European Charts (and what to use as a hedge)

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Apple could be the biggest bubble of all time. The Apple business model relies on everyone with an iPhone to keep buying a new iPhone every year. Eventually the need for a new iPhone every year won't be there. In fact the need really isn't there now. Once people realize they have spent $1000 on phones in three years, they start to think about other options. You can get a better phone than the iPhone for $1 on contract. The only thing standing in your way is the horror of not having an iPhone in your social circle.

You don't hear people talking about iPods anymore. The iPad was to be the growth vehicle to replace the iPhone. Tablets are selling ok but just as it has always been there isn't really a use for them. What else is left after tablets in the Apple development pipeline, the iCar?????

It doesn't matter how much you want to grow, eventually you stop and there is nothing you can do about it. There are only so many things you can slap an Apple logo on and expect it to sell.

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what would a 10 year chart of AAPL, in gold terms, look like?