Faber On U.S. Downgrade: U.S. To Have "Some Kind of Default", But Market "Incredibly Oversold"

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exactly ... there is real loss in short term bonds & 'safety' currencies ...apart from potential trade losses ....this is what Grasso was implying when I heard his  intervieeew with Cavuto

near -term ... all this does is buy more time, moderately help ECB and piss off more non-ECB central bankers ala what BKasting wrote .... and invite a further outrage at what US is doing

what has happened in equity markets last 2 weeks is a forshadowing of what may be coming to Treasuries and soveriegns .... violence not even algos can handle ...... shudder

Last  .... is Blackrock a Special Ops member now of PPT?    just askin' ... they gotta get something for their 'support'  ..... like 'timely' 'awareness' of what is 'really going on' or about to happen?