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OWS needs to do it right this time.  First you do not piss off the locals that support you by urinating on thier porches or worse taking a crap on their stairs.  Protesting I support however you need to rent some darn port a potties.  Clean up behind yourselves, nothing pisses people that are on the fence then having to pick up behind yah.  Do not screw over the small business community they are having a hard enough time trying to stay open and actually you should support them instead of blocking their doors.

If you want to win peoples hearts and minds you need to act civil lead by example.  Being pigs and breaking windows, trashing the place will not help your cause!

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Question....how will they know when it's over?

We protested the Viet Nam war and we knew it was over when the troops came home.

We protested for Civil rights and we knew it was over when voting rights were reformed and all public places were integrated.

Ghandi knew it was over when the British left.

How will OWS know when it's over? When there are no more rich people?....THAT'S going to be a long wait!


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Go Free Shit Army, Yay!
Play some bongos for me out there!
Demand green jobs!  Demand minimum wage increases!  Demand free college!  Demand the right to take from others by force whatever you want!  Yay!!!  That's Freedom!

Here I go off to work as a slave for the CORPORATION UNITED STATES OF AMERICA.  But I can at least look forward to a K-Marx utopia where I can work as a slave for even stupider people.
USA - Land of the fleeced, home of the slave.  Breeding a stupider human being since 1913.


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I am still surprised by the politicization of responses. Its just hard to believe so many people are still delusional!

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Protest is a political act. Why would those with differing political views not express them? When you express a difference of opinion with others on political matters do you consider yourself to be delusional?

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@ Twelfth Vulture

You know those businesses that are 'losing money' because of OWS, I doubt they are losing that much money when the traffic has increased as much as it has because of OWS, I can't believe anything on the news anymore, but let's say that some have lost some money. I also bet that the same businesses lost money in 2008 and that they will lose more money when the Sovereign Debt bubble bursts and that they are losing money everyday through inflation.

It is a fact that small businesses will lose more from the government's collusion with Wall Street than they ever could from these OWS protesters, so please give me a break.  

And whatever people may want to think about OWS, at least, they have gotten off their asses and are out there protesting. A lot of people are bitching about the state of the economy, the corruption, the erosion of our Constitution, loss of our Republic and endangered way of life, yet not very many people are doing anything about it.

At least OWS is keeping the conversation going, for longer than the average 36 hours that most news 'stories' last on the informercial media, in that respect, their mere existence has achieved some real purpose. People need to wake up. A lot of people still don't know what's going on. One example, OWS passed the news about the 74 Trillion of derivative exposure that the Fed allowed Bank of America to dump on the tax payers around to everyone that they could, getting these news out to all of their parents, teachers and friends. 700,000 people moved their money out of Bank of America and other TBTF banks. More people moved in one month than in the entire year before. 

That's how huge movements get a hold of an entire nation. The enlightenment begun by word of mouth, all movements work this way. If people don't like OWS, they should start another movement, but they shouldn't just do nothing. 





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To all of those denigrating the idea that tent cities work as a method of change, two things:


1. ) The Bonus Army

2.) The murder of Martin Luther King who was trying to organzie an occupation of DC with thousands of the Poor Peoples' Army.


Large masses of the disenfranchised camped out in one spot scare the fuck out of the powers that be enough so that TPTB will kill people to prevent them from forming. If #occupy goes on long enough, the State will kill a few protestors to send the message.

But this one isn't going away.

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So the value of tent cities in initiating change is that the residents will be murdered which will set off waves of indifference in the population at large?

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Just give it a couple of more years of corrupt mismanagement and ink all over the place. When the people are literally starving because they can no longer afford food at its hyperinflated prices etc then this bullshit circlejerk will turn into violence. PIGS will be slaughtered and the $20 an hour security guards will step asside and allow the scarry pitchfork, gun, samarai sword, baseball bat, and torch yielding crowd right in to lop off the heads of the penthouse residents. Even if they go somewhere else to some other country they will find their popularity in equally dismal straights. Just ask anyone from Latin Ameirca or Eastern Europe or Africa how they feel about the IMF and Bankers.

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this sight is going to shit


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Learn how to spell site and I will take you seriously.

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OWS will be back. Why? Because the system is still as corrupt and fucked in a year from now. Things will get worse, OWS will have time to regroup, recalibrate their message and reappear stronger, more uniform and with nationwide leadership.

OWS should learn how to beat the 1% at their game. Open a banking institution. Take deposits from OWS and all who support OWS. It will be difficult to get the license for that because the 1% are controlling all aspects of that very important industry of our economy - banking. Anyway, worth exploring!

Keep informing the public. Organize town hall meetings across the US in an election year. Steal attention and time from the 2 boring circus shows in town. Be honest and explain to people that it doesn't matter one bit who they're going to vote for in the next election so people might as well not vote. There is no democracy or democratic process in the US, never has been and never will be unless the oligarchy and her whores get thrown out of town whether they like to or not.

Very important. Make strong friends with military personnel and other authorities that will eventually get ordered by the 1% to eliminate the threat to the establishment. A divided military is the best option or one military that is getting paid in devalued currency and can't afford shit.

Servants such as maids, drivers, gardeners etc of the 1% are a very essential group to a revolution. They literally hold the keys to the castles and they have access to the elite. Enough said on that.

Remember, nothing is tabu. But the less political correct it is, the more ambiguous the message. Learn from the 1% and start thinking like them. They are the enemy. To defeat the enemy you have to eat, drink, breathe and shit like your enemy.

Good luck!

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Sorry friends....I just don't fall for this Occupy Wall Street BS.  It is a distraction from the real issues.  The time to have done something was back in 2007 & 2008.  The money has already been handed out knuckle heads of Occupy Wall Street.  Stop stating the obvious and vying for the cameras. 

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The idea was good but this was or became Obama supported false flag BS.  Just like the CIA created newspapers around the world for disinformation.  Didn't they create the Viet Mihn which became the Viet Cong.  It never ends.

One newsletter guy nailed it today on how big govt, more handouts, more govt, more debt, more socialism and more & ever more debt sold by Goldman.  The new Italian PM is Goldman and the other guy over the ECB(?), another Italian traitor.  I forget his name.   More bonuses at Fannie and Fredddie which is an ENDLESS fraud Democrat slush fund.

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Maybe you're right- protesting is silly-Certainly we can count on Congress to regulate Wall Street  -Let's put Barney Frank in charge. And our crackerjack SEC will help out  -I think they are about done with the Bernie Madoff investigation. And maybe we can organize a letter writing campaign to express our displeasure with FoxNews and CNBC.  And let's all sign a Petition  and collect thousands of signatures to send to Lloyd Blankfein at Goldman Sachs telling him just how disppointed we are in some of their business practices-and how we believe that God would not approve.  Certainly Lloyd would listen.

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Maybe we can set up a tent city. That would surely work.

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Occupy Seattle being raided by Police in riot gear right now.


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Good, now let's hope they learn how to pull the trigger of some type of fire arm.. and stand up for their rights. LULZ!

40 - 50 Years of Talking got us here today!

But Protesting, Camping and Consensus Building Among Talking Talkers was and / or is going to fix anything?

Wake me when the fighting starts.



Koch Bro's got all jiggy wiff da tea faggers..

and the Liber-nazi's got all P.C. on the Occupy Wall Street Gang of Hippy's!


But ya know I haven't seen any PIGS fuck with Occupy Phoenix and in Baltimore the Police Union is smart enough to know their retirement funds drop $300+ Million in 3 months and $1.2 Billion on the year.

The funny part of it all is when you talk to most PIGS and ask them about the market going down and them losing hundreds of millions in cold hard cash (we won't discuss the printing Open Market Operations).. they all say the same thing.. DUUUHHHHHHHHH, which way did he go George which way did he go.

I think that some of these dumb fuck PIGs could walk into a Bank that had just been robbed.. and someone could tell them that the market was down.. that's why how the $1.2 Billion walked out of the Bank.. it evaporated because of the dumb money sentiment. LULZ!!

physical money evaporates from stocks all day every day..

Magic Even!


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Bring your condoms and weed!

(As well as your iPhone®, iPad®, Starbucks® Card and your Bank of America® ATM card!)

Down with the man!

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I sure hope they serve free range chicken tonight!

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are you being paid for this display? what's the going rate? hey I am not above making a buck myself, how do you make yours?

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OWS posts draw fascist trolls like nothing else on the webs...(quite a few posts from "satan's little helpers" below)

"RedStaters" no less...must be scared.... They & their kind have gotten away with so much for so long but now the "hippies" aren't going away.

These trolls represent the malignant crust that's draped America in fascist rags and brought the world to the brink of insolvency with their embezzlement, fraud, graft and greed...

criminal worshipping dickless wonders, the lot of 'em...

They're scared.

they should be


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What the F are you talking about?  The cities bashing OWS heads in are hard core Dem facists union cities.  NYC, Oakland, DC, Portland and Seattle. You people f***tard.   I hate Goldman and Wall Street though i am not craazy about much of what OWS stands for.  However - there is no reason to beat these people and arrest them.  Your Democrat cities are hurting these people. 

Your boy from kenya.  And Bloomberg is a Democrat.  Not that Repubs are much better.   

Bananamerican's picture

if you weren't squinting so much you might notice my avatar...

i'm not red & I'm not blue...I'm an American & I'm purple with rage

I support the Tea Party and I support OWS....

Pull your hairy head out of your ass and focus on your true enemies...


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Fuck OWS.  I am personally aware of AT LEAST a dozen firms within a 10 block radius of Zucotti Park that would give any and every person who showed up a JOB.  A FUCKING JOB.  It also would only require a HS Diploma, no felony arrests (depending on the charges, some would even work around that).  BUT IT WOULD REQUIRE THE DESIRE TO WORK YOUR MOTHERFUCKING ASSES OFF.  Read that again.  WORK YOUR MOTHERFUCKING ASSES OFF.  That right there eliminates 99.9999999% of the OWS crowd. 



NoClueSneaker's picture

Yeah,  concentration of junk food chains pretty impressive there...

Uncle Keith's picture

Wow... What a mono-dimensional, emotional rant. Truly pathetic.


bill1102inf's picture

Hard WOrking folks WORKING FOR FREE is all these 'great job' opportunities are.


"You COULD make a six figure income"


More like, "I am going to make six figures off each of you dumb-asses and your NOT going to get paid min wage, and forget any overtime"

Savyindallas's picture

You are one dumb fucking asshole.

The Axe's picture

Post one firm...just one,, with the fucking address...I will be there tomorrow..to check on your bullshit??? Vulture...

TwelfthVulture's picture

Try John Thomas.  14 Wall.  Call ahead.  212 299 7850.  They are always hiring.  Good luck.

bill1102inf's picture
  1. That is a fucking boiler room operation
  2. They WILL NOT PAY you unless you sell some unscrupulous bullshit to someone else
  3. IF they do pay you, it will be a tiny % of the almost 100% profit they make selling their BS
  4. Your doing the economy more good by buying weed from NY dealers than wasting your time with this place.
TwelfthVulture's picture

Oh, OK.  I get it now.  You and savyindallas are looking for something else.  Let me check my rolodex and see if I can find someone willing to hand you both six-fig jobs, VP or above, maybe something not too taxing, something easy, with a/c, free lunch, coffee, and gym memberships.  You're both fucking jokes.  Let me tell you something, if I had a six figure college loan I would mop floors and clean bathrooms for 6, 5, for $4 an hour.  If I owed some nameless, faceless bankster over a hundred grand, I would not be too proud to take any job that came my way.  But, hey, I guess you and I are different, cut from a different bolt of cloth.

btw, look in the mirror, you question my veracity and "call out my bullshit," about jobs being available and when I provide both name, address AND A FUCKING TELEPHONE NUMBER.  It's just not good enough for you.  Too bad. 

Squid-puppets a-go-go's picture

well done 12th vulture. You successfully defended yourself against acusations of being a corporate spy/troll 

and in the process outed yourself as a spineless debt slave

where is your human dignity? fucking fight for a better deal

listen, dope, the u.s. has 70% of its gdp predicated on CONSUMPTION. The country needs good fair wages to sustain the oligarchy. This is the maddeningly stupid part of the whole mess - the oligarchy thought they were doing themselves a favour fucking over the middle class, forgetting it was the goose that makes the golden egg

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If you were willing to work for $6/hour, a $100k student loan would take 8 years to pay back the principal alone, if every dollar earned went to the student loan and ignoring taxes. (No food or a place to live for you!) At $5/hour, it would take 9 1/2 years, and at $4/hour, it would take 12 years. Double these time figures to include interest and double them again if you want to eat and sleep. Next thing you know, you're talking about a lifetime of indentured servitude for a "nameless, faceless bankster."

What did these "nameless, faceless bankers" actually do for the privilege of receiving this lifetime of payments? Absolutely nothing. They conjured the money into existence using leverage and are not legitimately entitled anything (as just reward for what they risked: nothing).  

Your position sounds like it comes straight from Dickens. We need a debt jubilee, not debtor's prisons.

jomama's picture

let me get into a million dollar place here in the hills of marin right before said jubilee.

then i'd be all for that.

otherwise. i don't have much sympathy for people that unlike me, think their lives are worth what they mortgaged it for.

geekgrrl's picture

I have little sympathy for those who think only of themselves and not the greater good. As a saver, I would get screwed by a debt jubilee, but in the end, it would benefit the many. I would benefit as well. If you can't comprehend that, I don't know what else to say.

Freddie's picture

Nobody told these kids to take out $100K loans usually for BS degrees.  The schools and parents are guilty of child abuse.  College, for many kids, has become an expensive baby sitting service where kids party, swap music files and STDs.

Go picket the f***stick lib profs that have tenure and sell these kids a bill of goods.  It worked a little while until the morons elected the Muslim.  Now "it don't work" anymore.  No jobs for clueless kids with joke "studies" degress or journalism degrees or socialogy degrees et al.

geekgrrl's picture

Freddie, you are delusional if you think "f***stick lib profs that have tenure" are the ones selling kids a bill of goods. That's Madison Avenue you're thinking about, and yes, they are the epitome of evil.

forexskin's picture

let me help you with a new name...

divided(ed) and conquer(ed)

Savyindallas's picture

I just figured it out  -You're herman cain. Or maybe Rick perry. No, i think you're Cain. Both are stupid as hell, but perry is really a nice guy. Dumb as hell  -a frat boy Aggie cheerleader type - You're a mean little prick-just like Cain. Figured out what's going down in Libya lately?  a lot of deadbeats there in Tripolii bitching about Nato bombs killing their loved ones and destroying their homes. Ungrateful bastards-how dare they whine and bitch and complain about a little inconvenience when we liberated them. 

Savyindallas's picture

hiring for what prick?  Some kid with a hundred grand student loan debt is supposed to work for $6 an hour for your dickhead friend? Why don't you post your name and addreess  -maybe OWS can come visit you after they pay a courtesy call to JOHN THOMAS AT 14 WALL- 212-299-7850  --- maybe they should set up camp at your buddy's place since you promised them they would all be welcome to apply for jobs.

The Axe's picture

Thanks, on its face it seems like a very honest response.

Savyindallas's picture

It's a boiler room operation - a couple of dozen poor saps making minimum wage making cold calls trying to sell scam penile enlargement treatment.

Subprime JD's picture

I heard your mom is always waiting by the phone, waiting to get pumped full of cum by the wall street criminals. Is that how you were able to afford to post on this forum, pussy?

Matte_Black's picture

lol. well Mr. JD. Fancy seeing you here tonight. How are you brother? good to see you. Pretty funny shit, bro. lol.

Subprime JD's picture

I'm doing great Matte. Enjoying the madness taking place out of the EuroPonzi. And yes, picking fights with the hotheads on here is a hobby of mine LOL. I hope all is well Mr. Black!

blunderdog's picture

How's that MLM sales job treatin' ya, TwelfthVulture?