The Hazards of Hospitals

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These numbers are horrible. Any thoughts? There's the obvious - stay healthy, exercise, eat well, don't get sick. If these numbers are accurate, why is a hospital stay in the U.S. so much more dangerous than it is in other developed countries? For example, in European hospitals, the risk of acquiring a deadly infection is about 17 times lower than it is in the U.S. Do we abuse antibiotics significantly more than in other countries? What is the contribution of sleep depriving schedules for interns, poor sanitation practices, worse record keeping? - Ilene

Created by Medical Billing and Coding Certification

The Hazards of Hospitals
Created by: Medical Billing and Coding

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I think these hazard related numbers would have been more clear for everyone if there was a study that compares different regions in the world. I am currently studying for my health masters degree and finding this article was an eye opener for me, I had no idea that things are so serious. We definitely need to do better than that.

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My son had a hemorrhage in his brain last summer(2010)Fortunately, we asked to go to Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Mn. Thanks to Dr Giuseppe Lanzino from Bolongna, Italy, who saved his life. I think he is one of the best in the world. If I'm not mistaken, he is Head of Neurosurgery at Mayo. I have nothing but praise for St Mary's Hospital, Mayo Clinic, and the staff we had contact with. God bless the nuns that dedicated their lives to starting and nuturing St Mary's to what it is today. And if they hadn't pestered Dr Mayo relentlessly, there would be no Mayo Clinic. I encouage anyone who has a serious health issue, find the best and brightest, the soonest as you can.  It saved my sons life- he literally had no time left. With months of therapy, he is back to work full time, with only  a slight diminished capacity on his left side.

Take an active role in questioning your doctor, asking about procedures, and the courses of treatment. It's your life- the decisions that are made may affect whether you live or die!! You only get one shot at it!! 

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Doctors have a culture of insular selfish self protection kinda like cops..ask a lawyer who would he rather sue for malpractice an engineer or a wins hands down as lawyer will have no problem finding another engineer to rat them out, second guess their peer.

I tend to think our best hope is the model that turned around the Vets health system...figure out what objectively matters to health outcomes, make list in order of priority of these clear objectives and pay and incentivize those things that truly yield better health results

This article old but is a good sum bad as our private system is now inn the US or as bad as the public system is in Britain...if the Vets could from worst to best in 10 years, while not paying doctors a fortune or some such, any system can do this with some vision and some will...Vets had to do it without proof it would work. They proved, all everybody else has to do is copy and refine, no risk, no unknowns, it just works

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I've been writing about the same issue in the UK ...NHS hospitals are 5x more dangerous on a few days visit than a LIFETIMES risk of smoking

Yet the Nazis at the Dept of Health slap warning signals and nasty photos all over cigarette packets and zippo fuk all on NHS hospitals... in fact the Govt frauds cover up and threaten to sue anyone that exposes their diabolically dangerous to your health, incompentently managed, State killer hospitals

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Well you have US beat by three times, so you've got that going for you :)..... Keep pushing, you can get change

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beware of non-medical people recommending someone becasue they are 'nice' - even though their own op 'didn't quite work'.  the person with no contacts usually knows jack shit.

when looking for the best doctor you should find out who the hospital staff go to, theatre staff or nurses aged in their 40's and early 50's - just phone up the hospital theatre or birth suite and ask them! .  those staff are old enough to have the experience but not so crusty that they direct you to the old duffer who knew his stuff a generation ago. 



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My dad is a MD, retired.  He is terribly frightened of hospitals, says they are very dangerous places to be.  Nosocomial infections.

Can you spell MRSA?

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What a dysfunctional disgrace.

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yeah, let's limit lawsuit payouts so hospitials, docs and staff can continue to make medical mistakes and engage in plain negligence...dirty neckties and hands...with lower insurance rates.

That will fix the problem of unaffordable healt care.

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Self-regulation doesn't work well in any field, does it? So there's some use for med mal practice lawyers after all - is that what you're saying?