The Golden End Game – A Thought Experiment - Part One

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If I were king and knew peak oil was going to collapse commerce - I would

1) Inflate a huge bubble and pop it just as oil was peaking - check housing with the fuse of ARMs (2003-2007)

2) Crash the JIT system - nearly check as the global economy grinds to a halt

3) Starve the population

4) Scrape the bodies off the streets - render them into bio fuel

5) Shoot whomever does not want to be chipped.

6) Rinse and repeat in 200 years when the population is in overshoot again and a kill off is ordained.



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Roccman, I don't disagree with your logic, so much as the conclusions. If I was King, I'd be very concerned about my own personal security. Knowing that I am killing large numbers of people, I would be exceedingly afraid that someone would try to kill me in revenge. It is a story that goes back to the Greeks (ironically), and involves Hubris and Nemesis. Hired help can turn on a dime. Would you vest your life in their hands? You take the rich to be all powerful, yet I consider them weak, failing, about to fall.

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Thank you for this forum CD, & T.  merry merry.

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Good to see you doing your thing Cog.  Thanks for your contributions, I appreciate them and the threads they always seem to generate.

Ultimately much depends upon how this pile of crap gets handled.  Regardless, private exchange will always be around.  Necessity is the mother of invention while whiskey, tobacco and other like items always fetch a premium during rough sledding.


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Always nice to hear from you Miles.

I have no doubt that on a personal one-on-one level (barter) transactions will always be accomplished. The focus of the article was on those who are attempting to transition most of their wealth onto the next game board using Gold and Silver. It will not be as easy or profitable as they think.

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Most likely true.  We'll see how far transparency goes with the financial construct and how it will get structured.

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Great interpretation of the 'Protocols of the Wise Men of Zion' in laymens terms CD.


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CD, if you want to check out something really real peruse this:

Nord William Davis, Jr. -- Northpoint Teams

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P.S.  It may spur part 3.  Lesson 10.

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read it 20 years ago.  Still freaky.  Keep spreading the truth.  I have!


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Hello CD.


I always enjoy your writing.  You’re long winded.  …but so am I.  Anyhow, I’ve played this same game with readers many times, and it never worked very well. 


So many times, whenever I try to get Gold investors to at least “consider” opening their eyes to other perspectives…   all I get is hate mail.  (and it’s why this will get Junked by most of its readers here at ZH.  The junkers love their anonymity and safety from behind the keboard!)


I feel that the irony of gold is that it destroys impartiality.  Once you buy it, you buy its faith.  It seems like you have to believe in it.  …and once you do, then it seems to break down the ability to see anything else.  You tend to read others who also own it, and you all get into a re-affirming /vicious cycle / perpetual motion machine.  So IMO, gold bugs become blind to the fact that the hand they hold is the hand that holds them down.  The foresight they had, to purchase it, winds up blinding them!


I see it as a hedge, nothing more.  1 additional level of diversified insurance. 


So as I play this same game out, I just don’t see what “they” see. 


Here’s how I see it.


I see a somewhat “orderly” collapse.  No bombs and bullets.  In much the same way TPTB have been able to perpetually kick-the-can down the road, I see the same global “restructure-the-can down the road.”


The beauty of this virus is that everyone has it.  …and to quote Syndrome from the Pixar movie The Incredibles:  And when I'm old and I've had my fun, I'll sell my inventions so that *everyone* can have powers. *Everyone* can be super! And when everyone's super...  no one will be.”


In that same logic…   If everyone’s screwed….  then no one is!


So I don’t see a conversion desk, where you hand your gold over for the new regime’s currency.  I don’t see a barter system, where you hand slivers of gold for hot dogs. 

In fact, I don’t see the new system being very happy with you and your gold, since you didn’t have faith in the last system. 


To me, the ultimate insurance is productive land, and a massive investment in your network/community.


As a worst case scenario, when the creditors come demanding whatever, in exchange for a collapsing/hyper inflating debt that is owed, the needs of the creditors will be exposed.  China will see a massive import tax on food, Japan on supplies, etc…


To make the right bet is luck.  …but to once again quote Edna from the Incredibles:  luck favors the prepared!” 


So IMO gold is a hedge, nothing more, and not worth more than said land/community.


All the best,

Rich H / Miss America

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"To me, the ultimate insurance is productive land, and a massive investment in your network/community."

Well said Miss A.  Doing exatly that as i reply.

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Cd This is a great piece. I have been trying myself to run through the end game scenerios, as I do not believe for a moment the powers that be will let the masses carry their wealth through into the next system. I am looking forward to your conclusion. Personally I believe that there will be a great culling of the masses in the end game. It's funny when I hear about gold being in a bubble I have to laugh at those commentators. I have been in the business for some time and when I talk to clients about putting some of their wealth into gold and silver they look at me like I'm nuts. Then I get questions like..what do I do with it when I get it? Do I bury it in the basement? What good is it? And when I try to tell them it is to preserve their wealth then they say...well that is what CDs (no pun intended) are for. I can count on one hand the amount of clients who will actually take that advice to heart and purchase some precious metals. So when they say gold is in a bubble I know they are full of shit because your typical investor still wants nothing to do with it.

Thank you for the piece. I look forward to the conclusion.

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You might be disappointed my friend. While I allude to some, I don't really state a conclusion. All I say is to stay nimble of mind and spirit.

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I doubt I will be disappointed. I always enjoy your work. It's both entertaining and thought provoking. As far as being long winded, well if I can muddle through FOFOA I can  read anything :>

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Read and reread.  Just make sure to get the gist and incorporate.

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CD...  beautiful 'thought' experiment.  thanks for this and looking forward to part 2.

IMO Oz would focus most of his attention to the vast herds and delegate the sheperding of PM maniacs to  'special' bred of enforcers.  Brownshirts a/o to the SS in Germany.  Notice the new law from last week:  Military a/o to ATF, TSA, FBI  (take your pick).

anybody have a crystal ball I can borrow for a year? 


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People also forget the possibility that if society REALLY loses its shit, PMs may not even be worth anything, either.

In the end, it's just a really shiny metal.  You can't eat it, you can't program it to do stuff (although platinum can be used to make cpu chips), it can't produce things.  All it is, is human's barter measure of last resort.

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True, golds real measure of 'worth' was in shipping trade, so that you didnt have to figure out what someone 2,000 miles away wanted in exact exchange for what you wanted to buy from them, gold was universally accepted as a 'marker' of pretty much 'set' worth. So you could just load up the ship with some gold and set out knowing you can buy whatever you want pretty much hassle free. 


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Suffered 'stamina dissonance' after about five screens :s

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What a load of old tripe! This is the biggest, daftest conspiracy theory ever.

The whole article is based on one very important false assumption. That is, 'the elites' know how to play the game better than the 7 billion others in the world, which in turn must infer that 'the elites' have the absolute best brains, the absolute highest intellects AND it is/has been genetically handed down through successive generations. That patently, CANNOT be guaranteed. If it were, we would have seen it being used by more than the few elites of this world by now and it would be public knowledge.

So who exactly are the few in the highest two tiers, aliens???


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So who exactly are the few in the highest two tiers, aliens???

dont expect to get an answer to that question around here.  It's 'they', didnt you know?

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If you want to know how gold holders will be treated when the elites want your stuff consider how the Feds treat people who have carefully stored away materials for sale after a hurricane.  The Feds label the free merchants "hoarders" and seize everything as if the the service they performed is a criminal act.  Watch the headlines after every natural disaster: "Gougers Sock it to the Victims", "Hoarders Drive Prices Up for the Unfortunate", "Criminal Gas Stations Jack Up Prices in Crisis"etc. 

When the Powers want your gold they will make you out as a criminal.  It's history.

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Yea exactly, doesnt take much for the govt to label people 'hoarders', DHS/FEMA already says if you have more than 7 days worth of food stored, youre likely a 'terrorist'. No shit.

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Good article, but some flaws in the logic.

1. TPTB are also using gold to transfer their wealth to the other side. Otherwise why would they discourage gold ownership? Why would they promote paper gold? All is that the "gold bugs" have is a very small amount compared to what they have. Why would they cara about a very very small minority who made it through with their money?

2. Gold has already risen 6 fold and now those who bought at the bottom are already sitting pretty. They can freely sell it now.

3. Even if gold is outlawed in the next system, there will be a black market. I am from East Europe and there was a black market for it in the 1950s here at the height of communist opression. Gold could be sold under the counter. It could also get you in jail if you got caught, that is true.

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You will see that I cover what you mention in Part Two. Stay tuned kind sir.

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This is your best so far, IMHO.  Thanks CD.  I await part 2.  Your tendency to seek general patterns in the welter of detail is well-deployed here. 


And the Limerick King is terrific!  When will he publish a book?  Or has he already and I just missed it?

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My compliments, CD

You looked into the soul of ZH people,

bravo, bravo bravo

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Towards the end of Part Two I will even challenge them a bit. Stay tuned.

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This current bs is nothing new. Why do you think they find hordes of Viking Gold and Silver etc? Because TPTB back in the day, and other thieves, made it necessary to sink your shit that you have accumulated. Sometimes you have to look at stored wealth as multi-generational. You may have to continue the poor charade your whole life, teaching your children to add to the hoard, not subtract, only take when emergency strikes. 

There is no magic "cash out" and happily ever after. There is no great reset, and never was. PMs are merely a traditional way of storing wealth that doesn't rot, can be buried or sunk, and still retain its' PMness. Three thousand year old Greek Gold Coins are still gold, for example. They don't tarnish or rust away. That is the point. If you are INVESTING then you are still in the wrong mindset. That is THEIR game.

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These are the points to remember.  People react to their immediate surroundings which empowers the few that give a damn about absolute control.  It allows them to use symbols and fear, religion and propaganda, and the human limitations all to allow a few to rule without question.


all the current financial voodoo boils down to a scientific method to replace the same results of royalty



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A man and his money are soon parted.

A man who runs along the silk route has twenty days to come back to claim wife.

Beyond that fatal date, she is free to take new mate.

Such was custom in Middle Ages along the silk route of Samarkand.

It was a times when money came fast and easy but love ran freely like mountain rivulets

You made your pick. Either you camel rode along arid routes, from Kashgar to Acre, Constantinople, with your Khan-Atlas silk embroidery, unmatched and unparalled, sign of exquisite refinement that West envied mysterious Orient...Or you cared for wife and home in Ferghana valley, where sweet Margilan lay, where silk worm grew and produced loom and then sublime embroidery. The valley of apricots and pomegranates, of the Alfalfa leaf. Besides mighty Syr Daria where Alexander built Alexandria Eschathe, the farthest one, limit of western conquest.

Being a trader along silk road was a life lived intensely in wild unknown, full of lonely starry nights, when you were king of your soul.

Your successors would be MArco of Polo fame, or Ibn BAtutta of Berber name.

You were the passer of trade, of oriental wealth, since the days mighty Caesar ruled in great Rome and Caesar's wife reclaimed silk robe, as sign of her uber-alles status.

It made Cato and Cicero wild with rage. "To see all this hard earned gold won with our blood, spilt in building Empire from Carthage to Rhine forrest, fly thus to Cathay; to dress our sighing wives in silken scintillation, we do become Midas's sons, decadent race of effete men, surrounded by fawning slaves and singing peacocks!"

But none could resist the sheen, the feel, of magical silk. It conjured voluptuousness that was celebrated in Pompei, in nights of unparalled revelry, bunga-bunga delights of Oligarchical folly. It fed the commercial pipeline for two thousand years. Then it ended up one fatal day, according to contemporary legend, in the twin towers of Gotham city....

To know the trepidation of heart when facing glittering gold that all mankind feels--- as related in this story of CAthay's Dragon family hoarded gold vault, accumulated by regal blood line over the ages, in exchange for silk and spice---  you will have to wait for Part II of this tale...

I got the Bull by The Horns - HELP's picture

If you want gold, take a ticket to Australia, buy a tent when you arrive and buy a Metal Detector (THE LATEST)


The go to the "Golden Triangle" Victoria State. Wander around in the Iron Bark Forrests for a few weeks. Be prepared to find scraps of iron (Caps, nails etc)


Get gold fever and understand why it is expensive. It takes a lot of work and lots of luck to find it. A rich person desires it, and will exchange the equivalent of 2 cows for an ounce of it.

Perhaps those 2 cows will sustain you for a year (Milk and meat, but let them have sex before you kill the bull!)


Australia was the richest country in ther world 100-150 years ago, and now it is still pretty wealthy. All because of the productive labouring of thousands of hopefuls, and the obsession of a Monarch to control it.


To this day, in Australia you only own the land above ground 1 cm, anything found below is owned by her Royal Highness, Queen of England.

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I never tire of relating this:

When I was in Honduras in the 1980's, Gringos I met would come down with some pans and small dredging machines that were on a little inflatable raft. They would go to the mountains and train the Indio women how to pan. They paid them $1 a day, and kept the gold. They would stay for a period of time, acumulate enough gold to statisfy whatever goal they set, abadon the equipment, and leave with the gold. They told me the Indios always stopped panning as soon as they stopped paying the $1 a day. If I remember right, they said the typical woman found about $10 a day in gold.

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Growing up in suburbia I would get or exchange FRNs at "the bank" or "the store".  The prices were set in advance and the rituals carefully choreographed.  It was very safe and predictable.  I realized that I did not function well outside of this official "zone" of exchange.  I knew how to shop, but I did not know how to bargain. To get over it I would go to Canal Street in NYC and bargain with the vendors for something fun like a funky hat.  It's nice to know I can do it even though many of my exchanges are done at the "buy now" button.

When traveling outside the US I would go to markets and watch the buying and selling and the rituals that accompanied each realizing that I felt bewildered and a little scared.  Some of these markets had been going on continuosely for several thousand years regardless of cultural values, politics, mediums of exchange, products offered, religious preference, skin color/genetics of participants.  These markets are ancient, powerful beasts that bulldoze egos so that participants could find price agreement and consensual exchange.  I always feel invigorated when participating in them, especially when there are lots of small and medium size vendors. 

A market can be like a watering hole in the desert where beasts that were hunting each other yesterday, put aside their differences to drink from the same pool.  Mr. Market does not tolerate violence for long because it upsets the goals of those that are there for peaceful, consensual exchange.  There will always be a place to safely exchange valuables like PMs.  Getting them to market through the wild lands will probably be the bigger challenge.

thegr8whorebabylon's picture

They got me by the short hairs

they got me by the long

they got me drinkin strong hooch

where did I go wrong?

I did what massa told me

got a spanky bran new house

I did what massa told me

gotta subprime golden mouse.

My momma she been dead for years

my daddy he long gone

my aunty ax me what I doin

an why I take so long.

I tell her there no dog to eat

no root upon the groun

that has not been infected by

radiation all aroun

My baby cryin helplessly

an what a man to do?

I goin find sum cardyboar

sumthin for her ta chew.



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This is either one of the smartest things I've read in a while or one of the dumbest.  

flattrader's picture

At least this one contains less psudo-psycho babble than previous.

It may also encourage some to questions their psycho sexual reasons for holding PMs...their dreams of getting blow-jobs from starving women they sit atop their monster boxes or bags of gold...however unlikely.

Few have really thought through how they would exchange PMs for anything useful on a day-in-day-out how to "make change" for a gold eagle coin for that bottle of antibiotics?

I have.  And that's why I'm taking a much different approach.

n8dawg84's picture

I think you raise a good point, flat.  PMs will help secure wealth over the long term, but other items like booze, smokes, even food can be bartered for things like medicine.  That's why it will be prudent to have other supplies not just PMs (though PMs are very pretty and shiny).

Crisismode's picture

.22 LR and 9mm ammo will get you anything you want after TSHTF

1.75 liter bottles of vodka are a good second bet

geekgrrl's picture

Thanks for this effort Cog Dis. Your articles always stimulate me to look into my heart to see what's there. I see where you're coming from, and I can't deny some of the bitter truths you ask us to accept, things like that we're really just slaves on a plantation or that blue-blood and other elite families run the world (or at least act as if they do).

I have to admit, I actually read the article twice, first with some skimming and reading the limericks, and then later to read your text. I must say The Limerick King summarized your article quite well, and I am definitely one of those who can never get enough of his work. I am in awe of his power to condense material and convey the central dilemma. Kudos to you both.

I am looking forward to see where you go with this.


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Thanks CD for another thought provoking post. you continue to challenge any assumptions I may try to hold. Your earlier posts have also been quite helpful as the random puzzle pieces I've collected have begun to create a picture, I hope they have done the same for you. I look forward to Part 2.

BullishBear's picture
Thank you, sir, may I have another?
Cognitive Dissonance's picture

You may sir. Today around 4 PM East Coast Time, Part Two will be posted.

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Cognitive Dissonance

Outstanding article.  Thanks.  No one says that enough.  Your thoughts and insights are very good.  Thanks again.


Off Topic, but half-assed relevant.

I posted this to my facebook thingy.

To help explain why I disappear in the next couple of months. I have known I am monitored since "NSAGUY" popped up on myspace chat around 2003 while I was chatting with my son in his second year in Afghanistan. "NSAGUY" admonished me to watch what I said over "openly monitored channels". He popped up immediately after I had told my son, in my opinion, that we should drop a nukes starting in Syria and head them east every five miles.

Yes, I know it was extreme and nasty, but it was just me chatting with my son (so I thought).

Since 2008 and the Bank Bail Out in November I have become a hell of lot more radicalized on how I view our government and the american financial system.

I expect to be among the second or third culling of society. (Because I have no arrest record and am not directly dependent upon government.)

Congress recently voted to void the Fourth Amendment of the United States Constitution by approving the National Defense Authorization Act.

They are currently in the process of voiding the First Amendment with the Stop Online Piracy Act.

They have been undermining the Second Amendment for the last thirty some odd years.

Congress voided the Rule of Law with the GM bail out.

The United States Constitution is a rule of law contract between the States and the Federal Government.

Under my, still existing, First Amendment of the Bill of Rights under the United States Constitution: I declare that, I, as a sovereign natural born citizen of the United States of America, find Congress in contempt of the United States Constitution, and that Congress is a domestic enemy, and that Congress is a terrorist organization with a criminal global reach similar to Al Queda, the Mafia, or a Bank.

Conduct yourselves accordingly.

acrabbe's picture

I hope you don't regret this?

thegr8whorebabylon's picture

Nice post, I hope your son is well.  Time to break out the Alexander Soltzenietzen and start prayin.  You are a patriot.