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"Most fans go wild when they see a a goalie make what looks like a great save, but the chances are what they are seeing is a save that was made from being out of position." --Mike Richter

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From Dan Denning at the Daily Reckoning:

As a sidenote, it will be interesting to see if we're still writing about S&P, Fitch, and Moody's this time next year. How long will the ratings agencies be allowed to communicate negative information about sovereign bonds to the market? When will they be accused of financial terrorism and shut down by the authorities? Hmmn.

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I think the politicians would love to do shut down sovereign ratings, but they're heavily used in banking regs (eg Basle) & in practice it'd be very difficult to get rid of them.  Perhaps they could lean on the regulators to eliminate the reliance on ratings for capital-weighting etc. But the Basle regs take years to negotiate, so I'd be surprised to see major changes along these lines in the near term. (& in fact, the Basle regs take SO long to negotiate, it might put them outside the political timeframe...)

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That's a big puck; must grow in relation to insolvency.

Do Merkel and Sarkozy and the rest realize they are playing Russian Roulette, not hockey? (I doubt it)

CNBC all day splash on screen "Markets up on European Debt Hope"


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R2K doesn't care.  It's STILL up 1%.  Downgrading Europe, a soft ISM, oil at $102, it doesn't care. 



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do you guys think we will still have ice rinks after this is all over? all the traveling these youngsters do from one area of the country to another?

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ha ha, sark, what a pussy

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Love the wit WB7..

The Opposing team ..bob and doug mckenzie

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Good stuff WB7. I know it is poor form to make requests to an artist such as yourself, and especially to use a tired meme. But I think the pinnacle "First World Problems" demotivator would be Merkozi distraught with a caption of "You mean the IMF funds are for 3rd world countries only?"

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Let me go take a look see.

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Thanks. Again, appologies for my precousiousness. But ZH is the best accomodation for old age. and you in particular are good with the living and loving in pecular light.




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A "deep" hockey quote.... I didn't think such a thing could exist.

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I always liked Gretskys skate to where the puck is gonna go quote.

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Looks like S&P just slapped one in.

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BTW, didn't Gretzky say something like "skate to where the Euro is going, not to where it has been."?

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If I were a hockey sniper I'd be going 5-hole, big time. Unless of course you move Sarkozy's face there to block it, then I'm going stick side.

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Williambanzai7 is the reason why I spill the beans on Zerohedge.

And not in your soup.

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It' a grand Ice capade of fools and a face that only a hockey puck could love.   Great call!

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Allah is and will always be a pimp.

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This kind of pointless and disrespectful garbage reflects poorly on the entire community.

I would appreciate it if you would take it elsewhere.

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I was thnking more like baseball. Remember when you would throw your mitt (made by romney) way into the air, on that ball way over your head?

Their efforts are more like that.

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Yes, but it is hockey season.

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Damn I thought it was Corzine Season! I was just about to get my permit....

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There professionals to enjoy with hockey. These asshats are playing "all-in" ponzi porn.

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halving spent the better part of 12 years between the pipes, I can tell you Mike is right, the best saves I made were when my fundamentals were solid, the flopping stick or blocker saves, the split post to post slides and frozen pond dives might look dramatic, but they were desperation and oft times resulted in a goal against if your defense couldn't clear or I couldn't get a quick smoother.

funny how sports can be an apt metaphor for the larger picture at times, lots of flopping and desperate pond diving going on in the EU but the fundamentals are obviously lacking...


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Yeah ... sound goaltending analysis there, marcus, which applies to everyone but Tim Thomas and (when he was still playing) Dominic Hasek. Two examples of those rare individuals who can do it their own unique way and have long-term success at it. For the rest, best to stick to those fundamentals for sure.

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Are the photos you have af Sarkozy authentic or do you photo shop them? I have never seen so many goofy looks on a political figure than those presented to us by him.

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That one is a real Sark facial expression.

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oh?  WB7 has their private albums from Bohemian Grove and other similar parties.

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I think it is interesting that we are at a time in history where we have a resurgent and nationalistic Germany leading (at least economically) the EU while at the same time there is a German pope leading the Vatican. At what point (if they do) will the two powers converge and what will be the ramifications? On a side note I remember reading a number of articles in German publications several months after obama was elected where a number of Germans voiced their desire for a dynamic and inspiring orator like him to lead them. Merkel is flat and on her way out. My eyes are on Karl-Theodor zu Guttenberg, he came from relative global obscurity a few years ago to his last post as the German defense minister. He's a good orator (doesn't need a teleprompter) and extremely popular even though he is currently not in any office and is married to the grand daughter of Otto von Bismarck. His family has occupied Guttenberg castle for centuries and his lines go back to 1158 and was conferred the title of Baron by the Holy Roman empire in the 1700's. Seems like the perfect guy to lead Germany.

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I read an article today that says her recent intransigence and foot dragging has increased her popularity. It could all be a ploy.

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no actually it's true. germans don't want eurobonds, so her reluctance to do anything is actually counted in her favor as a sign of not giving in the "lazy" greek and "greedy" french...

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Which means they will feel betrayed if and when she finally caves.

I really do find the political and historic dilemma facing the Germans quite interesting. Not an easy situation at all.

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forget about him. cheated on his phd thesis, had to flee the country, now plays statesman in us, just tried to bounce back and return to politics in germany, released book in interview style, does not admit he cheated, criticized hiw own party (csu)...

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Nowadays cheating seems to be acceptable and even expected. But perhaps you're right. Who is dynamic enough and popular to take Merkel's place?

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Eyes on the puck, not the camera, angie!!

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Puck it Angie, Puck it!  More stick, give us your big stick.

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she does not need to, big butt will do the job by itself

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Better yet; instead of saving face she is about to do a face save.

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Soooo what is your point. The puck still didn't go in, no goal, they win!

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You can slap the puck away from the goal only so many times. Sooner or later it gets in no matter how good the goalie is playing.

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The point is that the slap shots will keep coming....Greece, Italy, France, Debt burden

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Where are the Hanson Brothers to take them out?

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I saw a recent movie wherein the premise was bringing back the Hansons. It was silly, but the thought was there.

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they are not fools, for sure.  looking down the road, you have to wonder, how do they get from "here" to the global centralized fascist system that they have in mind. 

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Merkel, the 4B phenomenon - big butt blocks bonds!!