Greece on the ropes!

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Just nuke them already when the wind is blowing towards Iran. The radiation will be a better barrier from the Turks then Greece is.

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This most egregious offer from the IMF/Euro banksters to Greece almost exactly corresponds to the Treaty of Versailles with Germany after World War I, which led to World War II and Hitler.

(This brilliant comparison was overheard, I cannot take the credit for it, unfortunately!)

The sleazoid pundits keep referring to Greece, and the Greek people, as having "misled" or "lied" in order to gain entrance to the EU.

But wait!  Wasn't it Goldman Sachs who helped the Greek politicians, formerly Goldman Sachs people themselves, to hide their debt in order to gain entrance?

And doesn't that sound exactly like what JPMorgan Chase did with Enron a few years back?  Hiding billions of debt (JPMC's loans to Enron) as commodity trades?

All looks might similar to me!

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Could she not do the world a big favour and sell her ass at the bankster parties where the money and the demand for that kind of thing exists - instead of here?

A huge dose of those new Bulgarian "Resistant-to-everything"-VD would thin the heard in the appropriate biblical manner!!!!

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josh - what else is new??

we had this stupid text allready months ago (but don´t remember who posted it).




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Yeah, I saw her working out on her dildo in front of the web cam on Porntube.

Ban this POS right away, please.

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Oh god damn it, did you fucking spammers come from


I don't give a flying fuck about how much your mom makes using her toys on 

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Greece- "AAHHH! My hair's on Fire! Heelllpp!"

EU -       "Anyone want to buy them a fire extinguisher? Anybody? Bueller?"

Germany- "For cripes sakes, here, take ours, you need this."

Greece- " Noooo! How dare you? We are a great nation, piss off!"

Greece- "AAAAGH!  The fire has spread to my pubes! Helpp!"

Mr. Obvious- Wildly disparate people and nations, with different cultural sensibilities will not blend well under a single banking system and currency. Some work hard and strive for excellence, others are happy to drift. A recipe for frustration.

Me-     Hang it up, disassemble the union, and try to do it peacefully. It was a bad idea in the first place.


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"Investors don’t see a U.S. recession in the next 12 months, based on dividend swaps that indicate consumption of services may grow 1.8 percent by November 2012."



What investors and what consumption.  This is becoming silly to even read this bullshit anymore, everyday depite the facts, these lying bastrds are out to defy logic and enough is enough.'s picture

Greece needs an urgent change, it needs a new leader, and help of the  ue

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"Greece was due a vital 8 billion euros installment" 

Well if they don't get it, do they default? The referendum is useless if they default before it.

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Euro = immovable object (shit).

Reality = unstoppable force (fan).


Hear that Mr Eurozone? That is the sound of inevitability... That is the sound of your death... Goodbye Mr Eurozone.

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The Euro-Zone seems to be in need a better pitchman, I believe Vince of ShamWOW fame is available...

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The banksters have read their puppet politicians the riot act. Now it is time for the people of Greece to read all the puppet politicians the riot act and send the banksters to the guillotines.

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What efficient markets we now have. Float a rumor, goose the EUR/USD, and let the vacuum tubs spur a rally. Price discovery at its finest...

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