doesn't seem to make this clear. Do I need to read that article more closely, or are we still waiting for a signature from the prez?


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I belive he signed it yesterday, went under the radar in the MSM.

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It didn't go "under the radar," they didn't report it. They only tell you what they want you to think about. 


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Yup they are hiding it! did a google search and this was the first MSM result I found after 8 pages of results.

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mc225,As I stated above the prez signed it on "National Bill of Rights Day".

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You're right about Obama, GW. And you are right that without RP facing him in the general election, these issues won't be raised. But you are extremely naive if you think the MSM will participate in those debates. RP will raise issues, media talking heads will get all flustered, and throw Obama a softball that allows him to bring the discussion back to safe territory. RP won't be able to build a campaign chest, will be labeled a radical kook and will be decimated, with Obama winning all 50 states. RP's bad ideas will be laughed at and his good ideas will never be heard from again.

RP supporters here on zerohedge, I need answers about his positions on a couple of things that are priority to me and RP has avoided talking about them. Maybe you have read something he's said that I missed:

Does Ron Paul believe that Glass-Steagall should be re-imposed? Does he believe the Commodities Futures Modernization Act of 2000 should be repealed? Does he believe MERS should be destroyed and the banking fraudsters of the MBS and CDO casino be prosecuted and thrown in jail for securities fraud?

If not, to me, he is as big a crook as the rest.


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go do your own homework -dumbass.

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I did, name-calling child. I found him entirely silent on those issues. That's a problem if you are looking for a candidate that is not a liar. Until RP says otherwise I have no other choice than to believe he disagrees with me on the crucial issues that led to the crisis.

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The only way POTUS Rex can save his presidency and legacy is to use the new unconstitutional powers he has given himself and start "Black Bagging" the financial terrorists, Dimon, Blankefein and Bernanke and the others, off to Gitmo you go.

I wonder if those that passed the NDAA and the 1% that pushed for it ever considered that it's first best use would be on them? 

You know to save the Nation and all.


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yeah there are things about rp I don't like, but he is the only candidate that is correctly positioned on the three matters which matter to me the most, as Gw has articulated. althugh I'd like to see him also come out for sending these bastards to jil and actually using the justice deopt to go after them. (the bankers that is) .

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The first line in this vapid missive is----"We voted for Obama because we wanted change."


Don't say 'we', cocksucker, say YOU voted for him.

Catch a flight over to North Korea tonight, you fucking douchebag communist, so you can mourn your fallen hero, Kim Jong (mentally) Ill.

I say he's your hero, since he must have been, due to his communist ideology and oppression of North Korean people. Why don't you go on over there and put flowers on his casket?

What do George Washington and Kim Jong Ill have in common? They both hate America and give the benefit of the doubt to terrorists.

Someday you may write an article that is halfway worth a shit, if I live another 10,000 years. All of your worthless articles say the same tired shit in a transparent attempt to gin up hate for America.

I have yet to read an article of yours that can hold a candle to anything readily available on the partition walls of any inner city public restroom.

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Nazi leader Hermann Goering’s famous statement is relevant to this issue:

Why of course the people don’t want war … But after all it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship … Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is to tell them they are being attacked, and denounce the pacifists for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. It works the same in any country.

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It does not surprise me that an anti-Semite like you would immediately resort to Nazi Germany in a twisted attempt to rationalize you perverted ideology.

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Anti-Semite?  Uh, NO, that is ad hominen ispe dixit  ...

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GW, on a roll, and thanks:

"We voted for Obama because we wanted change."

well the 52% did, I'm givin' u the hyperbole.

"We voted for Obama because he promised to end Bush’s perpetual wars,
clean up the mess which Bush’s financial tzars made, and restore the
freedom and liberty which Bush attacked."

not rememberin' the "Bush financial tzars" thingie, not rememberin' the "freedom and liberty" thingie.  P'raps I didn't see the teleprompter script for that.

Not sure that '43 did the tzar thing as well as Philip Dru's Administators broke GM and Chrystler Bonds in favor or ..., Place-Holder, ... NLRB, etc. won't cost u 2 much.

- Ned

[ED. And another thing, very interesting that GW is proposing "Operation Chaos" in favor of RP.  Who knew that H. Ross or Ralph Nader ever "made a difference."]

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Doesn't matter, the motherfuckers have us surrounded.  Save the last bullet for yourself.

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Ron Paul is a laughable crackpot anti-semite, 911 troofer. If he were to ever get the nomination, the republican party would be destroyed for decades. George Washington is about as stupid as they come and a consistent black eye here on Zero Hedge. Whatever he write all right thinking people should consider it opposite day.

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war must be just around the corner  -the neocon criminals have their paid morons out in force. When the war starts, I hope you motherfuckers get a missile right up yopur smelly asses.

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Ron Paul eats shit and is a national disgrace.

George Washington is an imbecile who makes Ron Paul look competent.

 I cringe every time I watch that mumble-mouth fool Ron Paul when he opens his mouth on stage in the debates. The fucker is an idiot.

Does the stupid motherfucker not know what it does to voter appeal when he publicly endorses a nuclear armed Iran ? That dumb bastard is going after the REPUBLICAN voters while saying that shit???  Is he retarded? Is he in denial???

All these faithful Ron Paul supporters get a hard-on when Paul is running in second or third place for the nomination. Do the dumbass supporters not know that the republican support is split six ways while Paul gets all the libertarians? And that, as candidates drop out, all the republican support will align behind the Republican, NOT the libertarian Ron Paul?

Just like in 2008, all the Paul supporters were delirious when Paul regularly won a few post-debate polls after his pathetic performances. ALL the libertarians would unite behind Paul, while the republicans were split among four to six repubican candidates.

The most astonishing thing is the insane denial of Paul's supporters. Paul has the charisma of a dead mackeral, no speaking skills whatsoever,  and has absolutely NO chance of being the republican nominee. NONE. If Gingrich, Romney, Santorum, Bachmann, Perry and Huntsman dropped dead this instant, Paul would have NO chance at the republican nomination.

Ron Paul has the same chance of winning the 2012 presidency as JFK does.

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eat shit and die you pathetic weasel.

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Ron Paul is an honest, benevolent man.  ALL other candidates and potential candidates are elist, liberty-destroying, economy-destroying, totalitarian power-mongers.  Which makes you a promoter of tyranny, jerk.

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I like Ron Paul.  I wish his son was running but I will take the dad.  I don't think Santorum is evil.  He is not a bad guy.  

Gingrich sure as hell is.  As bad as Romney and Perry are - they are much better than Newt.  

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Newt is a pale version of Obama.  Newt and Huntsman are the worst of the bunch. Gingrich did more to advance the NWO/CFR/UN agenda than most Dems.

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Credit where credit is due.


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Great! Now if we can find a way to destroy the Democrat party for decades we'll be getting somewhere.

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@ Bet

you forgot to mention that he is an aetheist, puppy killer, pedo, racist, wife-beater.

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I have no idea if he is No need to make anything up. His record is more than crazy enough. He's a complete whacko. Just read the comments here for proof. Kim Jung Il never had more mindless zombies than these Paultards. The only people more excited about a RP candidacy than these trailer park trash is every single person in the White House. Fucking hilarious how nuts George Washington is. HILARIOUS.

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Yeah Ron Paul's idea of following The Constitution.  Yeah crazy. 

Who is your choice?  NWO/CFR Newt the serial adulterer?

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BetTheHouse doesn't give a shit about the country or constitution, or even who is elected president. His only concern is getting paid for the drivel he's spewing.


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Government apologists are eager to label
anyone “taking a cynical stance toward politics, mistrusting authority,
endorsing democratic practices, … and displaying an inquisitive,
imaginative outlook” as worthy of a Stalinist trip to the insane asylum.

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Interesting theory. I'll give it some thought ............ Nah. It's just that you're a kook.

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George ,

This is how i have been feeling for a long time. I actually would feel more comfortable voting for RP as an independent but perhaps if he has a good enough showing in the primaries and fails to win the nomination that he will go rogue and run with someone like Jesse Ventura.

I voted for Obama twice. I have voted Republican and independent. I don't really buy into the bs two party system. As far as 2008 What can I say I was lazy and didn't do my homework. It was just so refreshing to hear a politician talk about ending the wars and restoring freedom. Yes I should have known better. But  frankly McCain with his neocon jingoist advisors and that nutjob Palin scared the bejesus out of me. But yeah I am let down and yes its partially my fault. 

So yeah I am going to register republican and vote for RP in the primary if for nothing else trying to get the issues discussed by the American people even if not the MSM.

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Congratulations on your awakening. Ignore Freddie the shit head.

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Freddie's been making sense tonight. An honest debater will give credit where it is due.


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It doesn't make any sense to insult someone who openly owns their mistakes and is making every attempt to discover the truth. Why does everyone have to be a fucking hardass?

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You are right and I stand corrected. I didn't see Freddie's comment a little further below. (Actually, it's a little above; for some reason the comments were being sorted for me with the newest first. I've fixed that and I apologize for my mistake.) I congratulate anyone that is peeling away the layers of misinformation and is seeking the truth.

The misinformation industry of the War Party's democratic and republican wings has thoroughly permeated American society. The divide and conquer tactics get people worked up into such a frenzy over which "side" wins that they fail to consider what is best for the nation. When either side of the War Party wins, America loses.

While it appears that Freddie may be incrementally moving toward the truth, his partisan tirades and obsession with Islam are good examples of how strong the grasp of War Party propaganda can be. Seeking the truth can be difficult, because so many forces are aligned to try to keep you away from it.


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I mean really!  Isn't it possible he DID vote for Obama twice?  Once in the primaries and once in the general election?  Is that so impossible?