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A. Sark

B. Mutti

C. Evil Greek Clown Minister

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"Please don't leave me now, Georgie, I offer you free sex for breakfast!"

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"...and now for a little Schadenfreude."


"...und jetzt kleine Schadenfreude."

" maintenant pour un peu de Schadenfreude."


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And now in an Occupy G20 mask...

And now the face of the new European currency!

We present to you the 7 billionth human!

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Col. Banzai -

Please please make a cartoon showing Lady Liberty laying beaten senseless with black eye, torn robe and pool of blood oozing from between her legs, with an elephant walking away zipping up his pants over a short but massively fat schlong saying "Your turn" to an approaching startled jackass with skinny but really long schlong showing through his pants leg.

Also, cartoon(s) of a mean-looking elephant and jackass (together or separately) peering through a big red ghostbusters-style circle-slash with the caption, "Fire 'em all, no prisoners, no exceptions, vote third party!"  These logos need to be used on every campaign sign and advertisement for every candidate running nationwide under a unified libertarian/constitutionalist third party/NPA campaign to terminate the ruling one-party system, our only hope for restoring our republic.

As you can appreciate, a picture says a thousand words.

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Sarkozy: "I 100% guarantee France is solvent. Europe is solvent. Neither I nor Christine Lagarde has anything ugly to hide and nor will there be any ugly surprises"

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Merkal: "Yes Greece passed all 3 Euro Stress Tests with flying colours and in rude good health... why do you ask?"

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Merkel: "Healthy, vibrant, full of colour and life.. the President of Greece's visit to Brussels today shows us European political integration works wonders"  

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"In Germany, we have ways of making you submit..."



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"And presenting to you from our friends in America, The Face of Hope and Change."

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Behave! Or we'll tell the Turks when they come home from work. Then you'll be sorrry!

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Just look at what  the crisis in Greece has done to him. Now just imagine what would happen if we did not bail him out!

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Merkel: " Who dug up Alan Greenspan?"

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Merkel: " Who invited Alan Greenspan?"

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1. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.
fine print / quiet voice:  French Banks are fully capitalized - nothing to see here, move along! 

2. Pay no attention to the man in the mask...
fine print / quiet voice:  shhh, we're not returning to the Mark - nothing to see here, move along!

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Busy day ... better late than never ...

SARKY: I am sure zee Chancellor will agree, one cannot make zee Bullshit Omelette wizout cracking a few assholes.

MUTTI: Jawohl, Herr Presidente, und vith vich assholes I vould like to start cracking you know, I am thinking!

EVIL GREEK CLOWN MINISTER: I’ll agree to anything you say, since G Pap hasn’t the slightest intention of actually doing it anyway! Hey, Mutti, did I ever tell you I’m crazy for blonde GMILFs specially when they’re stacked like you ... Opa!

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"My Precioussssssss, my film made more money than the Greek economy last year, so I'm the new head of the ECB"


Ash nazg durbatulûk, ash nazg gimbatul,
Ash nazg thrakatulûk agh burzum-ishi krimpatul





If you Google "Trichet ECB" and click on his old bio page, ( you get 404'd. 13 years of stability, like dust in the wind.



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"And to solve the current crisis you will take my mark on your forehead. "

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"Austerity is good for the working people of the world, just look at this Greek pensioner."

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Merkal: "I reject any idea Greek politicians have been nothing but thieving dishonest crooks for 30 years and the Papapocketalot families stranglehold on Govt has brought us to this abyss. I've every confidence in their new Finance Minister here, Demitri 'Weasel' Papapocketalot, to turn it around and deliver €20bn of budget savings after we've sunk another €500bn into the birthplace of Govt. Weasel told me privately today he simply cannot wait to get started on spreading Germans wealth around. What a wondeful warm generous person he is 

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 I work for the [ Special Olympics]!     We are looking for a few good Euro Dumb-o-crats, to solve the centuries old dysfunction of RULE<?>   

   Please inquire below.



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  1. Merkel: I'd like to introduce my new handpicked leader of Greece, Mssr Elliot Spitzer
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Minister: I sold my country to the devil, and all I got was this lousy face

Merkel:  To my friend Sarkozy and all the rest of you lazy Euro profligates.  Gaze into this face.  It is your future.  It is the face of austerity - of slavery for your people.  You must all turn into this to suit the New Reich now. The bond market demands it.  Germany demands it.  Deutschland uber alles.

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"No people, G-pap did not stare into the eyes of Medusa, we simply had him take a little trip to Sicily."

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To blatantly steal from Misfits season 3 , " Duh,I'm a Rocket Scientist".

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"..und so, good Citizens of Greece, you can see there is no need for a referendum.  We are truly not evil monsters...  SCHEISSE!! YOUR MASK YOU FOOL!!!"

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Merkel:  I give you a Final Final Solution, Kristallnacht for Greek citizens!

If the vote was on November 9th the timing would even be right.

There's even the French Connection with vom Rath having been killed in Paris and Sarkozy from Paris....

Not looking to minimize the actual 1938 events in anyway but the timing is certainly interesting.

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WB....and gotta love that 'Killer Clowns From Outer Space'....

....those that liked that movie, also liked 'Streets of Fire'

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"So sorry to leave my Greek friend's behind"

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I'm assuming the apostrophe was intentional.

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I wonder how much they paid for those star trek podiums?


Merkel "beam me up Scotty...there is no intelligent life down here"

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Merkel: "Not my fault, he's a Republican"

Sarkozy: "Not my fault, she's a Democrat" WITH A BIG (___!___)

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1st pic: " Peak-a-boo"

2nd pic: Merkdusa does her best work yet

            "I will open the bidding on this Elgin Marble at 200 billion euro's"

            Maybe this will scare the Pomapoodoo outta Greece

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Where can you find a listing of food stamp receiptents as a percentage of the population by country?? About 46 million people or 14.5% of the total American population receives EBT or food stamps. I wonder if there is correlation between debt/deficits and GDP and percent of population on food stamps. Does the USA rank #1? The number of food stamp receiptents grew 8% in the US last year, our number one growth industry!!. The number grew about 17% in Deleware, Maryland and NJ showing the state of economy on the East Coast. Will any politican ever address this issue?

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Yes: the Obama Regime recently awarded the state of Oregon a $5 million bonus for signing up the most food stampers over the past year. That's certainly "addressing the issue": it's about creating dependency (control) not "feeding people". S-O-C-I-A-L-I-S-M.

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"Und now,ve vill explain how ve own you und how you und ze rest of Europe are going to pay us back......."

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A word out of season may mar a whole lifetime.

Greek Proverb

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"Dis is all a big mishunderstanding.  Vhat he ment to shay vas da people desherve a "Reefer in dem".  Shmoke em if you got em."

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Merkel "I would like to present the man who ate that little midget shit-head one bite!  Germany forgives all your debt!!"


G'pap "He tasted bitter..."

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And now to present the final financial solution, Mr. Rothschild.

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LORD Rothschild to you, BennyBoy.

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And your contenders for the ugliest people in Europe are...

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Double post. Oopsie Daisy

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Merkel: Labias and drunken men! I present to you the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Sark: Le Bleu!

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Merkel: "We paid for you, we own you, and you must do as we say."


G-Pap: "Molon labe, bitchez!"

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Et tu, Papandreou?

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Beam him up, Scotty! Please!

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"Damen und Herren, please direct all further question about the recapitalization plan and the upcoming Greek referendum to the new head of the Totenkopfverbande. Vielen Dank.

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Coming soon:  Occupy France, the Sequel