Egyptian Brutality Comes to America: Police Fire Rubber Bullets at Peaceful Protesters

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This is not Egypt, Greece or Italy ... this is America:

The injured gentlemen is Veterans for Peace member Scott Olsen, allegedly shot with a rubber bullet.

This is another gentlemen allegedly shot in the face with a rubber bullet (his injury is above his right eye, while the injury to Scott Olsen appears to be on the left side of his face):

Here are police roughing up a peaceful woman protester:

And a policeman threw a flash grenade into a crowd trying to help an injured protester:


Some are calling this the "new Kent State".

And protesters from Tahrir Square, Egypt, say this is what it looked like there.

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I agree with you about the TEA Party taking the moral high ground but I DO NOT think that crowd deserved to get flash banged, pepper sprayed, and shot with rubber bullets.  I don't agree the OWS movement and think they are misguided but dammit, they don't deserve to get treated like that and even if their message is a jumbled mess they still have the right to speak their minds.

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Smiley- I'm with you completely. OWS to me is a bunch of malcontents, but, that doesn't mean the cops can use excessive force. If nothing else, it encourages more people to show up and act out the next time. Sooner or later, someone is going to get killed over stupidity. I saw this in the 60's with mr O's buddys (bill ayres/sds/weathermen) planting bombs, robbing and killing cops, etc. In the video shown, that asshole cop clearly had the time and made the concious decision to assault those at the time nonthreatening people. He should be prosecuted, period.

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+1 for proscuting the cop, +1 for the call on escalation; -1 for generalizing about the protestors.

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As I noted in with my first comment, Smiley, I'm not gonna judge what happened based on the clips posted here. I'm just not.

Now perhaps you're correct and the cops were out of control, HOWEVER... I really find it hard to believe that in Oakland, CA of all places (Wasn't Gov. Moonbeam their longtime mayor) the police force is so... umm... politically incorrect as to engage in deliberate police brutality in the name of defending Wall Street.


Anyway... I'm sure that fuller reporting - and other videos - will be emerging over the next few days. Perhaps I'll end up being convncd... perhaps not. Time will tell.

Thanks for engaging in reasonable, rational, civil discussion.





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"I'm not gonna judge what happened based on the clips posted here."

Then either

1. You didn't watch the cop lob an explosive device into an un-threatening crowd intent on helping a down man. Or

2. You don't have good judgment. Watch it again. It's simply outrageous, the cop could have killed someone. What if the grenade had landed next to the prone man's head? Stop defending the indefensible.

Whoa Dammit's picture


If you look at that last clip and believe that more context is called for in what is clearly an unprovoked attack by police on people who were trying to help and injured veteran, you are a blind as a bat stupid MF.

Bill - Yes That Bill's picture

"Stupid MF."


That's it?

That's the extent of your trolling talent...?!?!


Seriously... you might consider trading in that paper bag over your head for a plastic bag.

Basically... you're a waste of oxygen.







Silver Dreamer's picture

You sir are an asshat.  There's no excuse for the level of violence the police used.  Hell, people went to help an injured person, and the police purposefully targetted the helpers with another grenade.  Serious, WTF?  Pull your god damned head out of your mother fucking ass.

mayhem_korner's picture

There's no excuse for the level of violence the police used.


Is it lost on y'all the part where the protesters were FIRST hurling bottles and rocks at the cops?  Or does that part not count in the propagandized narrative?

Bill - Yes That Bill's picture

Normally I wouldn't keep responding... but with the World Series rained out...


Are you 14 years old?

What's the deal with the language?

How the heck did people like you and your co-morons find your way here to ZeroHedge? Is this like a online flashmob...?


Is Slate still in business? You're wasting your time here.






Cistercian's picture

The police exist to "Serve and Protect".The question is, who, exactly, are they serving?

  Sure as hell not me and the other 99 percent.

 So they are protecting the super villains...and serving abuse on the other 99 it!

LongBallsShortBrains's picture

I wonder if mr asshat would let all the facts come out before passing judgement if the protester attacked the cop in the video in the same manner...... Don't have to wonder too long.

Miles Kendig's picture

Here is the video.  Clear, not jumbled and conclusive.

And this rant from a leading voice of the TEA PARTY.  The facts are clear.  The cops that committed these felonious assaults belong in prison as do those that failed to properly supervise, train and deploy this force.  If that MARINE COMBAT VET dies from his wounds inflicted by the City of Oakland then Pelican Bay, or the ADX at Florence if the cops cannot be housed safely in the state system should be the destination.

Dburn's picture

All I know is that I've never attended a Tea Party rally where there was littering... l

Corporate Sponsorship for Astro-turfing is a beautiful thing ain't it?

"Now all you protestors, here this; We know you don't understand what you are protesting but we also know you are white, middle aged and don't like brown people and love free fried Chicken and Bus rides. So pick-up after yourself, all 20 of you, and make your way back to the Bus in groups of five, 45 times each so we can , heh, make the crowd look a bit bigger. Roger Ailes and his crack video editing team thank you for being Patriots".

"JHC did he say 45 times?"
"Yup, Freedom ain't free"
"Yeah, but 45 times in the Summer? Damn, I sure feel like a nigger now"

buyingsterling's picture

"you are white, middle aged and don't like brown people and love free fried Chicken and Bus rides."

+1 to the chicken and bus rides. Fuck you to the 'don't like brown people.' Typical leftist vomit. The left hates everyone, just watch what they do whenever they get unimpeded power. They start butchering people in order to 'perfect' society. White folks like brown folks as much as they do white folks - all other things being equal. What's not to like when someone is a good neighbor? I know a few white folks. You're living in the 1950s, fucknut.

eatthebanksters's picture

Dburn, you are wrong in your description of Tea Party members...I am a Tea Partier and grew up in Oaktown and accept and encourage acceptance of the diversity of our country.  I have friends of all races, reiigions and creeds and don't judge any of them for any of these factors.  My friends however are responsible people who believe in accountability, like me.  They believe in honesty, integrity and an even playing field. They do not believe in special or favored treatment for anyone except those who are proven to need it...meaning if you are physically able and have mental capacity you do not qualify for special aid.  OWS has many messages, some that I do not agree with, however it has one that enjoys support from just about everyone, including the Tea Party.  This message, which is powerful, is that corrupt bankers on Wall Street must be arrested and prosecuted for their crimes...I did not say all bankers nor did I say all Wall Street bankers, I said CORRUPT.  Likewise corrupt policitians in bed with Wall Street must be voted out of office.  I don't know what happened in Oakland yet; I'm just getting the news, but having grown up there I know Oakland cops have a tough job and they do it as well as anyone.  If they went overboard then there should be an investigation and the requisite post investigation discipline.  Before I pass jusdgement I want to know as many facts as are avaliable.  On a closing note, I don't want to see anyone get hurt, period.  I am weary of the divisive politics that are tearing this country apart.  Blame never works!  Ask our leader to lead and maybe we can find solutions, if we can pry him away from the TBTF banks teet. 

Bill - Yes That Bill's picture

Corporate sponsorship for astroturf? Are you SERIOUSLY channeling Nancy Pelosi and spouting Democratic talking points (two-year old talking points at that) here on ZeroHedge?





trav7777's picture

The tea party is sane...this is the bolt in nose crowd.  They don't GET IT.

THIS IS WHAT their fucking big government LOOKS LIKE.

WTF do they want to occupy wall street for?  Is it to fix things or just to tax away the excessive incomes of the WST crowd and....GIVE IT TO THE GOV'T?

Or some other dipshit cause like free healthcare or iPads for everyone or more diversity?

blindman's picture
MONEY: Before Ron Paul, was Merrill M.E. Jenkins Sr. (M.R.)
MONEY: Before Ron Paul, was Merrill Jenkins (M.R.) 2
MONEY: Before Ron Paul, was Merrill Jenkins (M.R.) 3
MONEY: Before Ron Paul, was Merrill Jenkins (M.R.) 4

roygbiv's picture

"The tea party is sane..."


MMmm, ok, if you say so.  Definitely more sane than OWS, I mean, clearly, no question about it, 'cause you say so.


"this is the bolt in nose crowd.  They don't GET IT."


Oh, they get it.  Do you?


"THIS IS WHAT their fucking big government LOOKS LIKE."

Really?  Looks to me like police brutatilty from a local police force.  Kinda like when the Alabama police use to beat and hose down the civil rights protestors.  How does that prove your presumed right-wing point again about the evils of Big Government?  Seems to me smal government can be pretty evil too?

"WTF do they want to occupy wall street for?  Is it to fix things or just to tax away the excessive incomes of the WST crowd and....GIVE IT TO THE GOV'T?"

Um, no, I think they want to give the money back to....THE PEOPLE.  i thought you right-wing guys were for that sort of thing?  Remember GWB - "its your money"

"Or some other dipshit cause like free healthcare or iPads for everyone or more diversity?"

Hmm, none of those sound dipshit to me except the iPad thing.   But I'm guessing you are against diversity, and probably already have your healthcare taken care of.  You might have a different perespective if you didn't.

Tater Salad's picture

OWS came to a gun fight with a knife. Let's face it, they're the ones to first use threatening language. You know this, there are countless clips of these idiots saying they wished harm, even death to those that are wealthy, work for banks/financial firms etc.

I love the idea of the OWS crowd deficating on people's door steps in NYC. WHere I live, the last thing the OWS crowd would hear is a 12 guage round being chambered...if they were lucky. Because not hearing anything at all is also a good possiblity.

Said it once and I'll say it again, it's a fight that OWS wanted, it's a fight they're going to get. And know this, there are no rules in fighting.

whstlblwr's picture

Tea party was sane until they bolt principal for money.

You're one who is idiot. Occupy Wall Street saavy, they critical of Obama, sorry you sound like old bitter left behind Tea Pathetic. We jumped ship and asked money back from Patriots minute they decried Occupy. Now the national Tea Party is just bought paid for shill for Big Oil, Big Pharma, Big Ag.

DosZap's picture


Tea party was sane until they bolt principal for money.

Rather a broad brush your using there.

Most Tea Party folks are not even formed into regional groups, their local.REGULAR DAY JOBBERS, ANS SMALL BIDNESS FOLKS........UNLIKE OCCUPY.

The MAJORITY cannot control the SO called leaderships actions.

Occupy is infested,w/ Socialists/Marxists, and backed by SOROS, and Green lighted by every major Union in America.

Got "O's" stOmp of approval.


my puppy for prez's picture

I agree that most TP are local...I used to attend one.  But the reason I lost interest is b/c they were focused on the wrong things, and were way too supportive of the endless wars b/c of the 9/11 fairy tale.  They talked about smaller govt, but did not seem too interested in ending the FED and fractional reserve banking.  Also, they seem a bit blinded by extreme focus on partisan politics.  

My main point:  NO protest group seems to have the simple and easy to remember goals of:

  • End the FED and fractional reserve banking
  • Establish a TRUE free market system
  • Drastically downsize the federal govt and return most functions to the state and local level
  • End the wars and stop military intervention to create a global government.
ceilidh_trail's picture

I agree with you about the makeup of the crowds, but, that does not excuse the asshole mcop who piled on and crossed the line by clearly firing at persons presenting no threat at the time. The cop should be put in jail, period.

nmewn's picture

OWS critical of Obama?..."ninety nine percent" of them voted for him...very

OWS is for Big Unicorns, Big Windmills, Big Solar, Big Subsidies, Big Debts, Big Education, Big Healthcare, Big Government.

Big Deal.

Bailout our college loans in fields that are awash in graduates and we'll go away!!!

Silver Dreamer's picture

Hardly, many of the OWS'ers get it, and they realize the government is the banksters.  They do not want big government therefore, and they want to kick the bastards out instead.  Do not fall for the idea the media is spreading that all of the OWS'ers are communists.  They are not!

nmewn's picture

Obama could buy off three quarters of them by nationalizing student debt. Why are they not in DC? Thats where the banksters money comes from. Thats where the regs come from. Thats where law (or the lack thereof) comes from.
Weren't they taught this in government schools? need to answer...clearly not.

Arkadaba's picture

I don't think so. From talking to many all along the polictical sprectrum - many who support #OWS  (and some that are sympathetic) understand that getting money out of politics is key. For once trickle down economics may be working. There does seem to be a growing awareness. 

And GW thanks for posting this. Regardless of how I feel about troops being sent to carry out the Imperial program, it disgusts me that one who has served is maimed for executing his constitutional rights to free assembly and speech.

williambanzai7's picture

I have to disagree with you. You follow the money trail if you want to find the real puppet masters.

nmewn's picture


I have never had a problem with

Yes follow the money trail...but I can tell you where it will lead to, right back to the place where we actually have the power to change anything for the better.

The voting booth.

And before anyone pish poshs this antique idea...remember the mid terms last year.

Incumbents of all statist flavors were tossed out. Money meant nothing. In my Congressional district we had a blue dog (fiscally conservative in most ways)...his sin was voting to impose a fine on his constituents who did not purchase health insurance from a corporation...commonly known as ObamaCare. He was thrown out on his ass...all the money heaped into his re-election campaign by "big whatever/whoever" meant nothing to the people.

GoinFawr's picture

WB, if it's convenient, do you still have that pic you did of the DC protest? I didn't wholeheartedly agree with your premise, but I want to have a go at locating Waldo.

Wakanda's picture

Bankster's money comes from DC?

The most important, most powerful institution in the US is the Federal Reserve Bank of NY.  Everything else is just bread and circus for the sheeple.  The OWSers are just around the corner in Liberty Square though most don't "get it" yet.

GoinFawr's picture

You're not fooking fooling anyone you impotent Babbitt.

prophet's picture

the old trav is back and sounding fabulous

anynonmous's picture

if you look closely there's an extra 7 in his name a la HamyWanker/HarryWanker

Zero Govt's picture



You want an end to State thuggery, illegal murderous foreign wars, corruption and monopolisation, social and economic vandalism (anarchy) by an extreme minority of your freedoms and our free markets??????

Stop funding it then

Stop sponsoring this human scum and that shit hole of society called 'democratic' Government

Zero Tax = Zero Govt  

trav7777's picture

funny how the TP protests featured no arrests...

I don't have much in common with idiots who want to empower the government further in order to stop the consequences of too much government empowerment.

New_Meat's picture

TP Protests?, meh, they were (and are) just normal folk 'splainin' themselves.  No 30. - Ned

whstlblwr's picture

You mean corporate bought and paid for Tea Party? Maybe this tell you they ineffective, they status quo all along.

Plumplechook's picture

Yeah Trav you are right. I was so shocked the powers-that-be never clamped down on the Koch Brothers-backed Tea Party rallies. Wonder why that is?

Zero Govt's picture

we're actually all in the same boat ...some just haven't quite worked out who the enemy is you pinpoint, it's the Govt itself

Silver Dreamer's picture

No, it is not.  The enemy of both the TP'ers and the OWS'ers is the banksters.  Divide and conquer though.  How wonderful would it be if both figured out that they shared the same enemy.  I have little hope that they will though.

The government is the banksters.  Anyone that hasn't figured that out has been living under a rock.

GoinFawr's picture

Or is deliberately trying to twist the narrative for whatever reason.

DeadOnArrival's picture

Does the protesting continue through the winter months?  There is a reason why it was a spring uprising.  If the crowds thin out then the authorities will get their way.

Ranger4564's picture

Protesting continues through the winter.  We're working on methods to stay warm.  Heaters, Shifts, down gear, etc.

I Got Worms's picture

I am in Austin and there is a pretty good group. I'm a corporate stiff that has to report to work, but I walk down to City Hall on my lunch break and visit with the Occupy Austin group. Those that can't be there physically are bringing food and supplies. They wil be able to ride out the winter I'm sure, and I'll continue to do everything I can to help.