The Euro’s Death Knell Could Come As Early As September 2011

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Imagine: for several generations, they have enjoyed essentially free defense at the expense of the United States, and for a generation have enjoyed export hegemony via the EU currency at the expense of their EU neighbors.

And now their economy is rolling over? There aren't any more free lunches out there. They are doomed.

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Free defense? You seriously think that having someone's armed forces in your country comes for FREE? You gotta be kidding. How guileless....

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The Germans who answered that poll are apparently ignorant of the major export advantages the Euro provides them.

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I suppose "cohesion" can come over time. It will require longer than 10,20 or 30 years.

"America is the boogie man and we are going to balance it out" is not a sufficient strategy nor is it a solid foundation.  What do you do when/if America is no longer the boogie man? 

Cultures are different everywhere. I think the language is the largest problem. 

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If you have read this free reports you know why they are free.


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Oh goody, we are back to 17 free pages now. Last article I read only offered 14 free pages. 

I do agree with the fact that the EU is loosely connected group of 17 completely different cultures, and

will probably opt to break up under a significant amount of stress. In that respect, they are not like the

good U.S. of A.  The last time a part of the U.S.A. tried to break up, millions died and their states were

raped by carpet-baggers for decades.

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One could seriously wonder why Graham Summers needs the money from his subscriptions if his trades are so successful. I know it is for extra money, and his work must be rewarded by another mean than Google Ads, but still... he spends a lot of time pitching. 

After that, well, he does write excellent articles occasionnally, and he is not the only one out there trying to sell financial newsletters (some are good). I'm just a bit uncomfortable with the idea of providing annualized returns of >1000% steadily. On one trade, it's totally possible, but after that it's best to settle for a while and wait for the next opportunity (which usually comes years after). 

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"In contrast, the European Union is the union of 17 separate countries most of which speak different languages, have entirely different cultures, and long-standing histories with their neighbors "

That's dangerous and divisive talk there Mister!  I know from all of the slogan posters at work that Diversity is what gives us our strength.  We even have Diversity Action Committees that help to screen all job applicants and policies even before H.R. gets to.  God bless those groupthink posters in all of our hallways!

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Blah, blah, blah...Blah, blah, blah, blah.  Get my report.

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More "doom & gloom" from Phoenix.  Anyone notice that none of his "doom & gloom" predictions ever come true? 

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Actaully a lot of people over here are talking about the end of the Euro.

And... nobody really asked for it. We where forced into it.

Since we had the euro, inflation has been rampant for everybody.

The day the euro got introduced in Belgium, all prices went up 10% in a matter of weeks.

I won't miss it. The only advantage I see in the euro is when you travel and it saves you 1 hour to exchange your currency.

besides that... I kind of miss the old currency. I still calculate every Euro in the old currency every time I buy something.


and for the Europe unity thing...

Most Belgiums hate all our neighbours :)

The French (arogant)

The Germans (bark like dogs when they speak)

The Dutch (greedy irritating little bastards)

The English (Pigs who like to roll in their own crap)

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Don't worry, SD, we all love the Belgians! You gave us... gave us... TINTIN!

The article is the usual hogwash: "I don't really understand the EUR, I have no time to look up 17 countries, blablabla, all about the Germans, blablabla, scrap the currency or give us the EuroBond/EuroTax scheme so that we have more to complain..."

That appreciation at the introduction of the EUR was felt everywhere, yes. Still, it has several years to live yet.

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I have a bad feeling on all this nonsense hate.  It has Nationalism stereotypes all over.

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He is not hating, he is paraphrasing Charles V (HRE). Cultural reference. Emperor Charles was a bit more diplomatic, though... ;-)

Belgians talk like this because their own country is a result of British Intervention, this leaves some doubts lingering...

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so what do your calculations tell u? Is anyone going to Switzerland? How about Brussels? What's considered affordable now?

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He is right on the fundamentals and has not made any dramatically wrong prediction yet. In fact, he has been right on Europe since the beginning.

The problem is that some of his articles are infomercials adressed to newbies, like this one. 

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They just say the same stuff that Zerohedge does generally and will probably be right but a litlte early on their calls like most of us here due to all the extend and pretend.

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Which is no wonder why Axel Weber refused to head the BCE, leaving it to an Italian to explain to the German the sacrifice they have to make to save southern Europe!!!!

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Please don't call Mr. Draghi an Italian, he has a Squid passport.